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Worried about losing your PayPal account?

You should be! Especially if you're not sure of what's acceptable to PayPal — or not.

A growing number of Internet marketers have had their PayPal accounts frozen for alleged breaches of PayPal's Acceptable Use Policy. There's been a lot of discussion in IM forums and chat rooms, but most Internet marketers don't really understand the true nature and extent of the risk they run, or why PayPal is acting in this ruthless way.

It's been especially challenging for users of Jonathan Leger's $7 Secrets Script. Many of them are new to online marketing, attracted by the low cost and simple solutions offered by this script, so there's now a lot of confusion (and fear) about what's acceptable to PayPal and what's not.

John Counsel (Author)Seller Beware! coverIn this 50-page Insight Report from The Profit Clinic, author John Counsel — a recognised authority in the field of direct selling for more than 20 years (Internet marketing is a direct sales channel) — explores the issues behind these latest developments and gives informed insights and practical suggestions for protecting yourself against having your PayPal account limited or closed.

This Report offers no "secret" loopholes and no "Black Hat" tactics or gimmicks for getting around PayPal's policies. Instead, it points out the realities involved, explores the reasons behind them, and looks at ways for complying with them and dealing intelligently with PayPal — whether or not your account is affected. ("An ounce of prevention is worth a ton of cure.")

Best of all, it's FREE, with no catches. The Profit Clinic and Eric Youle are making it available as a service to all Internet marketers. Simply register for updates and alerts, confirm your registration (a single click in a confirmation email), then download from the link in the autoresponder message you'll receive within minutes. If demand is heavy, it may take a little longer to arrive.

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