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1928 front cover

    16th January a terrific hailstorm came over about 4, my word there was some large hailstones. Lily made ice cream which we had half an hour after th e storm. Heard that Gracemere township had got a fair smashing about with hail. Ward, Denny and Smiths pines are said to be completely wrecked and an awful amount of damage has been done to buildings. I was sent to go up and see about 3 buildings that are in drastic need of repair. In February I never knew the fruit fly could be as bad as it is just now. 21st April First thing we saw this morning was Charleys place properly flooded, house, sheds and all in the water. 2nd May Herby, Ken and I took produce to sell about £ 1 worth. We came back from Depot Hill by way of the lane, the water rose up in to the cart till the baskets I had floated in the cart. I made a boat. On the 5th May I rowed Herb and Ken down the creek as far as the chows engine . She leaks quicker than Herb and Ken can bale it out. 12th May I fixed up a sawhorse for the boys to saw firewood on. 20th May the boys spent most of the day rowing the boat in the creek. During the year Herb and Ken went to town several times with m e to sell produce. A few times I traveled to town with Arthur in his new car. During the year money was hard to get, as it was quite scarce. I had a lot of pines hard to sell because of the hailstorm we had earlier in the year as I had a lot of damaged o nes. 9th August I went to town and saw about sanitary and on the 17th I went to the Progress Association Meeting when the matter of the sanitary was discussed. 1st November I rode my bike to Emu Park for the purpose of doing work on my house. 2nd of December I came home from the Park. 6th December I went back to the Park. I did a lot of working at Tomkins house until he stated on the 17th December that he would not pay the £ 1 per day wages so work stopped. I worked on my own house then. I came back home on the 24th December. After Xmas I worked with Arthur, we nearly got his dairy ceiled between Xmas and New Year.

1-1--: I read books all day Practically. I am feeling no good what ever lately and I cannot get on with my work at all.
2-1--: I gathered tomatoes and fixed the cart cover, it has not been on the new cart yet, but it is quite necessary to have it on this time, as I have more pines and it is so awfully hot. I also got the piece of timber that we started the other day ripped. Herby and Ken did a good bit to it, they also gathered a lot of pines.
3-1--: My 2 sons and I went off early with our pines and I had more refusals than I have had for years. I got too crook to keep going so came home round by west Rockhampton.
4-1--: I reset the leg in the dining room chair. That is about all I did, I shot a black snake in the shed, cut it clean in halves with the shotgun.
5-1--: We three went in with pines etc. Had a nice tiring day of it too.
6-1--: I felt quite off work and stuck to the house.
7-1--: I spent some time mending a school bag and put the boys to ripping out stuff for chair legs also we cut out over 200 bits of bag for covering pines. It was so awfully hot today. I am afraid they will be getting badly burned.
8-1--: Sent Eva £4. I read all day. It was pretty warm again today, storms about too.
9-1--: I picked pines and lemons and Herb picked tomatoes I also got a few mangoes. I reset my mitre box and sewed round 2 sides of one of the youngsters school bags also rasped a pair of chair legs. I am none too well just now, my knee is worse than it has been for years.
10-1-: Went in with pines etc and sold out fairly well all things considered got home at 3.
11-1-: Pulled pines and mangoes.
12-1-: Took in the stuff and had an unfortunate time with the pines brought back 19 and I let a chow have 12 for 2/-.
13-1: I went on with the making of a chair that I started before.
14-1-: Still fixing chairs. It is awfully warm weather.
15-1-: Read books we had a pretty good storm although we didnt get so much as some of the other places.
16-1-: I picked pines and sorted mangoes. Did a bit of hoeing. A terrific hailstorm came over about 4 my word there was some large hailstones. Lily made ice cream that we had half an hour after the storm.
17-1-: Took in our pines etc. Heard that Gracemere town ship had got a fair smashing about with hail. Ward, Denny and Smiths pines are said to be completely wrecked and an awful amount of damage has been done to buildings. I was sent for to go up and see about 3 buildings that are in drastic need of repair.
18-1-: I picked pines etc. Afternoon I went up and worked at Gracemere.
19-1-: Took in the pines and sold them at a better price than last time.
20-1-: I worked all day at Glovers.
21-1-: Worked at Glovers during the morning.
22-1-: I read a book about 5 oclock.
23-1-: The 2 boys and I went in with pines. Considering that a lot was hail struck we did all right with them. It being wet made things a bit off.
24-1-: I feel off in the morning and did nothing, got Henry to pick the pines. Afternoon I started him ploughing. It was very warm.
25-1-: I felt crook and did a little ploughing also rebuilt one of the wheelbarrows. The weather is awfully hot.
26-1-: We took in our produce, sold out fairly well considering the pines were such holey problems.
27-1-: Picked pines etc. Took in 17 dozen at 2/- per dozen to a chap who stays with Ms Radcliffe.
28-1-: Picked pines and mangoes. Started to plow at 3.30 and kept going until 7 oclock.
29-1-: Read books all day. It was awfully hot and stormy looking.
30-1-: Morning I looked over the tomatoes and went over the hill looking for Dobbin.
31-1-: I got off early with my pines. They have gone up considerably in price. If only they were not so knocked about with hail one could get a good price for them.
1-2--: I went down to Arthurs and paid the store account, also took the measurements for the frames of Dads and Mother likenesses. Came home and cut out the frames and put them together, took till dinnertime.
2-2--: Took in the pines, which took all day.
3-2--: I felt quite off colour and layed about all day.
4-2--: I gat hered pines and ploughed land over to where I used to grow pines. Old Harry Smale turned up after 7 or 8 years and would have liked to do a bit for me for a shake down until tomorrow I however was not quite ready for his plausibility and failed to come u p to his expectations. It is very queer weather hot, but to me it does not seem to indicate a lot of rain.
5-2--: I picked over the pines and wheeled the crookest ones down near the tank where we load them up. Smith came out and bought 15 dozen. I was quite glad to get rid of at 2/6d per dozen.
6-2--: I gathered a few mangoes. Fixed up the pines ready for loading. Afternoon I sprayed the fruit trees. Some of them are gumming 1 orange tree I am afraid I may lose. I never knew the fruit fly could be so bad as it is just now.
7-2--: I went in with the pines etc. It came on to rain and kept me back. Made my cold worse too.
8-2--: I just started Henry discing and went over the pines that Henry picked yesterday. It rained very little.
9-2--: I am left here to keep house whilst the wife and some family go to town.
10-2-: I took in the stuff and was back by 2. 30.
11-2-: I started to plough the land over again before I picked pines.
12-2-: Read all day.
13-2-: Picked pines and ploughed.
14-2-: Took in the pines and got pretty wet coming home.
15-2-: Rained most of the day. I hoed grass and dug the ground. We planted a few tomatoes and rosellas plants, creek running.
16-2-: I grubbed out saplings and weeds at the top end of the garden, pulled laterals off old plants and pulled grass.
17-2-: I got laterals off the Ripleys also some suckers in the fowl run. Rain made it impossible to carry on.
18-2-: I took Herb and Ken in with me with the pines. It came on to rain before we got to town and rained all the time till we got back.
19-2-: Rained throughout the day. Thorsens were working at clearing the rubbish away from the bridge, must be hard work.
20-2-: Turned out a fine day I picked over the pines and Lisbon lemons pulled out grass the rest of the day.
21-2-: I went off with pines etc got wet on the way in and was wet the rest of the day till I got home.
22-2-: I pulled grass and hoed. Rain came on again.
23-2-: Raining again I cut down 3 trees up the hill dry ones for firewood between showers pulled grass.
24-2-: Herb, Ken, Henry and I pulled grass out of the pines. Planted 300 pines 6 rows of beans and 16-papaw plants still rainy weather.
25-2-: I took things easy during the morning. Afternoon I cut down a tree etc.
26-2-: Read books and went and had a yarn with Mepstead.
27-2-: Went in with the bits of stuff. I was short of pines owing to some being crook.
28-2-: I picked pines, pulled grass from amongst the pines. I felt tired by evening.
29-2-: I went in with my stuff and didnt seem to do so well as I ought some thing wrong.
1-3--: I started to clear the grass near the gate and dig up a bit of ground. I may put in a few sweet potatoes. It has come on to rain again.
2-3--: Carried on with the work we started yesterday.
3-3--: Sowed bean seeds and pulled grass out from the pines.
4-3--: A chap called Menzies came and got 4 truck loads out of the quarry 2/- per time.
5-3--: I went in with my pines took all day too. Dobbin was lame a bit and made him very slow. Lewis seems to have gone again while I was in town.
6-3--: I dug 6 loads of stuff in the quarry and pulled grass and wheeled 35 barrow loads of soil into the pine rows.
7-3--: I ploughed and disced land. Someone had been in to my pines last night and went across to the cottage and found 1 with th e top off and also 1 in the gully at the pines, green with the top off also. I also found that Lewis had been about during the night. He was seen at Kabra this morning with swag and 2 swaggies.
8-3--: I disced the rest of the pines I started yesterday, picked over the pines. Went to town and saw the state Childrens inspector and reported Lewis as missing again, bought a few seeds etc. Went in and out with Arthur and some of his family in his new car.
9-3--: I sowed 11 rows of peas and a row of marrows and squash. Also dug ground below the hay shed and sowed tomato seed.
10-3-: Mended the fence up the hill to be able to put the horse up in his paddock. Sowed 2 rows of beans and did some ploughing.
11-3-: Got Menzies away with 3 loads of gravel.
12-3-: I took in about my last lot of pines for the season, did very well considering.
13-3-: I ploughed a piece of land also amongst the rosellas.
14-3-: I hoed pines and disced the pines near the hay shed. I had just sat down to tea when Menzies came and I had to dig a load for him.
15-3-: Was very hot and I had to be out in the sun during the hottest part of the day. The rest of the time I was in the quarry.
16-3-: I went to the city, fixed up things at the bank, bought a file to sharpen the lumber saw, and cam e back with Arthur. I had gone in with him also. I got home for dinner. I sharpened the saw and sawed off 3 blocks also went up and hoed between pines and a storm came up and I got wet through before I could get down to the house. It was a sharp storm my word.
17-3-: I helped Menzies off with a load of stuff from the quarry, sowed Carrot, Beet and tomato seed. Went up and fixed the fence and half-soled Beryls shoes, I then rested till dinner was ready.
18-3-: I read books.
19-3-: I hoed amongst the pines, hoed beans and ploughed pines.
20-3-: I sharpened picks. Picked up the spaces in the first row of pines to be filled with fresh plants. Dug in the quarry for Menzies. It rained several times during the day. He only got 3 loads.
21-3-: I hoed grass o ut of the spaces to be filled up with suckers. Picked a few pines. Got the horse and gave him a drink. Got on the roof and measured the glass of the skylight so that I can make a new frame. Afternoon I ploughed amongst pines.
22-3-: I hoed pines and ploughed, cut firewood. I went up and played cards until after 10.
23-3-: Took in a couple of dozen pines, brought out the old stove I bought off Merry.
24-3-: I hoed pines and dug a bit of ground.
25-3-: I took the oldest boys fishing. I caught a few Jew fish, perch and 2 eels. Stayed till sun down, came home with every one fairly tired.
26-3-: I hoed along pine rows prior to digging up the misses in the pines.
27-3-: Hoed along the pine rows. It came on to rain again.
28-3-: I knocked about in the wet, sowing stuff also applied fertiliser to the beans near the gate.
29-3-: I put out 100 tomato plants, hoed at the top of the piece where the beans are. Picked a few pines. Griese took a load from the quarry. 21 yards.
30-3-: I took in 2 1/2 dozen pines and sold them 14/10d. Afternoon I planted smooth leaf pines, sowed papaw seed too.
31-3-: I disced a piece of land and sowed corn and 124 tomato plants.
1-4--: I took the boys fishing, we did no good owing to the fresh in the creek I caught 3 and Freddy Thorsen 1.
2-4--: I hoed and dug pine rows, put out 124 tomatoes.
3-4--: Carried on with the work as yesterday. It was very hot for the time of year.
4-4--: I pronged the peas, beans etc. It was warm again I fancy there will be a great deal of rain.
5-4--: I hoed the rosellas and cut grass amongst the pines also ploughed among a patch of pineapples.
6-4--: I fixed a chisel and pliers, got the boys to tidy up the workshop. Cut out the mounts for the pictures of Dad and Mum, sawed up a log.
7-4--: Put out more tomato plants, cut grass among pines.
8-4--: Ken and I caught the train and went down to the Park. Had a good bathe and took things easy for the day.
9-4--: I dug out a patch of pear between the fence and the house. Painted some of the roof and saw to things in general came home and brought the bike fares cost self 5/6d Ken 2/9d Bike 1/6d.
10-4-: I was up early and went straight to the beans and pulled them all except a couple before breakfast. Took them to town and sold them
11-4-: I cut grass and burned off the head lands also put the horse to the sled and brought down the suckers to start filling spaces.
12-4-: I hoed along 2 rows of pines near the shed. It was very hot I also made it hotter trying to burn grass on head lands also cut out the leaves for louvres
13-4-: I planted a row of suckers that filled the spaces in a row, picked beans and worked at louvres during the afternoon. I was too crook to go out.
14-4-: I went in with a few beans etc. Sold oranges 2/- a dozen Beans 8d a lb. I feel too crook another nervy turn. Weather seems to have taken a dry turn.
15-4-: I was up late I talked a long time with a man who lives in Thorsens house also dressed some leaves of louvres.
16-4-: I cleared grass and ploughed amongst pines.
17-4-: It came on like rain. I picked beans and other stuff also did a little to the louvres.
18-4-: I took in the bit of produce. I did very well considering the quality of my stuff.
19-4-: It rained through the night. The creek is high again. I worked a little at louvres and planted tomatoes out, put out nearly 500 plants.
20-4-: It rained all day and I could do no work. I have not seen such weather as this since Dad died.
21-4-: First thing we saw this morning was that Charleys place is properly flooded house, sheds and all in water.
22-4-: I went and helped Arthur put things out of flood reach also went with Cecil down to Charleys, caught fowls etc.
23-4-: I started to build a boat. Got it well on the way. In the evening went and tried to help the tomatoes and peas.
24-4-: I dug amongst beans, worked a little at the boat, put out plants, sowed beet seed.
25-4-: I picked beans and pines. I also started to put a verandah on the top side of the shed. The weather is awfully warm for the time of the year.
26-4-: I went in with my bit of stuff. Sold out well and was back for dinner. Put in 5 rows of beans.
27-4-: I sowed beans and worked at boat.
28-4-: I worked at boat couple of hours, dug between peas and tomatoes, and also did a bit of ploughing in the evening.
29-4-: Took the boys to the top of the hill to see the train go over the water at the long bridge.
30-4-: I sowed peas and finished putting the bottom in the boat, also did a little to shed verandah.
1-5--: I ploughed between pines, put the bottom sheets of galvanised iron on verandah, fixed front fence and picked beans.
2-5--: Herby, Ken and I took in about £1 worth of stuff, got home for late dinner. We came back from Depot Hill by way of the lane, the water rose up in to the cart till the baskets 1 had floated in the cart. It was very hot in the sun, the nights are fairly cold however. I finished putting the iron on the roof of the verandah. It will be a good addition to the shed.
3-5--: I cleaned things up a bit round the shed, stacked a lot of timber, took away a bit of fencing near the well and burned the grass. Also did a bit to the boat and went down to Arthurs for tar for the bottom of the boat.
4-5--: I tarred the boat, cleared grass off various places, and ploughed a piece of land up near the wood gate also between pines. Snigged down a log sawed off a length and split 3 posts.
5-5--: I split posts before breakfast and after that meal I split 2 more, made row locks and fixed an oar. I then ploughed between pines and took the horse out 11.40 it w as then afternoon. I got the boat in the cart and took the boat down to the creek got 3 lots of rotten wood along the bank to be filling in the pine rows. I rowed Herb and Ken down the creek as far as the chows engine. She leaks quicker than Herb and Ken can bale out.
6-5--: I took kiddies for a row in the boat Ken, Ellen and I went down past Staceys old place. She leaks very considerably yet. Got home 4.45 for tea.
7-5--: I split a log for posts before breakfast, fixed up the oars for boat, gathered pines etc. Helped men off with a load of stone for the rowing club, pulled grass and hoed pines. Also put the rotten timber between the pineapple rows.
8-5--: I took in my bit of stuff and sold out but it made it a long day of it. The roads are awful and I feel crook.
9-5--: I went down and cut corn stalks and carted 4 loads.
10-5-: I carted 3 loads of corn stalks, and then went to town to see about Lewis business. After I got back I pulled stalks in the pine rows. It was pretty hot today and the roads are awfully rough since the flood.
11-5-: I took in the fowls and got very good prices.
12-5-: I hoed pines and fixed up a sawhorse for the boys to saw firewood on. Also spent half a day at the pictures of Dad and Mum. I was getting on very well but managed to break the corner of one glass.
13-5-: It was rather cool this morning and as I had given myself a hard week I only felt middling.
14-5-: I picked beans etc ready for town
15-5-: I took in the bit of produce and sold out all except rough skin lemons. It was late when I got home nearly dark.
16-5-: I hoed pines and did various other jobs round the place, my knee is crook again I cannot do as I wish.
17-5-: I hoed pines, ploughed out a place to plant passion fruit if Harry brings them. Afternoon I fixed Mrs Mc Donalds house roof.
18-5-: I put facias on Mc Donalds shed and fixed the verandah gate 2 sets of steps and fixed the facias of Glovers house.
19-5-: It took me 3 1/2 hours to make a gate for Mrs Mc Donalds. I started straight after breakfast an d it was nearly 11 when I had finished it, hinges on and ready to hang. Afternoon I tarred and pitched the bottom of the boat and sprinkled sand over it.
20-5-: I read a book and went down and had a yarn with Arthur. The boys spent most of their day rowing the boat in the creek.
21-5-: I picked pines and peas, planted the passion fruit that Harry sent me. Tried to burn grass. Went up to Mc Donalds and measured up how much lattice was wanted to fix the panel, put the bolt in the roof of Glovers. Got meat came home, and tried to burn more grass, had a shave pretty tired come night.
22-5-: I took in the stuff and sold out very well except lemons.
23-5-: Worked at Mc Donalds all day. Took out a panel of lattice and put in new pieces, hung the gate etc.
24-5-: I spent the morning fixing a room at Glovers. I went up the hill and had a shot at a wallaby but failed to score.
25-5-: I went up the hill before breakfast and got a fair shot at a wallabys head but did not get it. I fancy the shot is too light. I ploughed a bit and made a frame for a tabletop.
26-5-: I burned the hill off a bit with the help of neighbours also went up and got sand at Gracemere creek.
27-5-: I had a bit of excitement chasing boys who had been stealing my pines. I chased 2 of them a s far as Sees garden when 1 boy flung his bike and ran into Nelsons swamp. I brought home the bike and 2 lads came for it after. I reckoned that if they gave me 6/- I would let them have the bike but all they had was 4/7d. I took that and let them take the bike on their promise to turn up next Sunday with the balance of 1/5.
28-5-: I spent the day gathering up stuff for town tomorrow.
29-5-: I went in with the stuff and had a long day of it, but considering everything I got through well.
30-5-: I went in and saw Patterson about Lewis, also got another sheet of glass for the pictures. I had a mishap with my bike coming home this made me late although I was fortunate being able to get a nut and spanner at Nelsons.
31-5-: I started to plough amongst the pines near the hay shed.
1-6--: Ploughed again.
2-6--: I finished ploughing amongst the patch of pines and put the top on the bench I am making for upstairs.
3-6--: I planed the bench top a little. Arthur, John and a few others came up and we went up after wallabies but only managed to hunt 1 on the hill.
4-6--: I picked the peas, had lunch and gathered oranges etc for town.
5-6--: Took in the stuff and brought back 3 dozen pines.
6-6--: I felt rather crook and did not get much done.
7-6--: I hoed and did a bit to trees also ploughed and snigged logs.
8-6--: I hoed 2 rows of pines and sawed firewood.
9-6--: Ploughed again, burned grass and cut trees down and snigged some down the hill.
10-6-: I stayed at home Harry came up to get some staples. I gave him a packet.
11-6-: I gathered the pines etc for tomorrow.
12-6-: I went in with pines, Rosella etc. Got home at dusk. Stuff doesnt sell much chop at all.
13-6-: I cut out the rest of the louvres and hoed a row of pines and got 2 loads from the quarry. I spent some time with them.
14-6-: I put a shot in the quarry and dug a fair bit of stone. I also hoed a row of pines and pruned some of the orange trees and dressed the edges of a set of louvres. We had a little rain yesterday, but it wasnt much, feels col d this evening.
15-6-: I ploughed 2 rows of pines and worked in the shed fixing a brace and made a nail punch for a carpenter that is at work at Ernies house.
16-6-: I hoed pines, plumbed up the tank and got posts ready at the place for the verandah of the shed.
17-6-: I fixed up the pickets for the louvres I am getting ready for the Park. I feel crook seem to have a nasty cold.
18-6-: I picked pines and other stuff for tomorrow. Also put up a post for the verandah I am going to put on the shed
19-6-: I took in the stuff and sold out fairly well considering some of the people were away.
20-6-: I run a barbed wire along the fence across the top of the hill. Did a little to the shed verandah too.
21-6-: I hoed pines.
22-6-: I ploughed and put stuff out of the quarry, under the house.
23-6-: Carried on with the filling up under the verandah. A lady and a gent from down south called and took a snap of the pines near the gate, gave the youngsters 5 of them 3 d each and paid me for the pines that I picked to be in the snap. Afternoon I did a bit to the Roys wheelbarrow. I am very off colour just now. It tried to rain throughout the day but seemed as though it could not quite manage it.
24-6-: I stuck to the house all day.
25-6-: Rained during the morning. I put fertiliser at the base of the tomatoes and dug it in also picked peas etc.
26-6-: Went in with the things and sold pines very well oranges and such did not go well.
27-6-: I did a little to the verandah I am putting on to the shed also did a bit of ploughing.
28-6-: I went down and got bean seed and planted most of it also did a bit more to the verandah.
29-6-: I worked about the place at various jobs. Knocked out the row of pines near Ernies house.
30-6-: I went up the hill trying to get a shot at a c row but failed. Afternoon sledded soil in to wash outs amongst pines. Also went down the creek at dusk, knocked 3 ducks only wounded got 1 and had to have another shot at another, the 3rd I lost amongst the weeds.
1-7--: I went down to the creek and got another duck. I promised myself I would have duck for dinner today and it seems as if I will do so.
2-7--: I got the bits of stuff ready for tomorrow, also did a little other work.
3-7--: Took in the stuff.
4-7--: I was confined to the house account of having hurt my knee again yesterday.
5-7--: I hoed pines.
6-7--: Hoed pines and went to town on business.
7-7--: I sowed tomato seed, sawed a bit of wood and put the picture of Dad and Mum in to the frame for Lily to finish.
8-7--: Read books all day.
9-7--: Got things ready for town.
10-7-: Took the stuff in and sold as good as usual.
11-7-: Hoed and banked pines.
12-7-: Hoed pines.
13-7-: Hoed pines I took the pictures down and hung them for Clara before breakfast.
14-7-: I hoed pines etc. The boys sledded soil between the pines.
15-7-: I took the youngsters photo.
16-7-: I got stuff ready for town.
17-7-: Took in the stuff.
18-7-: Hoed tomatoes.
19-7-: Hoed tomatoes till dinner. Afternoon I went and looked for the horse, but failed to find him. Hoed along the bottom row of Ripleys near the shed.
20-7-: Hoed pines.
21-7-: Hoed pines. Afternoon I tarred the bottom of the boat. Spent a couple of hours looking for Dobbin. I have not seen him since Tuesday he hasnt had a drink since then.
22-7-: I spent nearly all day up the hill trying to find the horse. It must have been 4 before we found him and he had not had a drink since Tuesday. Sunday to day.
23-7-: It drizzled rain throughout the day but very little fell. I picked peas and pines etc, cut firewood.
24-7-: Took in the stuff and sold out as usual. Got home about dusk.
25-7-: Hoed pines.
26-7-: Hoed pines etc.

27-7-: Hoed pines and finished putting the iron on the new verandah.
28-7-: I went to town and fixed up Kens insurance and a few other things afternoon I planted pines.
29-7-: I went up the hill and shot a crow afternoon I went and took a couple of photos at Mepsteads.
30-7-: I picked pines and peas also suckers.
31-7-: I took the stuff to town and spent the day with the people who bought.
1-8--: I dug out couch grass etc.
2-8--: Dug out more grass and hoed, fixed a rod to the steps at the front of the house, half-soled my boots.
3-8--: I hoed pines, went in to town at 4 and bought photo stuff after tea I printed 13 post cards.
4-8--: I planted suckers also fixed the iron on the shed roof. After tea I printed the rest of Mepsteads post cards.
5-8--: I spent the day at home it was too windy to go out.
6-8--: Picked pines and hoed.
7-8--: Went in with pines etc.
8-8--: Hoed amongst pines.
9-8--: Hoed pines also went to town and saw about sanitary and got 15/- from State Children Department being for pines stolen by Lewis whilst with me. I bought soap, split links, sole leather and 2 clips to develop films with.
10-8-: I fixed a window sash for Mrs Mepstead and hoed pines.
11-8-: Planted some pines and burned some grass, turned a couple of knobs for Mepstead.
12-8-: Syd Mepstead and I rode bikes to 9 Pridmore and had a look at his house. Got a puncture coming home, altogether put in a rough day.
13-8-: Picked pines and peas, worked at the shed the rest of the day.
14-8-: I took in my bit of stuff, got home just in time for tea.
15-8-: I worked at the shed, pulled most of the old one down.
17-8-: Carried on with the pulling down of the shed, fixing up the part I am leaving for a time. Went up to a meeting of the progress association when the matter of the sanitary was discussed.
18-8-: Worked at fixing the shed and clearing away the old stuff. Also went up and measured Mepsteads well job.
19-8-: I went and saw Mepsteads.
20-8-: I hoed during the morning. Afternoon I went and got things ready to do Mepsteads well.
21-8-: Went to town got home 3 had dinner and got timber away also sharpened my saw.
22-8-: Worked at Mepsteads well.
23-8-: Carried on with the well.
24-8-: Got another day at the well. It was an awfully hot day. We took the windlass off my well and took it and some more timber to do the job.
25-8-: Worked all day at Mepsteads well I think there is about 5 ft to timber and I fancy we are down 25 ft.
26-8-: I read 2 books.
27-8-: Worked at the well. Got on very well too.
28-8-: Another day at the well about 20 feet to timber up to top log.
29-8-: I have a bit of a cold. It is a pity that the well is so wet just yet.
30-8-: Another day at the well.
31-8-: Got the well timbered to the top finishing set on also. Windlass back in position worked till dark got out timber and muck.
1-9--: Got out the pump and almost got it ready for resetting. I cracked my thumb with the head of a pick, it is rather crook.
2-9--: Read and rested at home.
3-9--: I put the pump together and got it down the well on to a bed and through a hollow block to make it higher to keep the pipe off the bottom.
4-9--: Carried on with fixing the pump, pumped with it at dusk just before coming home 4 ft 4x2 used at foot of post for pump.
5-9--: Finished working at the well for the time. My thumb is crook and makes it very awkward to work properly.
6-9--: I went round and got Syd Mepstead to bring my tools, windlass etc home. I got it back in to position on my well and then came in and made up the timber used on their job.
7-9--: I went to town and paid Daly 4/6 d also got various things.
8-9--: I worked at a Douglas pump I have had here for about 10 years, one that Charley broke and gave me.
9-9--: I put the pump together and tried it in a tub with water.
10-9-: I fixed a crow bar and spent a lot of time fixing a chain but failed to get it right also started to fix a fence near the creek.
11-9-: Finished the fence I know whether it will keep stock out or not.
12-9-: I went down to Arthurs and had a look at his spuds and fish.
13-9-: I hoed pines etc.
14-9-: I cut out a set of timber and put in the well round at the engine.
15-9-: Hoed pines. Afternoon I went round and put the stringers in Mepsteads well he paid me £ 3 on account.
16-9-: I went with Arthur down to Yeppoon in the car things are looking pretty dry down that way.
17-9-: I hoed pines and hauled water out of the well. Put fertiliser out of a cask and got it up to the well.
18-9-: I poked about the place doing very little my thumb is crook.
19-9-: I did a little about the place.
20-9-: Mixed water paint and had a go at painting the kitchen ceiling. It was very dirty.
21-9-: I did a bit to the ice chest and made a new door for the safe to sell.
22-9-: I put together a couple of doors for the cupboard under the bookcase in the dining room. Couldnt find any hinges to hang them with.
23-9-: Was a very hot day too hot to go out anywhere I read books and papers the place is full of smoke.
24-9-: I hauled 6 drums of water up before breakfast, hoed pines and fixed a sled up for a small tank to get water from the well, it was then dinnertime.
25-9-: I banked pines and cultivated some too, hauled water etc.
26-9-: I banked 3 rows of pines before dinner.
27-9-: I banked pines and made things for Mepsteads well. Went up to Thorsens and Charley paid me what he owed. I then went up in their car to L.P. meeting which was somewhat amusing.
28-9-: Banked a row of pines and hoed along the tops with a Dutch hoe.
29-9-: I soldered a couple of places in my house spouting, had the forge going fixing things for Mepsteads well, got a tank of water and went round and finished Mepsteads job, hung 1 half of the door for the press at base of book case.
30-9-: I hung other half door of press. Breakspear came over and let me down the well to get buckets out.
1-10-: Hauled water and did other jobs about the place.
2-10-: I ploughed amongst the pines also another small piece.
3-10-: Hoed a bit and cut down a few bits of trees to make heaps to put pear on.
4-10-: I ploughed below the tomatoes and hauled water.
5-10-: Ploughed again and put a frame of a duchess chest together, awful weather.
6-10-: I worked at the chest.
7-10-: Took things quietly at home. The awful haze we have been having lately makes things awful to bear.
8-10-: Hauled water, went round and fixed the pump to work by hand, took a broken spring from the engine.
9-10-: I hoed pines and saw to water. Went over to Fairy Bower with Jack in the truck to see where they are getting their poles.
10-10: I hauled water and worked about the place.
11-10: I hoed pines, hauled water and did a bit to the chest I am making.
12-10: I hauled water, hoed a bit and worked at the chest.
13-10: I made the drawers for the duchess chest and just failed to get them fitted.
14-10: I turned tops a bit and rested, hauled water and went and saw Mepsteads about payment for their job.
15-10: I started Herb off turning a bit of wood for tops before breakfast.
16-10: I worked about the place.
17-10: Hoed pines etc.
18-10: I went to town after money owing and only got 5/-.
19-10: I worked up at Glovers.
20-10: Worked up at Glovers all say.
21-10: I took the chows the 1/- I owed for cabbage, went over and saw Cecil and the others.
22-10: I went up and worked up at Mc Donalds till dinnertime. Afternoon I made a couple of blinds for Mrs Glover out of droppers.
23-10: I went off to town collecting money. Got my bike fixed at Murrays, I was crook after I came home and took things quietly.
24-10: I varnish and stained the duchess chest I have been making. Afternoon I went up and finished at Macs and Glovers. The weather was a little cooler today.
25-10: I went up to Macs with the account and got £2 /10/ -. Went and arranged for a truck to be at the station for next Wednesday to load for the Park.
26-10: I turned knobs for the duchess and got some things ready for the Park.
27-10: I fixed a window sash for the Park. I am crook on my inside and feel the heat awful. Fixed Dobbins yard.
28-10: I went over and saw Newmans also Arthurs, felt pretty crook inside unsettled by the weather.
29-10: I dug out a trench with a view to draining the water from the pines during heavy rain.
30-10: I went to the city bought cocoa, gate iron etc. After I came home I measured timber for the Pack.
31-10: I carted the stuff up to the station I had a stiff go, as I had to wait 1 1/2 hours for the truck owing to a mishap to the train. I was very pleased to finish. Freight £1/13/8d.
1-11-: I went to Emu Park bike went flat when I got as far as Kalka but I got down at 11.
2-11-: At Park.
3-11-: At Park.
4-11-: At Park.
5-11-: At Park.
6-11-: At Park.
7-11-: At Park.
8-11-: At park.
9-11-: At Park.
10-11: At Park.
11-11: At Park.
12-11: At Park.
13-11: At Park.
14-11: At Park.
15-11: At Park.
16-11: At Park.
17-11: At Park.
18-11: At Park.
19-11: At Park.
20-11: At Park.
21-11: At Park.
21-11: At Park.
22-11: At Park.
23-11: At Park.
24-11: At Park.
25-11: At Park.
26-11: At Park.
27-11: I started to fix Pococks spouting.
28-11: I started to work at Tomkins, put in a day and finished Pococks job.
29-11: Worked all day at Tomkins.
30-11: I worked at Tomkins half day.
1-12-: Worked at cottage for Tomkins.
2-12-: Rode bike out to Boyds house and miles as well all about the Park came home.
3-12-: Made a window out of an old one from the shop, also got other things gathered.
4-12-: I fixed windows at Glovers.
5-12-: I put stuff at the station to go by train to the Park cost 6/5d started for Park on bike.
6-12-: Arrived at Emu Park just after sunrise having spent the night on the road. Worked Tomkins half a day.
7-12-: Worked at Tomkins steps all day.
8-12-: Fixed back wall Tomkins.
9-12-: Took things easy.
10-12: Worked at Tomkins.
11-12: Tomkins job.
12-12: E. C. Tomkins.
13-12: Tomkins.
14-12: Tomkins.
15-12: Tomkins.
16-12: Spent most of day at Colls.
17-12: I worked at my place owing to Mrs Tomkins stating that Tomkins would not pay £1 per day.
18-12: At my house.
19-12: My house,
20-12: My house,
21-12: My house.
22-12: My house.
23-12: Quiet day.
24-12: Fixed roof with help of Oliver Colls, started for home on bike at 4.20. A.F.Kent gave me a lift or I would have had a bad trip.
25-12: I spent a quiet day, as I was quite tired with one thing and another.
26-12: Arthur took us to Picnic Point for a few hours. I met Charlie Gill and family, Bert Bird and family who I had not seen for years.
27-12: I took a side off the closet to procure boards for the Park house also got things ready for town tomorrow.
28-12: Herb, Ken and I took in our bit of stuff, got 30/- for it. Pines sold very well, but money is awfully scarce.
29-12: Morning I hoed near the gate afternoon I worked with Arthur we nearly got his dairy ceiled.
30-12: I spent a quiet day at home. Put on cart ready for tomorrow.
31-12: Took in 10 dozen pines and sold out all right.

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