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1950 Book

    January 8th Syd called to tell us the old home was sold. The 11th January we had to get the police to come and take Frank , he was just absolutely demented. Threatened me with a hammer. He even hit the floor with the hammer and put a hole in the floor with the hammer. The next day he was taken to Brisbane. In January the creek was a banker a couple of times and caused disruptions to the traffic at the Yeppen crossing. I went out to Syds creek early in the year and did some fishing and one day alone I caught over 60 perch. March 21st Irwin and Connie and Family called. Lily had a nasty fat patch on her face. I went to Bracewell with them I returned on the 6th April I came back on the rail motor and had a rough trip in the rail motor from Mt Larcom. Mr Chifley one of our former Prime Ministers died on the 13th June. 21st June I went to the Rockhampton show the firs t for about 30 years since I had been, there was a large crowd and we saw a lot of interesting things. I spent tea and sandwiches 3/6 fish 3/- lollies 1/3d. 16th June Ken arrived with his family they went again on 28th June it was quiet with Shirley gone. 6th July Harris building in town was burned down. 19th July I bought a bag of cement cost 11/3d per bag. 25th August I arrived home from Brisbane after a months holiday. 14th September I applied to the council for a permit to build a verandah on my cottage. 22nd October the timber arrived for my verandah. 28th November Irwin Connie and family arrived for a few days. Lily was up to every form of mischief. 11th December Irwin and Connie bought us an electric jug for Xmas. At Xmas time flies were awful gave us no peace. 29th December I have 2200 shallots ready to plant. This year I also helped Dick at different times with work in his vegetables, but my health was very poor and didnt allow for a lot of work.

1-1--: I put in the sliding door it needs a bit of adjusting. Afternoon Eddington and I went to the Bower for hoe handles. Eddington lost 3 and we only came home with 5.
2-1--: I went on with the sliding door and worked at the top of the well trying to fix the stays for the pump jack. We got a letter from Herb.
3-1--: I finished at the pump jack and it seems a good job, I was also up on the roof. Lily went to the city by bus. I made a catapult fork.
4-1--: I put in 2 blocks for a rack to put various stuff on. The early mornings are quite cool but later the days get very hot.
5-1--: Tidied the shed up a bit and did a bit in the cottage.
6-1--: Did some painting. The awful heat has us all knocked out.
7-1--: Put in a quite day.
8-1--: Fixed the bedroom windows. Syd called and told us the old home is sold.
9-1--: Rain came on during the night and today has been slightly wet. I gave the pine row fertiliser.
10-1-: The water in the creek is up to the bridge; it is raining heavily looks like a real wet season. Lily and I got letters ready to post to Connie and Ken.
11-1-: This morning the creek is just as high as it was yesterday and is still as rainy as yesterday. We had to get the police to come and take Frank. He was just absolutely demented. Threatened me with the hammer.
12-1-: I went to town by rail motor. Frank was taken to Brisbane today, he signed his last cheque. I got home very tired, as I had walked a great deal. Even went to see Daisy but she wasn t home so I drew a blank. The water has gone down at all points Fitzroy has lowered a good deal and trucks got across the Yeppen causeway.
13-1-: Fine day I pulled out grass and weeds.
14-1-: I just lazed about. John and Iris came out.
15-1: Grubbed out grass, pulled out all sorts of weeds. The weather has fined up and during the days become rather hot lots of fishermen come to the bridge but I donor see them getting much
16-1-: Cut grass and grubbed out all sorts of rubbish.
17-1-: There was a big storm last night and the creek is a banker again this morning. I sowed a row of long beans, cut wood and gathered up rubbish also put in the potatoes. Very hot sun these days.
18-1-: Rode the bike to Gracemere and went in by motor. Did various stunts and came out by train and had cups of tea with Mary and Charlotte, rode the bike home. It was an awfully hot day.
19-1-: Went to Wests and got him to air mail a letter to Herb. I was so tired after yesterday that I had to rest today. River broke over today and it seems as though it will be a flood tomorrow between here and the city. The weather is very muggy seems likely to be more rain.
20-1-: I cut firewood and cut off rubber vine near the gate. It doesnt seem as if we will get much flood this way. If it doesnt rain again the water will be getting away.
21-1-: Spent the day reading.
22-1-: Just sawed firewood with a hand saw. Read and rested most of the day.
23-1-: Connie and family got here for breakfast there was too much water to cross the Yeppen. A form came to fill in account of Frank.
24-1-: Irwin went to town early to get work done on his car. The Yeppen seems all right now for cars to cross. The weather is still very muggy. Luckes came up and went to the city by Irwins car left it in and came out by train. Heavy rain fell while they were away.
25-1-: Creek another banker. My trouble between my legs has come on and I have to take things easy for a while, I have run out of ointment.
26-1-: Mum went to the city by train. I cut some weeds and grass. It was a fine windy day and a lot of traffic all day. Lily got a lift from the station by Moores.
27-1-: I sawed firewood, the day opened up fine but showers came during the afternoon. Sharrocks came after tea and stayed for a while.
28-1-: Opened up very clear and bright. I read 2 books and rested all day. Plenty of people fish off the bridge but I donor see them catch any thing much.
29-1-: Another muggy day 10 folk looking from the bridge to day I don't see them hauling out many fish. I am too weary to work today. Mum has done her washing and got it dry. It seems as if it could rain again any minute.
30-1-: I walked up to Gracemere, took the old girls a papaw and a few mangoes. Sent Franks cheque back and got a ride home with Lonnie. Syd called in on their way to Yeppoon Don left me some worms.
31-1-: I caught 7 fish I cannot get on to enough worms; the small fish take the bait as fast as I can put them on the hook. Charley caught some nice ones.
1-2--: Sawed wood, sharpened a saw, and fixed a chair. Rode the bike to town, got 1 dozen fly hooks for 4d. Changed the books, got a hair cut and 2lb of steak. Got home just before a heavy down pour of rain. I was quite knocked up.
2-2--: Did a bit to a chair, sawed a bit of wood and loafed away the day. I feel the heat too much and it knocks all work out of me.
3-2--: Rained last night but this morning is fine, later came several showers. I got out all the onions left in the space above the W. C. Herb came on the bus.
4-2--: Just did reading and got a letter from Bracewell. Herb went with John.
5-2--: Dug out grass. I fixed up a line and tried fishing but got no bites.
6-2--: I felt off colour today and only sharpened my ripsaw. I got a letter from Margaret she writes a real good hand.
7-2--: I ripped out stringers for a 14 ft ladder, cleared along pines. It has come up very much like rain again. Irwin called on his way home and Daisy came out by bus. It seemed like rain but was fine today.
8-2--: I went fishing before breakfast and a while after and caught myself a good feed of perch. I also knocked out more grass.
9-2--: I caught another lot of perch, it is a pity I cannot catch some of the larger ones. I knocked a good lot of grass and weeds.
10-2-: Knocked out Guinea grass etc.
11-2-: Spent a quiet day reading and resting. Lily and I are on our own. Herb is busy at Hickmans. The weather has turned fine and the creek is getting low should be good for fish now.
12-2-: I did some hoeing and put 9 rungs in my new ladder after boring the 26 holes. I then went over to Wests and dug a tin of worms.
13-2-: I caught a feed of fish, did a bit of hoeing, got wood from the creek bank and did a bit to my ladder. Posted my letter to Martha.
14-2-: I caught 22 perch before breakfast, tried again after breakfast but did no good. I got the rods in the ladder. Today was very hot, green is being turned brown.
15-2-: I fished from 5.30 till 20 past 9 caught a lot of perch but too many small ones.
16-2-: I did cement work at the front steps also hoed out some grass and weeds.
17-2-: Put final touches to the steps and put angle irons on top of the ladder.
18-2-: Rested reading, clear hot day, rain seems to have gone.
19-2-: Cut grass and weeds.
20-2-: Caught 8 fish and cut out a toy for Lily. These days are so awfully hot that I cannot work. Every thing is being frizzled up. I also made a stool for Lily.
21-2-: I caught about 30 perch some a nice size I measured just on 8 inches long. I placed stones and cemented near the steps. Some of my fish weighted 6 oz and 7 ozs.
22-2-: Grubbed out grass and gathered up grass on to a patch I cleared up. I rode the bike to Dicks and we tried for worms in about 12 places and got none. I also went across to Wests and dug in various places and managed to find a few, I completely knocked myself up.
23-2-: I fished from breakfast till 8.30 and caught a fair few I gave Ray the catch. I finished cementing near the steps.
24-2-: Lily and I went and gathered limes and I battened near the front steps. Herb and I both got a letter from Ted Bailey and 2 snaps.
25-2-: Had a shave and got tidied up for the day. Herb worked for Mc Carthy all day at the grader.
26-2-: I sowed Table Queen Squash etc and did a bit at the job near the steps. Tried a little fishing but did no good.
27-2-: Caught 6 perch made rows for peas and then decided it was too hot to plant the seed, put the wheels on Lilys toy and did a bit to the battening.
28-2-: I fished a bit and did no good. Herb and I ripped battens and I finished the little job at the steps. We had a terrific storm about 5 oclock it wet out place a fair bit.
1-3--: I fished all the morning and failed to get an eatable fish all being too small.
2-3--: Did a little to the cottage. Tried to get fish but failed again.
3-3--: I fixed a wee bit job at the cottage. I felt off colour, was to have gone fishing out at Syds but didnt feel up to it. Took a couple of forks that was to be welded by Eric and Roy.
4-3--: Read and went and had a yarn to Mc Carthys.
5-3--: Did a bit about the place.
6-3--: Went out to Syds and caught over 60 perch.
7-3--: Did a bit of fixing to the dunny seat and also did a bit at the front of the cottage. Today was awfully muggy.
8-3--: I took the morning off and made a rod and floater so as to be well set for Syd Johnsons fish. It is still very hot although there is a little breeze. I cut out rubbish with a sickle.
9-3--: Hoed a bit and posted a letter to Irwin.
10-3-: Hoed a bit and dug a bed for carrots. We got a letter from Beryl and I started one to Ted. The weather is still very oppressive must be going to rain.
11-3-: Added a bit to Baileys letter and read one of J. Hoskings books, it was a bit rainy looking.
12-2-: Sowed carrot seed, hoed around squash plants, dug ground for Lupins. I tried fishing but only caught 4 sprats so gave up the game.
13-3-: I dug out grass, hoed and dug a good deal also cleared stones away from where I wanted to dig. Mum sowed lupin seed. I made myself very tired.
14-3-: Went round by Malchi to Syds for a days fishing. I got a nice lot of fish, but lost my new line with float and all, the rod snapped and the float and line disappeared from view. I fancy an eel was the culprit. I stayed to tea and Syd drove me right home of course I was very tired from the days outing.
15-3-: I finished my letter to Ted and otherwise took things easy being tired from my fishing stunt yesterday.
16-3-: I made a small mould and filled it with a cement mixture as a small experiment.
17-3-: I watered my squash etc and pulled grass from the long beans. I feel awfully tired and just rested most of the day.
18-3-: Rested in the cottage all day.
19-3-: I was quite off colour and was in bed for the day. I have been unable to sleep the last 2 nights and feel no good in consequence. It was rather hot today, hope I sleep tonight.
20-3-: I am still no good for any thing. I sharpened a saw and did a bit to the garage doors today. I am expecting a letter from Reg but so far none has come.
21-3-: Irwin and family turned up for breakfast, Lily has a nasty fat scalded patch on her face. I went to Bracewell with them.
22-3-: I spent the days at Irwins and came home on Friday the 6th April had a rough trip in the rail motor from Mt Larcom.
7-4--: I dug a bit of ground for strawberries and did a bit to a door for the garage. Syd brought us a nice bit of wood.
8-4--: I read a book and went and had a yarn with Mc Carthy.
9-4--: Went to town with Syd got very tired walking about town. Got pension papers I took Mc Carthys and Wests custard apples.
10-4-: Put in shallot bulbs, dug a bit for Lily took West and Mc Carthys custard apples. Wrote to Connie.
11-4-: I cut grass.
12-4-: Cleared grass and cut a fair lot.
13-4-: I was up at 5.30 and took 8 bags to Wests and filled them with manure, Harry dropped them here for me. Herb and I went to the city.
14-4-: I emptied the manure, dug a bit and cleared round the bananas and the grape fruit tree. The sun still comes on very hot and the weather keeps very dry.
15-4-: I went to Wests and over to the railway line for coal. Picked limes, then I read.
16-4-: I hoed a bit and dug a little, fixed a fastener to the small gate.
17-4-: I put finishing touches to the gate fastener. Lily and I gathered the last custard apples and I dug some ground also picked grape fruit and limes. I wrote a page to Margaret.
18-4-: I went and saw Dick. Made a place for rhubarb etc. Today was again rather hot. Got a letter from Beryl telling us that they had their roof blown off in a nasty storm. Put out 20 cabbage plants.
19-4-: Dug and watered a bit of ground and hoed. This was a very hot day every thing is getting dried up.
20-4-: Sowed peas. Syd came and picked up 2 cartwheel tyres to get turned in to iron brackets for his mother in laws house, which is in a very bad state.
21-4-: Went out to Syds and caught a few feeds of perch up to half a pound. It is a very tiring job.
22-4-: I rode the bike to Newmans and had a bit of a yarn with Harry, Rennie and Tilly. Very warm weather for April. The road is rough and the weather is getting very dry. I see a bunch of bananas coming out on our plant. Tilly has a few bunches of sugar bananas coming on.
23-4-: I went to McCarthys and Wests. Picked limes etc. Poked about the garden a bit, very hot day and getting drier and drier.
24-4-: Sowed a bed of carrots. Hoed along the pines and gave them fertiliser. Cut grass and weeds.
25-4-: After a restless night I felt no good, but cut out a patch of weeds and grass. Being Anzac Day is rather quiet out here. Yesterday a man made a start at poisoning butts etc.
26-4-: Worked a bit among my beets and went across to Wests. Made a start at improving things near the back steps Herb has been laying pipes to the water basin and back of the kitchen.
27-4-: Fixed fastener of big gate, carried on with the job at the back steps.
28-4-: We went and recordered our votes and were back by 8.30.
29-4-: I rode the bike to town for the paper. Went and yarned to Charlie Mc Carthy.
30-4-: Did some hoeing etc. Rode the bike to Dicks and got beet plants and beet. Made hole for manure at the bananas.
1-5--: Hoed and put out shallots and beetroot, put netting for peas.
2-5--: Went to town and saw Ottermanns and went and saw Anears house, came out by train. It appears that the bus has ceased running.
3-5--: I got out shallot bulbs and spent time hunting up bolts. It is coming up cloudy and may be going to rain. Wrote a few lines to Connie.
4-5--: Fixed the blind, burned grass and watered plants.
5-5--: Cut rubbish among the custard apples and dug holes for roses.
6-5--: I went to Dicks for rhubarb plants and to Mc Carthys.
7-5--: Herb, Syd and I put in the day at Anears house. Got quite a good start.
8-5--: Put in another day at Anears house we have now fixed 9 blocks.
9-5--: Rested and reading. Went to Wests and also wrote to Elsie and Reg.
10-5-: I went in with Syd and put in another day at Anears house. We did 3 blocks, which brings the total to 12. I think we are getting on very well.
11-5-: Did a little watering and gathered up grass. Rather tired after yesterday. Irwin came with a 3 lb salmon cleaned weight.
12-5-: I fixed the bathroom window and did a bit about the place. Dick came and got 120 ft of 1 1/4 inch piping.
13-5-: I rode the bike to Dicks and got some sweet spuds, beet and a few carrots.
14-5-: Herb and I went with Syd and got on very well with the job. After we got home we had a fire on the roadside.
15-5-: We went in to Allenstown and worked at Anears house, there is only 7 more blocks to right.
16-5-: I grubbed guinea grass out and made a break along the path past the grapes. Got a le tter from Reg with a money order. I wrote straight away and walked up to the post office and posted the letter. Afternoon we prepared for a fire from our house to Hickmans boundary. It came off all right and I feel much relieved.
17-5-: We went in and got 5 blocks in, we have now done all but 2 and may not do them as they are in a very awkward position. We put in a bench for the waste trough and got it in position.
18-5-: I felt very tired today and took things easy. Sowed parsnip seed.
19-5-: I got nails out of timber for a boat. I feel very tired from the job in town and am taking things easy till Monday. Today is Saturday.
20-5-: I got a letter ready for Ottermann and Bailey. Sharrocks came out. Cecil gave me a cheque for £12/3/- which squares us. After tea I walked to Mary and Charlotte with grapefruit and attended to their sanitary needs.
21-5-: We went and put in another day at Snears. I was very tired when I got home.
22-5-: Had a day in the city. Got measured for a suit bought 2 shirts and a pair of shoes 49/11d. It makes a chap very tired tramping about the place.
23-5-: Went in to Allenstown, worked hard to get the front steps in position. Came home very tired.
24-5-: I felt so tired I had to rest. I just prepared a bed for lettuce. I had a ripe mango off the tree near the rock mound today and it was very tasty.
25-5-: I put a leg in my sawing stool and cut out lantana, made a row for potatoes. Dick Bunnage came and we had a good yarn.
26-5-: Dug rows and planted peas. Went to Wests and got lettuce plants and helped to get a pump out of the well. Sowed pea seed.
27-5-: I stayed at home felt very tired, too tired to even read Herb went to see Caseys old Ford T car
28-5-: Herb and I went with Syd and put in a good day. Came home fairly late.
29-5-: Knocked about the town, saw Healy and went to Johns place.
30-5-: Put in a handle in the digging fork Roy welded for me, dug another row for peas, cleared stones and rubbish from the pea rows.
31-5-: I was out at 6.30 digging for pea seed. Sowed 2 rows, dug with a fork.
1-6--: Finished the strip of digging, picked 3 lb of peas. I planted a rose and Lily planted a white cluster pure white rose Fairy Pet.
2-6--: Did watering, digging and threw stones down out of the way. Lily, Herb and I went up to Mary and Charlotts and I helped Dick to do the sanitary job, we were home by 10 past 6.
3-6--: Walked to Dicks and got sweet potatoes. A chap named Black came for limes. Went and had a yarn at Mc Carthys. It was rather muggy today, possibly soon get some rain.
4-6--: Went in to the job Brian and I put in a stiff time at the verandah. I had expected to finish today but failed to get the help expected from Syd and Herb owing to them having to do a lot to the W. C. So it will take another day to finish the affair.
5-6--: I was a tired man today and could not do much, just watered my young peas and also watered a place to dig a bed for onion seed I expect to get this week I then sharpened a hand saw.
6-6--: Prepared a bed for onion seed. Did a good bit of digging and threw stones down out of the way.
7-6--: Syd, Herb, Brian and I went and put in a jolly hard day at Mrs Anears house. There is still a lot to do but Syd can manage that. We brought our tools home and I am glad at the finish.
8-6--: Sowed onion seed, went to the city got 5 cases from Alec George for 12/- and a piece of rope from Swains cost 1/6. Picked 3 1/2 lb peas now had 14/6 worth off the patch.
9-6--: Sowed parsnip seed. Rest of the day I took it quietly and rested myself. Went over to Wests and got some tomatoes.
10-6-: Went to Wests Harry shot a black duck and a whistler. Eddingtons came and got the grape plant.
11-6-: Watered and knocked a case to pieces, some how I felt awfully tired today.
12-6-: I finished taking the cases to pieces, dug out grass roots. Started preparing a bed for the pansies. Started a hole for a fruit tree. Sharpened a handsaw for Syd. Mended a chair for Shirleys use next week.
13-6-: Little showers last night. Went to the city with Irwin and Herb. Came out by rail motor and was too tired to eat any tea. Some thing went wrong with our arrangements and things were upset. Good rain fell.
14-6-: Rain fell during the night. Chifley died last night. Gave peas blood and bone, sharpened another saw for Syd. Irwin and Herb went in and got the car registered and Irwin went home. I felt very tired from yesterdays stunt and didnt do much work.
15-6-: Shifted a date plum tree to near the cottage broke up soil and threw down stones. Picked 5/- worth of peas.
16-6-:\tab Ripped a piece of timber for a boat. Ken and family arrived in the afternoon.
17-6-: Just went down to Dicks and gave a bit of a hand.
18-6-: Ken gave me £10 and has now paid back £20, I just did watering.
19-6-: Went to the city with Ken, bought mouth organ £1 Auto valve. Got 4 rose trees Crimson Glory, Talisman, Golden Talisman and Gramant.
20-6-: Did watering and a bit of digging. Went to Wests for milk, was given tomatoes.
21-6-: Went to the show the first time for about 30 years. There was a large crowd and we saw interesting things. I spent tea and sandwiches 3/6 fish 3/- lollies 1/3 . We left for home before 4 oclock.
22-6-: I was left at home while the others went to the show. I tried to put the boat together but split the nose and will have to cut out another.
23-6-: I rode the bike to the show left for home at 3 oclock, I was tired all right.
24-6-: Had dinner at Dicks and then rode the bike to H, Mathews place in Burnett Street North Rockhampton. Ordered some croutons and came home.
25-6-: Felt awfully tired after the bike ride, did watering and fixed up an affair to strike cuttings.
26-6-: Sowed onion seed. Slight rain fell, very little. Dug out grass threw down stones. Sowed my last pea seed, worked at a bed for lettuce. I also opened out 5 holes for croutons. Ken and family with Mum and Herb went over to Aunt Tilly.
27-6-: Dug the last grass roots out from the peas.
28-6-: Ken and I went to Dicks and got vegetables and I gathered some of my stuff also sweet spuds. Ken had to get ready to go off on his return journey. I put in 2 cuttings from Kitty. Ken left at 1 oclock. At 5 o clock it seemed very quiet with Shirley gone. Put in slips from Kitty.
29-6-: Herb and I went to town and did some shopping. The weather was bleak.
30-6-: Reg sent £10; I walked to Gracemere, called at Marys and Charlottes and from there to the post office. Cashed. 20 points of rain and it was rather cool.
1-7--: 7th Day Adventists called, came and got 2/-. Today was like a summer day, however towards evening it became cooler. Yesterday was like rain but now signs have gone.
2-7--: Dug out grass, took fruit over to Wests for Cifuentes and Bunkers, prepared a hole for a rose.
3-7--: I fixed the hand gate, did a bit of watering and grubbed out grass roots. Frost this morning.
4-7--: Finished digging out grass roots. Raked down rubbish also went outside and burned lantana.
5-7--: Started taking the lavatory from the garden to pieces. After tea we had a fire below the shed.
6-7--: I have busted the end of a finger and so am not felling too good. Harris building burned down this morning.
7-7--: Just watered peas etc. I felt no good so rested the rest of the day.
8-7--: I stayed at home all the morning. Afternoon I rode the bike to town and pruned Hoares grape vine, went round and saw the shed at the back of the royal hotel to be sold next Saturday. Also had a look at Harris building, which has been burned out. Called at 16 Wiseman street but the timber was sold, as I came home I called at Dicks.
9-7--: Put in 6 grape cuttings. Rode the bike to town and bought a pyjama suit and ordered timber. Had a horrible wind coming home and was pleased to be picked up by Mrs Brown, she told me that Mavis was married last Saturday the 7th July.
10-7-: Raw day I felt pretty tired, poked about the plants, and sowed long beans.
11-7-: Spent the morning at Dicks helped Kitty to trim carrots. Got a good lot of vegetables and sweet spuds. I was quite knocked up by time I got back home.
12-7-: Put out some leeks, raked down stones. Got a letter from Ted, felt tired after yesterday, did a bit of resting.
13-7-: Watered and did sapping to a block for the verandah.
14-7-: Wests paid me 7/3 for 3 inch pipe and melon seeds. Sharrocks were out.
15-7-: Spent the day at home John Hickman was out.
16-7-: Did various jobs about the place. Put in corner verandah blocks. Light shower fell but although it is muggy it doesnt seem as if it can rain.
17-7-: Dug another hole, pruned a grape. Very light rain fell, got the other corner block in.
18-7-: Did some work about the place and Herb and I went in and I booked my passage to Brisbane. Got my suit and the pieces of timber from Adzmees.
19-7-: Dug out 3 holes for the verandah, weeded peas etc. Quite cool this morning but no frost. Got 2 bags of cement 11/3 per bag.
20-7-: Dug a row for seed threw stones down and did watering.
21-7-: Fertilised 2 rows of peas did my watering and burned grass below the shed but we never saw any frost.
22-7-: Big frost this morning I had ice down at Dicks where I where I spent most of the day helping to get stuff ready.
23-7-: Tried to fix the fence along the creek, did work about the garden.
24-7-: We went to Syds and got a cheque for £15 being for half what I did coming from the Adzmee job. Afternoon I toiled about the place. Syds were missed by the frost on Sunday morning.
25-7-: Herb and I went to Dicks and helped to get carrots and beet ready. We got some cauliflower, beet, carrots and sweet spuds to bring home. I planted some rhubarb plants.
26-7-: Rode the bike to town and did various bits of business, got home for dinner.
27-7-: Went to Brisbane.
25-8-: Yesterday I arrived home from Brisbane after a months holiday.
26-8-: Rested reading. Felt very warm after Brisbane.
27-8-: Put in a hinged shelf in the bathroom.
28-8-: Put out a few onions. Went to Wests feels very warm after Brisbane.
29-8-: Put in a ruby glass for developing and watered ground and onions.
30-8-: Dug ground for onions.
31-8-: Went to town with Herb. Got cheque for the chaff cutter etc from Williams.
1-9--: Rode the bike to town and over to Iris. Got a 4-inch brush from West for 4/-. Sold 100 onion plants for 3/-.
2-9--: Went and saw Dick Johnson. Ellen and family were here for most of the day.
3-9--: I put out 200 onion plants. We ripped the pieces for the tea wagon and sharpened the plane.
4-9--: Cut out and put together 2 trays for the tea wagon. Put out 200 onion plants. It was very hot; I got the letter ready for Ted. Got £1/1/- for 14 lbs of peas.
5-9--: Put the wagon together. Got a letter from Reg money order for £5 enclosed. Big fog this morning and very hot throughout the day.
6-9--: Walked up to the post office and cashed the money order, got a drink at Browns. Put the wheels on the wagon. Irwin came along.
7-9--: I dug a hole for a post for the creeper rose, put out 100 shallot bulbs did watering and pulled up shallots.
8-9--: Picked a few peas. Put in a post for my rose trellis. Felt tired so rested mostly throughout the day.
9-9--: I took peas down for Dicks dinner.
10-9-: Thinned out onions. Put in a post for our creeper and run wires.
11-9-: Weeded onions and planted some out gave Dunbars a few plants.
12-9-: Put out shallots and did bits of jobs about the place.
13-9-: Picked some peas and watered onions.
14-9-: Went to town and paid my rates and applied for a permit to build my verandah.
15-9-: Felt off colour and just picked peas for our dinner and tomorrows dinner.
16-9-: Irwin came home with fish and we took some to Dicks and back home for dinner. The weather is warming up.
17-9-: Picked peas and watered onions and got 200 onion plants out for planting out tomorrow. Trimmed shallot bulbs.
18-9-: I did watering. It was a muggy day and rain seems to be a possibility, I put out onion plants. Had the first parsnip in a stew, I must thin them out so as to get them bigger.
19-9-: Did watering and fixed piping for the bananas.
20-9-: Got water to the bananas. Watered things and put out shallots.
21-9-: Just did bits of things about the place.
22-9-: Bad night last night, so feel no good. Went up and did our bit of vote.
23-9-: Went down to Dicks for a while.
24-9-: A shower fell while we were at breakfast. I picked the last peas for a while.
25-9-: Herb, Irwin and I went to the city got back for dinner.
26-9-: I sowed zinnia seed and did hoeing and watering.
27-9-: Rennie came and got custard apple trees.
28-9-: Poked around the garden.
29-9-: Just watered plants.
30-9-: Read mainly.
1-10-: Sowed long bean seed.
2-10-: Very hot day just watering.
3-10-: Put out a banana sucker, went to town with Irwin when he took Herb to the train. I was knocked up by the time I got home.
4-10-: Irwin and family got away this morning. I watered grapes etc and put out onions and put galvanised iron on a door for the garage..
5-10-: Did various jobs about the place and made a start at the garage door.
6-10-: Sowed Aster seed, prepared for zinnia plants Ailsa brought up. Hoed along the grapes. Had a little rain last night looks like more.
7-10-: Rain fell and I had a day at home reading.
8-10-: Prepared shallots for planting. Put out about 100 onions. Got out stones and put the frame of the door together.
9-10-: Pulled out the old pea plants and hoed the land. Got out lantana outside the fence, did a bit to the garage door. George Seirups funeral today.
10-10: Poisoned lantana and did a bit more towards the garage door.
11-10: Got iron ready for the door. Gave onions fertiliser and water.
12-10: Put iron on the door before breakfast. It is now ready to be hung. Sowed shallots, shelled peas for seed, did watering.
13-10: Got out over 200 shallots, sawed firewood and did a bit towards making a shelter for the shed. Watered plants.
14-10: Went to Mc Carthys, Wests and Dicks, nice shower came over.
15-10: Prepared for and sowed 8 holes of squash. Got our first ripe passion fruit, very hot today.
16-10: Put out shallots and cut out legs for a coop. Got out custard apple trees for Dick. Put the frame for a shutter together.
17-10: Had awful hard trip to town and back by bike a head wind blew very strongly. I was fairly knocked up by the time I got home.
18-10: Went and asked Dick to call at Wests and picked up oil. Picked out case material.
19-10: Watered plants. Put the handle on the tea wagon.
20-10: Put the iron on the shelter, did the watering. Fixed up a hoe for Ailsa. A very tiring day and came up very windy.
21-10: I was down at Dicks morning and afternoon.
22-10: I went to town with Dick and we brought out my timber.
23-10: Dick brought up the timber and I put it in a stack and did a bit of cutting out, there appears to be good measure. It is a bit cooler today.
24-10: Sowed the bean seed Dick gave me, put in posts for a trellis. Mum went in by bus; I put in a verandah block.
25-10: Dug out a post for my last V block, dug out grass. Got the last block to the site required.
26-10: Sawed off tops of blocks and cut plates, before breakfast I put in the block.
27-10: Spent the day hoeing sweet spuds at Dicks. Very tired by knock off time.
28-10: Spent the day at home. Hoares came out for creek soil.
29-10: Did a bit to the verandah I was up at 5 and got an early start.
30-10: Did a bit before breakfast and after the meal I went down to Dicks and made tomato cases and home for dinner.
31-10: Got joists placed sufficient to put a few boards on. Afternoon went in by bus. I got a new spectacle frame, bought a pressure cooker from West £3 and a pair of sandals 7/-.
1-11-: I was at it before breakfast squaring up the joists. Irwin came and brought a few onions, they are very good ones too.
2-11-: Rode down to Dicks but had to walk back I seem to have a puncture.
3-11-: Finished cutting out the verandah posts. Took things easy for the rest of the day. The sun comes out strongly about 10 gets hotter from then on. Got a letter from Ken and Elsie.
4-11-: I stayed at home except for a trip across to Wests.
5-11-: I went down for milk. Sowed 5 little rows of maize, watered plants. Stan Wylie Irwins mate brought me a mullet. It was a very hot day in the middle of the day, however the nights are cooler.
6-11-: Gave Reg Buxton 10/- for the ambulance. Went down to Dicks on the bike for milk. Fixed a spray affair. Did a bit of watering and pumped.
7-11-: Put out shallots near the W. C. Mum went to town by bus. After tea I went down for milk.
8-11-: Put out more shallots and pumpkins. Very hot again and getting drier and drier. Made a place for Lily to put out the gauda beans above the cottage.
9-11-: Put out the last of the shallots. Pumped till 10.30 got grass out of the onions and also weeds.
10-11: Went to Dicks and made up cases. Knocked cases to pieces and came home for dinner. Afternoon I pumped another smoky sultry day.
11-11: Spent the day at home. It has become more smoky and miserable.
12-11: Pumped and watered. Gave the large custard apples a good watering. Afternoon I went down to Dicks and helped with the tomatoes. The sky is dense with smoke yet, which makes things unpleasant.
13-11: Very tired from yesterday, did watering and took things easy, picked mangoes. Afternoon it got very oppressive; the smoke is very bad indeed. Mum got a letter from Beryl.
14-11: Went to Dicks and sorted tomatoes till 10 oclock. Caught the bus to the city and did various bits of business, very hot miserable weather. Got sandals from Wests cost 7/-.
15-11: Started the pump at 6 and pumped till 8. It turned out to be an awful day and I just stayed at home feeling very tired, became very windy.
16-11: Rode the bike to Dicks and got milk and carrots, came back and watered crops. Too done up to work, just put in time the best I could. Drove Lowrys cows away 3 times they just return.
17-11: Dick brought our potatoes up also some timber Gordon Atwell got for me. Pumped. Crook timber amongst this lot.
18-11: Watered my plants. John came out and told he had got me some iron.
19-11: Watered, Put in a post and piping on top of the 3. Put up an affair at the back of the kitchen to hold tools etc. It will need a lot of fixing before it is finished.
20-11; Pumped and went to Wests for apiece of iron, dug out grass and dug along the maize.
21-11: Mum and Herb went to the city. I saw to things at home, they brought out iron from Johns.
22-11: It was very hot till 4 oclock, I took things easy. Did work towards the getting of the iron stays on the blocks and plates.
23-11: Finished putting the irons on the blocks and plates. Watered my plants.
24-11: Watered and pumped, finished cutting out the top plates and did what I could making ready to make a start at putting the frame up.
25-11: Did watering before breakfast. I went to Dicks and got carrots for Ken. Afternoon I went to Wests and had a yarn.
26-11: Put up the verandah post and worked at getting the top plate up. Took a case of mangoes to send to Ken. I took a couple of dozen mangoes to Mary and Charlotte. The weather is too hot for me to do much work.
27-11: Got the top plates on before 8. I was off colour so took things easy. This was the most unbearable day so far this season.
28-11: Irwin and Connie arrived for breakfast. Too hot for me to work. Hunted up iron to join for my roof.
29-11: Put together iron to make an 8 ft and Irwins daughter Lily is up to every form of mischief. A small car got out of control at the bridge, two men were very fortunate.
30-11: I built up another 8 ft iron. Herb and his mother took Connie to the city.
1-12-: Just did a bit of watering. The sun comes out too strongly these days and I feel off colour. Flies are awful.
2-12-: Hoares came out and got mangoes.
3-12-: I cleared spouting away so as to be able to mark out rafters.
4-12-: Cut out rafters. Fixed the case for Baileys. Syd took it in and sent it by fruit train.
5-12-: Got the last of the rafters up. Fixed up 2 sheets of iron for John in exchange for a long one.
6-12-: Herb and Lil went to town I stayed at home but it was too hot for me to work.
7-12-: Got spouting ready, I started to dig holes for posts for a chicken run. The heat was simply awful today right in to the night.
8-12-: Finished the holes and we put the spouting up; just before tea we put on 6 sheets of iron. Awful hot day this has been.
9-12-: Went to Dicks and got a bottle of milk, took a piece of melon and mangoes. Helped a bit with carrots, had a cup of tea and came home.
10-12: Cut out 2 studs and put up for the front casement. We got more iron on; it only needs about half a sheet in width now.
11-12: Put down flooring, the weather has me too sick to do much. Irwin and Connie brought an electric jug for Xmas.
12-12: Carried on with the flooring. Herb worked at Childs old car.
13-12: I am too done up for work at all. The heat has me done completely.
14-12: Crook inside did a little to the V job. Put a cover board along the side of the new verandah.
15-12: I feel quite off, but put in a sill and 3 studs where the casements are to go.
16-12: I just rested about the place. Wrote a letter to Joyce sent 1 of towards Xmas tree.
17-12: Ripped by hand 9 ft of 2-inch planks. Did a little digging for tomato beds, dug land for beds for tomato seed. Posted letter to Joyce Bailey.
18-12: Put in the sill and studs also put in the last floorboards. Put wires for my beans near the earth closet, got very hot by midday.
19-12: Finished fitting in the last floorboard. Put in a cover board at the front. Put in a weatherboard and did a little towards finishing the roof.
20-12: Got weatherboards up to the sill. We got another storm in the evening.
21-12: Sowed a few tomato seeds sowed a row of long beans. Prepared for Dicks tomato seed.
22-12: Sowed tomato seed. Went up the hill for mangoes, took nails out of boards, sharpened a saw.
23-12: Rested at home, flies are awful gives us no rest.
24-12: Put in 2 posts for the gauda beans. Sowed a bed of tomato seed. Put weatherboards on the front, did watering too.
25-12: Watered tomato beds and then spent a quiet Xmas day. Hickmans came out after tea, brought us some melon.
26-12: Watered my seedbed etc. Put in a sill for the casement at the front.
27-12: Did a bit to the verandah and watered my crops.
28-12: I got out the shallot bulbs also did a bit to the verandah job. Watered Dicks tomato plants and my pumpkins etc. Prepared 1700 shallot bulbs for planting, put out 15 rosellas plants.
29-12: Just did a bit of watering, filled up long beans and did a bit of hoeing. I prepared more shallot bulbs I now have 2200 ready to set out when a place is prepared.
30-12: Watered and read books, something is getting the tomato plants. Sharrocks and Hickmans were here.
31-12: Watered the garden, dug ground and did quite a lot to the verandah. The sun is making things hot again. Got a letter from Herb Ottermann and Ken.

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