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1948 front cover

     28th January I listened to the end of the 4th Test Match in the Cricket, Australia versus India on the wireless. I commenced making a retirement cottage round the hill up from the bridge from where we are living now. On 24th May I took out an insuranc e coverage on it for £400, I was still building the cottage at the time as it was not yet completed and it wasn t until 22nd December when it was all fixed up for the insurance as they had to come out to inspect it. 29th May we had to go and have a vote i t was Referendum Day my vote was the first vote in the box, the no vote won for the day. 20th June I went round to buy potatoes from Henry Newman and he was busy making spray pipes for irrigation of his own manufacture of which he had taken out his own p atent. 8th August Beryl and family arrived at Gracemere by rail but no one was there to meet them owing to a mix up so they walked home here to us for a holiday. Next day I made a riding animal for Desmond while he was here to keep him amused. 30th J uly I showed my rupture to Lily when I got home it gave me a lot of trouble. I had several trips to the doctors. I sent away for particulars on rupture supports. In the mean time I made a type of contraption but it was a failure. 20th July Irwin came a nd told us he was going to be married on the 18th August at Mount Larcom to Connie Lucke. 19th July brother Charley was put in hospital with a stroke it was a bad one which they did not expect a recovery. 20th October Ken, Elsie and family arrived for a holiday; they went home on 27th October. All the year I was taking Life Salts hoping to improve my health but I was no better for it.

13-1-: I came up with Cecil and family. Walked from Yaamba Road to Dees and Frank Foster picked me up.
14-1-: Rather tired. Had to go in with pines for Manahans. Mackintosh wouldnt have the opening made suitable for the window so we still have it on our hands.
15-1-: I went up to Morrells and saw the tank also to Briggs to look at a job for them, something has upset my inside so I cannot get up too much in the way of work, later I went up and tried to fix the tank but although the water only dr ipped once in 15 seconds the cement failed to hold.
16-1-: Started on a bottle of Life Salts. I am nervy and tired and somewhat crook inside. Not up to work at all today.
17-1-: I went up to Morrells and finished the cementing round the tap.
18-1-: Herb and I went over to Sharrocks and got my tools. Had dinner and I went up to Briggs for a couple of hours.
19-1-: I went in with Syd and owing to a mess up I had to come out by rail motor. Syd came up looking for me and was rather annoyed, but he hadnt stuck to what he had said and thus couldn t really blame me. We had a storm Gracemere reckoned to get over 1 inch.
20-1-: I feel over done. The day has opened up very muggy. Afternoon Herb drove me down to Charleys and I fixed the spouting of the main roof. I couldnt go on with it, as I had no means of reaching the verandah spoutings.
21-1-: I put in the day at Charleys. I first put a shot in a pipe down a well, then put a scaffold and worked at repairing the spouting.
22-1-: I was at Charleys all day. I finished the spouting and used 2 packets of springheads on the roof. As I had no more nails I had to come home.
23-1-: I rested during the morning and the afternoon I rode the bike against a stiff head wind to town. Saw a social service chap about Irwin also saw Frank West and came home very tired indeed.
24-1-: I was very stiff and tired and rested because I was unfit to work.
25-1-: I rested all day.
26-1-: Spent half a day at Briggs.
27-1-: I fixed a case and got it ready to go to Ken. Helped Herb to fix the pump and then was quite knocked up and rested.
28-1-: The heat has me knocked out. About all I did today was shell out long bean seed. Heard the end of the 4th test match. India and Australia. There is no sign of rain at all.
29-1-: I worked up at Briggs all day. It was an awful day, the heat was awful. Bought a bike frame for 10/ - from Norm Plahan.
30-1-: I went to Briggs in the afternoon and got on fairly well with the job nearly got all the boards on under the sill.
31-1-: Spent the morning up at Briggs job. The heat is simply awful, knocked me up completely. Afternoon I rested.
1-2--: Just read a couple of books.
2-2--: I walked up to Briggs. Started just after 7 oclock, did a couple of hours then c ame home and sharpened Rays saw and Herbs took out casements. We bunged up the openings and I sharpened 1 of my handsaws. The sun is glaring hot and things are altogether too dry.
3-2--: I planed the 3x2 for legs and we ripped pieces for Briggs. I also started on the stove recess at the back of the house. Briggs called rather late for the casements etc so I didnt go to work. I wrote to Joyce Bailey. Reg and Herb worked at the T model Ford all day.
4-2--: I worked at the stove recess. The awful heat has me beat. Reg set off for Murgon, Irwin was here a while. Reg went.
5-2--: I spent the day at Briggs. Did quite a lot of sawing.
6-2--: I got out an old case for Ray Briggs.
7-2--: I went up to Briggs and put casements in and did various other jobs. Came home for dinner. Am quite done up with the awful heat. About 4 oclock a sharp storm came along.
8-2--: Rode bike up and got a pumpkin from Ray Briggs and the paper from Browns 6/- for 2 roosters Ray sold.
9-2--: I put a block in and a piece of 4x4 at the back of the new stove recess. I then had a go at cutting out the frame of the bench for the planer. It rained lightly during the day.
10-2-: I cut out more pieces for the wonder bench, worked about home. After this I did a fair bit to the stove recess. Drizzled a little today
11-2-: I carried on with the stove recess. Rain fell through out the day but no heavy falls have fallen.
12-2-: I finished the roof of the recess and got ready for the walls, put in a window frame.
13-2-: I finished cutting out the main frame of the workbench and worked at stove recess.
14-2-: I rode the bike up to Gracemere and worked 2 hours at Briggs. Came home and knocked out a bit of the dining room, had dinner and knocked a door to pieces for timber to finish Briggs job.
15-2-: I just lazed about reading all day.
16-2-: I worked at the recess job. Put in a window.
17-2-: I knocked out weatherboards and replaced them at the back of the house.
18-2-: I finished the weather boarding at the back of the house only the fillets to put in and the spouting to fix. We are having awful hot days now and no rain.
19-2-: I felt very off colour today. Just put the window in the stove recess and fixed the mantle ready for the shelf. Had to do ripping and fitting a good deal.
20-2-: I rode up to Briggs and got the paper. Came home and fitted the frame of the bench and afternoon I bolted it together. It is going to take a lot of fitting yet.
21-2-: I read and rested.
23-2-: I rode the bike up to Gracemere. Worked at Briggs till about 11 and I came home and had dinner and did a fair bit to the bench and fixed a board for Briggs job.
24-2-: I walked across to Briggs and finished the job. Got £1 on account. Worked at Browns till most of the day.
25-2-: Almost got the till in shape and I also did a bit to the wonder bench.
26-2-: Herb and I did a bit to the bench. Awful muggy weather.
27-2-: Hottest day yet. I worked at the bench and sawed ample iron for the stove recess. Briggs called and paid me the balance of account.
28-2-: We didnt get much done today finished the till.
29-2-: Read and rested all day.
1-3--: Herb did a bit to the bench and we did some hoeing. I got the angle irons ready for the recess. Put out a banana sucker near the cottage.
2-3--: I walked up and put in the till 18/- for the job/ As it rained most of the day we couldnt do much outside, but did a bit to the bench. Sharrocks came out but still owes for sand shoes.
3-3--: Rained quietly during the day. We couldnt do much. Sharrocks came and had tea with us. Paid petty account but still owes for sand shoes.
4-3--: I rode the bike up and paid Mrs Brown right up even for what Roddy brought Tuesday afternoon.
5-3--: I put a post in to carry shafting. Pulled grass from around the cottage. Got the 2 end rafters in position, put in a ceiling joist, cut 6 more rafters ready to go up. Took soil away from the back ground plate. Today was the first time this week that no rain fell at all.
6-3--: I did a little work at the cottage, but it was far too hot to do much.
7-3--: I went down to Charleys, he is very sick and went in to hospital. The weather is knocking all us elderly people out. I was at Lonnies and Syds too. They have some crops in looking well.
8-3--: I got on pretty well with the roof frame. Of course the timber is woeful stuff to build with but the cottage will be all right when it is finished.
9-3--: Got the other posts in for the counter shafts I also did a bit to the building and burned grass and rubbish. Frank picked 60 custard apples too green to ripen.
10-3-: I carried on with the building it is a poor job from a carpentering point of view the timber being poor class. The heat makes it very hard for me I am trying to make a strong job as far as possible.
11-3-: I prepared an angle iron and put up in the corner of the roof and we then cleared the material out of the shed ready to pull the shed down. We felt so hot by then that we had to come in out of the sun.
12-3-: We got the shed demolished down to the top plate. I also cut out the rafters required to finish the roof except the hip and valley.
13-3-: I was round at the job at daybreak and got a good start for the day. Started another bottle of life salts.
14-3-: I went down and saw Lonnie, Dick and Syd. Went with them and got Lucerne. Chris Christson called and got a door and paid me £3 for the 3.
15-3-: I went round at 5 and put the hip on. After breakfast I put in the jack rafters and cut out the rest of the rafters required. There is only the valley to put in and purloins to ap ply and it will be ready for the iron. It was awfully hot and I came in at 11.
16-3-: I went round at 5 and put in 1 1/2 hours before breakfast at 9.30 I came up, as it was so hot. I simply cannot stand the heat. We got a fair bit of iron on I had the purloin in position, Herb helped with the roofing.
17-3-: I put the rafters and purloins ready for the porch roof and also about a quarter of the main roof and we got the iron on. It is hard to rake up enough iron to finish the roof.
18-3-: I again went round before breakfast and did a bit towards the fixing of the valley. Today I cut a lot of iron and we got 10 pieces of iron on the roof before we could do this I had to fix purloins and do a fair bit of sawing.
19-3-: I put in the valley and got purloins ready to finish the creek side of roof.
20-3-: I rode the bike to the city about the engine. Schirmers reckoned £30 too much but as a similar engine at Williams was £45/10/5 I thought it was reasonable. I went to Sharrocks and got home for a late dinner.
21-3-: I went down and spent the morning with Charley. He gave me a bottle of milk, lettuce and a squash. It is blowing very much like rain. I am hoping to finish the roof before stormy weather comes on.
22-3-: We got the rest of the roof on, also the capping and 3 boards put up on the walls. We have bolts to put in the iron to make the roof serviceable. It is a battle to work in the material. Weather is very boisterous.
23-3-: We put on a number of weatherboards and bolts in the roof. Sharrock and Laver came and got 3 bags of cement. It is rather breezy today but rain still keeps away.
24-3-: I was off colour today. Cold in the head and nervy turn, awful wind kept me close in doors. Very little was done on the place today.
25-3-: I went round and made a start at getting the steps up, but had to knock off and come, as I was too crook to work. I got a letter to post to Ken and kept to the house for the afternoon.
26-3-: Rested mostly. I went up the hill looking for blocks for the steps found one. I seem to have a cold; first I remember having had in a summer time.
27-3-: I went up the hill and sawed a block and came home again. I am crook and the heat is awful. After dinner Frank and I went and rolled the block down the hill to the cottage.
28-3-: Read morning. Dinnertime Sharrocks came and stayed till after tea, when they went home. Weather awful thermometer registered just under the 100°.
29-3-: Morning opened up very muggy. Got the steps in position.
30-3-: I put in the sills and studs.
31-3-: Got the back boarded to the stove recess. Cecil and George brought out weatherboards.
1-4--: We ripped out inch pieces for stops. Put on weatherboards.
2-4--: Put on several weatherboards. 4 Different sets of folk came to see me this caused delay, also had to put up the scaffold. So I did not get done as much as I expected. There are about 4 boards to put up and the side towards the creek will be finished. Irwin sold £1 worth of strawberry runners.
3-4--: We finished the weather boarding on the creek side and I did a bit of cementing and knocked off at 11 oclock, I had done a good 4 hours. Life salts used 3 weeks today.
4-4--: I rode the bike to Syds and then to Charleys he paid for the roosters and gave me a squash, marrow, cucumber and 2 lettuce.
5-4--: I put in a frame for the steps and mixed cement and worked at the steps finished just before 4, of course there is the finishing to be done.
6-4--: I took the frame off the steps and filled the holes in the rocks with cement. Herb and I put on pretty well all the weatherboards on the front, that we had left.
7-4--: I worked a bit at the steps and we put a few weather boards up and I tried to run a bead on a facia board which we put up.
8-4--: I practically finished the steps, sawed a log in to blocks for the stove. Herb and I put on more weatherboards to give part of the wall oil painting.
9-4--: I put up a ceiling joist and made a scaffold at the front and came round and had a shave. Afternoon we put on more weatherboards. There only needs about 4 more to finish the front.
10-4-: We put on boards right up to the point at the front. I then did a bit towards making a bathroom. Sharrocks came out and Cecil and I took the ceiling out of the dining room.
11-4-: I sold Cecil the 9 screen doors for £2/5/-. He has to give me 1 lb of nails and £1/18/6 and and we are quite on todays transactions. I am rather tired after the days knocking about.
12-4-: I made a start at the partition between the 2 bedrooms. Got the bathroom shaped up ready for the boards, put a 3x2 in near the steps and started a hole for a rail at the steps.
13-4-: I worked at the cottage during the morning. Afternoon I went and finished Charleys roof. My word it was a tiring job, hanging on to that roof.
14-4-: I worked a bit at the bathroom floor; put a block in for the newel post, run a sort of bead on a 6x1 for a facia. Cut 2 facias for the front and Herb and I put them up and an 8 ft one at the side, oiled weatherboards.
15-4-: I put in partition rails and got some of the boards up, put in a French light head. Herb and I put bolts in the roof I also fixed a facia board.
16-4-: I put boards up and planed timber, put in a piece at the top of the steps. I am feeling quite off just now and unable to work properly.
17-4-: Put up the main plate and studs of the bathroom, also more boards in the partition. J. J .Martin of Wowan came and bought the 2 frame saws and 2 whipsaws and a piece of hose for £ 2. 30/- for the frame saws and 10/- for the 2 whipsaws and the bit of hose thrown in.
18-4-: I read 2 books today. I felt completely done and couldnt get up sufficient energy to go anywhere; Herb has lazed about all day too.
19-4-: Awful hot day. Put in the morning at the bathroom. Afternoon we carried on with boarding up the front bedroom.
20-4-: I went round and sawed off the ends of partitions before breakfast. After that meal I went up and bunged up holes in the roof and put in rails for 2 jointed boards. Afternoon we half ceiled the front bedroom.
21-4-: Finished the ceiling we were on except 1 board. I carried on till 1 oclock and came in and rested, as I am sore between the legs.
22-4-: Terrible heat for this time of the year 90 in the shade. I did a bit to the cottage and Herb and Lily are busy with their up stairs. Herb got the big press taken to pieces they are lovely boards.
23-4-: I got Masonite on a wall of the back room and did further work at the cottage. Kennedy came and saw me, looking for a cross cut saw.
24-4-: 6 Weeks the bottle of salts lasted. I am still very sore between the legs. I did very little to the cottage. I have to go steady till I am over this bout.
25-4-: Stayed home. Syd and his boys were up. My trouble between the legs is crook and painful.
26-4-: Started on salts. I got a few pieces of Masonite up and we made a start cutting cover strips and the belt broke and when it was fixed we struck a nail and that stopped us properly.
27-4-: I put up a few pieces of Masonite and put several cover strips on. Sharrocks came out. Herb and I cut more strips and put a few boards up.
28-4-: I worked t the cottage and Cecil came and got me to go to Shoal Bay.
29-4-: We worked at the cottage.
30-4-: Carried on at the job.
1-5--: Worked.
2-5--: I went for a walk round the beach to the Oaks Cafe.
3-5--: I went fishing with Roy and Jim found a good bike pump.
4-5--: Worked.
5-5--: Worked.
6-5--: Worked.
7-5--: Worked.
8-5--: Loafed.
9-5--: Rested.
10-5-: Worked a few hours finishing up things and packing up, arrived at Sharrocks about 12 oclock. I went to the station and bought a ticket for Gracemere, but Syd was coming on to the platform and I arranged to come out with him.
11-5-: I went over to the pine patch also found a tree to get blocks out of; my foot is sore and makes it awkward to get to work.
12-5-: I dug 3 block holes, measured for the length of blocks. Herb and I sawed down a tree and I chopped one down with the axe. We went and got stuff from Sharrocks.
13-5-: We got the blocks and put them in and sawed the top off.
14-5-: I got the ground plate on and several of the joists. I couldnt find sufficient pieces for joists or they would have all been laid.
15-5-: I got the joists down and the outer floorboards nailed down. Ellen and family came out.
16-5-: Spent a quiet day at home, did not feel like going anywhere.
17-5-: An attack of stomach trouble makes me feel a bit weak. Did a bit to the cottage.
18-5-: I put down several floorboards and got the top plates placed. After tea I had a fire, burned the grass around the cottage.
19-5-: Finished laying the floorboards. Got the main rafters of the room and roof up and the ridge for the hip in also.
20-5-: I have about 3 bits of purloins to put on and am then ready for the iron. I had another good burn off and came in.
21-5-: Pumped and got the rest of the purloins except 1 piece and now the roof is ready for the iron.
22-5-: Sold my little table I made years ago with the draw for £1, made a case for a kerosene stove for the people and did a bit of work in the Shed, got tired.
23-5-: I went and saw Lonnie, Syd and Uncle Charley. He gave me carrots, beet and lettuce. Herb drove people to town to catch the tourist bus.
24-5-: I went in and got the cottage covered for £400. Bought nails and springheads. I felt tired after the trip and rested during the afternoon.
25-5-: I put iron on the verandah roof. Shortage of suitable iron hindered the work to a big extent. The campers on the flat went away today.
26-5-: I got the pieces on each side of the hip and the ridge capping on, also rails round to the bathroom and mortised holes for the short studs, tired too.
27-5-: I put flashing at the top end of the iron on the verandah, put up scaffold and cut the ends of the iron and nailed the bottom ends of the iron. Did a bit towards the wall.
28-5-: Put 2 pieces of iron on the bath room roof and boarded the point above the verandah roof.
29-5-: I went up and put the first ballot paper in the box. Did a little to the cottage, burned grass and spelled the rest of the day. The no vote won the ballot. Referendum day.
30-5-: I went round to Turners and had a yarn, got driven home in the truck. Afternoon I went over to Newmans and then to Charleys and stayed to tea. A muggy day today.
31-5-: I worked at the cottage Turner came and took the disc plow Paid me £10 for it I gave £17/2/- for it in 1929. It has been knocked about a good deal.
1-6--: I finished boarding up another wall and put down a floorboard in the bathroom. Knocked off before 5 as I was done.
2-6--: I rode the bike to the city. Did various bits of business and came home for dinner. Too tired to work this afternoon.
3-6--: I first went over to Wests to see Harry. Then I worked at a bit of wall etc. Very mild weather just now not like winter at all.
4-6--: Put in a door head and several pieces to finish the wall I commenced yesterday, took out a sill, put a bit of capping in the bath room, sharpened a saw. Spent some time stirring paint.
5-6--: I got the recess frame up and worked at getting the rails etc in the back wall of the room. Raw kind of day and I felt not too lively.
6-6--: I read books and took Battlers History of Rockhampton down to Charley.
7-6--: Salts 6 weeks. I mixed paint and painted the front weatherboards also put in nogging and a couple of pieces of Masonite, my back got sore so I ceased.
8-6--: We sawed a few pieces of timber; I put up Masonite and did painting, made myself rather tired. Yesterday railed a case to Ken and Elsie.
9-6--: I rode the bike in and bought a door from Adzmee 25/-. We got weatherboards and I went round to Christessons and sent a message to Ware.
10-6-: Herb and I got most of the 250 ft of weatherboards up. Had to put studs up and I was very tired by 5 oclock. The boards look all right when they are up.
11-6-: Morning I finished the boards on the point of Broom. Put the studs and rail up and we boarded near the recess.
12-6-: We got a fair bit of Masonite up and some weatherboards on the bathroom. Cecil and Ellen came out on a motorbike.
13-6-: I spent a quiet day reading. Rain came on in the night.
14-6-: It looks like a wet carnival week.
15-6-: I rode the bike to town paid for the door and show case afternoon we did a bit to the cottage.
16-6-: We carried on with the work. I put in the 27 grape cuttings Ken sent.
17-6-: I cut out Masonite enough to finish the front bedroom. Got the Scotia up. Trapped Roany and dug out guinea grass.
18-6-: I put up ceiling joists and some ceiling, came in quarter to 12. Afternoon we put on some ceiling boards.
19-6-: By strenuous exertion we finished the second ceiling. It was a knock up job and is rather faulty.
20-6-: I rode the bike to Henry Newmans and got cauliflower, carrots and potatoes. He was busy making spray pipes.
21-6-: We finished lining with Masonite. I went right up the hill and found the horse and have been tired since.
22-6-: Put up ceiling joists and helped Herb to do a wall of the bathroom. Cleared up a lot of scraps about the floor.
23-6-: Put up the steps at the kitchen and made a start at ceiling the last room.
24-6-: I carried on with the ceiling over half of it is up and I shall have to rustle up more boards. I took down the scaffold at the front of the house.
25-6-: I muddled my way through the finishing of the third ceiling, very glad I was too. It has been a hard job for me.
26-6-: I tidied up the room floors, ripped a piece for the recess floor.
27-6-: First dose out of new bottle of Life Salts. I went over to Henry and got a bottle of spirit of salts.
28-6-: Sowed a row of peas. We put in the affair with 10 panes of glass at the back of the cottage. Cool snap has come.
29-6-: I dug amongst the strawberry plants, got a row ready for tomatoes. We also did some ripping for strips for the cottage.
30-6-: Sowed Red Cloud tomatoes. Put cover strips on the front bedroom, made a bed for carnations.
1-7--: I did hoeing and put in a rail and Masonite above the big fan light, beaded 3 x 1 and put round the 2 casement frames in the front bed room, oiled a good patch of weather boards and Herb and I went down for pumpkins.
2-7--: Frank and I hung a door. I worked at reducing a stud so that the door can shut also put weatherboards above the bathroom.
3-7--: I finished the cover strips in the front bed room, oiled boards of the bath room wall, sowed a small patch of onion seed and did a bit for a wall here.
4-7--: I worked at the frame for a wee wall on the verandah to make a sort of kitchen. Afternoon I went and got some coal and had a yarn with Harry West. I walked right to Cecils small farm past Conaghans hay shed.
5-7--: Gave strawberries blood and bone. Worked at the bit of wall at this place. Got holes ready for rhubarb plants. Worked at a door for the home job.
6-7--: Worked at the door for the kitchen, sowed long beans and peas and put out a row of rhubarb plants.
7-7--: I hung the door and put up sisal craft etc. We tried soldering in the roof but failed to get going.
8-7--: Did a good bit round here and round the hill. I grubbed round the persimmon and pruned it also pruned the palm.
9-7--: Sowed another row of long beans, dug ground for shallots. We are now getting a bit of stuff in although I feel about done for.
10-7-: Dug ground and Herb set out the shallots. I sowed the bit of bean seed Dick Bunnage gave me when on my way from Brisbane.
11-7-: I went and planted a row of peas.
12-7-: I sowed 2 little plots with carrot seed, dug ground, hoed and made a pick handle.
13-7-: I was off work today two many aches and pains, however I did a little to the cottage it was a bit too.
14-7-: I worked at the cottage. We ripped a fair amount of cover strips. Spent a lot of time taking broken glass out of French lights.
15-7-: Had a lot of up and down the ladders was knocked up early. The second room is about finished.
16-7-: I made holes for tomato plants in 2 rows and put iron in the place above the bathroom.
17-7-: I prepared another row for tomato plants, gave blood and bone to 2 rows of peas, above the date palm and hoed a row of long beans.
18-7-: Got the fowls thistles and cleared grass from a line of pipes to a tank in a gully above where we are planting stuff.
19-7-: Salts 3 weeks. I worked at the stove recess and took out boards in the new kitchen and replaced them. The termites had worked their way right to the top plate. Lonnie came and told us that Charley had taken a stroke and was in hospital.
20-7-: Did a little to the recess and filled the gully tank, watered 3 rows of peas 1 of tomatoes and 1 of long beans. Went down to ask how Charley was and was told there was no hope of his getting over it this time. Heard that Charley was getting weaker and had made his will and expressed himself as quite willing to pass out. Irwin came and told us that he was getting married on the 18th August of next month. It is to hoped that he comes to his senses and makes a go of things. So far he has just been a messer and most unsatisfactory.
21-7-: Gave 3 rows of peas blood and bone. Worked a little at the cottage, sowed some seed Bunnage gave me and Frank and I put out 53 tomatoes.
22-7-: Put in 3x11/2 pieces for above the windows on this side. Put out tomatoes.
23-7-: Pruned orange tree, worked at a cupboard for Lily. Sowed a few cucumber seeds.
24-7-: Made a door for the cupboard and put a shelf in the affair.
25-7-: I read books all day. Felt too tired to go anywhere.
26-7-: I put pieces of Masonite up on this side of the cottage. Sowed some gauda bean seeds and fixed a foot on the showcase. Salts 4 weeks.
27-7-: Worked a bit at French lights and did a bit to a glass case for Ware. Sun was very warm today. Syd told us that his Dad is much better and seems chirpy.
28-7-: I did a bit of fixing at the cottage, hoed a row for gauda beans and then came and finished the cupboard.
29-7-: Sowed 4 holes of gauda beans, pronged 3 rows of peas and 1 row of long beans. Did some pruning of an orange tree.
30-7-: I pruned a bit at 2 orange trees, put glass safely, wrote to Joyce and Ted and Beryl. Told Lily about my rupture. Went down to see Syd. Brought up some thistles and rhubarb.
31-7-: I sowed a few beans, pronged rows of peas, watered grapes and other plants. Sun shone hot today, but it was quite cool by 4 oclock. Could do with some rain.
1-8--: I read books and rested all day the weather is very mild we have had no frost this year at all.
2-8--: 5 Weeks of salts I sowed a row of beet prepared a row for Red Cloud tomatoes watered plants and did a bit to the cottage.
3-8--: Sowed gauda beans, put up a facia and cover strips, Herb hung a pair of French lights.
4-8--: I did a bit round the hill and went to town in the bus. Went to 6 places on business and to Tannachy to see Charley, he is very crook.
5-8--: Planted red cloud tomatoes. Did a bit of other work.
6-8--: Painted at the front of the cottage.
7-8--: Did some watering and work amongst plants, also finished painting at the front of the cottage.
8-8-: Beryl and family turned up last night owing to mess up they walked from Gracemere. Walter and I went to Lonnies and got 2 cabbages. The rest of the day I spent with the kids and read a yarn. Not much rain lately.
9-8--: Knocked up some sort of riding animal for Desmond sowed some Brown Beauty beans.
10-8-: Made holes and put out 70 tomatoes.
11-8-: Hoed thistles etc, watered plants.
12-8-: Sowed a row of peas, watered tomatoes and did a little to the cottage also cut down a door for Franks end of room.
13-8-: Spent the day at home. Worked at the front of the cottage a bit. Herb took in oranges, lettuce, rhubarb, shallots, and beet. Carrots, peas, strawberries and eggs.
14-8-: Toiled a bit.
15-8-: Took Beryl and kids over to Sharrocks. Had a look at Cecils new cottage.
16-8-: Cut out sills for the little casements. Started on Enos Salts.
17-8-: Fitting the casements, it is a slow troublesome job too.
18-7-: Worked at a door etc. I feel out of joint with work cannot get a go on at all.
19-8-: Painted a door and put hinges on also pronged peas.
20-8-: I took boards off the closet to do a bit of work round the well, put hinges on casements.
21-8-: Fixed up the W. C. again. Put out tomatoes.
22-8-: Read and rested.
23-8-: Went to town with Irwin and Connie. Got Hoare to let them have a copper.
24-8-: I did a bit to the cottage.
25-8-: Did a little about the place.
26-8-: Carried on in a small way. Went to the city, saw 3 doctors at the general hospital. Herb went in for me. Irwin and wife went in.
27-8-: I set a tree near the cottage and went and saw Charley and Syd.
28-8-: I did a little to the cottage and rested my rupture makes it awkward so far as work goes.
29-8-: I went and saw Charley. Afternoon I went to Wests and up to Browns talked with Arthur Briggs, then Mark and Alf May.
30-8-: I did a bit about the place.
31-8-: I rode the bike to town saw Dr Wooster and then over to Sharrocks, had dinner and rode back to town. Saw Alec George and Hoare, went up to the hospital and then round to Lion Creek road had a look at a cottage Cecil is building and came home through the lane. Called in at Charleys and then came on home.
1-9--: I did a little today being very tired after yesterday. Frank West called about the saw bench and engine. Herb doesnt feel like letting it go.
2-9--: I cleared a tree away from the shed round at Maudsley hill, also planted a black Java mango tree that had been reared by Lily. I am not very well lately.
3-9--: I did a little round the hill and put in the rest of the time here.
4-9--: I went and cut trees up for Frank to drag down to the lane. Afternoon I went across to Phlan and to the post office and Browns.
5-9--: Phlan came and got a piece of 2/- fibro and a winch for 5/-.
6-9--: 3 Weeks ago I started on Enos fruit salts. I put in the section of the glass case and took things easy. The sun came out very warm indeed.
7-9--: Did a bit to a cupboard at the cottage.
8-9--: Paid my rates, settled with Alec George. Got 30/-for my fishing rod from Mellick, saw Lock about the engine. Saw West about the circular saw out fit.
9-9--: Trouble with hernia today. Did a bit to the glass case. Unable to do much until I get support for my rupture.
10-9-: Pumped, watered plants. Also put the glass in Wards show case. Got replies to my letters about hernia.
11-9-: I put in a usual sort of day. Sowed a few Bunnage squash. Cecil Sharrock and Dick came out the motorbike.
12-9-: I went in and took letters for John to post. Then across to Ellens had a look at Cecils cottage and back to tea.
13-9-: I did a little about the place, but the hernia makes it impossible to work.
14-9-: I started putting the windows on this side. They are taking a lot of fitting.
15-9-: I got the window in on this side, Herb and I cut wood.
16-9-: I put in 2 short studs at the front
17-9-: I put out 20 cabbage plants and some shallot bulbs also did some watering.
18-9-: Did hoeing, went to Wests and across to Phlans. Pretty tired by the time I got back.
19-9-: Herb drove me to Shoal Bay. We took the showcases down and Ware gave me £5 for the 2 cases and 10/- for the 3 lolly jars, also he shouted 2 bottles of soft drinks. Ron bloke has had his wife pack up and leave him. Hard luck just when he was getting straightened up. His place was getting to be a real nice home. Any way my day was sp ent satisfactorily, we got back before 4.
20-9-: Opened up a very clear bright day and absolutely no sign of rain. I did a bit of hoeing etc afternoon Herb and I went to town I saw Cullen and bought glass. Saw West about the saw bench.
21-9-: I put all the glass in the sashes and put in a sash near the steps. My appliance is not very successful yet. I some how cannot get it right to bung up the hernia hole, hard luck.
22-9-: I worked at the cupboard; sink cupboard and also windows and putting Masonite above the sashes. Rather hot weather.
23-9-: I got the sink in position, the draining piece in place. The cupboard only wants shelves and a door and it will be set.
24-9-: I made a door for the sink cupboard, hung it, put in a shelf. Pumped water.
25-9-: I planted cabbages. Put iron on the stove recess floor. Planted out a choko on this side of the cottage.
26-9-: West came out and got the saw bench outfit. Paid £25 for it. I went and had a yarn to Syd and Charley Johnson. Sun shone out rather warm.
27-9-: I put down a piece of iron at the stove recess, also worked at the cupboard.
28-9-: Put another shelf in the cupboard and flashing above the recess window. Put the hinges on the casements and Masonite above the steps, very hot today.
29-9-: Went to town and saw Daisy and Sharrocks. Rode the bike around the show grounds and gardens lagoon.
30-9-: I picked a few beans and did a little to the cupboard the heat has me quite prostrate these days.
1-10-: Pumped water, made 2 frames for doors for the cupboards. The weather is awful hot fairly knocks us out.
2-10: I did a bit to doors of the cupboards. Felt so done up with the heat that I had to just spell. Ken and family arrived about 5 oclock.
3-10-: Lock got me to go in for the engine we also went up and walked through the botanical gardens.
4-10-: I hung a door on the cupboard and did a little more about the place.
5-10-: Ken and I cut down the oak tree up the hill. We also ripped Oregon pine and took the stove round to the cottage.
6-10-: We put the stove in the recess and I did a bit to the recess to help finish and started to make brackets for shades.
7-10-: Ken and I did some ripping and I worked at the brackets for the window shades.
8-10-: I finished the brackets, pumped twice, and did some watering.
9-10-: Ken and I went up and sawed up the oak tree. Started on the life salts.
10-10: I read books and rested about the house, Sharrocks came over.
11-10: Ken and I got 2 casement shades finished.
12-10: Cecil came and took us round Yeppoon to Emu Park. I got 3 fish for tea.
13-10: I went out and got 4 crabs they left fish and also crabs couldnt eat all left shameful leavings.
14-10: I went out and had a bathe with Norma.
15-10: I was crook and stayed in the house. The others went to the picnic.
16-10: Took things quietly.
17-10: I stayed down in the busy part of the township among the picnickers. Rodgers helped Cecil and I to locate my allotment.
18-10: I went and had a bathe and came home.
19-10: I boxed the engine up for safe transit, wrote to Locks and Carr. Sent Carr a telegram and we took the engine to the station.
20-10: Went to the city, banked engine money and did various bits of business.
21-10: Putting in casements. Very hot day indeed.
22-10: Pumped and grubbed out a bit of guinea grass. Hung a French light, went down and got the table from Harriet to make in to a dinner wagon.
23-10: Life salts 2 weeks. Another sweltering day. I fitted and hung the other French light; Herb and Ken put up a shade and put in a casement.
24-10: Read books. Sharrocks came and had dinner. We went and looked at the cottage and then went to the gardens.
25-10: I worked at the job for Harriet Mr Swift came and got the disc cultivator for £7 I just about finished the tea wagon.
26-10: I started on a door for the back of the kitchen. I also helped Ken to put the stays on 2 pair of casements. Herb worked on Wests truck.
27-10: I partly put the door together, then had a shower and got ready for town. Ken and family go home today.
28-10: Hung the back kitchen door. Very muggy day makes me feel unable to work.
29-10: Got 1 door on the bottom section of cupboard and started to make another.
30-10: Got the other door made and sent it round by Frank. Life salts 3 weeks.
31-10: Was a nasty day and I stayed at home.
1-11-: Big dust haze here today. I hung a cupboard door and spent most of the day mixing paint, filled roof holes.
2-11-: I did some painting. Finished the tea wagon for Harrier Johnson.
3-11: I had 2 trips on the bike to Syds, he took in 2 bunches of beans. I did quite a lot of painting and took Harriets tea wagon down after tea.
4-11-: Last night I took Harriets wagon down, wheeled it down the road. Today I went on with the painting.
5-11-: I hung a door and carried on with the painting.
6-11-: Salts 4 weeks. I gave the ceiling a coat of paint by 10.30 and then came in. Afternoon I finished painting the walls of the bedroom.
7-11-: I went to Syds and Newmans and Harriet. Gave H. Newman 15/- for a bag of small potatoes. Saw what was needed to Harriets door.
8-11-: Took 6 1/2 dozen long beans down to Syd. Worked a bit at the cottage. The heat has us all knocked out.
9-11-: Went and got a bag of spuds from Syds. I painted and put 3 ply under the front windows.
10-11: I painted the Scotia round the room, put stops at the French lights, fixed things in the porch, painted and went in to the city by bus.
11-11: Put stops round a casement stopped holes in roof of the bathroom ripped timber painted a door.
12-11: Did planing and hand ripping. Finished the steps round the 2 last casements.
13-11: I put the finishing touches to the front bedroom and did a fair bit of painting. Felt too tired after dinner.
14-11: I rode the bike to Newmans, called at Syds. After dinner I went and looked at the garage Fred Thorsen has for sale.
15-11: Put the stays on the little casements at the front. Did more fixing and got the tank off the stand and knocked out the stand.
16-11: Too hot for me I just did a bit towards the making of a tank stand.
17-11: I went round and put in a block before breakfast. Awful hot day makes one feel sick.
18-11-: Had to cut the tank stand lower. Got finished by evening.
19-11: Frank and I got the tank round on the stand.
20-11: Salts 6 weeks. Did painting etc Fred Thorsen came and told me I could have a garage for £6.
21-11: I read 2 books. The day was hot until afternoon when a storm came and cooled things a bit.
22-11: Sowed 2 rows of long beans dug the corner hole for the verandah on the shed. Put in nearly half of the bottom of the tank.
23-11: Finished the bottom of the tank. Painted a ceiling, mixed cement and dug a bit at postholes for the verandah of the shed. Took 2 snaps of cottage.
24-11: I was up at 4.30 and went round and did some cementing of the tank. After breakfast Frank and I put in 3 verandah posts. Painted 2 walls of a room.
25-11: I painted a wall. Cut off the tops of the verandah posts and Herb, Frank and I got the top plate in position. Sharpened a saw.
26-11: I cut out 6 rafters and then came on too hot for me. Afternoon I painted a wall and also a little out near the steps.
27-11: I painted the 4 walls of a room. Cecil brought Daisy out to see us. I was tired by evening; it came a nice breeze by 4 oclock.
28-11: Cecil came and got Herb and I took the bus to Yeppoon and brought us back again. We spent a good quiet day. Daisy and her lot were down too.
29-11: I did a panel of pickets in front of the cottage also painted and wrote to Ken Johnson.
30-11: I painted and did 2 panels in front of the cottage. It was an awful day, sultry and hot.
1-12-: I finished painting the W. C. wall towards the shed. Sowed tomato seed along the front of the cottage.
2-12-: I carried on with the battens. I now have a gate to make and 2 panels to nail the batons on.
3-12-: I cleared out the spare bedroom and started to put the last Wunderuch latches to it.
4-12-: Cut boards and put up, did up bars and went out for the garage at Jaminsons old place, Got home just after 5.
5-12-: Pumped out the well and did a little watering. Read and finished a letter to Beryl.
6-12-: Did some fixing in the back bedroom. Put in a post for a trellis and opened up 2 more holes.
7-12-: Put in 2 post stays. The heat is awful and has us all knocked up.
8-12-: I went in with Bill Brown. Went by bus to Sharrocks and back to town. Did bits of business and came out by bus.
9-12-: Run wires for beans and worked at the verandah of the shed. Allowed a chap to do up his drills on my forge.
10-12: We put a bit of iron on the verandah of the shed.
11-12: Cecil Sharrock came out and I went in with him on his motorbike to look at a shed.
12-12: Rather hot today. I did some reading. All of us kept to the house today.
13-12: Got nearly all the iron on the verandah it was very hot and there was considerable woodwork to be done before the iron could be put on.
14-12: Finished putting the iron on the roof of the verandah. It was a battle getting enough iron, shifted the stove etc out of the way.
15-12: I nailed along the join at the top of the iron, then I rested and I felt nervy.
16-12: I watered beans etc. Cut out a piece of floorboard and put in a piece. Put in a rail and cut out checks on posts.
17-12: I put in a couple of rails. Insurance men came out and got the particulars needed for insurance, sent a letter to Ken.
18-12: Herb and I worked at the shed. It was so awfully hot that I only worked a bit during the morning.
19-12: Sharrocks came out and Cecil paid me for petty items. I went over to Newmans about potatoes.
20-12: Herb went down to Syds. I did a bit round the hill. I put up the needed rail etc to enable me to put in the wall for the bathroom. Liver salts 3 weeks.
21-12: I applied the boards to the bath, round the wall and hung the door. Sold dieseline to Freddy Thorsen.
22-12: Went to town by bus and fixed up cottage insurance. Much cooler today.
23-12: Worked at the shed. Got a good bit of wall done. A cooler spell is now on tap.
24-12: I worked a bit at the new garage. Dick left a nice bit of pork. Freddy Thorsen left us 3 lb of grapes.
25-12: Spent a good quiet day. The pork was very good and the bacon is quite a good piece too.
26-12: Light showers fell early and then the sun came out.
27-12: I spent the day at the Park with Tom Healy. He was very attentive to me and we had a nice quiet time.
28-12: I dug out material at the back of the cottage.
29-12: Carried on with excavating etc. Mr Wilson called about the well.
30-12: The days are getting warm again. Worked as little at back of the cottage.
31-12: Got about half the iron on the shelter shade.

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