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1949 front cover

     The 3rd January Herb went away on a trip for a couple of weeks 8th January Wests swamp was quite full it is many a day since it was so. 3rd March a cyclone came and blew our house about. Took most of the front verandah and a panel of the side and blew down Cecil Johnsons hay shed. 23rd March Brother Charley died. In A p ril I had to put net and netting over my potatoes as animals were attacking them and wallabies were digging them out. In May I started building a bush house near my cottage. 25th May the first Hohner mouth organ since the war has just become available Reg bought one cost him £ 3/5/-. 28th May Reg and John took Herb to hospital and on the 16th June Mum went and saw the doctor about him and she brought him home. He seemed to be very sorry for himself. 23rd June Jim Hickman signed up for the buying of my old home property and Mrs Hickman moved in I think 5th December. In June frost was severe and wiped out tomato crops etc. In July I hurt my back and it gave me trouble for some time. My health throughout the year was very poor and I was getting worse as time went by. I struggled in building our retirement cottage we moved in to it and had our first meal in it on 24th September at teatime. The cottage cost me £82/16/6 to build I got insurance on it for £ 400. 21st September a credit slip came from the bank for £ 890/17/- after the sale of my old home. In August papers were signed for Frank to receive the pension. In August tomatoes were cheap even after the severe frosts earlier the best bringing only 1/- per lb. 4th October I bought a new Frig it cost me £112/ 10/-, which I thought was a lot of money it, was an Electrice brand. For the electrician to install wiring for the cottage when it was built cost me £22.

1-1--: Put the rest of the iron on the shade. Too hot to work more so rested ourselves.
2-1--: Another hot day. Mum and Herb went and got the bag of potatoes from Henry Newman and had a nice pumpkin given to them.
3-1--: Herb went on his trip; I worked a bit on the cottage.
4-1--: I did a bit at the back of the cottage. I had to go for the bread.
5-1--: Did very little anywhere. Big sounding storm came over after tea, but we got only a few drops of rain.
6-1--: Had a job getting horses out of the place. Hung a glass door.
7-1--: Sowed tomato and cabbage seed. Mum went to town by bus. Watered rosellas.
8-1--: Got good rain I planted out rosellas Wests swamp is quite full it is many a day since it was so.
9-1--: Still very muggy surely it must rain again. Sowed cucumber and other seeds. Sharrocks came out for a while.
10-1-: Yesterday very heavy rain fell in the afternoon. Cecil drove me up for the bread.
11-1-: Put up 2 facias. Got a bed of carrots in, pulled grass out of the long beans. Cut 2 strips of roofing iron for the roof of the bathroom.
12-1-: I put a couple of stringers on the bathroom roof. Did clearing in front of the cottage and cleared a space for the W. C.
13-1-: Did not feel very fit so did not do any work round the hill. Did some clearing up under the house. Reg Buxton came for guinea grass.
14-1-: I put in the W. C. blocks and cut out the plates. Afternoon I got most of the boards laid.
15-1-: I went and put on the rest of the floor before breakfast. Today I got a lot of dates down from the palm and in to the house.
16-1-: Spent a nice quiet day. A good rain fell about 9.
17-1-: I made the 4 brackets for the shade. Went up for the bread, very muggy again like more rain.
18-1-: I put up the long shade. Although the day opened quite cool it got jolly hot later. My right knee is rather crook today, makes work awkward.
19-1-: Wrote to Ken and Herb Ottermann. Worked a bit at the cottage, did hoeing and prepared shallots for planting. Prepared a bed and a Lily put the bulbs in.
20-1-: Did a bit of finishing to the shade, dug a little and used all the dry sand and lime I had, it did only a bit of a strip in the tank.
21-1: Sold 6/- pines and mangoes to a man from Springsure. I feel so hot that I stayed at the house all day. Gwen came with Lily.
22-1-: Sifted sand for cementing the tank.
23-1-: Spent a quiet day reading. Ellen came and got Gwen. Took a case of pines and mangoes to send to Ken.
24-1-: Pumped, put hinges on the door, sifted sand, mixed cement, went for bread, and did some cementing to the tank. Wasted time with Phlan.
25-1-: Cementing the tank. I didn't get on with the job very well now days. Got round the tank except for the strip under the ladder.
26-1-: Yesterday I run some thing in to my foot and now it is too sore to walk on. I went round and did the last bit of cementing the tank, it has now been round.
27-1-: I went and did a strip in the tank. Pumped and came and had my foot attended to.
28-1-: Herb came yesterday. Took Mum to town this morning.
29-1-: I finished plastering the tank. It is now ready for the final touch up. My foot is getting pretty crook. Wrote a letter to Ken.
30-1-: Just lazed about all day. My foot is jolly sore yet.
31-1-: Worked at the tank. Sold to Mr. Tait 50 suckers 5/-.
1-2--: I did some hoeing, made wheels for Shirleys cart.
2-2--: Got the suckers ready for Tait.
3-2--: Cut the tank and picked mangoes. Had another attempt at fixing my hernia belt but again failed.
4-2--: Worked at the tank it was so hot I couldnt work. Big thunderclaps gave us a very unsettled night.
5-2--: Cut the bottom out of the tank another sweltering day too hot for me, none of us can work these days.
6-2--: Herb and I went over to Henry and got pumpkins it was very hot today with awful humidity.
7-2--: Made a case and fixed it up for Ken. Picked pines and got posts out and cut blocks for a tank stand. Sent Kens case.
8-2--: Started to put tank blocks in. Got a little rain more showers during the night. 4 days for the case to reach Ken.
9-2--: Crook day with my rupture did a bit more to the tank stand.
10-2-: I cut the 4th block for the tank stand and got it in. I am not up to much work these days. It was much cooler today than the last few were.
11-2-: I did a bit to the tank stand. It was far too hot for me to work outside; I cannot get the belt to hold my rupture.
12-2-: Another hot day did a bit to the stand. Sold Briggs pair of French lights £1 and timber £1/18/ -.
13-2-: Just read books. Big thunder came on after tea, rain feel through the night.
14-2-: I did a bit round the hill.
15-2-: Picked over potatoes, it was too wet to go out to work, put in 60 tomato plants.
16-2-: Creek came down last night; rain has cleared out to sea.
17-2-: Warm day I sweat awful planted potatoes. Pocock came for pineapples, too hot for me today.
18-2-: I spent the day at the house. I am feeling this awful heat very much.
19-2-: Spent the day at the house. I am prostrated with the heat; in fact we are all in the same way.
20-2-: I was so done up by the heat I just lied about and read.
21-2-: Frank and I picked the rest of the pineapples. Salts 12 weeks.
22-2-: Another hot day. I did a bit to the barrow wheel and had another go at stopping the leak in the tank.
23-2-: I dug out 2 mango trees and made pots and Lily planted them. Put a handle in a vine hoe, creek came down again.
24-2-: I put out a few cabbage plants, had a shower or 2.
25-2-: Started to put in a row of sweet potatoes our place is in a terrible mess with grass and weeds
26-2-: I finished the row of sweet potato planting and came in for lunch. Cecil brought the saw out. I pulled grass out for another row of sweet potatoes.
27-2-: Went and had a good yarn with Charley and Mrs McCarthy. A few showers of rain fell.
28-2-: Opened up showery. Pulled out some grass and got rosellas for Mrs Mc Carthy.
1-3--: I first put out a row of sweet potato cuttings. Spent the rest of the day pulling out grass etc. We are having a bit of a wind from the cyclone.
2-3--: Was a very rough day, blew a lot of the roof off Charleys house we had an awful cyclon e. Knocked our house about. Took a big portion of the iron off our front verandah and deposited it near the big lime tree. Blew down our palm tree. Up rooted trees up the hill and smashed others in two. I had never seen so fierce a blow last so long .
3-3--: Cyclone came and blew our house about. Took most of our front verandah and a panel of the side and blew down Cecil Johnsons hay shed this was last right.
4-3--: Lily and Herb went off but failed to cross the causeway so we are just about out of foodstuff. I went through a big lot of water to Lonnies place.
5-3--: Fixed the corner block and verandah post. Cecil Sharrock came out and I got 6 lb of springheads from Wests got him Roany.
6-3--: I read all the news of the cyclone. I felt tired and wrote to Ken.
7-3--: Did some work at the house. Two men came and gave me an order for iron.
8-3--: I rode the bike to town, put the order in for iron and saw about timber.
9-3--: Put the beams up and went to town for timber. I had a nasty headache and was unable to carry on during the afternoon.
10-3-: I put in a panel of rails with balusters. Got the iron pretty well straightened out. The heat gives me a headache. Irwin came and saw us.
11-3-: Ripped timber for rafters and I cut the rafters.
12-3-: Spent the time putting the rafters in position. The sun was awfully hot and I felt no good. Norman Johnson was married.
13-3-: Several showers came over during the day. I wrote to Ted and also Beryl 5 pages in all.
14-3-: Salts 15 weeks. Got purloins on and now we need the iron. Sowed pumpkins. Posted letter to Baileys. Showers fell during the day.
15-3-: Cut out sides for louvres. Did a bit towards righting damage to the cottage by the cyclone.
16-3-: First went round to repair the roof at the front of the cottage.
17-3-: I rode the bike in and out and then we went in with the truck and got the iron. I felt quite used up and knocked up.
18-3-: While Lily and Herb were in town I got about half the iron on the roof. Afternoon we put more iron on.
19-3-: We finished the roof of the verandah right to the corner. I felt over done so rested the rest of the day very hot for the time of the year.
20-3-: Quite a cool change. Harry West was here getting a bit of attention given to his truck.
21-3-: I put up brackets for the shade over Franks window. Put the window back after fixing it and then was tired enough to knock off.
22-3-: Worked at shades and put most of the spouting back. Afternoon I put the plate in position and bolted it at the end, put a bit of spouting back.
23-3-: Put 2 rafters up. Herb cut along the iron. Lonnie came and told us his father wasnt expected to last the night out.
24-3-: Charleys funeral 4 oclock. We got the iron above the steps. I rode the bike to Mrs Browns and Mrs Brown drove me in the truck to the cemetery. A fair number attended the funeral.
25-3-: I wrote to Martha and Beryl. Put in 2 panels of lattice and got out weatherboards to go round the hill. Felt too tired to do much.
26-3-: Having a little more rain I filled in misses in the pumpkins after this it was too rainy to go out.
27-3-: Opened up very fine but later it was showery. I went up the hill and got a length of wire. Slippery and hard climbing these days..
28-3-: Did a bit at the front of the cottage, also put a handle in a grubber and pointed picks.
29-3-: Sowed pumpkin seed, worked at the cottage a bit.
30-3-: Sowed a few potatoes. Dug out grass and got cement mixed dry for the bottom of the tank.
31-3-: Prepared more ground and put in potatoes. Wrote to Rumseys for onion seed. Got a letter from Baileys. Finished Liver salts lasted 17 weeks and 3 days.
1-4--: I cleared stones etc away and dug ground and covered seed potatoes. I have now put in 10 short rows of about 30 sets per row.
2-4--: I cleared round a patch of grass and burned if off, also cemented a small patch in the bottom of the tank also cleared round pumpkins.
3-4--: Took things easy. Went round and had a look at the tank. The bit I did on the bottom has set real well.
4-4--: Finished the bottom of the tank by 8. Watered pumpkins and cut a little rubbish above the cottage also touched up the sides of the tank.
5-4--: Grubbed weeds and guinea grass roots and burned rubbish, cut a track down to the shed. Got a letter from Martha.
6-4--: Did grubbing, watered pumpkins. Made places for tomatoes and Herb planted 40 or so. Flies are bad again.
7-4--: Potatoes planted 7 weeks. Watered pumpkins. Spent most of the day trying to fix the 6-inch saw. Wrote to Martha, got a letter from Elsie.
8-4-: Cut grass near the shed. Cleared around a few pumpkins, came up very muggy again today.
9-4--: Watered pumpkins, sowed some onion seed, and cleared up a bit of rubbish.
10-4-: Went and saw Lonnie and over to Newmans, Henry was away. However I had a good yarn to Harry and Tilly.
11-4-: Watered the pumpkins and weeded several spuds.
12-4-: Put in time at the 6 inch circular saw it is quite a job. The position is too cramped to cut the piece any larger I have 8 inch.
13-4-: I watered my pumpkins, dug out grass and prepared soil and sowed onions. We got the saw going and cut over a third of the 3 ply needed for the front bedroom.
14-4-: Watered spuds, hoed several spuds, burned grass. Cut 3 ply for the floor, the weather is getting cooler.
15-4-: Carpet snake got a fowl and I got him and we all rested for the day.
16-4-: I cut 78 pieces for the floor. Laid the parquet flooring on more than half the floor.
17-4-: Read 2 books and I put net and netting on the potatoes, some animal has been attacking them.
18-4-: Cut 16 pieces and we almost finished the front bedroom floor. However we are short of nails.
19-4-: Worked at the cottage and watered plants. Wallabies are getting out our potatoes I set 3 traps.
20-4-: Nothing in traps. I rode the bike to town and got orders for rosellas, did various bits of business and came home very tired.
21-4-: Cut Masonite pieces. Made a start at laying the pieces and sawed the bottom of the door.
22-4-: I worked at the floor right up to 12. Mum and Herb went in with a bit of stuff. It was 2 oclock when they got back.
23-4-: I got the floor of the porch laid. There is only a little bit of fixing to do to it now and nailed properly.
24-4-: I went and read a book in the cottage, tidied up a bit in the shed.
25-4-: Cleared out the bathroom, soldered spouting. Put the spouting in position and almost finished the bathroom with Masonite.
26-4-: Made brackets and fastened the spouting, finished putting Masonite on the bathroom floor, made a place to stack 3x11/2 pine.
27-4-: I got spouting ready for soldering. Worked in the kitchen here, I also sharpened a saw. Lyle brought rose wood for the bush house, rained a little today.
28-4-: Did a little to the spouting, finished strips of 3 ply in the bedroom. Did a little on the roof and rooted out weeds in front of the house.
29-4-: I soldered the spouting till 12 afternoon we had the forge going and made some spouting brackets.
30-4-: I drilled holes in spouting brackets till 5 to 11. The breast drill made me both sore and tired. After dinner I rested.
1-5--: I read and rested also picked a tin of tomatoes. They appear to be quite matured. However I suppose Herb will rouse.
2-5--: I finished the spouting brackets, worked at the spouting and went looking for charcoal. I was very tired, Hoare came for rosellas.
3-5--: I tussled with spouting; Frank and I got it up in position. I got so knocked up that I had to come in.
4-5--: I finished the spouting; soon I hope it will be ready for rain to run the water in to the tank. I also made a small start at the bush house.
5-5--: I dug my potatoes and only got 3/4 of a tin. We got another post in for the bush house. The posts are very poor stuff for rose wood.
6-5--: Frank and I put in the 3 rd post for the bush house and sunk the last hole. Shifted the bench out of the kitchen and grubbed out 25 yards of guinea grass as a start for a firebreak.
7-5--: Dug out grass. An uncle of Norm Phlan came and bought 2 shotguns and 6 traps for £ 5/5/- owes me 5/-.
8-5--: Fixed a trap for Harry West. Cecil was out with 2 pieces of 3x2 and Dick Iverson and us went through Wests for wood.
9-5--: I grubbed out grass. I had to go for bread and sent Beryl £3/10/ -.
10-5-: I grubbed out the last bit of grass to make ready for a burn off. Watered pumpkins and did an hours work to the rails for the verandah.
11-5-: I put in the panel of balusters in the verandah. I got knocked up completely with the burning off of the grass, it almost got away.
12-5-: Awfully tired after the fire. Took things a bit easy. Put the back spouting in position.
13-5-: Grubbed out grass, picked up stones.
14-5-: Dug a bit and watered crops also fixed a pipe that I think may run water in to the tank if it rains much. Sweet potatoes planted 10 weeks.
15-5-: Pumpkins planted 2 months.
16-5-: Watered pumpkins and dug a bed over for onions. Lyle brought the other posts and I paid him. I sowed the last of the onion seed.
17-5-: I spliced a piece for the post of the bush house, had an easy dinner and went to town.
18-5-: I worked at the summerhouse a bit.
19-5-: Off colour today, cannot get on with any thing.
20-5-: I did very little today. Herb was unavailable to go to town Mum went by bus and we did not get any dinner till after 3 oclock. John came out for beans and lettuce.
21-5-: I split rose wood and put the last piece on the summerhouse. The sun shines out very hot these days.
22-5-: I pumped and watered the sweet potatoes. Put netting on top of the bush house. I had to go up for bread, Very muggy today but no rain yet.
23-5-: Watered, pumpkins and onions etc, letter from Ted. I got the netting on the top of the summerhouse and I had to go for bread.
24-5-: Rev Blake gave me a lift on the motorbike and I spent the day with Tom Healy, tired when I got home.
25-5-: I went for petrol. Put in a set of louvers in the front verandah. Put in a window sash and put in another set of louvers. The first Hohner mouth organ since the war have just became available. Reg has one it cost £ 3/5/-.
26-5-: Put the sash in at Browns and charged 12/-. Reg and I took the forks over to Henry. Got Tilly a Monstera Deliciosa to try.
27-5-: Dusted tomatoes and did a bit of carpentry, took Wests wedge back.
28-5-: I dug out guinea grass. Mays and Millar came and bought 30/- worth of shafting out of the shed. John and Reg took Herb to the hospital.
29-5-: Bleak day, we didnt get rain and it is needed very much again.
30-5-: Knocked up tomato cases.
31-5-: Went to town. Got the particulars of this property.
1-6--: Finished the firebreak to Turners fence.
2-6--: Reg and I fixed mattocks. Afternoon we went out to Arthurs and Syds. Great improvements out that way.
3-6--: Dusted peas, started to prepare ground for carrots. Frank weeded onions and got out grass and weeds. Reg drove Mum to town.
4-6--: Prepared bed for carrots which Lily sowed, did weeding of onions and watered peas etc. Had a bit of a talk with Turner.
5-6--: Just lazed about.
6-6--: Watered crops grubbed out grass roots, John brought out the truck. Reg went off in the truck.
7-6--: Watered pumpkins, onions etc, grubbed out grass roots.
8-6--: Sharpened tools and dug at a great quantity of grass roots.
9-6--: Grubbed out grass butts, we have got on pretty well with the job.
10-6-: Rode the bike out to Syds and got some tomato plants.
11-6-: I did watering, dug over a bed and then rode over to Newmans to see when Henry was going to dig his potatoes.
12-6-: Rested at home.
13-6-: Watered plants, Syd sold for us 2 cases of tomatoes. Hickman came and inspected the property and said it would suit him.
14-6-: Pumpkins have been sowed 12 weeks. I worked a bit at fixing a hose to water the sweet potatoes got them watered. Mum went and saw the doctor about Herb. Childs gave her a lift in. Herb came out with he r and seems to be very sorry for himself.
15-6-: I picked rosellas and tomatoes, watered plants and then had a bath and got ready to catch the bus to town. Sold the shallot bulbs for 1/3 per lb.
16-6-: Trimmed shallots and made tomato cases. Went to Dicks to see about rhubarb plants. Sawed a bit of work.
17-6-: Syd took 3 cases of tomatoes 19 lb peas 20 lb of shallot bulbs.
18-6-: Cecil, John and family brought me out a tank, took a load of stuff round to the cottage. I got a bit of wood.
19-6-: I went for a ride round the Bower, had a talk with Lonnie and Mavis. Riding the bike made me tired.
20-6-: Had a fire in the tank Cecil brought and got rows dug for rhubarb, burnt off grass. Irwin and Connie pulled in time for tea.
21-6-: Opened up a nice sunny day. I went in with Irwin and Connie did some shopping. Mrs Hickman sent John out to say she was taking this place off our hands. No frost here yet.
22-6-: All I did was cut some wood and write some letters. It was an awful cold day Irwin and Connie went to town in the afternoon.
23-6-: Frost caught our sweet spuds. Irwin and I cut down an iron bark tree and got a house block out of it.
24-6-: Frost this morning caught what it missed yesterday. Pumped and watered a bit, sawed firewood. Every one can start afresh with tomatoes etc. May have a lot of frost yet.
25-6-: Finished cutting up the tree above the well, got out sweet spuds for dinner and also for tomorrows dinner.
26-6-: I walked across to Browns and got cough jubes. Came back to Mc Carthys and had a yarn to Charley. Came and had dinner and lied down all the afternoon.
27-6-: Took things steady have a bad cold.
28-6-: Went to the bank. Manahans, Wests and Hoares.
29-6-: Took in 3 cases of tomatoes 16/- per case. Bought liver salts.
30-6-: I have had 3 sleepless nights. I have had an awful cough for about a week. I feel as though I have got over the worst now but am going to spend today in the house.
1-7--: I am still crook. I rode the bike to Dicks and came home and rested. Mum got Wonder Wool and fixed on me, so I hope Ill soon be better.
2-7--: Put out a few tomatoes. Picked a tin and spent the rest of the day in the house. John Mc Carthy brought a pound note for the little cart. I bought at Shaws sale cost me 11/-.
3-7--: Stayed home. Irwin, wife, John and family went round to Emu Park fishing. Cecil, Ellen and Mr Sharrock came out for a while to see us.
4-7--: I went with Irwin and Connie for potatoes. Afternoon I went to Turners.
5-7--: Burned off the grass beyond the lime, sowed beans and tomato seed. Irwin and Herb went to Bracewell.
6-7--: I dug out the 2 rows of sweet potatoes. Some animal has started on them. I was quite tired by time Id finished the task.
7-7--: Prepared holes for grapes. Made cases and put tomatoes in them, planted out 50 tomatoes. Herb, Irwin and Connie went to Ulam for machinery.
8-7--: I dug the bottom of the grape holes, hoed and watered. I put out a row of rhubarb and 2 grape vines, then came in and rested.
9-7--: Put out the 13th grape vine. Did a little hoeing and dug out the Lagerstromea and put it in front of the cottage.
10-7-: Irwin and Connie went home. I took Henry 10/- I owed him for potatoes. Called at Lonnies and Dicks. Dick was putting out rhubarb.
11-7-: Poisoned trees and put out tomatoes. Sowed a little plot of beans, rode the bike up for bread, letter from Ken.
12-7-: Put out more tomato plants and watered those I planted yesterday. Worked at the tank. My nose bled so I came in I felt I had enough. I put out onions.
13-7-: Rode the bike in head wind was crook. Jim Hickman signed up for the sale of this place.
14-7-: Hickman came out with Harding to value the property. I am glad it will be over and wish the business was finalised. Hickman b rought Harding to inspect the property for valuation purposes. I was struck with the through manner displayed by the valuator. He went in to the thing in every detail, even measured every room and the depth of timbering in the well. Harding is certainl y a conscious gentleman with regard to valuation of property.
15-7-: Opened with very light showers. I was feeling very off colour and couldnt do much in the way of work.
16-7-: Did a bit of watering. Cecil and I went and looked at Lonnies old home and was very unimpressed by it.
17-7-: I rode the bike over to Newmans and back by Childs a bit tired after this also called at Dicks.
18-7-: Watered plants and went to Dicks and got 200 rhubarb plants. Sowed pea seed.
19-7-: I did a little and then rode the bike to the city, bought various stuff and went to West Rocky with Cecil and had a look at his house, bad day.
20-7-: Sowed peas near the lime pit also 6 rows near the cottage. Hear there was a fair amount of food down the road.
21-7-: I rode the bike to town, called at John, Hardings and Adzmees. I sold Syd a pony plow and scuffler for £4 to be paid when he has some money to spare for that purpose. We are having another cold snap, so far it has not hurt us.
22-7-: I did some fixing in the verandah room.
23-7-: Put in a few potatoes.
24-7-: Herb, John and I got the potatoes took 4 bags to Johns and got the cabinet from Adzmees.
25-7-: I put up the frame of the closet. Cemented a bit of the bottom of the tank, watered tomatoes and beans.
26-7-: My back is crook.
27-7-: Gave blood and bone to tomatoes, set more potatoes, there is now 3 rows set. I am unable to do much on account of my back.
28-7-: Gave blood and bone to tomatoes put out 50 tomato plants, wrote to Reg.
29-7-: John Mc Carthy helped me to clear up things a bit here. We got the logs down the hill.
30-7-: We cleared a lot of glass and stuff away. John Mc Carthy worked very well indeed. Sold Harry West the little cart and bench screw gave the bench.
31-7-: I took J. Hickmans letter to Mc Carthy to read and then to Childs. My back is bad yet and is making it hard to get a move on with the shifting. There is such a lot to do in getting in to the new home.
1-8--: I cut the roof for the Earth Closet out of a tank and put almost all of the wall of the building and half of the roof, my back is still bad.
2-8--: I put the rest of the walls and roof on the earth closet. Now the door has to be hung and a few nail to be put in. I also drilled 2 holes in the cabinet.
3-8--: Drilled 2 more holes. Went to town and did various bits of business.
4-8--: Cut out the seat of the E. C. also put the front of the wardrobe in and cut 2 shelves and put 1 up. Although frost was severe and got tomatoes, they have been cheap up to the present. I see the best are now 1/- per lb.
5-8--: I fixed up the inside of the wardrobe. Herb and I hung the door, it only needs a few nails put in it and it is finished as far as I am concerned.
6-8--: John and Charley came and helped to knock the boat to pieces and get piping. My back is still very sore.
7-8--: Went out for a drive with Cecil to Childs and afternoon to Mc Carthys. The country is getting very dry.
8-8--: Cut grass and sorted out stuff, cut spouting ready to fit, cleared more stuff away.
9-8--: Carried on with various jobs. Arthur came and signed Franks pension papers.
10-8-: Caught bus to town, took 20 lbs of peas in. Saw about a pension for Frank, he has to go before a doctor.
11-8-: Run cement through the mill, did a bit to the tank and grubbed out grass. Wrote to Langbeckers for trees.
12-8-: I shifted the Pentas Carnea that Tom planted here a long time ago. Put it in front of the cottage near the white Java Mango tree. Put out 2 00 shallots. Dug out a shrub to plant round the hill. Got 2 holes ready for orange trees.
13-8-: John came and helped me finish going through the shed also to cut a break and burn off in front of the house. It all went according to plan.
14-8-: Took the money for potatoes to Newmans, came home and rested the rest of the day.
15-8-: We cut a break right to Childs. Hoares and Reg went and got Syds truck and took the chaff cutter etc to Williams. Arthur Johnson the councillor, he is also a J. P gave us a lift.
16-8-: We all worked at shifting stuff. Harry West came and gave us a hand. Herb and Reg took Syds truck back.
17-8-: We 3 went to town in the truck. I saw Williams re the chaff cutter etc, bought a hat 5/ - and military boots 11/6 from Adzmee ticked them up. After tea got another fire going.
18-8-: Harry West brought the trees from the station and we got them planted. We had a fire that completed the break around the front of this place except right near the gate.
19-8-: Herb and Reg went to town. Started cutting a break below the custard apples. Reg and I also cut some saplings down.
20-8-: Frank and I got cut piping up to the orange trees near the house. It was 11.15 when we finished.
21-8-: I went up to Childs and spent the rest of the morning at Mc Carthys. Afternoon I stayed at home.
22-8-: Tarred tank gave it 2 coats and dusted it with cement. Gave the bottom a real good go with tar and sprinkled cement over it.
23-8-: Reg went back, I worked at the tank business and other little jobs. I have never had such a job making them hold water.
24-8-: Sowed the last seed spuds. Frank was taken to the doctor and the pension people.
25-8-: Rested all day.
26-8-: Burned the grass along the front from where J. Mc Carthy helped.
27-8-: Had a fire, cut down the trees along the front and we did the pipe, making the lengths shorter.
28-8-: Very clear day I felt tired and rested all day nights are cool but the days are very warm in the sun.
29-8-: Cleared up rubbish. Put out the old nut tree, started on the fowl pen.
30-8-: Worked at the fowl pen, did a little to the cottage also did cementing to the tank.
31-8-: Dug holes and put in 2 posts for the fowl pen. Put up another sapling for a scaffold, also painted the closet which made me jolly tired and I came home, Syd called.
1-9--: Worked in the cottage.
2-9--: Weeded rhubarb, did fixing to the cupboard.
3-9--: John bored holes in the stumps ready for poison. Carried the piping that Herb had taken up. John and I went to the top of the hill and got posts.
4-9--: Mum and I cut out the fig in the fowl run. I rested in the house the rest of the day.
5-9--: I rode the bike to town, Harvey Nelsons paddock saw Cecils cottage etc.
6-9--: I worked myself out at making a trellis for grapes, dug 7 hoes and put in 5 posts also hoed out weeds from 2 rows of potatoes.
7-9--: I put in 2 posts for grapes and then worked at the press in the back room.
8-9--: I worked at the press and other jobs. Got word from Gordon that the sale of his place was passed.
9-9--: Set the snares and went up the hill and got 5 young foxes. Did a little to the wardrobe I am building.
10-9-: Worked about the place. John and Charley came and John poisoned tree stumps. Eddington came for their trees.
11-9-: I walked across to Briggs place as I went I called at Wards and had a drink of Myrtles beer. It was an awful hot day.
12-9-: I was in the cottage nailing the floor and did a bit to a wardrobe and worked at a W.C painting a bit.
13-9-: I cleared stuff out of the kitchen helped Herb to hang a door. We ripped timber etc.
14-9-: I ran wires for the grapes. Fixed a cupboard door and finished nailing the kitchen floor.
15-9-: I put boards on the fowl run. I took the rest of the day cutting out the head and the heel of the gate. Lumbago has me conked.
16-9-: I put the gate together and it was a hard bit of a job. Got the 5/ - for the grindstone.
17-9-: We shifted a lot of stuff round to the cottage. Harry West and John Mc Carthy helped.
18-9-: I called and had a look at torch and over to Newmans. Coming home I had to look at Childs. Prestons called in the afternoon.
19-9-: Rode the bike to the city and fixed up with Jordan. Went and saw Daisy also Len and family. Got home for tea very tired.
20-9-: Finished the hole for the gatepost. Herb and I got the bolt in the post and we got a bit done in the cottage.
21-9-: Took the kitchen safe round I painted the gate. A credit slip came from the bank for £890/17/- and some few pence. Harry West came and helped to take the safe round.
22-9-: Fixing things in the kitchen.
23-9-: Frank and I went up the hill and brought down a post. Afternoon we went out to Wests paddock and got 2 gateposts.
24-9-: I barked the posts and removed the sap where they go in the hole. I put in 1 post by my own effort. We had tea the first meal at the cottage.
25-9-: Another rain spasm passed off last night just a spoonful fell. I went and got coal Conaghan dentist saw me about a job I spoke up for Cecil. We moved in to the new home cost of cottage £82/16/6.
26-9-: Herb and I made hinges for the gate. Bloxom came and started putting the points in for electricity.
27-9-: I rode the bike in and went across to Daisy and got the 12/ 6 for the chair from Gibbons.
28-9-: Herb helped to hang the gate and I put the other post in and started digging a hole.
29-9-: Had to put a shot in the hole. Got it spliced Bloxom finished the installation of lighting.
30-9-: Rammed the pole banked spuds and worked at getting the furniture away there was a fair load.
1-10-: I felt too tired from yesterday to do much. I made a table for Alice Gibbons chair and made mistake after mistake. It seemed the brain would not work properly. I put in the pine suckers. Ken came.
2-10-: Sharrocks came and got the door. Herb, Ken and I went over to Mc Carthys for a while over the new grader.
3-10-: Got the lights connected it took half an hour for a men to do it. I had a sick feeling. Couldnt do much in the way of work.
4-10-: Herb, Ken and I went to town, bought a frig. Electrice £112/10/-. Seems a lot of money.
5-10-: Worked at the fowl pen, I also got the circular louvre in. Two chaps came with the refrigerator and installed it.
6-10-: I fixed Cecils crow bar and made a fastener for the gate. Herb and Ken put a few finishing touches to the fowl run or which ever we like to call it we had a cold drink and ice blocks all day.
7-10-: Mum, Herb and Frank went to town. Ken made it to the seaside where Elsie and Shirley are, I received Bloxoms account £22. A good storm came in last night.
8-10-: I got one gatepost hole deep enough and the other ready for a shot. We did not like to let it off while so many folk were passing. I thought I would wait till night.
9-10-: I went and talked to Chas Mc Carthy had to come home in the rain.
10-10: I let off a shot in a posthole in front of the home at about 5 oclock in the morning. After breakfast I put out 5 mango trees near the creek. Afternoon I rode the bike to town and did various bits of business.
11-10: Got another shot off in the posthole about 5 oclock. Got the post in and cemented, dug another hole at the shed went up the hill and got a tea tree post.
12-10: I put out papaws, sowed Pumpkin, squash, mango, melons, sorghum. Cut the top off a gatepost and set a large stone in the gateway.
13-10: I worked at the small gate way got the stones laid to where the steps start and laid the first step
14-10: Sowed more seeds. Mum and Herb went in by bus. I felt very tired after yesterday.
15-10: Worked at the shed verandah. A sharp storm worked up in the evening, we got very little rain out of it.
16-10: Ray Briggs came and got the cart; his wife and her sister came with him.
17-10: Planted out onions. Formed another step. Cut cut the end off an iron bark for a rafter. Marked out a gate, back crook today.
18-10: My back was crook today; I managed to get another step done. People came out to have a look at our old home. I think they are going to rent it.
19-10: Put the finishing touches to the last step and then worked, as I felt able to do the shed verandah
20-10: I finished onion planting in the bed near the old horse yard. I also made the front gate. I am in pain all day with my back.
21-10: I planted onions gave the gate a coat of wood oil fixed hinges Herb helped me to hang the gate
22-10: Planted some onions and made a mattock handle.
23-10: Got water. Ellen, Iris, Cecil and kids came out nearly drove me mad with mischief.
24-10: Came on and rained all day. My back is too painful for me to work.
25-10: Sun shined today. I dug potatoes and planted sweet spuds. Frank and I got the rafters up and the sun was very hot today.
26-10: Worked at the shed verandah, very hot after the fog.
27-10: Potato planted 12 weeks. Put iron on the shed roof.
28-10: Worked on the verandah of the shed.
29-10: Did a bit to the shed job. Put the power pole right and prepared a stump for poison. John Mc Carthy was here 2 1/2 hours.
30-10: Rode the bike down to Dicks. Seemed to have jinked my back.
31-10: My back has been so crook today that I couldn't work. Nothing we had seems to be able to relieve it.
1-11-: My back was still very sore last night it was the most painful it has been.
2-11-: Poisoned stumps, I couldnt do much it came out so awfully hot.
3-11-: No sleep last night. Did a little to the shed job. It was very hot today and I am not up to work.
4-11: I hung the last door for the cottage. Fitted a piece of iron in the roof of the shed.
5-11-: Still too crook for work. However we did a bit of fixing to the roof of the shed and put up the carpenters bench.
6-11-: Rested all the day, wrote to Reg.
7-11-: Poisoned stumps and other bits of jobs. Sent letter to Ken and one to Margaret.
8-11-: Made a start to the bathroom not up to much work.
9-11-: Finished the boards in the ceiling of the bathroom, had a shave and bath and caught the bus to town. Went and saw the accountant about money for Reg got a pair of pants from West for 6/6 new dungarees. He gave me tacks fo r nix. Bought a bike seat 29/6.
10-11: I hoed round pumpkins and worked at the bathroom. I got the sisal craft up in the ceiling. Now I need a good few feet of cover strips.
11-11: Worked a little at the bathroom. Herb got a glasscutter and I cut a pane and put in the small casement at the porch. Hickman turned up today.
12-11: Put in a busy day at the bathroom. I think it will take another day to finish; I even got the mirror set up.
13-11: I kept my jamas on all day felt very tired from yesterday.
14-11: Put in a good mornings work at the bathroom, did a bit to the floor in the afternoon and was knocked up. I gave Lyle the £1 for carting the furniture.
15-11: I put more final touches to the bathroom and went across to Wests and fitted a pane in the door and brought 2 pieces and cut a little off them.
16-11: Finished cutting glass for Myrtle and took it over, humped a bag of manure home. Letter from Reg.
17-11: I rode the bike to town got to Hickmans at 6.30. I sent a 100 to Reg through the bank sent letter airmail. Dick gave me a lift home.
18-11: I started to make a table for the kitchen; Mum and Herb went to town. Syd left us a sheet of Masonite 8x4 for 18/-.
19-11: I finished the table for the kitchen. Went down to Dick and got carrots and pumpkins. Childs brought me home.
20-11: I rested all the morning. Afternoon I went to Wests and Mc Carthys.
21-11: I worked at the job at the small gate. Herb and I went to Arthurs for sand I took him 2 sanitary pans. Knocked out after this.
22-11: I did a bit of cementing at the front of the cottage. I was not up to much and took the afternoon off.
23-11: I worked at the approach. Went and put in glass for West, I felt a bit off colour.
24-11: I wheeled the stones in the barrow also threw stones through the fence so that we could barrow them to the approach. Letter to Reg.
25-11: Carried on with my approach. Got a letter and also a telegram from Reg saying he would arrive some time tonight.
26-11: Reg never came; Mc Carthy came and set the pipes. I did more to my affair in front of the hand gate.
27-11: Rested at home. Very hot day indeed and a storm came over, we got a fair portion.
28-11: We did a bit to the turn out I am off colour.
29-11: Wheeled more stones to the turnout. Awful close weather, neither Frank or I can work.
30-11: Carried on with bits of jobs.
1-12-: Dug more gravel for the road job.
2-12-: I got barrow loads of stuff for the front gate approach. Sold Arthur 50 lb of onions for 12/-. They are splendid onions, I hoed around pumpkins.
3-12-: Just weeded an onion bed, out of sorts lately.
4-12-: Read books, Reg and Margaret went to Yeppoon and Emu Park.
5-12-: I hoed along the grape vines. Reg and Margaret went off. We sent Ken and Elsie some mangoes. I think Mrs Hickman went in to our old home today.
6-12-: Irwin and Connie called. I did a bit of hoeing and painting in the bathroom and roof.
7-12-: I hoed and shoveled soil to the grapes. Daisy was out and I painted more roof.
8-12-: I hoed and went for manure and painted more roof, knocked suckers off stumps.
9-12-: Did a bit of hoeing and finished painting the back part of the roof.
10-12: I just went and cast my votes. Felt awfully hot today.
11-12: I paid Dick for the pumpkins and rode to town and got papers. Called at Johns and had a cup of tea, set home about 4. Chiffleys lot seems badly beaten in the election.
12-12: I fixed the paint ready to go on the walls the roof also put the ladder in place.
13-12: Made places ready for the hedge plants and painted more roof.
14-12: I dug a bit under the house and hoed grass, cleared the pines a bit. Painted a good bit of roof.
15-12: Did cementing at the back of the steps also some roof painting.
16-12: I was taken crook inside. Reg was here.
17-12: Still crook. Reg got a bottle of medicine for me opium in it.
18-12: I am very bad going all through this night to the W. C.
19-12: Much better today. James Hickman got the hill on fire and spent most of the day knocking it out.
20-12: Still very crook. I have never been so crook in this way.
21-12: I was much better last night and today I seem on the mend. All the stuffing has gone out of me. Herb doesnt do much these days either.
22-12: It seems as if I might have a bit of Xmas after all feeling better. I painted more roof. I am still crook. Ellen and family were out.
23-12: I took another day off; Mum and Herb went to the city.
24-12: Still doing nothing. Old chap mate of Regs called name of Smith.
25-12: Lazed about all day. Iris and family called in brought Lily and I a small present.
26-12: Another day lazing about.
27-12: Lazed about another day. Beryl and kids arrived, the kids are a lively lot and all look fairly well.
28-12: Did a bit above the bathroom. Fixed the galvanised iron and bordered up the end of the bathroom wall.
29-12: All have gone except Frank and I.
30-12: I was at the tank at 5 and cemented till 8.30.
31-12: Finished the cementing of the wall of the tank and then had a spell. Evening I gave the tank a painting with cement. The weather is simply awful for heat and day.

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