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1926 front cover

     9th January I dug metal for the Fitzroy Shire Council for road making. I dug the metal ready for loading, some times I had to blast it first. I worked at several places during the year in town and local, such as helping with wells, fencing. Repairing houses, building etc. I employed a State lad at one time but he eventually tired of the work and left. Then I had an English immigrant lad but he wouldnt work, as he couldnt stand the heat so I tried resting him in the house between 10 and 3.30 during the day but he still did no good. I had to eventually let him go. I found that I cant do it all myself and if I employ I cant clear expenses. 4th February I put in 2/- with Dan and Charley Daly for a ticket on the Golden Casket. 1st March I had a good bush fire but Jack and I tried our best to control it but it broke away from us, George Thorsen came and helped. 19th March I collected 3000 pineapple suckers in 21 bags f rom the station, which I had sent to me. During the year I shot a few wallabies, I would skin them then peg out the skins to dry. One time when I took 2 in to sell I got paid 1/3d for 2 skins. 16th June I went and had a look at the cochineal insects, t hey are doing very good work eating at the pear. 27th June Violet took Lily to town feeling pretty sick. 28th June Well here I am with the 7 children in such a fix I never anticipated. 29th June Henry Newman came and told me that Lilys father old Mr Newman had died and would be buried tomorrow at 2.30. 30th June Violet told me Lily had given birth to a small son about 7 last Sunday evening 27th. 1st July got another weary day over. My word it is crook with all these youngsters. I don t know how its going to be by the time the lady of the house is back. 6th July made porridge for breakfast and a stew for dinner. Iris s birthday tried taking her photo but the light was no good. 7th July this is the 10th day I have been on my own with the children. The nurse brought Lily and the baby home today (Frank). 22nd July I had to go to town and get a paper for Lily to sign to get a duplicate for a money order Iris tore up. 15th September Thorsen started to cart stone from my place for the building of t h e new bridge near my place. I am completely knocked out through digging and carting the stone from the top of my hill and putting it on a sled I built for bringing it down the hill. I also put up a tank and run pipes down to the bridge to supply the counc i l with water for the cementing of the bridge. It was a daily job in keeping up the supply of water. 30th December the late Mr R.S. Archers remains were buried this afternoon. 31st December the creek came down about 7 this morning, the day of the offici a l opening. There was a crowd there. Mother was also in the hospital during the year. 24th September I bought 2 allotments at Emu Park. The decking of the bridge took 310 bags of cement, with out the 2 inch on the top done with oxide. The thick of deck ing is 5 to 1 and the oxide 2 1/2 to 1.

1-1--: Jack and I took the scaffold down from the front of the house and erected it at the side ready for painting. Afternoon we went down to Wests and played Bobs and cricket.
2-1--: We painted the house.
3-1--: Took things quietly.
4-1--: Painted a little and got few pines etc ready for tomorrow. Jack also went across to Cecils and got rosella plants that we put in.
5-1--: Went in with pines etc.
6-1--: I got 5 loads of metal away.
7-1--: Went in and bought remnants at A.C.B.Bell has been fixing up for me. Jack got away 2 loads of metal.
8-1--: I painted lattice put a little work in to the safe I am making for Daly. Also bored the holes in my new cart for the scrolls to be bolted on. Charley Ward came and got the old cart. Jack dug grass out from where we ploughed yesterday.
9-1--: Dug metal for the Shire Council also painted a bit at the house, 2 loads of metal.
10-1-: I stayed about the house all day.
11-1-: I got 4 loads of road metal away. My word it was hot today knocks me out of time as usual. G. Thorsen gave me £3/18/- for metal he got last month.
12-1-: Herb and Ken went to town with me and we sold our bit of stuff, bought bolts and meat also a few groceries. The Shire Council has had 13 loads of metal so far this year.
13-1-: Jack and I painted lattice etc before breakfast. After that meal we hoed pines etc. I bored the holes for the scrolls of the springs to be bolted with on Monday.
14-1-: Jack and I finished painting the side verandah we have been at for some time. We also got t he springs and wheels on to the new cart and brought it in to the shed. Jack ploughed during the afternoon I took down scaffold and made the kids a small cart and mended my old one.
15-1-: Jack and I painted until breakfast. After breakfast Jack hoed and I mixed paint and put a patch on the top of the tank. Afternoon I soldered a few places in the spouting etc also worked a little at the cart, and made a belt.
16-1-: I went in to the butchers and brought out the rest of the pine from Strelows. Tried to adjust the scroll of spring for the cart after dinner I went up to Mc Donalds to see about a small job.
17-1-: Read books. Jack and I went for a ride on the bikes.
18-1-: I got 2 loads of metal away. I also got the springs fixed to the cart and helped Jack to hoe pines, picked mangoes etc.
19-1-: Went in with pines etc, got home at 4.
20-1-: I went up to Mc Donalds and fixed up the chimney and fireplace, put in a fairly hard day, it was somehow hot too.
21-1-: I dug metal for George Thorsen. It was awful hot at different parts of the day.
22-1-: I worked with Peter Hansen half a day.
23-1-: Worked the morning with Peter Hansen.
24-1-: I went across to Cecil and down to Arthur also up to Thorsens. The weather is very warm as usual at this time.
25-1-: I worked with Peter Hansen all day. After tea I went up to Charley Thorsens and had a game of Bobs etc.
26-1-: I went off early with pines and Jack took the bike in and brought home the cart. I had dinner in town and worked with Hansen during the afternoon.
27-1-: I worked with Hansen all day. My word it was hot. Things are getting dried up awfully all over. Rain seems to be keeping off in a wonderful way.
28-1-: I arose feeling rather tired, got the fire going and sharpened my razor, had a shave and breakfast, rode the bike to town and worked with Hansen. Jack went in with pines.
29-1-: Worked at Sister Olives all day for Peter Hansen. Awful hot weather we are having lately. I did a little towards the fish shop job too, before work in the dinner hour.
30-1-: Worked half day with Hansen. Had dinner at Kalafates and worked fixing his window till 4 oclock. Jack went with Harry West to Emu Park.
31-1-: I took things quietly at home.
1-2--: Put in a day with Peter Hansen at Sister Olives, fairly hot day too.
2-2--: Another day with Hansen. Made a panel of lattice and various other bits of jobs.
3-2--: 17/- Change I gave Jack. I went in and worked with Hansen, finished at the place we have been improving and got paid £9/5-.
4-2--: I went in and helped to put in a panel of lattice, ran around the town after one thing and another got home about 4 and pretty tired too it was very hot today Lily went to a sale A.C. B
5-2--: I went in and worked about 7 hours at Kalafates fish shop.
6-2--: I put in the same time as yesterday at Kalafates fish shop.
7-2--: I went in and saw Viney also out to Arthur Jacksons place with him and his father.
8-2--: I went to town on the bike ran straight across to Beals but a no one was home I came away again. Banked £20 and bought winker and a suit and mouth organ from Dalys, came home for dinner.
9-2--: I went in to town with Arthur and got sugar etc also 4 dozen yards of calico from Dan Daly.
10-2-: I went to town and got various things and did a little to Kalafates window too.
11-2-: I went to town and got the petrol lamp bought a globe and a mantles for it. It has cost me now £2/3/6d and is £4/10/- at Williams Ltd now.
12-2-: Jack and I worked at making a harrow and I put the door on the safe I made.
13-2-: I went to town and bought various things at a sale of lost property. Had dinner at Kalafates.
14-2-: I went and saw a man about a job.
15-2-: I went to the city and got out my stuff from the sale I was at on Saturday also run around the town on other business and home for dinner.
16-2-: I went in with pines etc, got home after 3 and rested till night.
17-2-: I went down and put the day in at Arthurs shed. My word it was hot and the job is no good as there is nothing to do it with.
18-2-: I went into the city to see a chap ab out a job, also over to Park Avenue to look at a pumping out fit and called in at Greens and bought a set of rebrading tools, cleaning rod etc. The lot including empty shells to the number of 225 cost 12/6d.
Thorsens took 5 loads of metal.
19-2-: Jack went off with pines. I helped Georgie Thorsen away with 3 loads of metal. Jack got home for dinner. Grand ma came up and had a look at us, George took 2 loads of metal in the afternoon.
20-2-: I went down and worked at Arthurs hay shed. Afternoon Jack went down and we put up 2 saplings for scaffold.
21-2-: Charley Thorsen came down to see me about stone for the bridge.
22-2-: I lighted the fire and then went and dug a little metal with Jack. I worked at Arthurs shed. Got the rafters up in position. My word I am glad it is done as far as it is. It is a thankless job as Arthur isn t pleased because I am not doing his way Thorsens took 8 loads.
23-2-: Thorsens took 7 loads. I dug metal all day.
24-2-: Thorsens took 6 loads I worked at Arthurs shed all the morning. Afternoon I felt too crook to do any thing.
25-2-: Mrs McDonald called and paid £1, which leaves 6/-, as balance and 5/- Glovers owe. I did nothing today except write to Herb and to a place about suckers.
26-2-: George took 5 loads. I was crook with nervous prostration I deem it. It was fairly warm today too.
27-2-: Thorsens didnt come. Jack took pines in, I dug very little although I am a lot better today.
28-2-: Stay at home.
1-3--: I worked at the workshop all the morning. Afternoon we had a good bush fire, Jack and I tried our best to keep it under control but it broke away. George Thorsen came and helped.
2-3--: I dug metal all day Jack ploughed all the morning and afternoon he picked pines and helped to dig metal. Thorsens took 5 loads.
3-3--: George took 5 loads. I dug metal throughout the morning. Afternoon I was a bit off colour and had to leave it to Jack. It is awfully crook weather just now like a drought, everything is getting dried up to nothing.
4-3--: Thorsens got 3 loads. I dug metal and helped George to get away with his loads also fixed the step to the new cart and put the hooks on for the traces.
5-3--: Thorsen 5 loads. I did a bit to the cart and dug metal and helped George Thorsen away with it.
6-3--: I went to the city and did various bits of business. After I got home I went up and watched them play cricket.
7-3--: Stayed home.
8-3--: I cut out the frames of the glass doors for Kalafates shop. Jack and I also dug metal. Thorsen got 9 loads.
9-3--: I put together the frames for Kalafates shop and did a few other bits of jobs.
10-3-: I went to the city and did various things also came back worked a little to the fence out on the roadside.
11-3-: Worked over at Cecils. Thorsen took 2 loads for City Council.
12-3-: I went to the city and back for dinner. Afternoon I worked over at Cecils. Thorsen got 4 loads.
13-3-: I got George away with 2 loads of metal.
14-3-: Went up and saw Vineys and Thorsens.
15-3-: I worked at Cecils shed. We got the tops off the posts. Jack hoed pines.
16-3-: I felt crook in my inside up several times last night. To day I put the panes of glass in to the frames for Kalafates and put in a window also took out and replaced another Jack hoed pines.
17-3-: Worked all day at Cecils shed.
18-3-: I worked at Cecils shed.
19-3-: I got the suckers from the station, there are supposed to be 3000 in 21 bags. I went to the city and did various jobs of business. We had trouble with our new cart it being washered together. I had to heat it with th e blowlamp to remove the nut.
20-3-: We planted 4 rows of pines, which held 1175 suckers.
21-3-: Took Jack for a ride to the city. I also went to church and listened to Rev Popes farewell.
22-3-: Jack and I spent a very busy day in the suckers. I also got 3 loads of road metal away.
23-3-: I worked over at Cecils shed. It was very hot for the season of the year. Thorsen took 6 loads of metal.
24-3-: I was up early and ran rebates on the show case fronts. After breakfast I went in with these and fitted them at Kalafates shop. I didnt get away from the city till 2.30. Thorsens got 3 loads of metal.
25-3-: Worked over at Cecils all day. Thorsens got 2 loads.
26-3-: I planted a row of smooth leaf suckers, strutted the end of the posts ready for running the wire. Went to town for timber came home and mended the fence where Dobbin got out and run 3 wires of the fence near the gate.
27-3-: I finished the bit of fence near the gate, measured the timber I brought home and split the posts for Shrelows and made a bat for Freddie Thorsen.
28-3-: I stayed home and read books.
29-3-: Jack dug metal for Thorsens who took 5 loads I worked at Cecils.
30-3-: I worked at Cecils shed all day. Jack hoed pines.
31-3-: I worked at Cecils all day got on pretty well Cecil worked with us too, Jack hoed pines.
1-4--: I went to town for groceries. I took 4 posts in to Strelows and also an adze for him to trim them with. Afternoon I worked at Cecils shed. Reggie went across with me.
2-4--: Jack, Henry and I worked at the forge, hinged the tail over on the cart. Afternoon we had a bit of a game of cricket.
3-4--: I worked half day over at Cecils.
4-4--: I stayed at home and read books all day long.
5-4--: I worked at Cecils shed we got the roof on so I suppose my part is over so far as the job goes. Jack Barnes and Henry Travis went up to the picnic. It rained a few times during the afternoon which no doubt tend to spoil the day for most of the folk.
6-4--: Jack went on fixing the fence so that Dobbin cant get into the garden so early. We also put up a sort of an affair on which we restacked our timber. I was fairly tired by knock off time.
7-4--: Jack pulled pine suckers. Henry hoed I messed about with plows and made a start at a new stove recess. Jack and I also dug some road metal. It was very warm and there was a thunderstorm but we never got any. Ripley suckers are making roots.
8-4--: Jack and I dug metal and afternoon Jack went to town for fowl food and meat. I pulled down the old stove recess and made a start on a new one.
9-4--: I worked at the stove recess. Jack carted suckers and dug metal. George Thorsen got 5 loads of metal.
10-4-: I went to town and fixed up Kalafates slides, bought a Diston square 1/6d on it. After I got home I put the stove back in to the new recess and made a window for the recess.
11-4-: Went across to Cecils or a walk, read a couple of books rest of day.
12-4-: I put up the chimney and soldered around the bottoms also soldered a couple of dishes. Worked the rest of the day at fixing the window and doing the woodwork Thorsen got 6 loads.
13-4-: I put up the mantle piece in the kitchen and did other bits of fixing, also mixed paint and painted the inside of the recess. Jack and Henry hoed pines during the morning and afternoon Jack dug metal for George Thorsen. A Mr Lefeldt came and ordered 1000 suckers for next Monday.
14-4-: We got 500 suckers pulled for Lefeldt. Got off 2 shots in the quarry, dug a good lot of metal. Henry cleared stones out of the pines and hoed some of the weeds amongst the pines. The weather is very warm for the middle of April conditions for us is very bad.
15-4-: Jack picked 400 suckers. We also dug road metal and made a pick handle Henry trimmed suckers.
16-4-: Jack picked 100 suckers, now the 1000 are picked for Lefeldt. George Thorsen carted metal got 5 loads. I sharpened drills and fixed up a mattock I also got another handle made.
17-4-: I went to town and shifted Kalafates cash register bought gelignite and chains etc I took 11/ - worth of stuff from Kalafates, brought out a nice lot of timber from Strelows. Afternoon let off 2 shots in the quarry and worked at Clarkes bike.
18-4-: I went down to the chows and got pumpkins also called in at Arthurs.
19-4-: I bagged suckers for Lefeldt and dug metal also turned 6 stands for Kalafates. I have a slight sore throat.
20-4-: Thorsen got 6 loads of metal, I dug a fair amount and fixed Clarkes bike also sharpened the drills.
21-4-: I went to town and banked money. Went across the river and looked at a plow, bought plow share and wheel with shank for 6/- Ditson square 1/3d 2 inch class reader 1/- and 5 screw tops jars 1/- came home and dug metal.
22-4-: Kelly got 7 loads of metal. I sharpened picks, fixed up new traces and dug metal. The weather is very warm for the time of the year.
23-4-: I turned a couple of stands for Kalafates window, helped Jack at the quarry a little too.
24-4-: Jack and I fell some quarry before breakfast. I went to town and brought out some timber and meat also a few things I bought from sale the other day. Kelly carted metal.
25-4-: I spent the day at Kings putting his cart to rights.
26-4-: Jack and I dug metal I also cut out and put together a Bobs board.
27-4-: I dug metal for Kelly 7 loads today. I also turned a set of balls for the Bobs set I am making for Kings.
28-4-: I dug metal all day and got away 8 loads.
29-4-: Kelly and George took 10 loads of road metal.
30-4-: I went to town and gave my order at Denhams for tomorrow. Got s crank for Clarkes bike and called at Kalafates and got some fish, came home and fixed the stays for Kings cart and dug metal for Kelly.
1-5--: I went in for groceries and meat. Got 1 lb of chocolate mixtures etc from Kalafates. Kelly got a load of metal.
2-5--: I went across to Kings and spent a good time at the cart. Awfully hot and dusty.
3-5--: I went over to Kings and finished my job at the cart, charged him £2 for doing it and 8/- for a Bobs set I made. The roads are very dusty and it seems as though it will never rain again.
4-5--: I worked a bit at Clarkes bike and got George off with 2 loads of road mixture then spelled till dinner. Afternoon I went down to the chows and got pumpkins etc, came home and dug 2 holes for blocks for the tank which seems to have gone over a bit.
5-5--: I put a couple of blocks in and a good piece across them as a support to the tank.
6-5--: I went to town and gave King his nails he gave me £1 and owes me 30/-. I went and bought some pear poison and got the pedal and seat for Clarkes bike. Got home for dinner. Afternoon I worked at Clarkes bike.
7-5--: We have been working at the pear clearing. I could not get the pump to go any good. The pump leather is no good and I have lost the key that is used to insert new valves.
8-5--: Jack and I have fixed up our account, he went to town and got meat and afternoon we sprayed some pear and I went up to vote.
9-5--: I read all day. The pear poison has me feeling a bit crook.
10-5-: I mended a pair of shoes for Lily and did other bits of jobs about the house.
11-5-: We carried on with the pear poisoning. The pump in the Fleetwood sprayer fails to work properly in consequence the job did not go very well.
12-5-: I went to the city interviewed the nurse for Lily, balanced account with Kalafate. Went round the town trying to sell roosters, but couldnt place them.
13-5-: I started laying down the floor in the spare or feed room almost got it finished too. Jack and Henry started fencing at the top of the garden.
14-5-: I finished my work at the feed room, also helped Jack and Henry to finish the fence. The weather is very funny it comes up like rain and then blows clean away again.
15-5-: I went to town spent the morning doing business. Afternoon I went across to Kings and worked at the well. Played Bobs and went to bed.
16-5-: Worked at the well till dinner and came home.
17-5-: Henry and I are working at the pear clearing.
18-5-: I went to the city and sold a few shillings worth of things. Brought out sugar etc for Cecil and I also got a drum 7/6 for the flour to be kept in.
19-5-: I picked out well timber for Cecil and cut down saplings to make heaps to put the pear on. I developed the plates I exposed a fortnight ago.
20-5-: I worked at putting a beam in a plow and also handles on another. I spent a lot of time and trouble hunting for bolts.
21-5-: I went to town and saw Charley King also was in attendance at a sale in Jacks Tucks old house, bought an oilcan and funnel for 2/-. Also tea strainer and lemon squeezer 9d Dalys.
22-5-: Henry and I cleared pear I also went up the hill and shot a wallaby. I was up a tree and got a good shot.
23-5-: I read books after skinning the wallaby and pegging out the skin.
24-5-: I helped Henry to clear pear also made a start at making a fowl crate.
25-5-: Carried on with the pear and did a little more on the crate.
26-5-: I went on with the fowl crate. I felt pretty crook and did not do much at all.
27-5-: I had breakfast in bed and got up after the fog lifted, finished the crate, but fitting a sliding door to it. Started Henry poisoning pear stumps.
28-5-: I took 1/6 rosellas in to Mrs Juboy, got 3/- from Mrs Tidbury, £1 from Charley King. Went to a paddys market and bought several things such as coats and other stuff. Got some medicine for the kids and myself.
29-5-: I started Henry at pear heaps, half-soled a pair of shoes for Lily put rubber heals on Beryls white shoes.
30-5-: I stayed in the house I am pretty crook.
31-5-: I helped Henry with the pear, cut trees down etc.
1-6--: I spent the day getting the order from Denhams and fixing it up also got Cecils order. I was quite knocked up. It was too long before I got any dinner.
2-6--: I sawed wood, mixed pear poison, tidied up the work shop a little, painted a notice board ready for printing on.
3-6--: I went across to Kings and worked down his well all day. Got very well too also called to see Jack Gallagher about a job. It was very windy but warmer through the day than I expected.
4-6--: I sprayed pear, cut saplings etc to make heaps to put the pear on. I am troubled with the jaw ache and suppose I will be till I get a rotten tooth out.
5-6--: I went to town and saw Jack Gallagher about his house also did various other bits of things.
6-6--: Spent a long day at C. Kings well, didnt get on too well with it.
7-6--: I worked at the pear up the hill. Went across and saw Cecil I was pretty tired by the time knock off time came along.
8-6--: I went to the city and did various bits of business. Quite a cold feeling in the air today. Cecil and I squared up with each other.
9-6--: I went to town and run around to Dalys and Foulkes auction market. Bought a violin in a case for 13/- minus a tailpiece, bridge, strings and bow. I came home and did a little towards making a sled to carry pear. Also went up the hill and shot a big buck wallaby.
10-6-: I skinned the wallaby and tacked out the pelt also carried on with the making of a sled for carting the pear to the heaps. I also went across to Cecils and sharpened my axe. Arthur had taken him to town with a crook hand. Preslands came for fowls.
11-6-: I worked making a sled to cart pear. Afternoon I went to town and got a bag of meat also brought back the last of my small timber from Strelows there is now only the big plank.
12-6-: I got off to Midgee and helped Jack Gallagher to cut house blocks. We cut 22 by about 3.30, when I came home very tired.
13-6-: Went over to Kings and fixed the timber in his well, gave myself a knock near the eye.
14-6-: I went across and saw Cecil came back and worked at the forge and burning pear.
15-6-: I went to town and sold my wallaby skins and got 1/ 3d for the 2. Saw King who paid me 10/ - also saw Jack Gallagher about his house came home after dark.
16-6-: I spent the morning making framing for Claras flood picture didnt quite get it finished by noon. Afternoon I got the stuff ready for framing our flood picture.
17-6-: I took pines, pie melon to Gallaghers, also Roosters to Elwings sale got 3/9 and 3/7 each for them. After tea I went up to the church anniversary and listened to a good programme and had some sandwiches and cake.
18-6-: I cut out a pattern for the balusters of Gallaghers house. Also cut out a frame for the flood picture and burned pear. I went and had a look at the cochineal insects they are doing very good work at the pear.
19-6-: I went to town with a pattern for Jack Gallagher to make balusters for his house also took Kings the stays for his cart, bought a nail punch for 6d from Cranes, pair of pants 12/11 mariners compass for 2/-.
20-6-: I went down to the chinamans for cabbage etc. Got some eschallot bulbs too.
21-6-: It was a bit showery and I went down and got the stock and die from Arthurs and fixed my harrow frame together, also pumped the well out and sowed shallots.
22-6-: I was not feeling well and took things rather easy. Mother was taken to a hospital I don't know which one. Dad Newman is passing away slowly so they say.
23-6-: Nice rain has favoured us and is still falling. My word it seems an awful time since it has looked like this.
24-6-: I put a seat on a chair. This is about the sum total of my days work being rather crook. I also made a new mallet.
25-6-: I put a new top in a sawing stool and fixed up things about the place. Afternoon I took the pear sled up the hill and snigged logs down also chopped pear trees. Old Dobbin made me very tired, the old rascal.
26-6-: Henry and I worked at the pear, I dug out a big clump there was a brown snake in it but I lost it.
27-6-: I went down and saw Arthur and Harry and Violet took Lily to town feeling pretty sick.
28-6-: Well here I am with the 7 children, in such a fix, as I never anticipated. I sharpened a tenon saw, sawed firewood and worked at Hansens walking stick.
29-6-: I cut my thumb with the circular saw. Spent the day looking after the children and making a miniature roof, hipped. Henry Newman came and told me that Old Mr Newman had died and would be buried at 2.30 tomorrow.
30-6-: I finished a rough model of a hipped roof. Went down and saw Violet she told me that Lily had given birth to a small son about 7 Sunday evening. We are having a rough spin on our own here. To day is Wednesday.
1-7--: Got another weary day over. My word it is crook with all these youngsters. I dont know how its going to be by the time the lady of the house is back.
2-7--: Terrible cold wind blew today I couldn't get on with much but keep an eye on the kiddies. Clarke came and borrowed a fork and spade. He reckons to grow some vegetables on West s scrubland. This makes the 5th day that we have been on our own here it is pretty crook.
3-7--: I took 2 bedroom doors down and reduced the bottom so as to close without dragging. Also made another close properly. Fixed one of the legs of the go-cart too and went up to Gracemere and changed the books.
4-7--: Kept things going with regard to the family here.
5-7--: I got up and made porridge and Puff D Loons fixed the door of the closet also the sky light on the back verandah. Had to see to dinner I started to turn a walking stick for Arthur. Went down and saw Violet who sent up a powder for Irwin. Very windy. Ive been in charge 8 days now.
6-7--: Made porridge etc for breakfast, a stew for dinner and otherwise saw to things. As it was Iriss birthday I had a go at taking her photo, but as usual I had bad luck with the light as clouds kept obscuring the sun and this spoiled the light.
7-7--: This makes the 10th day that we have been here on our own. Mrs Preece came out with Lily and her young un. I went down and saw mother. I have nearly got Arthurs stick finished Mr s Glover came down to see me about doing a job for her.
8-7--: I went in and paid the nurse. Got stuff from Denhams, registered the birth. Went and saw Gallagher came home and went up to Glovers came home and went down to Arthur, paid Clara for things she got for Lily.
9-7--: I went up and fixed the floor of Mrs Glovers room and cleaned the walls, came home and started to make a gate for Mrs Mc Donald also mixed paint. We had a nice storm last night.
10-7-: I went to town and got a Kodak for £1. 2 A Autographer seems to be in good order. Also did a bit to the gate I am making for Mrs Mac and cleaned my paintbrushes. I feel a bit on the crook side.
11-7-: I went down and saw mother. Arthur caught 2 boys stealing my pines I got their names.
12-7-: I spent the day painting up at Mrs Glovers nearly finished. Teddy McDonald helped me. It is a very rough room and impossible to make it to look much. By gum I worked hard too, feel awfully tired.
13-7-: I went up to Gracemere and finished my painting job. Came back and finished making the gate for next to the butchers shop.
14-7-: I went to the city and did various bits of business, bought Lily a pair of button boots from Daly for 4/- came and had a bit of dinner and then put the crank in the bike. I felt achy about the legs and took things fairly easy till teatime.
15-7-: I fixed the bike and the walking stick I turned for Arthur. Sawed wood and got crooks made up for Mac Donalds gate.
16-7-: Spent the morning fixing the drawer of the chip sensor. Afternoon I went up and hung the gate at Mc Donalds brought home a drawer of Mrs Glovers and fixed it also started to turn knobs for the 2 drawers. My word I was tired by night.
17-7-: I went to town and paid Daly for boots and preserving pan also got meat and butter and carried the pan and all out on the bike. Afternoon I turned 2 knobs and put in Glovers drawer.
18-7-: Glovers came and got the bike and paid me 30/- on it. Violet came up and I gave her the 1/4 plate camera. I was glad to get both these things away. I have far too much such stuff.
19-7-: I took some snaps with the 2 A Kodak also cut up a melon for jam. Afternoon I fixed the doors of the chiffonier and turned 3 knobs and put 2 of them in the drawer.
20-7-: I went up to Mrs Glovers and fixed al l I had to do up there got paid for the job too. Got 2/ - worth of meat from Landerers 15lb there was easily. After dinner I fixed up the revolving seat and altered a letter of the notice I printed to put up round the hill.
21-7-: I took a day to make a seat for the children to use at the table also fixed a couple of stays to the old one.
22-7-: I went to town and got a paper for Lily to sign and get a duplicate money order for the one Iris tore up also bought a pan from Greer and stain from Daly, brought home over 2 dozen balloons. Went and saw Gallagher and Hugh Dobbinson.
23-7-: I stained the safe etc. Also made a good start at Dobbinsons walking stick.
24-7-: I went to town and fixed up about the money order. Saw Miss Bucholz about fencing bought 3 pair of pants for Henry and small groceries. A.C.B. also meat.
25-7-: I rode bike round to Bunnages and called and saw mother stayed home and read rest of the day.
26-7-: I set the copper boiler and went down to the chows for cabbages also cut up my seed potatoes. Afternoon I went round and pumped water and Henry watered the beds.
27-7-: I pumped water and got some of our potatoes planted. Went down the well after a snake but failed to get it. Henry is not strong enough to haul me up.
28-7-: I pumped water and then went to town to Dr Leeds who took the speck out of my eye and charged 10/6 I also had to pay 1/- for eye drops and 9d for a dropper. Inspected the fence job in Denham Street called at Rossiters and got paid for pines.
29-7-: I went up to Gracemere and got 17lb of meat for 2/-. Came back and pumped and put the doors on the chiffonier. Afternoon Henry and I went for a load of firewood. It was a rather rough trip and I felt tired by the time we got back.
30-7-: I pumped water and went across to Cecils and saw about help with me at the well. Went round by the chows and picked a tin of tomatoes for 2/-. Went round and pumped water again.
31-7-: I went to town and did various bits of business, made a few purchases and came home to dinner. Afternoon I went up and changed our books and had a talk with Thorsen and Mrs Glover came down with the books etc.
1-8--: I went and saw Cecil also saw Mrs Peter Conaghan and G Thorsen. Fixed the bike for Glovers.
2-8--: I went to town and ordered the stuff from Denhams, got my preserving pan from Greer also bought a lamp glass did various bits of business including seeing Low about the fence job etc. After I came home I went to Conaghans and got her chair.
3-8--: I got the bolts through the legs of one of her chairs. Jack and I also got a shot off in the well and got 31 drums of stone out.
4-8--: Spent the whole day fixing Conaghans chairs. Felt very tired too by 5 oclock.
5-8--: Worked 2 1/2 hours at the chairs and finished them. Spent more time on the chairs. West came and got me to go and put a shot down his bore 27 feet down, it went off all right. I then took the chairs back.
6-8--: I tried to pump but had trouble with the engine and then the pump refused to work. I got the plunger out and will have to get new leathers. I helped West a little with his trouble and fixed things for Mrs Conaghans blind.
7-8--: I went to town and did various bits of business. Came home and had dinner and put the new leathers on my pump, put the plunger in again but failed to pump. Went and saw mother and got pipe tongs.
8-8--: Went and saw mother, rest of day I read books.
9-8--: Took up the foot valve of pump and put a new leather in it, replaced in well and spent rest of morning trying the engine go, but failed. Afternoon I managed to pump the well empty, but when I tried a second time I could pump nothing.
10-8-: I had to take the pipe up out of the well and the plunger out. At last I got it to pump and it worked splendidly, then the petrol tap went wrong. It quite knocked me up.
11-8-: I put packing in the engine shortening the belt and put a couple of blocks under the tank. Also went up and put the snap ends on Mrs Conaghans verandah blinds. Felt rather crook by evening. It seems as if it will never rain again, it was very warm today for the time of year.
12-8-: I put in the day pumping and other bits of jobs.
13-8-: I went to town and bought a double bed 2 mattress 17/6 d.
14-8-: Went to the city and got out the bed etc. Paid Henry 2/-.
15-8-: I read books all day.
16-8-: I was pretty crook and just pumped water and made a trough to run the water from the pump. The sun gets awfully hot these days one would think it should bring rain.
17-8-: Worked round the hill tarred and pitched the troughing and pumped water down 5 rows to grow some corn for Dobbin. I also went down the well and sent up 2 drums of stuff, also fixed the pump to work without the engine. Went up and tried to get a wallaby.
18-8-: I went to town on the bike and back home for dinner. Afternoon I went over to Cecils and saw about a couple of things, went to town with eggs and pines. Got home pretty tired and foot sore.
19-8-: I got up and put the bedstead together before breakfast. After that meal I went and pumped water and got maize from Arth ur to plant. After dinner I sharpened picks and fixed up an iron band for the village pump also mended Thorsens pipe tongs and sawed bedposts off.
20-8-: Cecils chum came over and stayed the morning. We had hard luck and didnt get down the well till 11. Afternoon I went down to Arthurs and saw about a bit of pipe but couldn t get it. I worked a bit at the pump jack and knocked off.
21-8-: I went to town and called at Strelows and got 10/-, called at Nunns and got the plans of the house and left at the council chambers. Got a pair of rubber-soled boots Dalys. Went up the hill and got a wallaby.
22-8-: Went over to Cecils and carried a bag of chaff hone and read all day.
23-8-: Worked round at the pump plant, I managed to get a piece of pipe a foot long on the pipe down the well. I then pumped the well out and was very tired and came home.
24-8-: I went up to the butchers and got meat, fixed up the otterman and borrowed Thorsens floor clamp and made a start at the verandah.
25-8-: I worked at the verandah till dinnertime and then got ready and went to town with eggs, made some purchases and did various bits of business, had a fish tea and came home.
26-8-: I did a little to the verandah Jack worked at the well. I started a hole and Jack put it down to 15 inches when we let it off. Afternoon I went down and sent up 30 drums then Jack went down and sent up 10 more. By gum I was awfully tired.
27-8-: I went off to town early and spent the day pulling down the old cottage for Gallagher. Got home pretty late and tired too.
28-8-: I went to town and put in a good day pulling down stringers etc from the old cottage it was 7.30 by time I got home.
29-8-: I spent a quiet day.
30-8-: I worked at the verandah and went over to Cecils and got 3 lb of sugar. Went round to pump and the rod broke so had to give it best for today.
31-8-: I walked away over to Conaghans paddock and cut a sapling and carried it home and made it into a pump rod. After putting it into position and setting the engine to go well, the pump jammed and I could not pump any water.
1-9--: I rode the bike to town and did various bits of business, attended Hooles sale and spent 3/- got home with over 10/- of stuff after selling 1/9 d worth. Got our order from Denhams and came home and went up to the post office and saw the postmistress about postal voting.
2-9--: I took the pump to pieces and fixed it, also had trouble with the petrol tank tap. Pumped the tank full and watered a row of potatoes. It was not so hot today.
3-9--: Pumped water after fixing the pump etc. Afternoon I went to town and did various bits of business. Henry took the cart in and brought out a load of stuff from he rubbish dump. It was quite a heavy lot and included some very useful things.
4-9--: Jack Gallagher and Cave and I got the rest of the old cottage away and Jack Gallagher and I got all the blocks leveled off. I was awfully tired by the time I got home.
5-9--: Went down to the chainman and paid what I owed.
6-9--: I went up to the Mount to Horsburghs sale. It was carried on till 7.26 p.m. I had a snack at a cafe and got a bed at a boarding house.
7-9--: I was busy at the Mount because on account of the sale. I got the goods consigned and left the Mount at I oclock and was at Gracemere by 3.30 I had to walk up several large hills and down razorback.
8-9--: Worked for Gallaghers fixed up the grindstone and marked out the plates also saw Jefferies about the timber I shall want.
9-9--: When we got up this morning Lewis was missing so I went to town without breakfast and reported the matter, he was found at Sees. I went up to the station and got the stuff that came from the Mount cleaned the paintbrushes and did various other bits of jobs.
10-9-: I went to town and fixed up matters regard to Lewis. Also saw Mrs Strelow and Charlie King, Mrs Peter Conaghans paid me 10/-.
11-9-: I went off to work and put in a hard day. I was home after 7 oclock very awfully tired. I got 4 turning tools from Crane Bros for 7/ -.
12-9-: I went to town and saw the man who wants his place fencing in.
13-9-: I was off to town early and took my tools round to the job also got some timber from the yard and spent a fair day so far as work was concerned.
14-9-: Spent the day in town. Got the rest of the plates in position and am nearly ready for the joists to go on. Thorsens start tomorrow carting the stone for the bridge.
15-9-: Spent another day at Gallaghers house. Thorsen started to cart stone for the bridge.
16-9-: I was at work picking out timber at 6.30 and got to the job about 10 oclock. The bridge is properly blocked now.
17-9-: I put in another day at the house I am building for Gallagher. I got a practically new Winchester rifle 22 from Daly for 27/6d but have not paid him yet we got on fairly well today.
18-9-: I went in and started work at 7.30 and knocked off at 4.30 came home fairly tired lugging a lot of meat with me. I have until next Saturday now.
19-9-: I went over to Kings and carried a crow bar home on my bike. Kelly came out and we looked for stone.
20-9-: I was up and went round the hill at 5.30 and got out a big stone before 6 it had beaten Kelly. I worked till dinner and then went to town, paid Crane for the goods I bought off him and came home.
21-9-: Worked with Kelly all day at the stone. So it seems a very disappointing affair we dont seem able to get out sufficient to be payable.
22-9-: I went to the city and fixed up about the receipt for money from the Fitzroy Shire Council. Interviewed the bank manager and then went and bought the old shop where Daly had the fire for £47.
23-9-: I worked all day at the stone. I consider that I am losing at this job every day Kelly is not a success at it at all. I pumped water after knock off too.
24-9-: I took 4dozen eggs to the city, took Duffals photos to them and collected 8/-, which was owing to me for 3 years at least. Bought 2 allotments at Emu Park and did a little to the stone and pumped.
25-9-: I went in to work but owing to it being so wet I couldnt go on so I got the goats aboard and came home. The boy and I worked afternoon getting our stone out etc.
26-9-: I went and saw Arthurs potatoes and also to Cecils. It rained very nicely and is still doing so.
27-9-: Sowed Long beans, sun flower, peanuts, maize and put out tomato plants. Also started to make a track to draw stone down the hill on. It was splendid rain we had last evening, it has made things nice and wet.
28-9-: I went to town and had Kelly and Lawson with the boy and we got the sections and studs all up and came home very tired indeed.
29-9-: Spent another day at the house of Gallaghers, put up the top plates and some stays also put the board on the back wall.
30-9-: I went in and put another day in at Gallaghers house. My word it was hot.
1-10-: I carried 6 dozen eggs to town on the bike. We nt to the house and put in a good day, fixing joists and cut out the 4 main rafters also did various other little jobs. Got an order in to Denhams and they delivered it at the job, also got my bike out.
2-10-: I went to work but as the man requested me to pull out my work I turned in the job. Bought meat and came home. It was very hot too. Afternoon I got firewood and did a bit of work at the chair of Mrs Merrys mother.
3-10-: I went to church afternoon. During the morning fixed a rocking chair.
4-10-: I worked 5 hours during the morning making a sled to bring stone down the hill, just got it done and had a half hour rest till dinner. Afternoon Henry and I put in 3 hours sledding stone down.
5-10-: Sledding stone down during the morning. Afternoon I went to town with eggs and did various bits of business.
6-10-: Henry and I sledded some stone down and then I went down and started to put a pipeline to the bridge so as to pump water for the Council.
7-10-: Pumped 1500 gallons of water for the bridge. The well is somewhat low but I just managed to supply sufficient for the day.
8-10-: Pumped 300 gallons of water for the council. Sledded stones down the hill and afternoon went to the city and did various bits of business. Got my tools away from Gallaghe rs house delivered Merrys chair and got 8/- for the job. It was very warm.
9-10-: Pumped 500 gallons of water for the council. Cecil came across and we put a shot in the well. Henry and I got up 21 drums afternoon.
10-10: Read and went and saw Mepstead well and took Sid and his dad for a walk round the hill.
11-10: I hoed in the garden, burned off a good portion of the hill clearing the way to stone Pumped the tank of water for the council, and fixed up my claw bars for my job of pulling down.
12-10: I went and pulled the ceiling down at Jenkins found a penny in the ceiling and pipe tongs on the floor.
13-10: I went to town and pulled the nails out of ceiling boards, took out the 9 windows and got the iron off the roof. Henry was to be there with the car t at 5 but had the misfortune to get the shafts smashed and the harness a bit broke which settled my hash in that direction.
14-10: I worked about the place burning lantana, putting pipes to enable me to water the long beans also did some good work at the pumping plant.
15-10: I cracked some stone, fixed the engine so that it went better. Watered the beans and pumped water for the council. I have to date pumped for the bridge 3500 gallons.
16-10: I went round and pumped water for the bridge, 300 gallons. Went to town and got out the windows etc from the building in town.
17-10: Pumped water for the bridge.
18-10: Packed the pump with motor tyre, fertilised the tomatoes, pumped water for the bridge and cut out shafts for the cart that Dobbin broke the shaf ts of. Knocked off for dinner, got a lift in with the council truck that was very nice. Got bike fixed for 1/6d.
19-10: I finished dressing the cart shafts. Got the fire in the forge going and fixed a short bit of pipe that I had got off the rubbish he ap. Afternoon I pumped the well out, made a hole under the foot valve and put the piece of pipe on. It was about dark then.
20-10: I pumped water. Went to town and saw Gallagher also bought various bits of things. Put the runners on the sled. After tea I went up to Thorsens and had a talk with Charley.
21-10: Pumped water for the bridge. Went down the well and sent up 10 drums of stone etc. 34 drums of gravel out of the well since the last shot.
22-10: I went in and pulled the timber of the roof off the shop also got the spouting and facias off. G allagher came with some money, which he wished me to accept in full settlement. I offered to give him a receipt for any money he gave me but as not full payment.
23-10: I went and got 10/- from Strelows. Henry drove the cart in to town and dropped the shafts at Dobbinsons and brought meat etc from town. I saw the industrial inspector about Gallaghers job pumped water and went to Gracemere.
24-10: Read books all day.
25-10: Pulled down and carted from the building, also Ward was with me.
26-10: Continued at the pulling down. Got the ceiling joists down and stripped the 4 walls.
27-10: Went on with the breaking down of the old building.
28-10: Pulling down the old building. Run a nail in my foot, which is no good.
29-10: Put in another day at the old shop. Took down the entire top frame today as well as doing a good deal besides.
30-10: I went to town worked during the morning at the building. Got away 3 loads, bought 2 shirts for Lewis, meat for us, took in 3 dozen eggs to Joyce. Pumped water for the council.
31-10: Rested all day reading.
1-11-: Went round before breakfast and pumped the well out on to the long beans. Went in and went on with the pulling down, I am letting the bottom frame go down in se ctions and a bit of it is getting smashed but I think it will pay in saved time, tomorrow ought to get it all down.
2-11-: I pumped the council tank full of water and had breakfast and went to town and continued the pulling down of the old shop. There is not much to do to it now.
3-11-: Practically finished the pulling down of the old building at the corner of Kent and William Streets. P.S. Went and ordered goods from Denhams run around a good deal about other things too. Henry just loafed his time away. He got a lift in with Les Onions on his motorbike to town to drive the cart home.
4-11-: Started to fence for Jenkins. It was awfully hot. A lad named Green came today immigrant lad. Pumped water for bridge.
5-11-: Pumped water for council. Worked at the fence all day.
6-11-: Worked at the fence during the morning. Afternoon I fixed bits of jobs at both places across the street that I had things to do at.
7-11-: Pumped water for the bridge.
8-11-: I went round and pumped water for the bridge. Had breakfast and went to town and finished the fence for Jenkins. Also got my stuff cleared away, saw the inspector of State children came home and did some digging.
9-11-: Got stone for Thorsen. The lad from England cant stand the heat, I have to let him stay in the shade. I let him go inside from 10 till 4.30.
10-11: Still getting stone.
11-11: Still getting stone. It is a very unsatisfactory job for me. I cant do it all myself and if I employ I cant clear expenses.
12-11: Put in another day sledding stone. Got notice from the shire council to have my yard cleared up.
13-11: I went to town and run round a lot about one thing and another. Green walked to town although I had given him strict orders to stay at home. Afternoon we got 2 loads of firewood.
14-11: I read and lazed about all day.
15-11: I was up early and pumped the well out on to the beans. Worked at the stone all day. Green went off after breakfast and Alec Ward saw him in East Street.
16-11: I helped Thorsen off with 10 loads of filling. It was not so hot today but was quite bad enough at times.
17-11: Getting stuff for the bridge.
18-11: Still digging stone.
19-11: 13 Loads of stuff went today 1 yard each.
20-11: I took eggs to town and got groceries etc. Gave Jenkins his account he promised to pay next Saturday. Called to see Bucklers the man was out, arranged to go and see him on Tuesday.
21-11: Read book all day.
22-11: Pumped water on to the beans. George Thorsen and I got 8-yard loads away in the forenoon.
23-11: I went to town and saw the house that wanted the verandah on. Also saw Buzacotts manager about Green, left the railway pass with him as he promised to see that he was put on the train. George Thorsen took 13 yards of filling and 1/2 of stone.
24-11: Got the same amount of stuff away as yesterday.
25-11: 15 Loads of filling. Alec came out and we went and saw the 20 acres of pear near the weir bridge. It is pretty bad and I consider £5 per acre quite low enough price to clear it.
26-11: 2 Months and 3 weeks since I bought Jacks bike. 10 Loads of filling and 5 of pitchery.
27-11: Went to town on various bits of business. Paid Alec Ward 2.
28-11: Worked at the pump nearly all the morning, read books afternoon.
29-11: Dug filling before breakfast. After that meal Alec Ward and I worked at the well, cleaned it out and squared it now holds more water and also makes quicker.
30-11: 13 Loads of filling.
1-12-: 13 Loads of filling I saw to the pumping of the water, got through nicely today. 2500 gallons.
2-12: 14 Loads of filling etc also pumped 350 gallons of water.
3-12-: Pumped 450 gallons of water. 16 Loads of filling.
4-12-: Went to town and got groceries.
5-12-: Pumped water for the council and read books.
6-12-: I went round filled the councils tank and then came round for breakfast.
7-12-: Spent the day getting stone.
8-12-: Getting stone, filled the tank for the bridge awfully tired the work is far too hard for this weather.
9-12-: I could scarcely get up this morning I was so stiff and sore and full of pear pricks.
10-12: Got pitching and filling for George Thorsen to cart to the bridge. It was very hot after dinner.
11-12: I went to town, sold eggs and got a cheque from Jenkins. Brought home groceries and meat. My word it was hot whilst I was coming home. Surely a storm of some sort will come out of it.
12-12: I felt off colour and only kept to the house and read books.
13-12: Alec Ward came out and we got stone for the bridge. It was very hot and as I was crook in my inside things did not go too well. 13 Loads.
14-12: Alec and I got out big stone. Henry dug small filling, George took 8 loads during the morning and as it came on to rain at midday he failed to come afternoon. Alec and I took a few more stones out and I came home.
15-12: Rain fell steadily throughout the night. It has eased up now, but looks promising still. The men are at the bridge but Thorsen has not come. Rained through the day.
16-12: George came and got 12 loads. Paid Landerer 10/-.
17-12: Thorsens came with hoe drays and got 24 loads of stuff. It was awfully hot at times through the day and I was quite knocked up by the time we knocked off.
18-12: Thorsens got 15/- worth of filling by 11.30. Afternoon I dug a quantity of stuff ready for Monday morning. Alec Ward came out with a tin of dripping for us.
19-12: I felt jolly crook and stayed home. Alec came and got Dobbin.
20-12: Thorsen came and carted 12 1/2 yards of road material. It came on to rain and they went home early, it was too wet to carry on afternoon. It seems to be developing in to splendid rain.
21-12: The weather is quite fine again, after splendid rain, a nice steady rain. Thorsen came we got away 20 loads of blinding. It was a bit warm and made me jolly tired. After knock off I sharpened picks and did a little to Kings crow bar.
22-12: Dug a bit of stone before breakfast. It was raining at Rockhampton. 16 Loads of material went to the bridge. It was very hot again throughout the day.
23-12: 18 Loads 16 filling and 2 pitching. It was awfully hot and I was fairly knocked out by evening.
24-12: We got away 12 loads of blinding. The weather was not quite so hot today but as hot as we required.
25-12: I stayed at home all day I am completely knocked out through the stone getting one ache from top to toe. The skeeters are so bad one cant rest for them day or night.
26-12: I rested about the house all day.
27-12: Thorsens came and we got 10 loads blinding and 4 metal. A storm came up and stopped us early in the afternoon.
28-12: We got 6 loads of metal and 1 of blinding before dinner. It was quite over powering as far as heat went and must be going to rain a lot this season.
29-12: Got 12 loads of stuff away. C. Thorsen had to go and see to having a grave prepared for Mr R.S. Archers remains. A big storm came up and stopped our work early in the afternoon.
30-12: Helped George Thorsen to cart blinding. Late R. S. Archers remains were buried this afternoon. The barriers were removed to allow the cars to pass over for the funeral. 50 crossed the bridge and othe rs went different ways. The barriers were replaced after 5 oclock.
31-12: We got 2 loads of blinding and made it the finish prior to the opening. The creek came down at about 7 oclock this morning, the day of the official opening. There was a crowd th ere, I snapped the affair just as the opening car struck the ribbon.

Memo re Green commenced Monday 8th November worked until Friday noon afternoon he went up to the post office without my permission. Sat in defiance of my wishes walked to Rockhampton. Monday 15th he went away with out asking my permission in fact I was quite ignorant of the fact until after he had gone. Saw nothing of him until the following Sunday when he came and asked if he could take away his things. I got a requisition for a pass to Brisbane from the agent a n d Tuesday I went in and spent the morning looking for him at 5 different shops in an endeavour to locate him, as I could not do this I left the requisition with Buzacotts manager, who promised to see that he got off to Brisbane. He did so and sent me a l etter, which I got a week later telling me of the fact.

This material has been transcribed by Connie Johnson, of Bundaberg; who has provided the transcription on the condition that any further copying and distribution of the transcription is allowed only for noncommercial purposes, and includes this statement in its entirety.

Any references to, or quotations from, this material should give credit to the original author(s) or editors.

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