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1950 Book

    This year my health was very poor indeed, quite a lot of the time I was unable to work and I felt so tired and weary. 17th February I had my last teeth extracted under gas by Dr Kearns. He certainly knows his job it was wonderful I felt nothing. The fee was £3/3/-. During the year I also bought myself earphones. In November I got new spectacles cost me £ 3/15/-. During the year we put up a fence between Hickman and us. We also renewed the fence between Turners and us. Turners is supplying netting and posts as required. 6th April I went for a holiday to Wondai to spend with Ken and Elsie. I didnt come home until 13th May. 9th June I made Herb a subscriber to the Municipal Library. This year I spent time at working on my house putting finishes to the job on the days I felt capable of the work. At one stage of the year for a short time I went and worked for Syd Johnson making cases and helping to pick tomatoes. Herb also worked there and Herb worked at fixing cars etc for several people for means of income. 27th June Frank was 24. 4th June Mum received an invitation to Peggies wedding. 14th July Irwin bought his new refrigerator. 27th July the creek came down for the 12th time for the year. August 22nd I lodged a letter of complaint regarding straying cattle on our road roadway causing a menace to the general public. These cattle was put on the road early in the morning and driven back at night. During the day cars was even having had to stop at times to prevent an accident. They also ate my hedge and was damaging my fence round the garden as well. They was using the road like free grazing, which it very unfair to everyone. 15th September a Meter was put in for the power point. 4th October Lily and Daisy went by t rain for a holiday to Wondai to be at Kens and Elsies. They returned home on the 6th November. 19th November John Hickman came out and told us he had bought a little Austin car. 5th December I was disgusted with the job I was making to my house to the finishing of it as I was in poor health and lacked assistance so therefore I couldnt do a good job. I sometimes do smith work but I donor do a very good job because I cannot see well enough for it. 23rd December Herb caught the train to go on his holiday. 31st December Flies were that bad they got up your nose and in your eyes.

1-1--: Pretty crook lately just lazed about. We are doing very little so far as rain goes although some places are having inches of the stuff. I kept in my jamas all day. Beryl and Co went to the gardens. Daisy and Bill Gibbons and children called and saw us
2-1--: All but Frank, Lily and I went to the Park. John invited Beryl but didnt expect to have all the kids as well. Herb went in the utility. The bedding wasn t up to requirements. Very hot I put in the day anyhow. Beryl and family went to the Park.
3-1--: Burned grass above the cottage. Rested.
4-1--: Just eating mangoes and cold stuff out of the frig. Had a fire round the reservoir.
5-1--: Having Xmas. Did a bit of cementing to the tank.
6-1--: Having holiday. Worked at tank.
7-1--: Very little doing. Finished the tank
8-1--: Slack day. Rust water in the tank treated a little.
9-1--: Did a little to tank. Emptied tank.
10-1-: Cecil took Herb and I to Yeppoon to see an allotment. Its position didnt appeal to me. We brought timber from a mill at Yeppoon.
11-1-: Rested.
12-1-: Started the batten job.
13-1-: Putting battens near the front steps.
14-1-: Nothing much on.
15-1-: Lazed about the house.
16-1-: Got stones down the hill to place at the back of the cottage. Herb has no interest in any thing. Spending his time fooling with the children.
17-1-: They took Frank in to the hospital to get his teeth out. Beryl and children are here bogging in to ice blocks, ice cream etc out of the frig.
18-1-: Did a bit to the stone pitching at the back of the cottage. Had a few small showers during the night. Bob Morgan and family came to see Beryl and Co. They came in an old spring cart.
19-1-: Got out shallot bulbs. I seem to be over heated in my body and can do very little work these days. Feel tired all the time.
20-1-: Planted shallots for planting. Went and saw Mary and Charlotte.
21-1-: Just put the finishing touches to the tank near the kitchen steps. Got a letter from Martha. Frank came home from the hospital.
22-1-: Herb took Beryl and family on a visit to see Ellen and Daisy. Mum, Frank and I stayed at home. Mc Carthys children brought me yesterdays paper.
23-1-: I rode the bike to Healys and down town. Went to the land office, Williams and West. I also went to Hickmans twice on my way home , I called in at Dicks. Got a lift home with Syd . Rather tired after my day out. Tom Healy made me a cup of tea.
24-1-: Did a very small job of hoeing. It is quite too hot for gardening yet.
25-1-: Another beastly hot day.
26-1-: I did a bit of a job to keep the cover down on the seat of the W. C. I donor seem to have any power to work.
27-1-: Beryl and brood went off this morning. I dug out shallot bulbs and put boards up above the fancy lights in what they call my sanction. Frank got some bulbs out too. Sold the bottles under the mango trees for 2/-.
28-1-: I took 2 bags of bottles away from the front and went over to the line for a bit of coal. Been very muggy all day. Seems as though rain could come any old time. It is rather quiet here without the Baileys.
29-1-: Rain fell slightly through the Saturday night, unsettled conditions now the order. Iris and kids were here for ice cream etc.
30-1-: I spent time fixing a rubbish container I went across to Wests and got 2 handles off a washtub.
31-1-: I fixed handles on the rubbish drum. Herb went and saw Reg at the train. Kennedys car was pushed down to be fixed.
1-2--: I prepared shallots for planting and put out a couple 100. Hoed more ground and raked down stones. Today was muggy, but cleared a lot towards evening. Herb has spent the day at Kennedys little car.
2-2--: Spent the day putting in shallot bulbs. Had to dig ground for them, a few drizzly showers fell and it feels very close.
3-2--: Put out more shallot bulbs. Watered those I put out on Wednesday. I feel so awfully tired I donor get much done, so far we have missed the rain.
3-2--: Put out more shallots and hunted up stones for the bush house.
4-3--: Planted more shallots and hunted up stones for the bush house.
5-2--: Stayed at home.
6-2--: Watered shallots and worked at the path through the summerhouse.
7-2--: I rode the bike to town. Made arrangements with Dr Kearns to have my teeth out on the Friday week the 17th. Some showers fell throughout the afternoon. Cecil took me to see a cottage he has built also to see Daisy Johnson.
8-2--: I did various bits of jobs about the home. Did work about the bush house too Frank and I hoed a bit too.
9-2--: Put a castor under the head of the gate. Creek came down this morning must have been good rain Stanwell way.
10-2-: I got the saw from Mc Carthys and sharpened it. Awful muggy day and I was too knocked out to work. However I did a bit about the house.
11-2-: Pumped and hoed also made a start to sawing up a post for firewood. Herb spent the day at Dick Johnsons.
12-2-: Rained lightly throughout the night Herb went to Dicks and put in the day, came home after 6.
13-2-: I put out 6 deliciousia and 4 croutons. Rain came and stopped further work. About 4 it came on to heavier rain.
14-2-: Rode the bike to town did bits of business went to Daisy Johnsons. Got my brace cost 5/- for the hernia for its fixing Paid the Park rates.
15-2-: Had another go at making the gate swing open easier. Did more towards finishing the pathway to the steps; sawed at the log I started to cut up last week.
16-2-: Rained again today. I finished sawing the blocks for firewood and split some up. Got Frank to help with the handbarrow to bring stones down to the garden path and finished placing the stones. W ent up the hill and made a start at striking a line for the dividing fence.
17-2-: I went to Dr Kearns and got the last 11 teeth I had extracted. I felt nothing at all. The gas is certainly wonderful and therefore knows his job. I didn't feel sick after the gas although they say it makes you sick. The doctor said it took 5 minutes for the extractions the fee was £3/ 3/-.
18-2--: One tooth hole bled all though the night. This morning I washed my mouth out with salt and water and it came pretty clean. I have missed 4 meals have just had beef tea.
19-2-: I walked up to Marys and Charlottes saw Mary Morrell and Marie had a good talk with Dick. Came back by Childs and asked him to help me fence part over the hill.
20-2-: I weeded a shallot bed and went up and finished putting stakes in between Hickmans and our place.
21-2-: Rode the bike to town, went and saw the man who had the lathe for sale, he had sold it last night for £35. I had a yarn to Bob Hoare and Adzmee also West. Had a look at a lathe at Toze rs. George picked me up and dropped me at the gate. Irwin and family came and ate custard apples and then buzzed off too.
22-2-: Picked custard apples, sharpened a hand saw and went to the top of the hill and sawed off an iron bark tree.
23-2-: I hoed a bit, dug a bit of ground and set out shallots, started to shift the fancy glass away from the custard apple trees.
24-2-: Yesterday Tom Healy came and brought some Cosmos or Indian shots.
25-2-: Herb and I went over to Frank Wests and Herb worked at the engine. I walked round to Daisys and picked up the hedge plants. We ran round to Sharrocks also and then on to home. A few showers fell through out the day.
26-2-: Showery day light rain falling off and on. Charley Mc Carthy brought us a paper and Colin West came with cream.
27-2-: I hoed along the front fence and dug places for hedge plants. Put out 100 shallots, gathered custard apples, put out cape gooseberries. Showers fell throughout the day and the creek came down again. This makes it 3 times this season.
28-2-: We went and Herb finished Frank Wests engine. I got banana suckers to Eddingtons and some custard apples. We went and had a look at Cecils cottage building had a cup of tea at Bridies, I went and saw Grace and Evaline. It was an awful day.
1-3--: I put out bananas too showery to be out we now have had quite good rain 4th time the creek has came down this season.
2-3--: I put out cape gooseberries and a nut tree, cleared the pines and sweet potatoes also cleared grass from pumpkins.
3-3--: Put out a few tomatoes and did a bit among the pumpkins. Took Wests a dozen custard apples and got some cream.
4-3--: Got grass out from the pumpkins.
5-3--: Showery all day too wet to go anywhere.
6-3--: Did a bit of weeding; it is still very warm although there is still a fair bit of wind.
7-3--: I feel rather sick and did very little. Showers fell during the day.
8-3--: Planted sweet potatoes.
9-3--: Did hoeing and dug ridges for sweet potatoes and planted more cuttings. To day was quite fine the rain seems to have cleared.
10-3-: Sowed brown beauty beans. It was a very wintry day seems like more rain.
11-3-: Awful wind all through the night. Lily and I got no sleep, this morning at 10 the water was up to the kerb on the bridge and it is still raining.
12-3-: Another rainy day, the water is well over the Yeppen. I took a Billy of custard apples to Wests and brought back 2 little jars of cream everything is getting wet.
13-3-: Opened up another rainy day. We are all tired of rain and wind be glad of a little sunshine. I walked up to Gracemere to see about bread. Took Mary and Charlotte custard apples.
14-3-: Righted up my banana etc. Henry came and bought the coke fork from me for 8/- I made a good profit.
15-3-: I pulled grass among the pumpkins, showers fell during the day. Cannot get on with much toil. More rain forecast for all over the state.
16-3-: Another showery day I took Mc Carthys paperback and 4 custard apples and got yesterdays paper.
17-3-: Sent letter to Elsie, started a letter to Ken. Started hoeing grass so I can make rows for sweet potatoes. Herb got a letter from Reg.
18-3-: Last night another sharp shower came along. Clouds have gathered up and it seems as if more rain might come in on the new moon. I put in 2 rows of sweet potatoes. I have-not much energy to spare these days.
19-3-: Clouds have worked up again it seems as if the new moon has come in wet again I suppose it will be plain by tomorrow what the weather is going to be.
20-3-: Rode the bike to town. Got the money from West went and saw Daisy and had dinner with her. Called at Hickmans and saw the kids. Got home for tea feeling pretty tired.
21-3-: Sowed 2 1/2 packets of onion seeds also did some hoeing near the gate. The sun shines out very strong.
22-3-: Hoed more grass out and fixed a fishing line, awful muggy weather.
23-3-: Terrible hot today. I finished the letter to Ken, forked rubbish off the land. A big clap of thunder went off.
24-3-: I pulled out a good lot of grass, sent to Rumseys for seed also sent a letter to Kenneth Claude. I caught some fish for tea, I caught over 20 but only about 6 were of any size at all.
25-3-: Spent a lazy day, Sharrocks came out and left Gwen to stay till tomorrow. A little cooler weather would be appreciated
26-3-: Gwen and I fooled about. Fred Thorsen came looking for a piece of timber. Cecil came for Gwen after she was asleep they had been to Yeppoon.
27-3-: I spent most of the morning fixing a port.
28-3-: Put in 100 shallots and got out 5 old rhubarb roots and planted again. Sowed 2 rows of peas and a few cabbage and beet seed. The men came to do the job at the motor. The weather is muggy again they say there is another cyclone about.
29-3-: Last night I had no sleep owing to my mouth being so sore. Very muggy weather is here yet.
30-3-: Put in carnation cuttings, cut out stumps, hoed out a lot of grass. Went and had a yarn to Harry West after tea, came home about 10. Fished all afternoon got no eatable fish.
31-3-: This morning looks like showers. I hoed grass above the cottage a heavy shower fell.
1-4--: Sowed seeds from Rumseys onion and carrot just a week yesterday since I sent for them.
2-4--: Bit of showery weather today, this was the finest day for weeks. John and Verdon were out John and Herb rode bikes over to Newmans I just rested at home. Custard apples are just about finished it has been a long season.
3-4--: I rode the bike to the city got my head trimmed. Took Healys some limes. Got £1 from Mrs Musker. Bought a ticket to Wondai. Rode the bike home again, a bit tired so rested till teatime.
4-4--: I hoed out grass and put finishing touches to the old port. Did a good bit of hoeing.
5-4--: I cleared land and dug a row for potatoes. Went to Mc Carthys and saw to things for tomorrow. Planted a row of potatoes above the cottage.
6-4--: Went to Wondai.
10-5-: Still at Wondai Les Turner and I walked out to a creek and caught a fair few perch. Mrs Turner cooked them and we had a good meal.
13-5-: I arrived back home after my holiday. The 5 hours at Thirbine watering for the train was horrible otherwise it was a good trip.
14-5-: I felt tired and took things easy.
15-5-: I made a pump to drain the water from the wash up sink. I had a job to get a little help from Frank. Now it only needs piping fixed and we can wash up in a proper manner.
16-5-: Put in a bed of strawberries and got manure from Wests. I have a cold I must have got it from Theebine.
17-5-: Put out 6 tomato plants, prepared a bed for strawberries, my cold is very distressing
18-5-: Felt too crook to work.
19-5-: I stayed in bed all day.
20-5-: Another day in bed.
21-5-: Still crook with the cold, seems to have a firm hold.
22-5-: Just got out shallot bulbs.
23-5-: Put out a few tomato plants afternoon I put in a quiet day.
24-5-: Rode the bike to town and went to about 8 places and came home about 3. I was very tired after the biking, as I had not been out all for about 6 weeks.
25-5-: Rained during the night and today it is still at it.
26-5-: I sowed carrot seed where shallots had been. The weather was finer but the ground was very wet. Mum got 7 celery plants for 6d.
27-5-: My cold has still got a good hold on my chest.
28-5-: My cold is still going strong Ellen and family came out for a little while. Grandma Sharrock was here.
29-5-: Opened up a fine day. I set out 100 onion plants.
30-5-: Sowed more carrot seed. Went up to Browns and got medicine. My complaint has a good hold of me all right.
31-5-: Went to the city by bus. Saw a young doctor and got various medicines. My complaint has a good holding of me all right.
1-6--: Went to Mc Carthys and got 2 papers Herb came and brought young Verdon Hickman with him.
2-6--: I didnt cough much last night but my disorder has a good hold of me.
3-6--: A fine day it turned out a very nice day indeed. Mum and Herb went out to Syds, Mum seemed to enjoy herself.
4-6--: I picked limes for Beryl; it was a bright warm day. I went over to Wests and got my planting fork.
5-6--: Sent a sundry case of stuff to Baileys.
6-6--: Went to the city, saw the bank manager. Owing to Dr Woosters funeraI failed to see my doctor, got shallot bulbs ordered.
7-6--: Trimmed the bulbs ready for weighing, I got them done by 11. Some rain feel today heavier rain during the afternoon. Herb went to his job at Atwells.
8-6--: Opened up a nice shiny morning, yesterdays rain freshened up things up very nicely. I went to Wests and got a barrow of manure and put in the place for rhubarb. Received the book about earphones.
9-6--: Herb took me in with shallot bulbs for Manahans. I saw my doctor and got medicine repeated, bought meat etc and we got home for dinner. I made Herb a subscriber to the Municipal Library today was a very bleak affair.
10-6-: I went with Herb as far as Dicks and got rhubarb plants and cabbage sprouts. It was a very raw day and was no good for my complaint. Ray Briggs called and paid the money he owed, he left 8/- over for interest I suppose.
11-6-: I went to Mc Carthys, Wests, Dicks, Lonnies and Newmans. Got splashed by a big truck and my feet in a wet splash, the sun out fairly well today..
12-6-: Sent for papers and also sent for earphones. Frank and I got a bit of manure over the flat and got a place dug for the 8 rhubarb plants left over from the others.
13-6-: I went to the library and changed the papers and planted a few pea seed.
14-6-: Rode the bike to Dicks and got some beet plants. It was a sort of a raw day again, seems as though it might rain again.
15-6-: Last night heavy showers fell and today it has been rainy most of the time. Afternoon we got another lot of rain; the creek has swollen rather full.
16-6-: I didnt feel up to going to the Dr so got Lily to do the bits of business today. What ever I have got has a good hold of my chest. I fixed the pruners so they are ready to go for a while. The Dr sent me 4/3 worth of tablets; he told Mum that I should stay in the house.
17-6-: Just read books all day.
18-6-: Ailsa brought me some cabbage. Herb went off again.
19-6-: Took things quietly as the Dr ordered, knocked up a bit of wood. I am certainly on the crook side and will not be able to do much for a while anyhow.
20-6-: Real nice weather for the carnival, not cold and nice and fine. Letter from Beryl also the hearing aids arrived. I think they will be all right when put in properly.
21-6-: Rain has came on again. I am glad we are not concerned with carnival doings. It had us in doors all day.
22-6-: Opened up a real wet looking day overcast completely obscuring the mountains. Later it cleared up and was a fine day, but was rather warm. The grocer never came expect he will come in the morning, sowed peas.
23-6-: Irwin and Connie came for tea and bed. They, Lily and Herb went off about 9 oclock to the city.
24-6-: Just rested and read anything I could get hold of, Herb went off again.
25-6-: Read again wrote to the earphone boy asking for exchange of earphones.
26-6-: I sent the earphones back to be changed for larger ones. The weather has fined up properly I sold a scythe to Mr West for 15/- I was quite satisfied and he seemed to be the same.
27-6-: Very fine weather now, weeded my carrot bed. Did a bit to the nose for the boat I propose building. Frank 24 today.
28-6-: A week to day Mac paid for tobacco. I started Frank digging holes for custard apples trees. Almost finished the nose for the boat an attack of lumbago came on again today. Very fine weather again now.
29-6-: Still digging holes for trees of the custard apple species. I am feeling too tired to toil although I am quite a lot better as far as my cold almost is considered. The weather has fined up.
30-6-: I hoed along a pea row did a bit of pruning to custard apple trees.
1-7--: Weeded onions etc.
2-7--: I rode the bike over to Newmans and had to walk back to Dicks and get the bike fixed before I could go home.
3-7--: Lumbago had me.
4-7--: Mum got the letter and the invitation to Peggies wedding. I did a bit of stone placing along the track and trimming of shallot bulbs.
5-7--: My back was pretty crook; I gathered the shallot bulbs and dug potatoes.
6-7--: I tried doing a little but my back feels too crook for work. Frank and Mum have both caught colds.
7-7--: Took some of the old boat to pieces. My lumbago was not so bad to day.
8-7--: Just put in the day knocking up a little wood. Yesterday started taking Sheldons tablets for the kidneys etc I am certainly rather low in energy.
9-7--: Rain fell throughout the night and all through today. Things are getting very wet, very unusual weather.
10-7-: Rain during the night and the creek, rose to the bridge, this is the 10th time it has risen this season.
11-7-: Weather has fined up. Connie and Irwin has arrived for tea. 2 Cows from Turners came in to our place.
12-7-: Seems to be rainified again. I went to town with Irwin and got my hair cut. Had a lb of bananas and got 1/4 lb of chocolate.
13-7-: Worked at an axe handle and sowed onion seed. Largest earphones came.
14-7-: Sowed melon seed. Wrote to Reg, Irwin brought out his frig.
15-7-: Rain came on again. It is quite cool too. Letter from Elsie.
16-7-: Rainy day.
17-7-: Was home all day.
18-7-: Herb, Irwin and I went down to Bracewell with the refrigerator and then on the fishing ground all night and Irwin and his mate Fisher, they caught 3 fish and 8 sharks.
19-7-: We came home with our fish I had a nice time taking all in to account. Irwin had a sick turn.
20-7-: Shower after shower fell throughout the day.
21-7-: I transplanted a custard apple.
22-7-: I rode the bike to Mary and Charlottes with grapefruit and a fish. I did just manage to ride up the hill and was puffed.
23-7-: I read and went across to Mc Carthys for a yarn. To day was a fine day.
24-7-: I cleared along the young onions and picked peas for dinner. The sun came out warm.
25-7-: Yet another rainy day. Connie went to Dr Kearns to get 2 wisdom teeth out.
26-7-: More rain all but Frank and I have gone to the city. I wrote an order for fruit trees to Langbeckers.
27-7-: Creek down again 12th time, heavier to day, things getting awfully wet.
28-7-: Creek rose right to the bridge. It rained rather heavy this morning.
29-7-: I put out custard apple trees and sowed a bit of pea seed. I found the weather has cleared up a bit.
30-7-: Cecil Sharrock was out and I asked him to get me some paint.
31-7-: We started to fix the fence between Turners and us. Turners are supplying netting and posts as required.
1-8--: Got the netting in position for nearly the length of the fence.. After tea I developed the film the film came out as good as I expected.
2-8--: Sowed long beans and marrows.
3-8--: I walked up to Gracemere and got my fruit trees. Took limes to Mary and Charlotte.
4-8--: Planted the trees.
5-8--: I went with Herb to Syds, the 2 boys and I walked right over to Battingers old place and back Pretty tired when I got back home.
6-8--: I rode the bike over to Dicks, got my feet nice and wet.
7-8--: I fixed Syds saw and did hoeing and dusted plants with sulphur. Sowed gauda beans.
8-8--: Did hoeing and digging.
9-8--: Hoed, dug and planted seeds I put in the acorn seed.
10-8-: I hoed along the front fence. Planted out 3 shallots and finished a letter to Beryl. Hoed the onion patch above the W. C.
11-8-: I worked at a job in the verandah room and the onion beds.
12-8-: Worked about the gardens, went in with Cecil and pruned Hoares grape vine. Afternoon we went out to Sdys and looked over the timber.
13-8-: I went to Mc Carthys with the newspapers and over to Wests for spuds.
14-8-: Put up scaffolding to enable me to put up spouting, got the spouting mostly joined together.
15-8-: We worked at the spouting and various other jobs. Managed to get the spouting up.
16-8-: Hoed peas and put 1950 up a bench to paint on gathered colouring stuff for paint.
17-8-: Dug a hole for a choko and hoed near the Java mango tree. Clouds have gathered, maybe rain coming. I gave a pea patch sulphate of ammonia.
18-8-: Planted 12 papaws watered plants dug a bed and planted shallots and put in some squash seed
19-8-: Some good showers fell, I am not in good shape for much work, but did a few jobs. I failed to get many worms.
20-8-: Was a muggy day very close and seems as though more rain could come along.
21-8-: Put out shallots and papaws also sowed sunflower seed. I wished to do a bit of fishing but cannot get on to many worms. Got a letter from Connie and Ted.
22-8-: Hoed at the front. Gave Arthur my letter to the Clerk of the Fitzroy Shire Council about the cattle. The letter reads as follows. Dear Sir, I think it is high time some thing was done about the stock that hangs about the approaches to Mawdsley Bridge. There are nine head of cattle poking about the road daily. These cannot be classed as straying cattle because they are being put over the bridge in the morning and taken back in the evening. Thus Fitzroy Shire Territory is used as a free grazing area. It is har d to understand how these people get away with this stunt, when one remembers how owners in the more remote Park of this shire had their stock impounded, These cattle hold up traffic and are a real menace to the traveling people. Personally I suffer by ha ving my fence damaged and my hedge eaten down. Trusting your council will take action in this matter. Yours faithfully H. E. Johnson.
23-8-: Dug ground and planted out onions. Put a handle in a shovel and wrote to Irwin and Connie.
24-8-: I did hoeing and also some watering.
25-8-: I hoed a while and went to the top of the hill and put in a post, came and mixed paint.
26-8-: I went up the hill and dug 4 holes and started to saw a post but the saw was in bad condition and I had to quit.
27-8-: Went and saw Dick and Newmans. Read the rest of the day.
28-8-: Did watering and went up the hill to do the fencing job. Very tired by 5 oclock.
29-8-: I dug postholes. Took plants to Lonnies for Tilly Newman.
30-8-: I felt very tired to day, I rested mostly just did watering and fertilising onions etc. Also hunted up brushes and stirred paint.
31-8-: Sowed carrots near the date tree, did a good lot of watering
1-9--: Painted and cleared grass away from bananas and gave them chook manure. Got a letter from Beryl.
2-9--: Watered things and put out 12 cabbages.
3-9--: I went down to Dicks and then came back and read a book.
4-9--: I fixed the back steps and put in a post for a shelter over the kitchen door and casements. Herb did painting so as we could take away the planks.
5-9--: We worked at the shades; Martha and Edna came and saw us for a couple of hours.
6-9--: I carried on with the shade. Herb was at Reg Buxtons utility.
7-9--: Dug out sweet potatoes, put in 100 to get rooted for Dick.
8-9--: I put in the facia back and Frank and I dug along the acorn plants I also watered shallots etc.
9-9--: I painted at the side of the cottage. After tea I printed photos.
10-9-: I rode the bike down to Dick and Lonnies places.
11-9-: I put out a few tomatoes and went to Dicks and got vegetables to send to Ken. Came home and made up the case. Afternoon I put out onion plants.
12-9-: Did a bit of painting and weeded a carrot bed. Sowed a few melon seeds.
13-9-: I worked in the garden and did some painting, planted 30 cabbage plants.
14-9-: Spent the day in town and went to 14 places.
15-9-: Planted onions etc. A chap came and put in a meter for the power point.
16-9-: Planted more onions and went to Wests. Mr and Mrs Eddington came and got onion plants and a few shallots and a few onions to eat. Raked up lead for Hoare the tin Smithy.
17-9-: Felt a bit dopey. Hoare came and got 41 lb of lead 6d per lb. I got him 2 custard apple trees and onion plants and a few cabbage plants.
18-9-: Did watering. Sifted fowl manure, dug ground, hoed onions. Walked up to Gracemere, took peas to Mary and Charlotte. Went to the post office and sent postal notes to Langbeckers. Came home and planted 200 onion plants.
19-9-: Got out 2 custard trees for Syds boys. Got fowl manure sifted and put some at tomato and cabbage plants, watered carrots etc. It came very like rain and is quite warm and muggy.
20-9-: Sowed egg fruit seed. Mum, Frank and I got the sheet of Masonite up after an awful time.
21-9-: I felt awfully tired after yesterdays effort. Hoed peas also sowed a row of long beans. I also painted above the front steps.
22-9-: I watered plants, painted and got the windows back in position. Did a bit to the rockery.
23-9-: I did watering and also put cover strips above the front steps.
24-9-: Rode bike down to Dicks, had a look at his crops. Came home and read books and wrote to Ken and Elsie. Herb was down at Dicks.
25-9-: I worked at the cottage bit, did watering, placed stones for the rockery, Herb worked a Buxtons truck.
26-9-: Did watering and digging. Fixed up peas to go to Dicks. Took a letter to Wests to be posted to go to Ken.
27-9-: Did a lot of watering and did a lot of fixing to lengthen the ladder as to be able to paint high up.
28-9-: Irwin and Connie came yesterday evening.
29-9-: I put out 100 onions, got ladder in position for painting front of cottage.
30-9-: Did a bit of painting.
1-10-: Read and rested. Wrote to Beryl and Margaret and Reg.
2-10-: Did watering and walked up to the post office and sent a wire to Ken about Lily and Daisy going down on Wednesday.
3-10-: Watered hedge and worked a little about the garden. Picked peas for dinner.
4-10-: Worked in the garden. Herb took his mother to the railway station.
5-10-: Lighted the fire, fed fowls, hosed garden, did painting. Placed a seat near the steps, gave cabbage plants some blood and bone.
6-10-: Did a little painting and gave attention to the garden.
7-10-: Frank and I took soil down to the rockery. I shifted an Arum lily. Painted a bit at the front of the cottage.
8-10-: Rain came on thunder roared, got water in the small tank.
9-10-: Letter from Lily, I got the stuff ready for dinner and did a bit outside.
10-10: Creek came down this morning. Must have been more rain higher up than what we got.
11-10: Sun came out brightly. I did painting and started cleaning along the grapes. I went to town by bus and sent a money order to Ken. Walked over the old bridge and along the Alexandra and round to Wests, had a bit of a yarn to Frank and then went to the starting place of the bus. Came home very tired, fed the fowls and got 5 eggs, then read Smiths Weekly.
12-10: Finished painting the weatherboards near the 800-gallon tank. Frank and I put more soil at the rockery site. I got up on the roof and painted the gable, I felt colicky in the tummy at times today.
13-10: Picked strawberries, fed fowls, got stuff ready for dinner. Started on cementing the floor of the hand wash place.
14-10: Felt done up and not fit for much action, I just fed the fowls and did a bit of cementing. I had very little dinner and in fact quite off colour.
15-10: Just read books all day. No one came and saw us except Reg Buxton.
16-10: I did cementing and prepared vegetables for dinner and soup for tomorrow. Ground up more cement. Herb and Reg Buxton were at work on Reggies utility, Muggy day very like rain.
17-10: Weeded onions, picked potatoes, fixed mincing machine. Made mince, did cementing. Syd left us some beans and I fixed some for tea.
18-10: Minced up steak, bacon, carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, and pumpkin. Rained a little during the night.
19-10: Very wet day when the day opened up but it cleared by 12. I went down to Dicks and Lonnies and round the back road to the post office got Franks cheque and a letter from Mum.
20-10: Sent a letter to Lily. Picked berries fixed stuff for dinner. Preparing food takes a lot of time.
21-10: Put out 11 eggfruit. Preparing dinner took up the rest of the morning. Afternoon prepared more tucker, it takes the time up.
22-10: Rode the bike to see Harry and Tilly Newman very bad road over that way I also called in at Dicks.
23-10: Sent for seeds. Built up a stew and cooked up pumpkin and sweet spuds for Herb. Looked after the fowls and sharpened the cross cut saw.
24-10: Rode the bike to Lonnies with the books for Harry, called in at Dicks to get him to bring out a bike tyre. Carried on here.
25-10: Rode the bike up to get my haircut. Put a net over the fowl for the choko to run over. Placed a few stones for rockery, sick feeling today.
26-10: Started to put up the bench near the back steps. Did watering expected letter but got none.
28-10: Did a bit of digging in the garden also watering. Prepared vegetables for Iris.
29-10: Saw to the fowls, went over to Wests and then down to Dicks. Sent the gun and limes by West to Iris.
30-10: 5.30 Got up and made mince for breakfast
31-10: I fitted the wash basin in to the position required also put up iron on the back near the stove recess and did hoeing. It was quite hot today.
1-11-: Got fire going and fed fowls also vegetables ready for soup, put up a piece of iron over the sink then had a spell. All here felt the heat today.
2-11-: Worked about till about 9 and then mixed poison for rats. Afternoon I rode the bike out to Syds, had a good yarn and rode home against the wind all the way.
3-11-: Did a little painting above the sink. Sowed squash seed.
4-11-: Saw to fowls, made a board for Mc. Did a little watering, felt jolly hot.
5-11-: Rode the bike to Lonnies and then Dicks, back home and then walked to Mc Carthys and back to dinner. Afternoon I went down to the creek for wood.
6-11-: Lighted the fire went for wood fed fowls got soup on and watered plants. Mum got home at 5 oclock
7-11-: I watered papaws. Sorted out negatives looking for 1918 flood snaps. Herb and I spent the day putting up the drilling machine.
8-11-: Herb and I went out to Syds and spent the day making up tomato cases. We were both very tired when we got home. Picked up firewood.
9-11-: Herb and I spent another day out at Syds.
10-11: Herb and I went to the city got £2/15/- from L. George for the bread cutter. Got tested for specs. Felt knocked up by time we got home.
11-11: Plenty of thunder last night and some rain. Got cow kicked at Wests and now my knee is very stiff and sore. It is very warm and not much rain fell. Sharrocks came out.
12-11: Got a nice bit of rain, read books.
13-11: Herb and I put the day in at Syds.
14-11: I did repairs at the reservoir piping and put in a post for a choko.
15-11: Herb and I put in the day with Syd and Co.
16-11: Finished cementing at the reservoir, put out papaws and also rosellas.
17-11: Went to the city, glasses £3/15/- Shoes 17/11. Knocking around town made me tired. Brought home the bath. Sold Mrs Musker 3/- worth of onions.
18-11: Made hinges for Dick. Eddington came out and got 3/- onions and 2/- papaw plants.
19-11: Took hinges to Dick. John came out and told he has bought a little Austin car.
20-11: Dusted vines with sulphur. Spent the day among the tomatoes with Syd.
21-11: Put the bath in position and saw to paint etc.
22-11: We spent the day at Syds mostly picking tomatoes. I was very tired when I got home.
23-11: Herb and Frank went out to Syds. I stayed at home.
24-11: Herb and I went to town. I sent a cheque for £50 to Ken. Rain came on during the evening.
25-11: Raining 230 points. Rested all day.
26-11-: Walked up to Gracemere and got a jar of marmite for Mum. John and Herb working at the baby car.
27-11: We went to Bridies and got 9 ply S. K. Then out to Syds amongst the tomatoes. We were paid off so now we are free to go about our own business.
28-11: I took things easy, as I felt too tired after yesterday. Acutt called and saw about the pipe.
29-11: I rode the bike to town and did various bits of business. Went to Conaghans and got impressions for teeth.
30-11: Hunted up pipe. Put up a piece of S. K. not too good
1-12-: Had a sick turn and couldnt go on with the job.
2-12-: Eddingtons came out and got onions. I felt crook still so my work was hung up.
3-12-: Just lazed about.
4-12-: Worked at the bedroom ceiling. I am not feeling up to much work.
5-12-: Too rainy for me to go to the city. Did a little to the ceiling of the bedroom. I am disgusted with the job as I can get no help I cannot do a good job
6-12-: I went to the dentist again. Had a stiff ride, as there was too much wind. Got a lift in by a chap in a small utility.
7-12-: Carried on with the bedroom job.
8-12-: Finished putting up cover strips. Sorted potatoes and removed sprouts. Started painting walls. Printed photos for Edna.
9-12-: I did a little to the bedroom job. Sleepless night made me feel quite off today.
10-12: Wrote 3 letters, picked onions and read a book.
11-12: Finished up cover strips and did painting to the walls of the room.
12-12: Rode the bike to town and called at Conaghans to have a bit done towards my set of teeth.
13-12: Put in a stiff time painting the back bedroom, it was tiring work.
14-12: Finished painting the room and made a start on the finishing of the cupboard. Cut out frame of the door.
15-12: Irwin and family came last night and Herb and I went to the city with them today. I got my teeth and they seem to fell pretty snug, made the roof of my mouth bleed.
16-12: I reduced dowel rod to the size needed for the sliding door. Went and got coal.
17-12: I went over and got coal also rode the bike to Lonnies and Dicks. Daisy, Grace and Bill were out. It was a lot cooler today than it has been.
18-12: Herb and I went to town. I saw Conaghan about my teeth the price was £ 22. I walked up to Buxtons and got some pines for us and some for Ken.
19-12: We had a go at making hinges, it was an awful hot job. Sent a small case to Ken.
20-12: Showery for a time, had another go at Dicks hinges. I get on rather bad at smith work, cannot see too good.
21-12: Worked at Dicks hinges and bored dowel holes for the sliding door also did a little watering.
22-12: I worked at the door all morning and got on very badly. I feel quite done up some how.
23-12: John came out and took Herb in to catch the train.
23-12: Went to Dicks and did a bit in the shed, sharpened 3 mattocks.
24-12: Rested reading.
25-12: I walked down to the scrub looking for hoe handles. Got a large splinter in my leg, which has made my leg very sore.
26-12: I had the forge going putting finishing touches to Dicks hinges. Our little family have got colds and are not in very good trim. I went to Eddingtons.
27-12: Worked down at the shed, finished Dicks hinges.
28-12: Worked at the latch of a sliding door. Syd called and left us tomatoes. He also posted my letter to the dentist and changed our library books.
29-12: I set off on the bike to get our week end meat, got back at 10 past 8. I put screws in the sliding door frame.
30-12: I finished fixing the frame of the door and went up on the roof of the shed, put fibro screws in the holes where springheads had been.
31-12: Just put in a day of reading. Flies are bad they get in your nose and eyes. All plant life is getting up. We had no one to see us today.

This material has been transcribed by Connie Johnson, of Bundaberg; who has provided the transcription on the condition that any further copying and distribution of the transcription is allowed only for noncommercial purposes, and includes this statement in its entirety.

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