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1942 front cover

     The early part of the year Reg and Irwin was growing vegetables out at Flynns at Kabra until later in the year when Reg went into t he Army. I grew a lot of vegetables this year as well as my fruit. In the middle of the year I had at one stage 6000 onions growing, besides other types of vegetables. I had to put soot on my onions and they were the only things that the grubs didn t eat. It was an awful job to try and grow anything this year; it is the worst season for years. Grubs just ravaged cabbages, cauliflowers etc everything was grubby except the onions. 14th June I was the first one up at Gracemere to collect my coupon book which we had to have to be able to buy certain foods, clothing, petrol etc as some things were rationed and because of the war it was then possible for the stuff to be able to meet demand. In June Ken went into the Army, Reg was also in the Army. R eg had been home on leave and on 9th July he went back to camp after spending leave at home. Late in the year I bought an A Model Ford, I was also carting and selling wood during the year and I also did various jobs for people.

7-5--: I worked at fixing the cart for the transfer of the suckers. Also watered papaws and carnations and watered at 2 rows for rhubarb.
8-5--: Rode the bike to Watsons and got 100 rhubarb plants 5/-. Came to Foulkes &Co and bought a quantity of 3 ply. Got the 2 dozen Hawkesbury, strawberry plants the total cost was 2/11d
9-5--: Watered tomatoes etc got out some strawberry plants. Afternoon I went up to Gracemere and showed Frank Morrell where to dig holes for the clothesline.
10-5-: I got 225 strawberry plants out, picked kerosene tin of rosellas. Also went up to Kennedys for a few hours, got some reading matter and had a cup of tea with them.
11-5-: Took strawberry and rosella plants to Williams and got my 3 ply from Foulkes. The 6/- stack made our load go right up to the hood, an awful lot of stuff in this heap. I put out the strawberries in their proper position.
12-5-: Pumped and saw to the watering of plants. Planted 200 onions and 100 lettuce, picked rosellas and took to Gracemere, very warm day for time of year grubs bad on cauliflowers etc
13-5-: Nasty fog this morning. I planted out over 200 beets, Herb put out lettuce. I also filled up the papaw misses and put out a dozen near the house. Frank and Ken trimmed the bases of pine suckers.
14-5-: I dug out grass near the shed round the hill. Herb and I cleared a big piece of land. Irwin got home with his motorbike at 8 P. M. Rotten windy day.
15-5-: I cleared out a quantity of beet, hoed and dug the ground. Did a fair amount of watering, picked cucumbers and came and watered 204 papaws and made myself jolly tired.
16-5-: I got 200 more onions planted, did a good deal of watering and run out 5 rows for pineapple suckers.
17-5-: I rode my bike up to G. Thorsens and then on to Harry Broadhurst had a look at his poultry affairs that I could and then came home for dinner. Afternoon I rested at home, read a book that I had read before.
18-5-: I watered rhubarb and carrot s also papaws up near the reservoir, got out 150 cabbage plants, planted a row of pineapple suckers and then came in for dinner. I planted 400 suckers and dug rows and put out 160 cabbages. Biggest days work I have done for a long time.
19-5-: I planted 150 onions also put in a row of 106 pine suckers and a row of 50 cabbages, put in Madagascar beans between 2 posts round near the date palm. Came up like rain again but has passed off.
20-5-: I sprayed plants with arsenate of lead and got out cauliflower plants. Got ready and had early dinner and went to town. I got a cheque from Thomson for £ 1/0/6 and put it in the bank and bought a pair of trousers and a shirt from West 1/4 lb of cocoa and pepper. Cocoa ration from Mills and came home.
21-5-: I got out 100 cauliflower plants and watered the papaws. Afternoon I watered beet and carrots, I prepared places and planted 100 cauliflowers, came round and did other things. Herb and Irwin were out after wood. Sun very warm today.
22-5-: I watered the cauliflowers and cabbages what was left of them after ravages by grubs, also dug out grass near the shed round the hill. I planted out about 90 cauliflowers and Herb put in 60, I got carrots and beet out for Ken.
23-5-: Awful job to grow stuff this year it is the worst season for years. I started for Mount Morgan at 1.30 and got to the Mount at 4.10. It was a close afternoon. Stopford way made weary climbing.
24-5-: Ted and I went for wood and I read rest of the day. It was showery throughout the day but not much rain fell. It only made things miserable. A nice rain would be welcome.
25-5-: I started for home at 7. I got home at 9.20. Made good pace down Stopford Way counted 15 sharp turns on way down. When I got home I had lunch and went and gathered 2/- rosellas for Mrs G. Thorsen. Rain cleared away.
26-5-: This morning it seems as though it could rain. Several showers fell in the night. Planted onions, cauliflowers, rain put back our work but did better work than we would. We put out a couple of 100 cauliflower plants.
27-5-: Irwin and I got out 200 onion and 200 beet plants and he planted them out at Flynns I went out and we weeded carrots and got Roany for the cart and we carted the posts to the fence site.
28-5-: Herb and Ken ploughed a strip of land, Irwin and I did up a crow bar and I put out 50 onions and dug ground also gathered galvanised iron. Irwin and I went out to Flynns before I went I got 6 rows of peas sowed. All the lads condemn my action.
29-5-: We had an early breakfast and went to the job of putting in posts. We got on very well l got back about 3 oclock. Quite a cool change since the rain. Special pumpkin seed arrived from Mackay. 37 seeds.
30-5-: Cool last night. I rode my bike to town bought a spray affair 1/11 hinges 5d a pair, went about with Ted a bit to F. Wests. Roly Mills and then came home. Seems as though cool weather is on the way, the change has come on after the rain.
31-5-: Poor old May has gone bust and June comes in. Ken and Co went out to Kabra. Kennedy came and him and I got rosellas for him. Pretty cool last night my word.
1-6--: I picked rosellas for T. Norman and posted P. N. for pumpkins. After dinner I got a tin of rosellas for Frank West. I also did a bit of hoeing and my bones become achy and I seem to have caught a cold s o I rested the rest of the afternoon.
2-6--: I sprayed all cabbages and cauliflower plants, cleared onions, burned rubbish, picked rosellas for O. Neil. Afternoon went to town with Ken, took Wests stuff got home 4.30.
3-6--: Got out 1000 onions, dug ground also dug a bed for tomatoes. It was a nasty cool windy day. Rennie Newman came over and I gave him 2 carrots for 6d I also gave him 2 lettuce and about a dozen strawberry plants.
4-6--: I rode my bike out to Flynns and put in posts in along the far side of the farm. I then my rode back and got home 5.25. It was rather warm today quite a change.
5-6--: I went to town and attended Hempenstalls sale bought a canvas hose and watched shoes sold, they were far too narrow and pointed sold from 2/- to 5/6 per pair. They were cheap for anyone they would fit.
6-6--: Irwin took 400 onions out to Flynns and I set out 600 here. I also did a bit of fishing and preparing land for planting. I picked a tin of tomatoes. Today was warm, I planted 700 onions.
7-6--: I rode bike down to Charleys and got my hoe, writing pads. After I got back I got nearly a tin of rosellas. After dinner I went and had a yarn with Kennedys, got some garlic from them for Abdullahs. The weather mugged up again.
8-6--: I took things in on my bike got 9/- for it, bought pair of pants 30/-. Double furrow plow Williams 45/- good shares worth 30/-. Afternoon I weeded Onions and pronged rhubarb and cabbages.
9-6--: Weeded carrots and onions. Planted out carnation plants hoed weeds and put bushes for the sugar peas to climb up altogether I put in a busy day.
10-6-: I prepared for beetroot. Went up to Gracemere and got 2/6 Norman left for rosellas. Got mail and saw Davies about manure and got 2/- from him for rosellas afternoon went to town.
11-6-: I watered onions treated one patch with soot. We set out 700 making the total 6000. Getting them out and put in again makes me jolly tired. Kennedy brought me some papaw seed and I gave him beet, onion plants and beet and cucumbers. I cut out a handle for the saw I gave West 6d for.
12-6-: I hoed and dug a corner of land for onions and put out a 100. Made hooks for draw bars for Flynns. Cut a kerosene tin of rosellas. Fertilised the rhubarb, finished my little saw handle.
13-6-: I did some pruning and a little to the saw I gave West 6d for. Very cloudy and muggy. I felt crook today and didnt do much about the place today. The saw is pretty tough and needs a lot of filing to put the teeth in good order.
14-6-: I took a map to Kennedys and went up to Gracemere and was first to get my coupon book and Franks. Mum walked up after dinner. I put in the afternoon as best as I could, no book to read.
15-6-: I got 300 onion plants out of my long row I later got another 700 out and making 1000 today. I watered beetroot and pronged amongst 2 rows of carrots. The weather seems to have cleared away, rain now seems to have gone.
16-6-: I rode bike to town. Paid for plow £2 being 5/- off because they took a share. Alec O Neil came and I got him 1/- rosellas and 1/6 tomatoes. I also made the pair of shafts for the cart and finished up very tired indeed.
17-6-: I helped to put the finishing touches to the cart shafts. Fertilised the papaws. Picked a few tomatoes and watered onions, shallots, beetroot and carrots very warm for the middle of June.
18-6-: I hoed paths between beetroot, carrots and onion beds also picked tomatoes. Afternoon Herb and I went to Davies and got 14 bags of manure. I mulched a couple of 1000 onions.
19-6-: I got 2/- rosellas and took to town. Went away up the range to a sale but left it and went down town to another one where I got 2 bike pumps 1/- Grease cups 1/- a 300 ft 1 1/2 inch hose sold for £2/6/6 I felt crook as I came home.
20-6-: Mulched onions and sprayed some. I gave fertiliser to 2 rows of peas and humped water to them. They burn with the stuff put on the leaves. I also prepared a bed for onions. Horrible wind. Sent for seeds Rumseys.
21-6-: Was a slug of a day for me. I had nothing to read so looked up things in old journals. O Neils came for tomatoes and rosellas. Herb, Ken and Irwin went on bikes to enable Ken to show Irwin some of the run.
22-6-: I took a share to Tozers as a pattern for them to make 2 steel ones like it. Afternoon I sowed papaw seeds and onion plants also watered onions etc.
23-6-: I watered onions pumped water, pronged peas. Planted more onions I planted onions until I was knocked up and had to come in. Frank weeded beet most of the day. Very warm for time of year.
24-6-: I rode my bike out to Arthurs. He helped me to pick 500 suckers. I helped him to hoe a row of pines. Had dinner with him and came home and hoed and picked tomatoes etc.
25-6-: I went to town took in 1/ - bunch of carnations. Wests had a sale bought some piping. Had a look in at Daisy. Got the plowshares from Tozers they seem all right but too much weight for me on the bike 3 of them.
26-6-: It came on to rain and put us back. I picked 2 rows of peas, dug out carrots and pulled beet, cut cabbages and cauliflowers and got nearly 2 tins of rosellas and picked the old leaves off the rhubarb. I was very tired after all this.
27-6-: Rained during last night and is still at it this morning. Herb and Irwin went in with a good assortment of stuff. They sold better than I had though they would and it kept raining pretty well all the time.
28-6-: I rode my bike to town and paid West for cartage of pipes to his place. Brought home 2 apples to go with the rhubarb. Went up to Kennedys and had a yarn, he says he will get me a bag of small potatoes 7/-.
29-6-: I thinned out carrots and hoed also planted seeds from Rumseys Kennedy brought me a bag of small potatoes from Tim Fogarty and I went and ordered 5 more. It was pretty warm today. It was a big fog last night and that made it hot. Herb went out to Flynns.
30-6-: I treated cabbage for grubs, picked tomatoes. Felt off colour today. The weather appears to be clearing, I think it will be cooler tonight. It was very good rain we had last Saturday. Planted seedless citrus.
1-7--: Another nasty fog this morning. We tried to rip some timber, but the saw is not fixed properly. We cut grass ready for ploughing. Herb and I hoed along the top side of the main pipeline so that we can plant custard apples.
2-7--: Brought 2 pair of braces from West 2/- pair. Also sold bags to Williams Ltd. Got 3 bags of small potatoes for Charley and the same for us from Tim Fogarty good spuds.
3-7--: I sold Arthur rosellas for 2/- carrots. Picked another 9 lb of rosellas and got out a few parsnips and onions also bit of tomatoes, cabbages and cauliflowers. I was quite knocked up when I had done. Posted letter to Marlborough.
4-7--: I watered beds, dug places for 20 custard apple trees, hoed down at the old carrot bed. Baileys went in and got their exchange of utilities effected. The one they brought out seems good, they brought us a load of manure.
5-7--: Raining steadily throughout the day. A very cool change has come with the rain and I expect we will get frost very soon. Baileys went home in the rain. It is only a drizzle.
6-7--: Rainy day and we couldnt work outside at all. Herb and Irwin cleared up the shed and I did various jobs. Reggie came home while we were at tea.
7-7--: I got a good lot of pick work done under the house and finished hoeing along the top of the pipeline for custard apples. We are having good rain.
8-7--: Rained again during the night. Reg and I rode bikes in. I got 300 tomato plants from Warrie, he will not come down from 2/- per 100. We set plants out amongst pines.
9-7--: Reg went back to camp. Herb and Irwin took him in. Frank and I sowed a row of long beans and a row of sunflowers. It was showery again today we are all terribly sick of the wet days.
10-7-: Fine day today except for a few fine showers during the morning. I poked about the place at various jobs and managed to make myself tired and achy all over, every thing is grubby but the onions.
11-7-: I rode my bike to town and bought a drum for 5/- and 5ft of 1/2 inch hose two 3/- at Wests. Got panicum seed and 11/2 lbs onion seed 6d at Bolton.
12-7-: I went up to Kennedy and over to Newmans and back for dinner. Afternoon I went out to Griffins and Broardhursts taking things in general, I had a busy day and was fairly tired by night.
13-7-: I rode my bike out to Arthurs and drove horse and cart out to Flynns, helped to get wood as far as Arthurs then rode the bike home. I was jolly tired after all this exercise.
14-7-: I picked a few rosellas and hoed grass and dug a bit of ground. The weather is very mild for July and land full of moisture.
15-7-: I dug land and Irwin and I rode our bikes to town I dodged about all over and was very tired by the time I got home. Herb and Irwin went and got 3 bags of potatoes for 8/- a bag. A good sample.
16-7-: Frank and I sowed beans above the house. Herb and I took Reg to town also a bag of small potatoes for Ademees. Got piping for Ted and wood for me to build a cart. Pumpkin came from Mackay weight 8 3/4lbs good colour.
17-7-: Much cooler this morning. I rode the bike out to Flynns and cut 3 trees down and had to knock off. My throat got sore and my bones ached and head ached too and inside my thigh is awful burning and sticky eczema or something like that.
18-7-: I was in bed all day. I have some disorder in my system. I am so sore with eczema or some such ailment I cant walk without torture.
19-7-: I stayed in bed all morning. Afternoon I went to Broardhursts and Griffins measured up Griffins job in a sort of way and arranged to start when I am over this crook bout. Ted and Herb went and bought another old motor for parts £15.
20-7-: I am too crook to go out to work. All I did today was to get G. Fosters carrots and sharpen Joe Ademees saw just when I have such a lot to do I am unable to get to it.
21-7-: Herb, Irwin and I went out to Flynns I cut more posts for Broadhurst and got wood ready to bring home. Owing to the box being loose in one of the cartwheels, they couldn't get on with their work.
22-7-: I picked 4 tins of tomatoes. We did a bit of hoeing amongst papaws. Irwin ploughed a strip of ground Herb weeded some onions, none of us too well got a cheque form Marlborough.
23-7-: I rode my bike to town paid £5 to River Motors for Ted and chased around on various business jobs. Sent some weatherboards and studs up to Griffins.
24-7-: I went out to get Broadhurst posts. Took one load of wood to Gilmores and got home about 5.30 jolly tired.
25-7-: Nasty weather came along and made my cold worse so I had to stay in. A horrible wind came up. I rested about the house all day. Herb and Ted worked at Teds truck. They put in a full day.
26-7-: Herb and Ted was at the utility all the morning. Afternoon I went with them to Flynns and we took posts to Broadhursts also a bit of firewood and then went back and got some firewood for Ted to take home.
27-7-: I sharpened 2 saws and pronged the strip of land Irwin ploughed. Broadhurst called and got 3 pieces of spouting 5/- but owes me 1/- as he was short. Afternoon I went and worked at Griffins lattice is dopey and hard to shift.
28-7-: I went and worked at Griffins until dinner and afternoon Frank and I sowed bean seed. Most of us are crook and unfit for much work.
29-7-: I drove Roany out to Flynns, left timber and toolbox at Griffins on my way out. Helped Irwin to cut wood and also to cut 1 sapling for Harry Broadhurst, it is difficult to get saplings the right size.
30-7-: I rode my bike to town. Looked at timber to be auctioned etc but there was nothing to suit me, so I bought some at Skyrings. Nasty weather just now. Tomatoes 10d per lb to day.
31-7-: I put in the day at Griffins. If only I could get rid of my cold I would be all right but I am afraid to get a sweat up as the wind makes me cold.
1-8--: August cloudy again. I had a nasty jaw ache and felt no good. I sowed some early fortune cucumber seeds.
2-8--: I went over to the Fairy Bower farmers looking for potatoes. Afternoon I went to Langley and bought pumpkins and did other bits of business.
3-8--: I went up and put in a good day at Griffins. Shifted a partition and put up a few weatherboards. It was pretty warm and tried to rain a bit.
4-8--: I sowed Burwood Prize tomato seeds. The rest of the day I spent lying down as I have another turn of that crook feeling I have been having lately. Gave Grace present 4/- for her collection.
5-8--: I put in the day at Griffins. I got on pretty well considering, but flu business has set me back a step or two. I also called and saw Mary Morrell.
6-8--: I went out in the cart. Had a look at the church E.C. and went out and got Broadhursts saplings. We all are pretty crook with colds knock up easily. Roany seems tired too and goes awfully slow.
7-8--: I put in another day at Griffins. Only for the cold I have I would be all right.
8-8--: I rode my bike to town and got a hair trim, went to Tozers over to Breckerts and Daisy. Called at Wests and got a shirt and lumber jacket. Went to Abels and got carnation plants. I was quite tired by time I got home.
9-8--: I rode my bike over to Newmans had a yarn with them and George Fedderson, came home for dinner. Afternoon I went to Broadhursts and Griffins.
10-8-: I went up and put in a day at Griffins. Got on all right but it was pretty warm.
11-8-: I put in another day at Griffins. Ken home on Leave.
12-8-: I went up to Griffins and worked during the morning and came home for dinner. Afternoon I sewed a pair of old shoes and sharpened a saw.
13-8-: Wrote a letter to Thompsons but it never got posted. I fixed up for the chaff with Mrs Griffins and put in blocks for the saw bench.
14-8-: Herb and I got the saw going and ripped timber for the plywood to be nailed to. I also had to ride my bike out to Flynns for 2 saws I promised to take to town to show a man.
15-8-: I took in a Prim us stove and 2 saws sold the primus and 1 saw and left 1 saw at Wests. I came home quite done up. It is pretty hot weather. Mum and Herb took incubator over to G. Fedderson and got potatoes. Lily had a yarn with Tilly, my chest is still sore.
16-8-: I rode my bike to town and bought an A. Model Ford for £25 will get it next weekend. It took me all morning to see him, I got him late for dinner. The sun was hot by gum.
17-8-: I worked up at Griffins putting up 2x1 for plywood and I was very tired by evening and glad to get home for tea.
18-8-: I went and put in a half day at Griffins. Afternoon I sorted out plywood ready to get up to the job. I am feeling rather sick today for some reason or other. Muggy day.
19-8-: I worked at Griffins putting plywood all round the room. And did a good lot towards getting the windows in. I am off colour and cant eat much.
20-8-: We had to rip 3 ply and timber before I could go to my job. Irwin took timber and me up with the truck. I got finished with the first room.
21-8-: I went up to Griffins and put in the morning. The weather has clouded up and is muggy, rain seems a possibility a slight shower came over, but I cant make out, is if rain is on tap.
22-8-: I was off early on my bike and took Abel rosella seed and Battlers book. Spent the whole day in town seeing after the A. Ford. Most likely we can get it next weekend.
23-8-: I am very tired today too much cycling yesterday.
24-8-: I was up 5.30 and lighted the fire. I put in a half day at Griffins. Came home for dinner and got stuff ready to take up to finish the job.
25-8-: I put in a hard day at Griffins. There is about 1 hours work at the ceiling and the wall to finish and a window to put in. This window and the putting of it in, is extra to the job I had on and will be charged for as such.
26-8-: I worked at Griffins during the morning. Afternoon I rode the bike to town. Went to Burns and Twigg, Cruickshanks, Williams Limited, Brazils and got a box at Attwoods.
27-8-: I went up to Griffins put in a bu sy morning. I finished the job and the little there is to do now is really extra to the job I took on. I gave my left shinbone a nasty knock and it is very sore as a result. I feel very tired in fact knocked up. It is hot today.
28-8-: I rode a bike out to Flynns and got the new box in the wheel but couldnt get a horse so had to come back home and I was so knocked up that I rested all the afternoon.
29-8-: I rode my bike to town and put in a hard day. I got the mate of the box I got the other day and bought 7 butter fly nozzles from West for 1/ 6 each. I could not get the truck I bought because the man is not prepared to give delivery just yet.
30-8-: I went to Yeppoon with Morgans trees. By the time I got home again I was very tired indeed, my sore shin also suffered by the walking.
31-8-: I went to the city on Franks bike, saw the Doctor and got put on the lodge as from last Friday. The days are getting quite warm in fact. In fact summer is here already and I am going to feel the weather this time.
1-9--: I went up to Griffins and fixed matters. I got £24 and left a balance of £4, also saw Mary Morrell about church E.C. Irwin drove me in to the train and I got to Emu Park had a splendid tea of fish for 2/- and went to the house.
2-9--: I had bre akfast at cafe, ham and eggs a big feed for 2/- bathed my leg in a hole in rocks. Saw Fred Thwaite and his wife. I came home to prepare dinner. I saw Les De Landells about the saw but he knew nothing about it. The weather has turned cold and windy.
3-9--: I spent a quite day. I didnt bathe my leg today. Yesterday I paddled from our rocks to the swing almost. The sore place, nags and aches all the time, I cant make it out. Got 9 eggs for 1/- from Raine.
4-9--: I bathed my sore in the sea. Went for a long walk to the fish trap and round by Uptons and looked in on Old Mrs Thwaite and Ethel. Very windy and cool the sea too cold for bathing.
5-9--: I was up at 3.30 and cooked 3 eggs and had an early breakfast I came up on train, saw Doctor and B. Lock and got 2 saws to sharpen. Came out on rail motor and biked back to town to see about utility.
6-9--: First after breakfast I gave my shin a good bathing with salt and hot water. I went up to see Kennedy and had a cup of tea with them. Mrs Kennedy says it is going to rain, it will do some good if it does. wait long enough to see the Doctor, bought a file for 6d and 2 nail bits for 3d each. Got a lift with Reynolds, which was very nice and got me home quickly.
8-9--: I bathed shin and treated it with Eucalyptus. A light rain fell last night but today is clear and windy. I set one of the bright locks sawed and partly sharpened it. The light was so bad and the saw so greasy that it was so difficult to do.
9-9--: I walked up to Gracemere and talked to Charlotte Bunker also called at Kennedys and got my map of this district. The days are warm now but the nights get cool.
10-9-: I lazed about the house. I am not feeling so good now although my shin is getting better.
11-9-: I went in with Irwin. Spent £1/1/- at Foulkes & Co. Called at several places including Hamilton and ordered a tin of dripping for 9/-. My right knee is somewhat crook I don t like it. 7/ - for sharpening B. Locks saws.
12-9-: I went to town and called at Abels and all over the town even the North Side. Got off the lodge for Monday. Got home for tea and found Baileys here.
13-9-: I rested at home. Somehow I feel tired all the time since I hurt my shin.
14-9-: I rode the bike up to Griffins and went into things a bit for him. Very hot day and I didn't do much work. I got 5/6 worth of vegetables for George Foster.
15-9-: I rode bike to town and learned and learned a lot about Alan Taylor the chap I reckon to have bought the A. Model Ford from. He is a jail bird and so unreliable I have to see him on Thursday. The sun was very hot today.
16-9-: Herb and I rode our bikes out to Flynns and helped to get wood. Came home for dinner and after dinner I tried to grind down Ademees saw but found a crack in it, which will make it a very short saw.
17-9-: I cut out the plates for the church closet, took them up in the cart and put the blocks in. It is now ready for fastening the plates. Worked 6 hours.
18-9-: Worked at the church closet. I got the plates fastened down and pulled down the old building. I then put down the old flooring I had and came home I was rather tired.
19-9-: Very muggy weather but rain hangs off. I went to town and spent more time after the A.M. Ford but failed to contact the tripe of a man and came very hot and tired.
20-9-: I read a book and went up to Kennedys for a while and got some more books. It was a very hot day, but seem like rain heat.
21-9-: I took Frank up and got him to shift the old closet material to the new site. I put in a good day at the job and got the frame up and nearly 1 wall finished. This is the third day.
22-9-: I walked up to work. I have only about 5 more boards to put on and stops and hang the door and put the roof on also fix up pedestal. Very hot weather just now but not like rain.
23-9-: I went to town on the bike. Spent the whole day vainly trying to get the A Ford but could not manage to get it. This bloke Taylor is a real rotter there is no doubt that if I can get even I will.
24-9-: I went up and worked 2 hours at the churches closet then went to Griffins and got 3 tins of milk and 20 nails. Afternoon I went and had a yarn to Mary and Charlotte and then went and worked at the closet for 1 1/ 2 hours. I put the roof on but it is not properly nailed.
25-9-: Herb and I went up and put the pedestal in and fixed the vent pipe, I also went to Cifuentes and did a bit. Went to town and registered the A. Ford and bought £1 worth of timber at Cranes. Ford insurance etc £ 6/3/6.
26-9-: I rode bike up and finished the church closet job. Went out and raked up manure at Davies yard. We got 4 loads in the morning.
27-9-: Frank and I watered the papaws. The weather is drying things awfully and no signs of rain visible. Put in nearly the whole day at the papaws.
28-9-: I took a couple of bits of galvanised iron, strawberries and 3 custard apple trees to Griffins then went in and got a load of wood for Moffats. It was after 1 when I got home. I have put in 2 hours at the cart I am making shaping shafts.
29-9-: I got Fosters stuff delivered to them and rasped the shafts a bit and rode the bike to the city. Afternoon I went up to Dingles house and worked all the afternoon. Got on pretty well at it.
30-9-: I worked the morning at Dingles house. Afternoon Frank and I went out and got a load of firewood to take to town. We had a long cold trip home and were both feeling tired when we arrived.
1-10-: Herb and I took in the load of wood and got the timber from Cranes. There is 4/- worth of stuff and I paid £1 for it. Afternoon I worked at the shafts and got things ready for Gracemere.
2-10-: Herb and Iris went in with a bit of produce and got soda from Denhams. I felt crook but did a bit to the cart frame. Got 5/- carrots for Mrs Griffin she called late for them. I have been right out of sorts today.
3-10-: Mrs S owes 7/- strawberries and carrots. I took timber etc up to Dingles and then went and got a load of wood for Mrs Taafe. Very hot today and I am not feeling well at all. Mrs Taafe not home so she owes 7/6.
4-10-: I went up to Kennedys and took a few strawberries and had a good yarn. The rest of the day I put in quietly. Awful weather now, part of the day is very hot and evening it becomes cool.
5-10-: I went up and put in the morning at Griffins roof. Afternoon I rode bike to town and got 1/6 worth of Litharge and did a lot of running about town, it was very hot too.
6-10-: I gave Foster 18lb beans 8lb onions 2lb of carrots and 1/6 of berries. I sowed papaw seed Mrs Kennedy gave me. Knocked pieces of timber apart that I got from Cranes and rested I felt off colour today, it is nasty weather.
7-10-: Put in the morning at Griffins. Afternoon I worked at Dingles house. Raised the depressed part of the kitchen and renewed purloins.
8-10-: I worked at Dingles till noon and came home for dinner. Afternoon Frank and I went and got Kennedys a load of wood for which Mrs Taffe paid me. Very tired when I got home.
9-10-: I am knocked out. I got G. Foster onions and he gave me £1. I felt unfit for anything and must spell. Herb and Irwin brought home £3 in notes. I rested all day as I am suffering from nervous tension or something.
10-10: I rode bike to town, had a hair trim and a cup of tea at Abdullahs, went to Hempenstalls and bought a camera and coffee urn 39/- I spent. I find the bellows of the camera is bust and don t know how I will get on with it. Perhaps I have chucked my money away.
11-10: A little rain fell. I lazed about reading. Afternoon I went and had a yarn to Kennedys. George Thorsen came down during the evening with some rods he wants fixing for his front stairs.
12-10: The rain made things fairly wet. Herb, Frank and I went out in the A Ford and carted 1 load of wood to the saw and 1 to Cifuantes, I didn t do much. Afternoon I fixed a bike tyre for my bike I got from Dalgettys 2 years ago.
13-10: I sold Foster 13/3 worth of vegetables. I also sowed Capsicum and eggfruit seed and put out a few plants of same. Put in the afternoon at Dingles house. Paid for W.C. Job to P.C.
14-10: I rode my bike to town did various bits of business and met trouble with my bike and had to leave it in town and catch the train home, I hate the walking.
15-10: Very clear day. I mended a rule and had a go with Tarzan grip at a camera bellows. Afternoon I went out and got a load of wood from Flynns for Griffins also 2 bags for town. Bought 2 torch batteries 1/6.
16-10: I had another go at mending a bike tyre. I also took the bench screw out of the carpenters bench. The white ants made a mess of the bench and we have to fix it. I was knocked out with the heat today, no good very hot today and muggy.
17-10: Frank and I went out with Roany and cart and took a load of wood to Greens and went back and had dinner and took a load to Morrells. I felt very hot today, it is hard work for me and no one home at Greens.
18-10: Felt very tired after yesterdays wood job and rested most of the day. My legs seem to have no go in them. Sitting in the cart is more tiring than work and the heat is so
Severe that I get prostrate and seem powerless. Very windy today.
19-10: I worked at Dingles old house I have only another half day at it and I will be finished. I felt very hot and will be pleased when I have finished. Only 23 points of rain fell last night. Too hot for old man.
20-10: I mixed up stuff dry for the spouting. Afternoon I went up and finished at Dingles house. It was muggy, horrible day and I feel knocked out completely.
21-10: I had a go at fixing some of our spouting. After dinner Frank and I went out for a load of wood. Owing to storms coming up it was 8.30 when we arrived home wet and tired. Arthur gave us a cup of tea.
22-10: Green called and paid for the wood and for another he wants in a fortnight. I spread the manure on the land ploughed it in also pulled weeds out of the sweet potatoes. I was tired from my trip of yesterday and knocked off early.
23-10: I spent the day in town. Bought photo stuff 5/- and shirt 5/- from Wests solder 8/6 bit 12/6 saucers 1/6 Panama hat 6/- shirt 1/- hat like new. The morning was cool but it warmed up during the day.
24-10: Very cool this morning when we got up. I had a go at fixing a folding table. It ought to be all right when finished. Mrs Griffin brought me a bonsor gallon tin. A lovely job.
25-10: I felt that tired I only lied in bed all day. Jack Johnson was here for a while during the morning. Brought a little Kodak for Irwin 15/- he was paid.
26-10: Frank and I went out and carted 3 loads of wood to the saw and 1 to Moffats. Just got home and the horse out in time for tea. My old legs let me down I am getting to be a cripple.
27-10: I got George Fosters stuff ready and he paid me up to date. Herb and I went in the A. Ford and picked up stuff I bought at Foulkes and Wests, got petrol. I put a strut and tightened the wires of fence Irwin put up, it was just a fence.
28-10: I spent a lot of time at the cart trying to make it so that the wheels run more parallel with the body of the cart. I hoed 2 rows of papaws up near the reservoir. I am knocked up to get into the work.
29-10: Finished hoeing the papaws also cut a block and put under the back of house. Afternoon Herb, Frank and I went out and sawed wood brought a load back with us also the wire netting.
30-10: This morning I feel very nervy and no good. I pumped water and watered the young papaw plants. I felt no good and rested the rest of the day. Reg came home for tea and had confections of various kinds.
31-10: Reg went out as far as Arthurs with me. I went and got wood for Kennedys I was paid 2/6d towards the next load.
1-11-: I lazed about all day felt jolly tired and not up to much. There was only Lily, me and Frank home. It does seem quiet.
2-11-: Reg and Herb came home from the Mount and Reg helped to get a start at a roof I was putting up to build it is to put the cart under. I think it will be all right too.
3-11-: I prepared a piece of land for onions also spent some time trying to burn off grass. Lily, Reg and Herb took a load of wood in and got the produce from Denhams.
4-11-: Planted onions and leeks. Spent the afternoon making ironwork for Bob Morgan, it was a hot and awkward job.
5-11-: Sowed rock melon and cucumber, worked at Bobs iron and worked amongst the papaws.
6-11-: I ground and filed the iron for Morgans cart. Picked tomatoes and onions also broke stones for back of house. Reg, Herb and Lily went over to Newmans, Reg goes away again tomorrow. Put batteries in torch tonight, loaded batteries.
7-11-: Sowed 2 rows of sunflowers. Went to town with Bob Morgans ironwork for cart. Played draughts with him until about 11 and I was jolly tired but the bed was nice and comfortable.
8-11-: I was driven around Yeppoon and noted that it is rather a decent town. Bob and I played about 10 games of draughts after tea.
9-11-: Bob and Mavis drove me to the station. I booked the tin of honey to Gracemere and paid 2/9d carriage. I got off the train at North Rockhampton and walked as far as Daisys and h ad a bit of a yarn with her, I came out on the train. I was jolly tired by the time I got home. I paid 3/6d for a wing to be able to put on my glasses.
10-11: I charged Bob 14/- for the irons for his cart. I got onions and carrots before breakfast for Foster. Rode the bike up to the Post Office and station the honey is there. Sowed more sunflowers, dug sweet potatoes.
11-11: I rode the bike to town and spent the day there. Bought Breeching from Edgars £1 and have 17/6 to pay when getting them.
12-11: Had a very tiring job catching the horse. Carted 3 loads of wood to the saw, took a load of blocks to the pub, when I got home there was an order for 50 bundles of carrots so we had to work like lightening to get them.
13-11: Up at daylight getting the re st of the carrots and onions. I rode the bike to town bought Breeching Back Band and lugs from J. Edgar 3/6 Bottle of oil 1/6. Ken came home on leave. It was a cooler day yesterday was awful for heat and I am still tired from over work.
14-11: I used the cement I had at the job for the bathroom, it was very hot today, most of the day I rested.
15-11: Ken and I went over to Andy Breckets and back to Hopkins and saw the jig saw. Very warm by the time we got home.
16-11: Ken and I went and carted wood to the saw. Herb and Frank went out in the truck and we sawed wood. Herb and Ken brought some home, Frank and I took a load to Moffats.
17-11: I was out and dug carrots before breakfast. Got Fosters things ready and carrots etc to take to town on Franks bike. Afternoon Frank and I were getting carrots, Herb and Ken went to town and brought out the jigsaw, I paid £ 8 for it I think it is all right.
18-11: Got the onions ready for Foster, Frank and I worked amongst the rosellas, Herb and Lily took carrots to Charleys and Ken to town, and Ken went today back to camp. Wrote to Marlborough. They brought out the hallstand I bought from West.
19-11: Posted a letter to Mrs Thompson. I took 28 lbs of onions down to Charley on Franks bike. Did cementing for bathroom. Afternoon went and got a load of wood for Greens.
20-11: I rode Franks bike to town. Paid insurance, bought a preserving pan from a man for 10/-. Afternoon I worked at cementing for the bathroom. Awfully hot during the early afternoon.
21-11: I caught the horse and got him in the cart before breakfast and went out and got a load of wood for Beards. Iris and I got on the Mount Morgan train and saw Baileys. It was an awful hot day and getting drier every minute. Marked out a hobbyhorse head at Arthurs.
22-11: I slept on the kitchen floor. After breakfast I went for a walk right round by Luken Street and along the Rockhampton Road to East Street away past the Methodist Church and back to Beryls below the hospital. I was pretty tired too.
23-11: I drove out and carted wood to the saw and Herb and Frank arrived and we sawed it and I brought a load to Kennedys. They took some to Davies and got manure. Very hot during the day these times.
24-11: I started to make a skeleton for the cement bath I am making. After dinner Frank and I went and got a load of wood for Mrs Cifuentes. Got home 20 to 7.
25-11: I felt quite off colour to day. I put the bath frame in position and cemented enough to keep it firm until more reinforcing is put in. The weather is some thing awful just now.
26-11: No lights last night break down in the powerhouse, came home for dinner. I went up to Cifuentes and fixed the lattice. These days are very hot.
27-11: I pumped and cut out 9 heads for hobbyhorses. Afternoon I went and got a load of wood for Morrells. My word it was a hot tiring trip. Both Roany and I were sick of it by the time we got home. Baileys came down.
28-11: I weeded onions. Pumped water, cut out a head for a swing horse. Afternoon Ted, Herb, Frank and I got 4 loads of manure from Davies. It was a very hot job and dirty.
29-11: Herb drove us to the station and we caught the train to Emu Park. Hancock drove us out for 4/- and I gave him 10/- for wood. Rested during the afternoon. Pretty hot down here although there is a fairly nice breeze.
30-11: We went and had a bathe and I went down town and got a few lemons 2 1/ 2 d each and no juice in them after dinner I just rested it is nice and cool at our place, nice breeze from the sea.
1-12-: I went very early and got 30 limes, I fancy I got nearly all that was on the tree. Afternoon we went and had a bathe and I had a yarn at Fred Thwaites.
2-12-: Fred and Thwaites mother and Ethel, also went out to Freds trap he had only 1 fish about 4 inches long. I came back and went down town and got bread. A storm came up and passed round us. Sand flies are awful today.
3-12-: Lily went up by train. I walked in to town and got some shoes, cheese, butter and nuts. Too awfully windy to go for a swim today.
4-12-: The wind kept me awake all night. I went in to the butcher and got 2 lb of mince for 1/- came back and had a good breakfast. Got a fine lot of sappy old wood that had been cut from the telephone poles.
5-12-: I went out with Thwaite and helped to clear weeds from his trap. Got home at 2. 15 and had dinner and a shave and then went down town and got bread and buns. I was rather tired after this lot and ready for tea.
6-12-: I went and had a splendid bathe and then went along the beach in the Park. Met Lily at the train and got out to the house at 12 o clock had dinner and then I went down to Thwaites and got my togs and had another dip. Francis paid me 2/- for the sand boots.
7-12-: I went out to Ethel Cowap and got a pair of snips. Got a bag of fire lighting wood and fixed up a window to put in down stairs.
8-12-: I walked in and got bread and mince. After dinner I went out to the fish trap, saw some flying fish in the trap. Came back with Fred and after yarning with him and Morris I had a dip and came home for tea. The wind is blowing pretty cool and it has clouded up a bit.
9-12-: I went in and got bread and butter and did not do much all day as it was unsettled as to the weather. Ted rang up De Landelles to tell us Beryl had been taken to hospital and wanted Lily to go home.
10-12: I carried Lilys port to the train. Got a dozen buns and came out to the shack. I fixed the garage roof. After dinner I went out to Thwaites trap and got 4 small fish, had 2 for tea I left 2 for tomorrow.
11-12: I fixed the spouting at the back of the house, got dinner and went for a swim and went and got bread and books. Came home and got tea and went to bed.
12-12: I was up on the roof as soon it was light enough to see and fixed the spouting etc. I had a bathe and fixed up the back window so as to block rain coming in.
13-12: I went and had a yarn with Dave Thwaite and had a look at Morriss engine. Caught the train for home fare 4/5d I was very tired when I arrived home.
14-12: I got all the onions out of the 4 beds that Reggie helped to sow before he went away. I also cut sweet spud cuttings and messed about with George Thorsen, he wishing to buy stuff for nothing and I wanting all I can get for it.
15-12: The sun rose clear this morning, the clouds have dispersed. I took the beaverboard off its frame for Thorsen and cut sweet spud cuttings. I went and got a load of wood for Moffatts, I got bogged on the flat and I was very tired when I got it home.
16-12: The weather is getting hotter again. I did some hoeing and put in 2 posts to make a yard for Roany. Afternoon I rode the bike to town and went to various places. Got 1/ 2 lb of long Danvers carrot seed and had a haircut.
17-12: I drove out to Flynns and carted 2 loads of wood to the saw and Herb and Frank got out and we sawed all the wood up. I carted a load to Mrs Wheeler and Herb brought a load home. I got a 10/ - note from Dagg to fasten the Park cottage.
18-12: I went up to Griffins to see what was required to be done to finish the roof. Afternoon I went up and finished the job. I also took on the job of pulling down the kitchen and building the washhouse etc.
19-12: Ted, Herb and I went round Yeppoon to Emu Park. Ted and I had a bathe and bought a fish for tea and did a little fixing to the cottage. I was in the town ship till 11, so I didn't get much sleep.
20-12: I got 3 bags part filled with shell grit and we set off for home about 11 oclock. With one thing and another it was 2 oclock when we got home. We were all rather tired Ted especially, a cool breeze blew all day.
21-12: The morning I put in at toys. Afternoon I went up to Griffins and started to pull down the kitchen. I got on very well and made a great splash.
22-12: I went to Griffins and continued at pulling down the old kitchen, all is down to the floor now. I had a buster and cut myself in several places. I felt a bit battered about all right.
23-12: I am not up to much just now. I finished another couple of hobbyhorses and also another toy the pattern of which I got from Fred Thwaite. My little finger seems to be the worst sore as far as work goes.
24-12: I took a toy to Beards for 3/- also left hobbyhorses at Arthurs for today. Then went and got a load of wood for Kennedy I hurt the sore on one of my fingers opened on a piece of wood.
25-12: We spent a quiet day at home. Had a nice Xmas dinner and after we had a great helping of ice cream. The weather seems unsettles and muggy.
26-12: I lazed about reading. Very cloudy and close today. I got a pair of armlets from Reg, very nice ones too.
27-12: Awful close day unpleasant. We all felt out of sorts and lazed around the house. Ted drove up to Mount Morgan to get a days work in. Joyce a bad girl today.
28-12: Oppressive day again. I went down and had a talk with Charley. Baileys went home in drizzling rain and the frogs croaking like Billy O.
29-12: Rain fell throughout the night, creek came down must have been a lot of rain above Malchie. I sowed row of Mackay pumpkins seed and dug 3 post holes also wrote to Reg. My little finger is very sore and my cut forehead too.
30-12: Commenced to rain last night and has kept up well all today. Things are getting rather wet. It is now evening and awfully muggy and flies are pestering one terribly.
31-12: I felt sick and had no breakfast. I planted 4 sets of ginger in what I intend to make a rockery of. The rain took up although it feels as if it could come on again at any time. I have a headache and feel nervy.

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