Raw Milk versus Pasteurized Which Is Safer?

Raw Milk versus Pasteurized Which Is Safer?

Cleanliness and pasture are critical parameters for producing healthy milk fit for raw consumption. So really, the war on raw milk boils down to …
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Five surprising household uses for vinegar

(NaturalNews) It would be difficult to find a household in the United States that does not contain at least one bottle of vinegar. Indeed, this strong-tasting liquid, which comes in many varieties but is primarily made from acetic acid and water, has been considered an essential ingredient…See all stories on this topic

Self-healing and healthcare independence

(NaturalNews) Our founding fathers gave their lives for independence. The reason the world loves and hates us is because of our independence. Today, we have a rogue president passing unconstitutional laws in order to force us to be dependent upon a medical system that is as faulty…See all stories on this topic

Raw milk health concerns

An expert on food safety handling issues with raw milk says there will be increased health risks if Australian cheese makers are allowed to use …
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'Tokyo should no longer be inhabited,' Japanese doctor warns residents regarding radiation

(NaturalNews) In an essay addressed to his colleagues, Japanese doctor Shigeru Mita has explained why he recently moved away from Tokyo to restart his practice in western Japan: He believes that Tokyo is no longer safe to inhabit due to radioactive contamination caused by the March…See all stories on this topic

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