Omega-3 lowers inflammation in overweight older adults: Brain, Behavior, and Immunity journal | Health, Medical, and Science Updates

New research shows that omega-3 fatty acid supplements can lower inflammation in healthy, but overweight, middle-aged and older adults, suggesting that regular use of these supplements could help protect against and treat certain illnesses. Four months of omega-3 supplementation decreased … Continue reading

Vitamin D with calcium shown to reduce mortality in elderly: Endocrine Society journal | Health, Medical, and Science Updates

A study recently published in the Endocrine Society’s Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism JCEM suggests that vitamin D—when taken with calcium—can reduce the rate of mortality in seniors, therefore providing a possible means of increasing life expectancy. During the … Continue reading

Synthetic vitamins are not the solution when your body craves real food-based nutrition

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger writing in Natural News says:- “Today virtually everyone in the natural health community recognizes that synthetic vitamins are all but useless, which is why conventional medical researchers always choose them to run their bogus clinical … Continue reading