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1938 front cover

     This year I built Sydney Johnsons house. Fibrolite was used for the house. We found we had to be careful with it as it was new and was inclined to be fragile. Bill Moritz helped me to build the house. It took quite some time to build. Syd married Beulah on 16th May. 28th August I rode out and took 2 views of Syds house that I had built for him. In April it cost me 4/- for the Morning Bulletin for a month. 30th May I called in to see Lilys sister D a isy who gave me Poinsettia and Croutons and Gerberas plants to bring home. 15th August I bought an electric iron to enable Ken to finish a wireless set he was building. 5th September Bill Moritz and I was at Emu Park and started pulling a house for Morgans to be rebuilt at Kabra. This house we are pulling down is 24ft square with 7 ft front verandah with kitchen behind. We dismantled it and had it transported to Kabra. 17th September I was at Kabra waiting for Clanfields man to arrive to unload the 10-ton weight and only 3 of us to unload it. This year Reg and Irwin were living at Kabra on Flynns property growing crops for market.

4-3--: Bill and I put the plates on top of the blocks and cut out verandah posts also cut the plates where they are to fix at the corners. This week we made a cabinet for the W. C. and almost got the old C finished. We found it some what different fitting the ridge capping in fact so far it is not fixed, I expect to have the frame of the house up next week. By gum we have had some hot days whilst we have been at this job, but it is getting cooler now.
12-3-: Bill and I worked at Syds house during t he week. Got the plates round and all the joists except 6 or so for the front verandah. Had an awful job with crooked splitting timber I consider we got on very well considering the difficult job it is. This morning I was on my own I marked out the st ringers for the back steps and worked at them until knock off time, had to chase cows out of the place and grind 2 chisels.
18-3-: This week we got the back steps up and the main frame up. The top plates nearly all ready to be put up also did more to the j oists for the verandah. My word it is awful weather the heat is terrific and the droughty conditions is appalling. We also got the floor of the stove recess done, clearing things up a lot too. I am not going tomorrow.
23-3-: I went to the house afternoo n and put a cut down the post of the stairs at the head of the stairs. We also got the verandah posts up from the back to the front corner. There came a couple of showers whilst we were there and we knocked off at 5 o clock. We have had pretty good rain and there appears to be prospects of more.
2-4--: I went up to Zimitats and posted letter to Denhams also paid Miss Zimitat 4/- for bulletins for a month. The weather is very warm after the rain and I expected it would be cooler.
9-4---: Sydney and I wor ked this week at the house. We put the centre partition frame and all the rest of the top plates on, nearly completed the verandah parts and top plate. Put in the 12 stays 3x1. Stacked all timber under the house I ran a nail in my foot on Wednesday and it is still pretty crook although I fancy it is getting better good really. I dont get Bill back on the job until next Wednesday.
22-4-: Bill and I put in the roof of the extended front, got the valley in and did a bit of other work too. We both think t he house looks pretty well so far. The weather is much cooler now than it had been and consequently the work goes better. Week ended 22nd April. We got the roof in position except the purloins on 3 sides I had expected the roof to take us a week workin g 5 1/2 days, so that if we finish by Wednesday dinner time my guess will be right as Monday is Anzac Day and we cannot work. I seem to have a touch of flu or something like it and am not much good.
6-5--: This week Bill and I got most of the fibrolite on the outer walls also I almost got the tank stand completed. Stove recess also practically completed except for the roof. We had to finish the verandah floor too. I have had a touch of cough and cold this and last week. We got the fibrolite on the mai n walls and put in the alcove, finished the tank stand and started on the railings, but was away Thursday afternoon.
16-5-: As Syd was being married today I didnt get to work, instead I went out to Reg. Ken was growling about the place here again and all being well as soon as possible I intend to show what can be done I am fully aware of the value of this hill property and the boys entirely fail to realise the possibilities we have of making a living plan and money as well.
29-5-: MEMO. We are having splendid rain lately. Both creeks at Flynns and Scrubby creeks came down again today. It is most wonderful rain we have had for a long time. The worst of it is, it makes a mess of the well out of Regs garden and Ken rouses about having to clean it out again.
30-5-: I rode the bike and over to Daisys, had a cup of tea with her, she gave me a poinsettia plant and a few Gerberas and I got 8 pine trees out of Hydes place. We picked out some Croutons ready to go and get one day. When I got back and had dinner I helped Herb and Ken to get a strip of land ready and sowed it with Lucerne seed. I was pretty tired after my ride to Frenchville and back.
3-6--: Bill and I got the tank on the stand and put up some of the spouting, roof on the stove recess and pantry al most finished, almost all the roofing on back hip. I think we have a good chance of getting the roof finished before rain comes again. Pretty cold weather just now.
6-6--: We got a good start putting the fibrolite on the Attwood side of the house. The sh eet is very fragile and breaks very easily. It is too new so Bill and I think we are getting a good education with regard to fibrolite and by gum it is hard work applying it.
10-6-: Bill and I worked at putting in the guttering and the roofing on. Got on very well considering circumstances. It is very heavy work for me. Bill is too heavy to be up on the fibrolite and I have to take hold of it from him and draw it up, put it into place and screw it into place. I am afraid it is a very tiring job these hot days.
16-6-: Today we worked at the floor which we commenced to lay down yesterday afternoon. There are only finishing touches to give and then the floor will be finished. This week we finished putting the roof on and got the capping in position, put up all the fibrolite sheeting we had left made a pair of brackets for window shade.
1-7--: This week we put the frames of the partitions up, finished making the brackets for the window shades and cut out the stringers for the front steps also made the door of the W.C. cabinet. Bill was away yesterday afternoon.
8-7--: Only got 2 days at the house this week, put up some sheeting, back window in, made a door for the back and other little jobs. I was at Curtiss old home for 3 days getting piping up. Nasty weather of late no good at all.
9-7--: I rode the bike into Curtiss old home and got Reynolds away with my piping I then went down town and bought an ox tail and copper affair for the stove. Had a look at the Protestant Procession and over to Codds old slaughter yards where I bought a lot of inch piping for £2/7/6d came over to the south side and went and had lunch with Owen and Dave. Came home for tea pretty tired. Very strange weather this year. Reynolds brought the piping out for 5/-.
11-7-: I went over to Codds slaughter yard and helped Charley Thorsen and Jensie to dismantle piping. I think we got out about half of it and came home. Charley Thorsen gave me 30/- for half share in the piping and carted mine home for me. I think it was a good deal for me.
12-7-: Had awful day getting pipe out, the pipes was down in the ground about 18 inches and made hard work getting out. We got out 2/3 of what was left yesterday.
15-7-: I only got 3 days at the house this week. I was there by myself mostly exce pt today when I had Bill. I put in the last 3 windows and the skirting is nearly all placed I did various bits of fixing to floor etc, got stops to the French lights and the alcove has nearly all the ceiling and also the bathroom. They went and got me coloured glass for the front bedroom and we are indulging in muck up methods.
20-7-: We finished the front of the house and barge boards, window shade etc today also got pipe and tap in tank and angle stuff in places. Took down our scaffolding. We couldn t go on with the back bedroom owing to not having proper fibrolite nails being too short. I have not felt good lately must get something to brace me up.
21-7-: I went to work at 7 and came home at 11 had a bath and shave and had dinner, went to the city a nd bought some material at Williams to finish the truck cover also bought a mincing machine 3/- from West, 3 pair of shoes 7/6, a mirror 5/- wrist watch £1. I got a pair of shoes from Fosters 17/ 11. Shirt for Reg 4/11 flannel shirt it is.
22-7-: Bill and I worked at the house. We got the back bedroom finished except the doors and the angle corner want a few bolts in. My word we had trouble with the cornice it was difficult to put up and we didnt get it very good either.
2-8--: Had an argument with Syd today the doors were not hinging positions that suited him.
5-8--: We finished ceiling the lounge also the kitchen, put the arch in, put 2 pieces of cornice in the alcove, put a sheet of fibrolite over the landing, fitted the casements for the front in fact we did a jolly lot today.
12-8-: I was off work yesterday owing to being off colour. Today I got the glass in the window for the stove recess also put the pivots in their place. Bill put the casement stays to their job, we also hung the last 3 doors and put their stops in place, put the last Scotia up in the bathroom. There was a rather heavy storm came on a visit and made things pretty wet.
14-8-: Comments on house. We now have to put in the frame steps, fix stove recess and roof over back steps. Of course I intended to put in cupboards and table and seats in alcove but I don t know whether or not they want me to do this. I rode the bike round Kabra to Reggie and Irwin had a look round and we then went away across the paddock and cut down a big b eef wood tree. It seems of good grain and colour. I then got on the bike and came home. I got back at 11. By gum afternoon I was too tired for anything. It is quite warm too I expect it could rain again before long.
15-8-: I took in the old 22 rifle and got £1 for it paid 7/6 cash and got a S.B 12 gauge shot gun lightest gun I ever felt, I think it is all right. Went to Woulfe & Son and got measured for a suit £ 3/19/6. I am to call for it next Saturday week. Very big fog this morning. Got Ken electric iron to enable him to finish a wireless set he is on. Syd Robinson says saw spindle will be ready Thursday.
16-8-: Went to the job. We got the window I made, put in the stove recess also the galvanised iron on the floor. I worked at the roofing over the back steps too. It was rather on the warm side today. Bill put 3 locks on doors and fixed up spots where lights were showing through. Burlah came up and swept out.
17-7-: I went to work and had Bill Moritz with me I worked putting screws in the roo f most of the day. Bill finished the W.C. and dug holes for the front step blocks. Now I have only 3 places to cement up on the roof and it is done. Then we have the front steps to finish at the back stairs and build in a cupboard and I expect put tabl e in alcove and seats.
19-8-: Bill Moritz and I worked at the house. We planed 3 x1 battens ready for use in built in cupboard also commenced to put the cupboard in. Got on very well with it. Then we put the facia board at the back of the house and put t he 2 pieces of fibrolite that went to complete the roof over the steps. Put our tools away and I came home. I have not felt too well lately.
22-8-: Bill Moritz and I worked at the house. We fixed up above the steps at the back and got the front steps up but there is a bit to do before they are finished, I am becoming quite knocked up and will be glad to get down to Emu Park. It was pretty warm today and spring is surely here. I suppose we will have a hot summer.
23-8-: I spent the day putting in a ward robe in the girls room. I got it pretty well finished but need hinges before I can hang the doors. Pretty well knocked me up but after a big tea I felt better. Funny weather prevails just now gets warm in the middle of the day.
28-8-: I got up very early and rode the bike round to the house and took 2 views of Syds house. Then called at Bills and saw Moritz about going to the Park. Came back and had breakfast and developed the plates with developer that was too stale and would not bring out a vestige o f the picture but when I changed to K. Special they came out even better than I had expected.
3-9--: Moritz and I have put in almost a week and queer time it has been, we have bought a couple of lots of fish which was both cheap and good. The sea has bee n too cold for me but Tony went in twice. He went up the his shack and said that he would be back this morning but it is now 2 o clock and he is not here yet. It is blowing rather strong from the sea and chopping from all quarters and also a bit cloudy. We got a net from L. De. Landelles and Bill have spent a lot of time putting it on lead line and cork line. We were supposed to go out fishing today but it looks to be off. Written at Emu Park.
4-9--: Joe Mc Callum, Thomson and Bill with myself went wi th the net nearly as far as Cooraman creek and dragged about 6 times but got no fish. I reckon the net is no good, went in to Humphries farm whilst our net dried and got a few oranges and lemons couldn t get coconuts as the palms are very high and none would fall. I am sorry the sea is too cool for me to bathe, but by gum it is raw weather down here although some time through the day it comes on very warm.
5-9--: Bill Moritz and I went to the job of house pulling down. We were there before 7, it is 24 ft square with 7 ft verandah in front and kitchen behind. We took out 8 windows and also the doors. Took all the iron off the roof. Got the verandah railings and also the window shades and iron off the back wall. Bill left for home at 3.30. I carried on until about 5. Henry O Donnell sent me up a plate of good curry for tea. I fried an egg to have with it and this made a very good meal.
6-9--: Bill came back on the job at 9.30. We carried on with the pulling down and got on all right considering it is nailed together.
7-9--: We did very well today, got the front verandah completely pulled out and the walls of the newest part down.
8-9--: Bill went to Rocky this morning. I worked at the job this morning. Afternoon I put the shafts in Bobs cart.
9-9--: I worked at the job during the morning, came home and had the afternoon off. Moritz never came back, I dont know what to make out of him.
10-9-: Ralph Hancock and men turned up at 7.30 and got away 2 loads and the cottage. Moritz phoned last night and said not to expect him today. I think Monday should see everything pretty well demolished all being well.
12-9-: I went to the job at 6.30 and Bill turned up about 8. We got pretty well all the cottage demolished, butt still have the shed and W.C. to take down.
13-9-: Went to work at the old cottage, got there before 7 and got all done by dinnertime. Hancocks made 4 trips of it today that makes 6 trips in all. Bill and I had to go down to the truck in the afternoon and fix things properly. After which Bill rode off on his bike.
14-9-: I was up early and had breakfast and went down to the station and got a 2/ - salmon from George May, came back and swept out a bit, took De Landelles things over, went down to Thomsons and got the plow and harrows ready at the gate for the train to pick up with Bob and his stuff. Charged him £ 1/2/- for his shafts he said he was well satisfied with them. It is now after 10 and I am waiting to be taken home. We started from Emu Park at 11.54 and got to Rocky where we could see the town clock 1.30. Started from opposite Tommy Thomsons. That made it 1 hour and 36 minutes for the trip.
17-9-: I was at Kabra before 8 but Clanfields man didnt come until 9. There was 10-ton weight and only 3 of us to handle the lot including the sections. By gum I was glad when it was finished and jolly tired when I got home. It turned out a very hot day too. I called in and had a yarn with young Arthur and Lily for a while.
19-9-: The boys drove me round Kabra and dropped me at Jack Hickey s. I got out 11 blocks when the Jack went cronk so I went over to Reg and had dinner. After dinner he came with me and we spent the afternoon getting blocks out. By Jove some of them were hard in. How old Jack Hickey is out there and gets about like o ne of those loop grubs. He is 72 years of age.
20-9-: Moritz and I rode out to Kabra, called and saw Reg on the way out. We jacked out 5 blocks and then went on to the job and layed out the plates and dug holes also dug holes for the W. C. Bill Moritz worked today.
21-9-: Bill and I rode our bikes out to Kabra we arrived at the job at 7.30 and commenced putting the blocks in. We got on very well considering the nature of the work and its many difficulties. We put in 17, which leaves 13 still to put in. By gum when we came home we had a head wind all the way from Kabra.
22-9-: We got out to work at 7.30. Got the rest of the blocks in for the main structure and the plates fixed on also 2 blocks for the front verandah and the W. C. blocks in, We cut 1 bl ock in Hickeys a blood wood which we put in the centre of the house so that it will be in shelter.
23-9-: We put in the rest of the verandah blocks, did a bit towards the W. C. and Jim and Joe came and helped us to put the floor sections where we could place them in position. It was very hot today and I was tired by the time I got home.
26-9-: We fixed the front portion of the floor also put in place the verandah joists. I also finished the dining floor and we started to put in the stove recess. The bike I bought Saturday took me out and back in good style.
27-9-: Worked at the building. Made a start at a stove recess and put up several studs.
28-9-: Carried on. Went up the hill and cut 2 blocks for the back steps and got the steps in position.
29-9-: Got on well with the job. Put top plates on the back portion. Afternoon we went up the hill and cut an iron bark tree down and got blocks and put in the front steps.
30-9-: We put the blocks of 3 x 2 at the corners and ceiling joists in and the roof frame on the back portion also put some rafters on the front. Tidied up a bit and came home.
3-10-: Worked at Morgans cottage. Also got on well with the W.C. Got more iron on the roof.
4-10-: Got some of the iron the roof and the rest of the studs and purloins in position on the front part of the structure.
5-10-: Put more purloins on and a fair amount of iron. Bill put verandah rails in. I came home to print post cards.
6-10-: I worked with Moritz at the cottage also got on with the W.C. Got more iron the roof.
7-10-: Did a bit more to the W.C. More roof on and put in some shutting of the middle partition, Billy put iron on the walls of the back bedroom. Ken brought 4 pieces of timber for purloins which I had to put on. Before I went to work I cut 2 saplings for Jim Morgan to go and get Sunday.
10-10: Went on with the building at Kabra. Billy finished putting the iron on the kitchen I put in the partitions.
11-10: Bill finished the W.C. and we also started to put on the weatherboards.
12-10: Almost finished the weatherboards, put in 5 windows and hung 3 doors. I also made a door for the back bedroom.
13-10: We put down the verandah floor and did work inside also applied more weatherboards.
14-10: I put on the rest of the ridge capping and worked mostly at the 3 front rooms. Bill had to finish the W.C. cabinet and we were delayed by the furniture folk coming with their cargo.
17-10: We got the roof on the back verandah besides doing other bits of work.
18-10: Got the iron on the back and fixed up the other parts of roof.
19-10: We put up 3 facias and Bill was soldering spouting. I ripped out strips and put at the windows also several pieces round the floor and the base of wall. Came home a bit early and worked at a window I am making for the stove recess.
20-10: Bill helped me to do work of a finishing nature. We got most of the work done inside.
21-10: I was on the job at 7.10 and got a start right away. When Herb and Bill came I put in the window in the back bedroom Bill puttied panes in. He als o did soldering, I put up a wash bench and put 3 pieces round the fireplace. Also put the tank on the stand and cemented the bottom, 5.30 came home arrived at 6 15.
27-10: Yesterday I went out to Reg and Irwin and I started a drain to alter the course of a gully that causes us trouble to the well also did a bit this morning and then went to Morgans and put the pane in the small window for the stove recess and got the window installed. Also put the tap in the tank and put the brackets up for the mantle pi ece, did a bit more and then went back and cut logs for our dam. I then came home.
29-10: I took young Billy and Jeans photos, Jean was pretty good but Billy poked his tongue out and I suppose somewhat spoiled one of the negatives. I havent printed any yet and they may turn out better than I expect.
10-11: I got back from Brisbane and I had Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday and it went very good too. I stayed with Charley and Lonnie. Took about £18/10/- with me and brought back £2/10/-. Bought a flamethrower £2/10/-.
12-11: I got the sliding door in position round at the shed also got a block in for my new anvil. The boys went on and got 200 odd feet of 1 inch piping and the fittings from the foundry. We got it all connected up and are now about 5 0 feet short of reaching the tank.

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