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1925 front cover

    There is only part of the diary available for this year, as over the years the rest of the diary for this year has gone astray. The council was carting and buying road metal from the property during the year. He worked at laying a pipeline up to his storage tank on the hill. He continued to grow vegetables for market, some times finding it difficult as to when a cow got in to his place over night and had eaten some cabbage, beans, peas and sweet potatoes etc. He employed Jack to work for him. They were kept busy with digging ballast ready to be picked up, as well as gardening and doing other jobs as well.

Sample page

1-1--: Jack and I hoed tomatoes and ploughed and cultivated them as well. After tea we went down to Arthurs and the youngsters watched the crackers let off.
2-1--: Jack and I went in 5.30 with pines went through Depot Hill and out to North Street a nd away through West Rockhampton and then had 1/2 dozen pines left out of 19 1/2 dozen.
3-1--: We worked about the place.
4-1--: Stayed at home during the morning. Afternoon I went across to Cecils. A big storm came along.
5-1--: I fertilised the tomatoes and dug it in. Fixed up a case of pines to go to Emerald.
6-1--: Jack and I went to the city with pines etc. Sold out 12.30.
7-1--: Picked pines etc.
8-1--: We went in with pines.
9-1--: Worked on the place.
10-1-: Worked on the farm.
11-1-: Stayed at home.
12-1-: Picked pines and pulled grass from amongst the pines. Got the cart ready for tomorrow.
13-1-: I went in with 10 dozen pines and got home for dinner.
14-1-: Pulled grass etc. Picked pines.
15-1-: I took pines in, home for dinner.
16-1-: I planted suckers and other jobs
17-1-: Hower came and paid me for the shelter shed at Cemetery.
18-1-: Took things quietly at home.
19-1-: Picked pines and mangoes, went across to Cecils and got hair cut.
20-1-: Rainy day Jack and I went in with pines etc. Got very cheap bananas.
21-1-: We cleared a patch and Jack made sweet spud rows and planted cuttings. I gathered pines.
22-1-: I went in with the pines and sold out too easily. The awful state of the roads made me late home.
23-1-: Cleaned round rosellas etc.
24-1-: Jack sowed French beans. I cleaned rosellas and we got Ripley suckers and finished planting a row that was left incomplete when I was planting early in the year.
25-1-: Went across and saw Viney.
26-1-: I picked pines and helped Jack to hoe grass also fixed up mangoes for tomorrow.
27-1-: I went in with pines, sold out all right, back after 2 oclock.
28-1-: Picked pines and mangoes for tomorrow.
29-1-: Went in with the stuff came home and dug ballast.
30-1-: Dug more stuff for Thorsen 10 loads have been taken so far.
31-1-: Jack and I sowed peas and beans.
1-2--: I went across to Cecils and also down to Harry and Arthur afternoon.
2-2--: I went to town and saw about the state boy. Picked pines.
3-2--: I went and put in a half day at the hut for Cecil. Afternoon I dug road metal etc. 14 loads have been taken to date.
4-2--: I went in with my pines etc and got on very well indeed.
5-2--: I worked at Cecils half day and came home and dug stones.
6-2--: I went in on the bike and saw about the state boy, bought pair of boots 17/11d and pair 2 cm hand ones for 10/- from D. Daly. Came home and dug road metal.
7-2--: Dug stone and hoed grass, put some fertiliser on tomatoes, gathered pumpkins. Afternoon we went and got 2 loads of suckers from Viney.
8-2--: I stayed home and rested
9-2--: I dug road material and fixed up the spuds a bit.
10-2-: I went in with pines etc.
11-2-: Dug road material. It was very hot today. We have now supplied 41 loads. Dug about 8 loads today.
12-2-: I went in with pines etc. After I got back I dug a load of road metal. 6 Loads went away today, which brings the total to 47 loads.
14-2-: I dug gravel during the morning Thorsens took 3 loads, which brought the total to 50 loads.
15-2-: Stayed at home resting.
16-2-: I went and worked at Cecils during the morning. Afternoon I was at home.
17-2-: Went in with pines etc.
18-2-: Put the day in at Cecils.
19-2-: Went round with stuff. My word this awful heat is cutting things up terribly.
20-2-: I worked at Cecils hut.
21-2-: I went in on the bike and did various bits of business. My word it was hot.
22-2-: Read books all day.
23-2-: Worked for Cecil.
24-2-: Worked for R. E. J.
25-2-: Worked for John o.
26-2-: Went in with pines etc. Sold out very well, home late, roads being so bad.
27-2-: I spent an unprofitable day up at Thorsens. The tank was in no way ready for cementing and was so dirty that the mixture would not adhere, moreover rain came early after dinner and put me back very considerably.
28-2-: Went up and finished Thorsens tank.
1-3--: Stayed about at home.
2-3--: Went to town and over to Beals, also went out to Spiller with my drill chuck and had a look round his works of merit.
4-3--: I went in with a few pines and 2 pair of young roosters etc got the groceries from Denhams.
5-3--: Went to town and got my money from the Council for road metal also bought various things including a dozen axe handles from Dan Daly for which I paid him.
6-3--: Started to cement the hut at Cecils. Worked all day.
7-3--: Worked 1/2 day at the floor of the hut and finished making a door and got it hung. After dinner I sold a pair of boots for Jack and also a pair of shoes for Lily.
8-3--: Stayed at home and read books.
9-3--: Hoed along pines, fixed up the bed for Herby and Ken and co. Quite a cool feeling is in the air in the early morning.
10-3-: Hoed pines and other odd jobs Jack ploughed between pines.
11-3-: I sowed 2 little beds of tomato seed. Went to town and bought a few things at Kings sale. Brought out my axe handles.
12-3-: Jack and I hoed 2 rows of pines and Jack ploughed between pines near the hay shed.
13-3-: We hoed 2 rows of pines and Jack ploughed between pines near the hay shed.
14-3-: I rode the bike to town and got a bit of meat also a bunch of bananas. Jack took horse and cart and got 60 empty tins.
15-3-: Went over and saw Cecil. Afternoon took things easy at home.
16-3-: I went across and put in a cupboard for Cecil, came home afternoon and Jack and I carted 2 loads of suckers and then I put together an affair for a bookcase.
17-3-: Jack and I hoed pines up at the top of the garden.
18-3-: I went to town and bought glass, groceries and another dozen axe handles also a commode bucket.
19-3-: I did a bit to Topsy Macs picture, hoed 2 rows of pines and put the door on Cecils bookcase.
20-3-: I enlarged the kitchen table, hoed 2 rows of pines.
21-3-: Hoed pines etc.
22-3-: Went down and had a yarn with Arthur.
8-5--: Carried on with the digging of trees and weeds out also saw to our plants.
9-5--: I rode by bike to town and got order for rosellas. Pumped water and took photos of a loaded mandarin tree also of Cecils.
10-5-: Stayed at home and read books.
11-5-: Pumped water and did other work in the garden also picked rosellas.
12-5-: Went to town with stuff.
13-5-: Worked round the hill. Printed a packet of velox post cards after tea.
14-5-: Worked round the hill at various jobs.
15-5-: Rode bike to town and ordered 100 ft 2 1/2 inch pipe at 3d per foot. Bought various other articles and came home, sowed a packet of Swede turnips, put out more tomatoes.
16-5-: Worked round the hill.
17-5-: Went down to the chows also went over to Cecils.
18-5-: Picked rosellas and pumped for the garden.
19-5-: Went in with produce and got my gal iron piping. Came home and pumped water.
20-5-: Pumped water, dug road material and dug a little land.
21-5-: Dug ballast, pumped water and soldered pipes.
22-5-: Dug road material, pumped water and other jobs.
23-5-: I went right through the Bower and got saplings to put along my high posts for my pipes to rest on. Pumped 2 tanks of water.
24-5-: Just lazed about as usual.
25-5-: Watered the garden and got stuff ready for tomorrow.
26-5-: Went to town. Jack dug road metal.
27-5-: Dug gravel and put up some of the saplings along the pipe line
28-5-: Dug gravel and also did a bit round at the garden.
29-5-: Dug material and put up the rest of the saplings for the water pipes.
30-5-: Rode bike to town and did some business, bought squaring axe 2/ -.
31-5-: Went for a walk down Arthurs way. Afternoon across to Cecils.
1-6--: Pumped water and got things ready for tomorrow.
2-6--: Went in with stuff and brought out groceries.
3-6--: Got the pipeline across to the tank, pumped water into the tank too, also pumped water for the garden.
4-6--: Pumped and took pair of wheels into town to be cut and shut. Jack got manure from Arthurs.
5-6--: Worked round in the garden.
6-6--: Put out 70 tomatoes and also a bed of lettuce and chopped down cedar trees also burned lantana and irrigated the peas.
7-6--: When Jack went round to water the beds he found that a cow had been in and eaten cabbage, beans, peas, and sweet potatoes etc.
8-6--: Got stuff ready for tomorrow and saw to the garden.
9-6--: Went in with my stuff and did pretty well brought out my wheels, which cost 18/6d to be fixed.

This material has been transcribed by Connie Johnson, of Bundaberg; who has provided the transcription on the condition that any further copying and distribution of the transcription is allowed only for noncommercial purposes, and includes this statement in its entirety.

Any references to, or quotations from, this material should give credit to the original author(s) or editors.

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