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1950 Book

    Baileys came and had a holiday with us at Easter time they called in at Kens and Regs on the way through. They arrived here on 11th April and went to Bracewell to Irwin 21st April. 17th April Wests started to build a new house. April 19 th Herb, Ted and I went on the first passenger train over the new line to Mount Morgan. There were a good amount on the train of 12 carriages. 23rd April Mum went in by bus to see her new grandchild Kay, who is Iris's daughter. June 19th Mum and I we n t in to the show with Syd. Saw 2 horses bow to the people and a man riding 2 galloping horses change from one to the other also stand on a galloping horse. Saw a horse jump 7 ft 10 inches. 21st July I went with Irwin down to his place at Bracewell for a holiday and to go fishing. How ever I was sick and missed going the first time he went I did go on a trip with him and we caught over 50 fish as well as some sharks, most of the fish was a little small. Irwin brought me home on the 29th July. 31st July brother Arthur's funeral drove past our place. September 21st I set off to go to Port Alma 800 people went on the long train and also a 4-section rail motor. Poor looking place. 27th September I didn t feel up to going to the opening of the new bridge or the powerhouse. 18th December I went to the Social Service Folk about my pension. Didnt get every thing fixed up owing a couple of papers being filled in not up to requirements. The next day Lily and I went on our holiday to Brisbane. I was in very poor health this year worse than ever before. I even had dizzy spells as well as feeling ill and very weak and tired. When I had a better day I tried to improve the house and also the approaches in front of the house.

1-1--: Put a few weatherboards on and watered plants.
2-1--: Did watering and then went on with the verandah job. Beans near the W.C have been planted 10 weeks.
3-1--: Awful hot day, Herb went to John and I saw to things here, went on with our verandah. Put in a door head and did a lot of planing to a sash. This weather is too much for me.
4-1--: I worked at the steps, they are somewhat worse for age but will go for a while. I had most things done and Herb helped me to put the steps up.
5-1--: Felt very tired after the step work. Did very little work.
6-1--: Watered my plants.
7-1--: Took off the rest of the weatherboards and finished boarding up at the back near the tank. Put up 2 studs for casements.
8-1--: Did a bit of weather boarding at the side of the verandah; it was an awful hot day.
9-1--: Nice rain fell during last night. I put out a bed of shallots, filled up the misses in tomato beds.
10-1-: Sowed a bed of Sioux tomatoes. Also a bed of carrots. Pulled out weeds.
11-1-: Carried on with the digging. Had a fire and burned off a patch to prepare for peas etc.
12-1-: Did very little work, too tired after yesterdays toil.
13-1-: Weather opened up fine, I wrote to Beryl also to Joyce.
14-1-: Cleared rubbish, hoed my pines and did a bit to my carpentry job, a little rain fell.
15-1-: Gave pineapples manure and banked them. Finished the weatherboarding, I made a simple support to enable us to reach up well.
16-1-: Bean seed from Dick now been sowed 3 months. Mum and I cleared stuff out of the new addition to the cottage we are now ready for casements. Herb got a letter from Ted outlining his procedure for an Easter Trip. Intend to go round by Ken and Regs and on to here.
17-1-: I did a good bit of hoeing also put the battens on the new panel under the verandah. Today was very warm and things are getting dry again.
18-1-: Went to town with Herb, ordered 4 pair of casements for next Friday. Every thing is awfully dear these times: the weather is getting very hot again.
19-1-: I started fitting heads in the casements. Dick came up, he came home yesterday.
20-1-: Stormy weather today.
21-1-: I worked a bit at the verandah. A little rain fell during the day.
22-1-: Did a bit about the place.
23-1-: Dug land over, had a fire and cut boards for the V job.
24-1-: Put boards above the casement openings. Picked mangoes, made ready for shallot bulbs.
25-1-: Went to the city and got casements. Another awful hot day.
26-1-: Made brackets for shades over the casements. John was here for tea.
27-1-: Picked mangoes and read. James and John had breakfast with us and went and had the family out for dinner.
28-1-: Made up a case for Baileys mangoes, watered plants. Got just under 8 dozen in the case, got most of the crop off the tree.
29-1-: Took in £7 worth of mangoes and a case for Bailey.
30-1-: Worked at window shades and weeded a bed and other bits of jobs.
1-2--: Very hot day and simply couldnt work.
2-2--: Mrs Orctel and also Mrs Pearce came and got 4 dozen mangoes for 8/- I got more off the tree. Dick came and got tomato plants. A cool change came today, clouds but no rain.
3-2--: Stayed home and did reading.
4-2--: Sent a case of mangoes to the bank manager, did watering and hoeing.
5-2--: Finished trimming the casements and Herb applied the hinges, I watered plants. Got a letter from Connie saying they are coming up this week. The weather is still too warm and is getting very dry.
6-2--: Got a letter from Ken. Irwin and family came up Irwin got up the mango tree and got 8 dozen off it.
7-2--: I made a handle and grubbed out grass and roots below my plants. Another nasty day very bad weather we are having, mangoes are nearly over.
8-2--: I did a little about the place, too hot for me altogether.
9-2--: Another slack day cut a big branch out of the mango tree.
10-2-: Went to Dicks and Mc Carthys. The weather is very dry and hot.
11-2-: Too hot for me, just potted about and went and saw West about getting a bit of manure.
12-2-: Went to Wests and filled 3 bags of manure for Harry to drop off here for me.
13-2-: Beans sowed 16 weeks. Took out the sill at front and put in another one.
14-2-: Had a go at doing a shade.
15-2-: Pottered around.
16-2-: Poked around the place.
17-2-: Spent the day reading and went to Wests and across the line.
18-2-: Dug a piece of ground for potatoes.
19-2-: Planted 9 short rows of tomatoes.
20-2-: Last night nice rain fell and made it possible to hoe out grass and weeds, which I did above the cottage.
21-2-: Prepared for pine suckers.
22-2-: Reg and I put in the rough leaves.
23-2-: Rain fell all night steadily. Today I put in the rest of the suckers, so they should be off to a good start.
24-2-: Ate the last mango for the season, rain has cleared away for this time may return. Grass and weeds are going a pace.
25-2-: Sowed onions.
26-2-: Put out the trees from Ottermann. Willy Newman came and saw us Daisy too.
27-2-: Dug ground and put in potato seed, it was fairly warm. Got a letter from Beryl and 2 photos.
28-2-: Dug ground and put in the rest of the potato seed. Irwin and family and their friend called on their way home. Started on Parsons Saline.
29-2-: Sowed telephone pea seed.
1-3--: We did a bit of hoeing, put in a few pea seed.
2-3--: Read books.
3-3--: Hoed and dug ground, watered potatoes.
4-3--: We finished hoeing the pieces around the pineapples and trees.
5-3--: Sowed parsnips and dug between potatoes.
6-3--: Very tired, just watered and rested, wrote to Beryl.
7-3--: Too tired to do much.
8-3--: Just did watering of plants.
9-3--: Read all day.
10-3-: Did various jobs.
11-3-: Dug ground.
12-3-: Finished digging the piece of ground.
13-3-: We hung a pair of casements.
14-3-: I watered potatoes and banked the first patch.
15-3-: Last night very good rain fell, so today I planted pumpkin, peas, and tomato plants, maize, long beans and peanuts.
16-3-: We have just have had another lot of good rain; the crops are very wet now.
17-3-: Dug ground and sowed seed of Milo or some such stuff to grow fowl feed. Another good rain fell last night and it is still very muggy.
18-3-: More rain last night and during today. I dug more ground, put out a few tomato plants. Have-not had the creek down yet.
19-3-: Rained again in the night and is still unsettled. We hung a pair of casements and I dug some ground.
20-3-: The weather seems to have cleared. We dug ground and pulled out weeds, sowed onion seed.
21-3-: Did a bit about the garden.
22-3-: Another rain. Set out lettuce and cabbage.
23-3-: Weather has cleared, cool wind blows.
24-3-: Got seeds from Rumseys, dug ground, did some hoeing, trimmed shallots. Posted letters to Beryl and Shirley, sowed shallots.
25-3-: Hoed pumpkins, worked at a scaffold to enable us to fit the shade. We got the iron on the shade; the job is awful not firm.
26-3-: Dug along the potatoes above the cottage, did some hoeing. Afternoon Herb went cabbage planting.
27-3-: Hoed the last row of Herbs peas. We got the last of the casements hung; a couple of showers came over.
28-3-: Worked among potatoes and peas a few light showers fell, the rain seems to be clearing away.
29-3-: Fitted and hung the doors to the new additions.
30-3-: Went to Dicks and got sweet potatoes. Rested all the rest of the day.
31-3-: Fixed a door lock etc.
1-4--: Potatoes planted 6 weeks. Sowed tomato seed for Dick Johnson. I also did hoeing and worked at the verandah.
2-4--: Hoed peas etc.
3-4--: I started to make brackets for a shade and then Irwin came and I got ready and went to town with them. I got measured for a pair of trousers £4/15/ -.
4-4--: Did watering and weeded pines back of the fowl pen.
5-4--: I dug between the potatoes, hoed and watered crops. Up in the house with a large frog.
6-4--: Read and rested. Brown snake.
7-4--: Very light shower fell I watered potatoes and then went on to complete shades for the front casements.
8-4--: We worked at getting casement and door in position.
9-4--: Got casement and door put in, had several light showers during the day. Got a letter from Beryl telling us of speed pulling them back in their town
10-4-: Having plenty rain again. I put a piece of nosing at the front casement. Put out 70 onions and drew soil down to 5 rows of potatoes, very warm today.
11-4-: Picked 100 rosellas for drink stuff. Baileys arrived before 7 oclock.
12-4-: Went to Dicks for milk etc. Set out some strawberries, weather fair to hot.
13-4-: Rested and read Joseph Hocking book. Baileys went to Hickmans I went and had a yarn with McCarthys.
14-4-: Watered potatoes etc.
15-4-: Another hot day, Baileys went to Sharrocks.
16-4-: Watered potatoes etc. Afternoon we went to Bushley to Morgans. Got marrows, pumpkins and cucumbers.
17-4-: Irwin and Connie brought fish and French beans. Mum and Baileys went to Alice and Hildas places for a while. Last week Wests started on their house
18-4-: Just did bits of jobs about the place.
19-4-: Herb, Ted and I went on the first passenger train over the new line to Mount Morgan. There was a good amount on the train of 12 carriages. We went from Rockhampton leaving the car at Joe Adzmees.
20-4-: Read and rested about. Went to Wests for a while.
21-4-: Bailey left for Bracewell at 20 past 2. We three are now feeling the strain of entertaining our visitors.
22-4-: Seems awfully quiet here now. I did watering and dug a piece to sow seeds. Picked rosellas, sowed brown onions and sowed peas.
23-4-: Did hoeing and watering. Mum went in by bus to see her new grand child.
24-4-: I picked rosellas and tomatoes, watered crops.
25-4-: Did a little watering and hoeing. Rest of the day I rested, I had a very bad feeling all day.
26-4-: Did the watering I went to Fosters and got the jack and then on to Syds to get firewood.
27-4-: Just rested and read, watered potatoes.
28-4-: Did a bit of watering, got a sharp shower.
29-4-: Sowed 2 rows of peas. Grubbed out grass. Put out onion plants.
30-4-: Sowed a row of peas below the row of pines.
1-5--: Hoed maize and pines, today was raw and muggy.
2-5--: Did hoeing. Roy brought up a letter that Eric had brought from Reg. Dick came up for the tomato plants, brought sweet spud and milk.
3-5--: Just did a little watering. Push hoed along the bottom of that first pine row. Caught the rail motor to Bushley.
4-5--: Spent the day with Morgans, Bob drove me round the estate in the sulky. I got back to Gracemere before 6 and home by 6 o clock. I was treated very well intend to go again, the fare was 4/1d. The grass is going off, conditions for winter donor seem good.
5-5-: Did watering, felt tired.
6-5--: Put in my time teasing fiber for a double bed mattress, it was far too dusty for me.
7-5--: Watered potatoes, sowed 3 more rows of peas. Sowed a row of broad beans.
8-5--: Hoed pines.
9-5--: Herb and I went to the city.
10-5-: Put out 8 celery plants, hoed a bit and watered plants, got nice rain.
11-5-: I read a poor sort of book. Hickmans were out for a while.
12-5-: Sowed a bed of onion seeds also put out 100 onion plants the ground now is nice and wet. Planted a fig tree from one of the old ones.
13-5-: Sowed 2 rows of peas, ripped strips etc for the casements.
14-5-: Weeded peas and other bits of jobs.
15-5-: Did hoeing and other bits of gardening. The days are quite warm, weeds grow well.
16-5-: Hoed and did other jobs about the place. Syd left us beans and milk.
17-5-: Put out onion and tomato plants.
18-5-: Stayed home all day reading.
19-5-: Hoed and dug and other jobs.
20-5-: Yesterday I sowed parsnip seeds. Dug out grass and worked at preparing for grape vines.
21-5-: Drizzly sort of day, very cool too, I wrote to Shirley.
22-5-: Put in another post for the grapes, dug some potatoes.
23-5-: Rained lightly through the night and is at it yet.
24-5-: There was quite a downpour last night but it's supposed to fine up now. Gave blood and bone to peas and cut firewood.
25-5-: Turned out a very fine day. Last night wasnt cold like I expected it to be. Saw to wire netting for Colin West.
26-5-: Gave blood and bone to the strawberries, dug potatoes for Syd. Fixed hernia affair.
27-5-: Dug ground for carrots and parsnips. Irwin and Connie came and we dug some potatoes for them to take home with them.
28-5-: Cool but no frost yet. Sowed carrot and parsnip seed. Finished digging the first patch of potatoes got good size spuds.
29-5-: Dug 2 rows of potatoes, just got a tin of spuds. Weather has warmed up.
30-5-: Watered my plants, put out 12 celery plants.
31-5-: I seem to have the same complaint that is going the round.
1-6--: Just stayed in and read had no sleep last night at all, just coughed my way through the night.
2-6--: Had a bit better night but have too much of a cold to be pleasant. I took to the spare bed so that Lily could get a bit of rest.
3-6--: I am still keeping to the house, still full of cold; I rest better in the other bed.
4-6--: Still got my cold. The days are warm enough but nights are cool.
5-6--: Cold is still sticking to me; I have to stick to the house.
6-6--: Did a bit of fixing at the doorway of out bedroom.
7-6--: Still have to keep inside; the cold has a good hold on me. Drank the last Coca Cola.
8-6--: Kept to the cottage.
9-6--: Sleepless night too much coughing. Today opened up bleak just about sunless.
10-6-: I dug potatoes.
11-6-: Dug the last 2 rows of potatoes. Got over 3 tins from the 5 rows. My cold is sticking to me well, cannot shake it off completely.
12-6-: Very much like rain today quite raw air too.
13-6-: Got a letter off to Baileys, Healy and Bracewell, slight rain fell last night it is muggy but is clear.
14-6-: Rainy conditions have returned. Wet day and doesnt seem very promising for next week.
15-6-: Great rain during the night.
16-6-: Not a cloud in the sky this morning, rain gone completely. Got a case for Kens birthday.
17-6-: Boxed potatoes for later on. Got lemons and limes to put in Kens case.
18-6-: Sowed seed from Morgans pumpkin above the cottage. Put out a few beets today was warm in the sun, no frost yet.
19-6-: Mum and I went to the show with Syd. Saw 2 horses bow to the people and a man riding 2 galloping horses change from one to the other also stand on a galloping horse. Saw a horse jump 7 ft 10 inches over a hurdle.
20-6-: My cold is still with me and I am just resting today. Sowed the rest of the telephone peas.
21-6-: Got a lift to the show with Syd. It was a splendid fine day, not cold and very little dust. I spent the afternoon with Tom Healy, got home about 6.
22-6-: A day of rest.
23-6-: Planted 3 grape vines, did a little hoeing and watering. Made a hoe handle.
24-6-: Finished hoeing the pineapple row and put out 50 onions.
25-6-: Did a little hoeing; the sun was quite warm today, seen no frost so far.
26-6-: Did some hoeing, couldnt do much on account of the hernia. Cannot do much with Rowels appliance so far.
27-6-: Went in with Herb and tramped myself dog-tired. Got home at 11.30 and went to Wests.
28-6-: Dug a bit and fixed a fork. Felt tired after yesterdays trip to town, quite warm today.
29-6-: Watched traffic go by. Read paper and book, the weather is quite warm, clear fine days are the order. I seem to be beating my cold but feel tired.
30-6-: Another fine mild day I took Wests pen back and got 2/6 for the refill only 3d less than it cost. Rest of the day I lazed about. Seems like a cold snap coming along.
1-7--: Poked about the place. This morning was as cold as we expected it to be, got a letter from Connie telling us to expect them tomorrow and stop the night. All right.
2-7--: Saw our first frost. I hoed and sowed the last of my onion seed. Irwin and Co arrived with crab and fish.
3-7--: A mild morning turned up. I went to the city with Irwin, priced tools etc, we went to Johns and saw his improvements.
4-7--: Another mild morning. I picked a few peas and shelled peanuts. Sold 2/ - worth of limes.
5-7--: Prepared for tomato seed, watered plants. Went and pruned Hoares grape vines.
6-7--: Went over and spent the morning at Wests.
7-7--: Frost well up the hill this morning. A gang came this morning and fixed the fence at the bridge. I sowed a bed with Dicks Sioux tomato seed.
8-7--: I cut my seed potatoes and planted them. Did watering and shelled the rest of my peanuts.
9-7--: Spent the morning at Dicks cutting potatoes. Afternoon I spent at home.
10-7-: Did jobs about the place. Put in the few potato seed I got from Dick.
11-7-: Sowed a bed of parsnips, pruned custard apple trees. Received a pair of socks from Baileys for my birthday.
12-7-: Yesterday evening very light rain fell. Got broken timber from the bridge.
13-7-: Looked through old journals, picked a few peas, cloudy day but fine.
14-7-: I gave blood and bone to peas and tomatoes etc. Today was warm and cloudy. Irwin and family came and brought crab and fish.
15-7-: I did very little about the place.
16-7-: Irwin and I made sinkers.
17-7-: Dug a hole and saw to things about the place.
18-7-: Irwin and I worked at a frame for a tennis table. I sharpened a saw and chisel.
19-7-: Off colour today just lazed around.
20-7-: I felt off colour and rested about.
21-7-: I went to Bracewell with Irwin.
22-7-: I was too sick to go fishing.
23-7-: I poked about Irwins place.
24-7-: I had my first sleep for a week last night and felt better.
25-7-: Irwin arrived with fish and crabs.
26-7-: We had crab, which went well.
27-7-: We went to the Narrows rain spoilt our chase for fish.
28-7-: We went fishing in the boat, caught 50 fish but small ones only and sharks. Got windy and cold and we returned to Irwins place.
29-7-We left for Gracemere and arrived in time for dinner.
30-7-: Felt unwell so did no work, Irwin got off with his tabletop.
31-7-: Still feel sick inside had crab for breakfast. Arthurs funeral went by after 4 oclock.
1-8--: I sowed long bean seed, did some hoeing and dug a hole for a post for the grape trellis.
2-8--: Put in a post for grapes, sowed melon seed above the cottage.
3-8--: Last night I developed the film of Syds lot and Irwins too, it seemed good to me.
4-8--: Picked peas, pulled out 2 rows of peas, hoed weeds out, fitted a handle to a prong hoe. Watered the piece ready for digging.
5-8--: Dug the ground and put out onions to the number of 270.
6-8--: Got letters off to Wondai and Bracewell. Run wires on the grape trellis, hoed the potatoes. Went and saw Harry West for a while.
7-8--: Did a bit of hoeing, went to the city with Wests. I went and stayed for tea at Healys and they did me very well. I went and met Wests at the Church of Christ and came home but couldnt sleep.
8-8--: Feel tired from my jaunt yesterday. Did watering and picked a couple of pounds for Healy.
9-8--: Sowed papaw seed, did watering and chipping.
10-8-: Very big fog this morning.
11-8-: Went out with Herb and spent the day at Syds, brought home firewood.
12-8-: I put out 150 onions.
13-8-: Cut firewood and put out 100 onions.
14-8-: Did various jobs about the place. Planted a lemon tree above the W.C.
15-8-: Dragged branches down to put up to stop the sun from my photo site and did some hoeing.
16-8-: Very like wet weather. I picked some of my maize also telephone peas and did other jobs about the place.
17-8-: Went down to Dicks on the bike. Afternoon I went to Wests and had a yarn.
18-8-: Sun came out bright and shining, prospects seems to have faded.
19-8-: Cut out the corn and did watering.
20-8-: Got a letter from Beryl also some snaps of the youngsters. I cleared up rubbish, picked peas and watered potatoes. A light shower came across the weather is very unsettled.
21-8-: Opened up rainy, however not much fell. Lily and I pulled out shallot bulbs.
22-8-: I shelled corn put out shallots to dry off and placed big stones to make a border bed to the W.C.
23-8-: I was taken crook.
24-8-: Still crook.
25-8-: Got better.
26-8-: Finished the corn.
27-8-: No work today.
28-8-: Poked about a bit.
29-8-: Gave Lionel 3/- for cracked corn.
30-8-: Finished cracking the corn.
31-8-: Took Daphne and Ailsas photos.
1-9--: Got out 200 onions to replant. Gave 50 to Fred Hoare. Planted 150.
2-9--: Gathered manure.
3-9--: Gathered manure and put at a pineapple row. Took a dose of Tuberol.
4-9--: Took another dose of Tuberol this morning, got wood from over on the flat.
5-9--: Went to the city with Herb and did various bits of business. Sun very hot, trimmed shallots also manured.
6-8--: Finished trimming the shallot bulbs. Got a bag of manure from Wests and some off the flat.
7-9--: Last night printed photos on Illford paper 1/7 less a pkt than Kodak, took photos to Dick.
8-9--: Took in shallot bulbs. Paid for tent, printed photos after tea.
9-9--: Got out shallots, Irwin got the tent.
10-9-: Went in with Irwin and got the tent. Motorbike crash at the bridge 2 injured girl and a man.
11-9-: Prepared a place and planted out 9 papaws. Irwin took the family home.
12-9-: Paid for papers. Started to prepare a place to sow melons and did some hoeing also worked at job to aid photography.
13-9-: Sowed 6 holes with melon seed. Afternoon went and treated Hoares grapes.
14-9-: Went down to Dicks for a while. Spent most of the day reading, got paid for netting.
15-9-: Finished hoeing the shallot patch, watered plants and did other jobs.
16-9-: Finished my platform for my photos. Placed stones for the border.
17-9-: Planted shallots also prepared for and sowed banana cream melons. Had a bit of a shower last night.
18-9-: Spent the day at Syds, took 5 snaps, he has a great weight of crops on the farm.
19-9-: Weeded pines and watered various plants.
20-9-: Banked pines and hoed grass and weeds. John has bought another car one that it is to have to get parts for Hillman.
21-9-: I set off to go to Port Alma by rail motor 800 people went on the long train and a 4 section rail motor. Poor looking place.
22-9-: Tired from yesterdays outing so took things quietly.
23-9-: Did a few jobs around the place.
24-9-: Herb and I spent the day out at Syds amongst the tomatoes, got very tired.
25-9-: Rain has come along. Herb and I just rested all day. Afternoon it got much brighter but was still muggy.
26-9-: Spent a quiet day at home. Dug a few potatoes and put soil down to pineapples and weeded papaw plants.
27-9-: I didnt feel up to going to the opening of the bridge or powerhouse. Yesterday evening Oppermanns called they had just arrived from Brisbane.
28-9-: Took McCarthys tobacco and had a yarn to Charley and his wife.
29-9-: Gave Lionel money for the papers. Dug potatoes and hoed melons.
30-9-: Rainy day for the last day of the month, I cleared around the grapes.
1-10-: Herb and I spent the day at Syds, I made up cases all day and Herb picked tomatoes, marrows etc.
2-10-: Spent a quiet day at home.
3-10-: Finished digging my potatoes.
4-10-: Off colour just poked about. Got out peanuts and picked beans.
5-10-: Iris and family were out last night. Today I just spent quietly reading.
6-10-: Another shower last night made it a nice rain. This morning the sun rose normally, sowed long beans and peanuts. Oppermanns came to see us.
7-10-: Mrs Oppermann looks very ill, has been very bad in hospital. I think she is having too much traveling by car. Sowed more peanuts, very heavy rain fell this morning and did considerable wash.
8-10-: Creek is flowing; it is a long time since it was down.
9-10-: I picked beans and finished the letter to Ken, fine again now.
10-10: Put out 150 onions, picked beans, hack sawed for my tripod, gave Lionel 3/- for papers. Started trimming shallot bulbs for Williams Limited.
11-10: Trimmed shallot bulbs for Williams Limited. After tea a storm came along, rain came down very heavy.
12-10: Read and rested most of the day, went across to Wests.
13-10: Morning I worked at the top for the tripod.
14-10: Got a lift in by Wests with the shallots. Bought zinc ointment and zinc ointment bulbs.
15-10: Worked at the approach.
16-10: Dug holes for approach at front.
17-10: Cut a log for the approach.
18-10: Worked at the approach.
19-10: Rested reading.
20-10: Did a bit to the approach.
21-10: Hoed peanuts, broke stone etc.
22-10: Carried on with the approach job, placing gravel as top dressing.
23-10: Got a load of gravel before breakfast and after that meal I had a sick feeling come on.
24-10: Gave Lionel money for Browns. I am unable to work too nervy.
25-10: Still crook.
26-10: Unwell still.
27-10: Still suffering from giddiness and not up to work at all. Had rain.
28-10: Still giddy. We boiled the peanuts I got at Wests yesterday.
29-10: Irwin and Connie came and brought a couple of mullet. I worked a bit at a bench for Mums wash tub.
30-10: I am still cutting out a frame for washtub bench. A big storm went all round and we got very little rain.
31-10: Still very muggy, did a bit to the bench.
1-11-: Too hot for me to work, awfully hot today.
2-11-: It is cooler again today and not like rain.
3-11-: Put the bench together, very close last night no sleep.
4-11-: Too hot these days. I put 2 more legs to the bench. The oppressive heat makes it impossible to work much. Much thunder and lightening about but not rain.
5-11-: Put the finishing touches to the bench it now has to be set in position and the tub put in it.
6-11-: I got the bench in position by 20 past 7 and at 9 o’clock I went up to the lemon tree and then I set out to have a rest.
7-11-: Too overpowering to work.
8-11-: Prostrated by the heat.
9-11-: Still suffering the awful heat, gave Lionel the paper money.
10-11: The weather has cleared up and is much cooler I hoed a bit.
11-11: Another sweltering day, did very little in the way of work.
12-11: I hoed peanuts and cleared a row of pines. Irwin and Connie came and we got Lionel to help us to put the laundry tub on the stand. Lily swallowed a knob off the bedstead and they were taking her to the Doctor . Every thing is getting very dry now. The city water is below need.
13-11: Did a bit around the cement tub. Went up and dug ground, got Reg Buxton a dozen little papaw plants.
14-11: I nailed up pickets and watered and dug between peanuts and watermelons, started a letter to Beryl.
15-11: Spent another quiet day.
16-11: Went to Wests and got books.
17-11: Hoed and gathered beans and sowed another row. Got peanuts from Wests tried getting rubbish out of them.
18-11: Got £10 from Reg, walked up the post office to cash the money order. I hoed a patch and sifted peanuts.
19-11: Got 2 pages of letter written to Reg. Sharpened a saw and watered a few rows of plants.
20-11: Sharpened a saw for Syd and did very little as I am feeling the weather too much.
21-11: Watered melons etc. Prepared nuts for boiling. The weather these days makes us feel very weak. Posted a letter to Reg and Margaret.
22-11: Watered beans etc, pulled out a bed of brown onions. Went up and got lemons and limes.
23-11: Gave Lionel the paper money.
24-11: Cleared grass from the grapes and put out rosellas. Irwin came up for Connie.
25-11: I put out papaw plants. The morning opened up nice and cool but by 11 it was quite hot.
26-11: Did a bit to the photo platform. Feel quite off colour, Daisy came by bus.
27-11: Finished letter to Beryl. Not up to more than just watering the few plants.
28-11: Too giddy and nervy to work. Letter from Ken and Elsie.
29-11: Watered peanuts etc.
30-11: Went and saw Harry and Tilly.
1-12-: Went up to the sale yards and saw an old fellow breaking in a horse. A poor show from my point of view.
2-12-: Worked at putting up the sisal craft.
3-12-: Mum and I did a bit to our job with sisal craft. I went to town with Irwin and Connie, it was an awful hot day.
4-12-: Another very hot day. Mum and I did a little to our job and then rested as best as we could. Irwin and Connie went home after spending a couple of days with us.
5-12-: I did a little to the job; Mum and Herb went to the city.
6-12-: Mum and I worked at the wall, put cover strips etc up.
7-12-: Watered the peanuts.
8-12-: Herb run me in to the bullhead bus stop and I went down town by bus. Saw Detective Price and walked about town a bit and then went by bus to Hickmans. We all went to see Ellen and then came home.
9-12-: Got mangoes ready to send to Ken and Baileys, took most of the morning and got too hot to work.
10-12: Did a bit of watering and then just suffered the heat for the rest of the day. It is far too hot for this old fella to work.
11-12: Got a lift in with Syd and got tickets for Brisbane for the 19th. It was a hot day. A lot of thunder and lightening but not much rain fell here.
12-12: A bit cooler today. Mr and Mrs Price came out and fixed up the pension papers for us, very nice folk.
13-12: Watered rosellas and beans. Although the day opened up cool it got hot later.
14-12: Took things easy. Went and had a yarn with Myrtle for a while in the afternoon.
15-12: Went to the city with the pension papers. Spent most of the day at Johns. Went with him to Koongal with a chap he is helping with the building of a house.
16-12: Did a little job at the cottage. Irwin and Connie were here and got mangoes and limes.
17-12: Gathered a few tools and poked around at various little jobs.
18-12: Went to the Social Service Folk. Didnt get every thing fixed up owing to a couple of papers being filled in not up to requirements.
19-12: Set off to Brisbane Mum and I for our holiday.

This material has been transcribed by Connie Johnson, of Bundaberg; who has provided the transcription on the condition that any further copying and distribution of the transcription is allowed only for noncommercial purposes, and includes this statement in its entirety.

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