Would you pay yourself $500,000 to stop smoking?

Would you pay yourself $500,000 to stop smoking?

(NaturalNews) Hello, smokers around the world. Big question: If half a million dollars in cash was on the table and you had to decide right now to quit smoking cigarettes and never pick up another one, would you pick up the pack of Marlboro Reds or the fat stack of cash?! Every smoker…See all stories on this topic

Why Rockefellers aim at destroying farmers worldwide

(NaturalNews) (Story by William Engdahl, republished from Journal-NEO.org) For the better part of the past century, Western pop culture has systematically denigrated and devalued what should be the most honored profession of all. Those who labor with the land, day-in and day-out,…See all stories on this topic

Obamacare causing massive wave of hospital closures across USA

(NaturalNews) A number of acute-care hospitals closed across the United States last year — 18 to be exact — and experts who see a raft of new regulatory processes being heaped upon the healthcare industry in the coming years, thanks to the Affordable Care Act, believe that a wave…See all stories on this topic

Vitamin B supplementation before conception improves health of newborns

(NaturalNews) Researchers have found that women who take folic acid (which is a B vitamin), before conception have a reduced risk of giving birth to children who are small for their gestational age (SGA). SGA is considered as having a birth weight less than the 10th percentile or…See all stories on this topic

Colorado locks down water supply, promising "not a drop more" to California

(NaturalNews) Recent storms dropped torrential rains across much of California, causing flooding and mudslides across many areas, leaving some residents homeless and killing at least two people. There was even a tornado in Los Angeles. Despite record rainfall on December 10 of between…See all stories on this topic

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