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    This is the end of the diaries written by Harry Elmar Johnson. He and his wife Lily went on a holiday to Brisbane on 19-12-1952 to visit family. On their way home they called in at Wondai to spend time with son Ken, Elsie and family. It was while there that Elmar took ill, while visiting the out side toilet where he collapsed with a stroke. Ken, Elsie and Family were in Brisbane at the time. The next-door neighbour and Lily took him inside and called a Doctor who said his blood pressure was that high he could have a nother stroke at any time. However he stayed at Wondai until he recovered enough to travel, the Murgon Ambulance took him to the railway Station at Gympie where he and Lily boarded the train and travelled to Rockhampton. They were met by Herb who got them home at Gracemere. He didn t make a full recovery as he was confined to bed. He faded away and died on 23-11-1953. He was buried at the Gracemere Cemetery, Elmar and his wife Lily were buried in a combined Grave Row 4 Lot 10.

Harry Elmar Johnson married Lily Newman on 13-5-1914.
Lily Newman was born on 30-6-1888 and died 8-12-1984. They had 8 children as follows
Beryl born 19-2-1915 ------ Herbert Victor Arnold 8-1-1917------ Kenneth Claude 25-6-1918 ------Dorothy Ellen 27-4-1920------Reginald Oliver 24-12-1921-------Iris 6-7-1923------
Irwin Stanley 5-12-1924 ------Francis Guy 27-12-1926.

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