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1924 front cover

    In January we had a severe storm causing damage to Arthur and Charley's properties. In the early part of the year Ernie and I put up a dividing fence between us to keep animals out of each others properties and fr om damaging our crops. In February I went to Yeppoon to cement a tank for Eddie Newman while there Claude Press and I went sailing across the of the beach, very nice it was too. One day we went up to Ross Creek sailing. We also went swimming. 29th February I don t remember when I suffered so much from mosquito bites. I also planted Rhodes Grass seed over some of my land. In March Vermin has cleaned up my beetroot and carrots again. I put some arsenate of lead on the tomato plants. I never was so pestered with grubs. 12th July I went to Kabra with Frank Morrell with my picture lantern for the showing of pictures for entertainment. I suppose it must be termed a successful affair, but we made plenty of mistakes. 30th September Mother went to the city and had some pimply affairs taken off her face. 20th October I started building a shed for the Gracemere Cemetery Trust the charge for erecting £ 8. It only took a couple of days to build. 23rd October I have been irrigating my crops but find my cucumber venture is pretty well a failure, I can't got rid of them to advantage at all. 15th November I collected from the station a box of Texas insects, which I distributed among pear on Cecil old place. 21st November I bought a lathe for £1. 7th December I heard this morning that Lily had another daughter as I was looking after the children I couldnt get to see Lily until the 10th then I saw Lily and the boy. (Irwin) who was born on the 5th Dec. During the year I did various jobs for several people to help to supplement the income.

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1-1--: I took things easy.
2-1--: I did a bit towards watering my tomatoes.
3-1--: I went to town and did various bits of business, including banking cash and bought a shirt and pocketknife etc.
4-1--: I went up and hoed pines.
5-1--: I hoed pines during the morning and afternoon went and snigged a couple of blocks from the railway line.
24-1-: I got an early start with the plow round near the engine. My word I was done in by 11 hoed the rubbish out of the way and the horse going so rushing made me so crook. Cecil had the misfortune to have his horse die on the way to the sale so sad a loss these awful times.
25-1-: I finished ploughing land round near the well also split a number of posts and made pair of grips for my plow handles out of stuff from my railway sale.
26-1-: I split a few posts and went along the line for the fence between Ernie and I. I just roughly stepped it out and make it that there are 50 yards more to do than Ernie did in his line which was supposed to be half, afternoon I put th e grips on the plow and it is now A.1.Cecil went to Port Curtis Road and got a honey extractor for 25/- from Lloyd. It is very old but should be all right, when it gets cleaned up. A severe storm passed over us, very little moisture in it, but bad wind.
27-1-: I went down to Arthurs with Cecil. Cecil wanted to sympathise with him over his shed but he was at Yeppoon. I went down to Charleys afternoon he also suffered through the blow, closet down and shed roof knocked about.
28-1-: I went down and cut 2 trees for my pipeline to the reserve tank. Snigged the telegraph poles home from Wests. My word it was warm to day again.
29-1-: I spent most of the day making the roller for windlass of the well at the engine.
30-1-: I went to town early, got my money from Mrs Abdullah went along to Elwings sale and saw plenty of furniture go cheap. Bought 18 yards of calico for Lily for 12/- a hat for Beryl 2/11d came home pretty tired.
31-1-: I put the new windlass in, went over and had a look at Cecil. I also got Dobbin to snig 12 posts up the hill for the dividing fence between Ernie and I.
1-2--: Cecil and I worked at the well he sent up 10 drums this morning and I went down afternoon and put a hole in almost 2 feet and put 3 1/2 plugs of fracture in and let go, very faint explosion but we won t know how much good it has done for awhile.
2-2--: I put in 6 posts on the fence line between Ernies and I. My word it was hot. Afternoon Cecil and Grace came across and changed the pump stroke, pumped the well dry and I went down, the shot did a good job.
5-2--: I went up with Dobbin and snigged posts from the top of the hill to their place, brought one long one home, had lunch and went back and put the rest of the posts in to the end of my line. After dinner I pointed 3 p icks cut wood and various other jobs.
6-2--: Cecil and I worked at the well, put on another foot of pipe, the petrol tank sprung a leak in fact the bottom is rotten, Cecil has taken it home to fix up. I have got a fine headache out of the business.
7-2--: Cecil and I worked at the well till dinnertime. Afternoon I went and rammed the posts and chopped out a big blood wood tree. Got wet by a big storm, which came upon us.
8-2--: I went and sawed up the tree I cut down yesterday and rolled it out of the line of the fence, also put in another post and bored ready for wiring, went across and got Cecil to let Frank come in the morning and help me run the wire.
9-2--: Frankie and I put in a very hot morning running the wire of the fence I have been erecting between Ernie and I . Came down after 12 immediately a big thunderstorm, which had been maturing for a couple of hours came and gave us a regular down pour.
10-2-: I went over and had a look at Cecil, my word it was hot. I felt sure it must be coming rain galore the sun has me fair beat.
11-2-: I went up and finished the wiring of the fence to down the bank near the bottle tree. I then went to Gracemere to see Landerers about letting his closet go until next week so as I could go to Yeppoon to do Eddies tank, but it has come such a big storm that I suppose we will not be going.
12-2-: A. E. Newman and I caught the train to Yeppoon.
13-2-: We built as tank stand also had a bathe in the Pacific Ocean.
14-2-: Commenced the tank, knocked off early and went boating and bathing with Claude Press Esquire.
15-2-: A. E. N. Came home and I carried on with the tank Claude came pretty early and him and I went sailing across the front of beach very nice it was too. Went away up Ross Creek yesterday evening as far as possible.
16-2-: Hector Pinder and I got sand up front of the beach and I finished the tank about 3 o clock. Went for another sail A. E. came down and he and Claude and I swam.
17-2--: Claude came and we boated to a nice place in the creek and swam until tired. I came home by the evening train.
18-2-: I worked at banking pines also picked over 3 dozen, my word it is warm plenty rain coming I reckon.
19-2-: I banked pines picked a few fruit too.
20-2-: I went across and got Dobbin after breakfast, I skinned the wallaby that I shot last evening out of the door, went to town and got home for late dinner, banked a few pines.
21-2-: I went up and made a start at Landerers W. C. Charley however came and bought 12/ - worth of nails. A.E .N. came along in the evening and settled up for various things paid for his poles too. Very muggy weather prevails.
22-2-: I went up and finished Landerers closet and did a little to his house. Got home just for dinner. After dinner I fixed up my homemade cultivator and a few small jobs.
23-2-: I dug 2 bits of beds and got the children to plant shallots. I also put out the rosellas and passion fruit. Pulled grass out of the smooth leaf pines near the house, also put Rhodes grass plants about the hill and on top, very unsettled w eather prevails.
24-2-: I went and had a yarn with Holdens and saw to Dobbin. 2 or 3 Showers favoured us.
25-2-: I finished putting the grass out of the smooth leaf rows by breakfast or very soon after. Went to town and bought 2/6d tomato seed, 6d beet 1/6d carrot, 6d cabbage. Afternoon I poughed my piece of land over.
26-2-: I sowed tomato, cabbage, beet and carrot seed also 6 lb of French beans, weeded some pines. Saw to old Dobbin needs. It was like more rain today.
27-2-: I weeded some Ripley plan ts above the house, wheeled a bag of manure up to the top end of the garden and applied it and dug it in. I hoed between 2 rows of pines on my way home. I also cleaned a double row of smooth leaves, went round and watered my seedbeds and sawed a dead br anch out of a custard apple tree. The skeeters are awful these times, I am fairly eaten.
28-2-: I spent the day in putting in posts for my fence along the top of the cultivation. I got 25 up and went over and saw Cecil in the afternoon as well.
29-2-: I put in a post and put down 2 more holes. I got the disc going amongst the pines near my hay shed, Dobbin is much too flash makes it very awkward. Afternoon I finished discing and put in 3 more posts. I don t remember when I suffered so much from mosquito bites as I am just now.
1-3--: I cultivated the pines I disced yesterday, also put in a few posts and sunk holes for more, sawed up a bit of firewood.
2-3--: I rested most of the day but after dinner I went across to Cecil.
3-3--: I made a hoe handle out of a piece of old cart shaft. I went up to the top of the garden and hoed pines. About 3 I harnessed Dobbin and commenced ploughing up the hill near the well. It turns over well but it is a hard job as the horse goes too quick.
4-3--: I carried on with the ploughing and hoed a little too. I feel too weak for the work I have to cope with. The weather seems very trying on a chap.
5-3--; I ploughed a bit and cut a tin of Rhodes grass seed. Hoed along a row of pines near the hay shed.
6-3--: I took around some Rhodes grass seed and sowed over the top of the land. Spent the rest of the morning building up a plow. Afternoon I pulled grass out of pines and manured them with pine No 1.
7-3--: I finished my job at the Ripleys above the house and went across to Cecils and got a square up financially also hair cut. Came home and had dinner and pulled grass from between rows of smooth leaves. The biggest storm we have had so far this season is raging as I write this.
8-3--: I went to the butchers and finished pulling grass from between the smooth leaves, sawed a few blocks of firewood, also went round and pulled weeds from amongst the Rosellas and pruned the custard apples.
9-3--: I went across and had a look at Vineys garden and the old chap and went to church with him. No parson turned up and Press took the service.
10-3-: I banked half of the smooth leaf pines near the house and went up to the top of the garden and grubbed out saplings and lantana and knocked off for dinner. Afternoon I went round and banked the French beans.
11-3: I started a man chipping and then went to town and made several purchases and called and saw the bank manager. Came home and banked a row of pines.
12-3-: Finished banking the smooth leaves and hoed a row of pines near the hay shed. Old man hoed 3 rows.
13-3-: I went and got a load of wood out of Charleys paddock and then went to the Yeppen and got a lot of stuff from the rubbish heap. Just got back for dinner.
14-3-: I reaped the grass and the weeds that were between 5 rows of pines. Afternoon I went across to Cecil and got a sickle I had lent him. Storm came along at 3 p.m.
15-3-: Pulled the grass out of the 9 rows of Ripley pines. Evening I took 2 photos of our 6, I think 1 is a good picture.
16-3-: I went across to Cecil and had a look round most of his things growing.
17-3-: I have made the little plow that I have been working on plowable also put in 3 posts in my new fence and cut grass for Dobbin. Afternoon I hoed along for a row of smooth leaf suckers and went and got 200 suckers ready.
18-3-: I hoed near the house until breakfast and after that meal I hoed on the piece near the hay shed and finished the row and a bit that the old man had left. Afternoon I spent pulling cotton roots and grass out of the ground I ploughed, I got on very well at it too.
19-3-: I finished pulling the rubbish out of the ground, cut a lot of stuff for Dobbin, and fixed up a sled to drag the smooth leaf suckers to their destination with. I then sharpened my hoe and knocked off until after dinner . I carted the suckers and planted them and also cut a lot of grass for the horse. I paid the old man for his bit of chipping. My word it is hot for the time of year, it must be going to rain surely.
20-3-: I pulled 13 smooth leaf suckers and planted the m making the number in row 217. I also pulled grass out of a row of pines on Cecils old place and run the horse hoe over my piece of tomato land and filled 3 or 4 tins with nails. I pulled grass out of 2 more rows of pines and went across and took Sylvias photo. I managed to take 2 on 1 plate but seem to have a good one on another, I also took the house.
21-3-: I went around and hoed the beans, pumped water, sowed carrots and beet seed. Afternoon I put a wheel on the little plow I rebuilt and ploughed 3 rows of pines. It was fairly hot today.
22-3-: I made a start at ploughing between the pines but hadnt done much when the plough beam broke. I then went and pulled grass out of a row of pines on Cecils old place and took a couple of photos of the twins and Mavis . Afternoon I did not work as I felt crook. After tea I developed the plates.
23-3-: Cecil came across and we had a bit of a look around. It was extremely hot today for the time of the year. I feel convinced it will rain a lot before very long.
24-3-: I went round to the front about 5.30 a.m. and started digging between the beans. I did 4 rows before I came round for breakfast and had them finished by lunch, I hoed 2 rows of pines up by the garden and pulled 500 suckers.
25-3-: I sharpened the disc of Cecils plow. Got Dobbin and disced the pines I was ploughing when the beam broke. I trimmed 300 suckers ready to bag. I didnt feel too well so took things easy. After tea I printed some post cards.
26-3-: I went to work about 5.30 and trimmed 200 suckers and cut grass for Dobbin before breakfast. I went round and cut burr, got 600 suckers all down to the shed ready for Arthur Jackson.
27-3-: I put the straps on the plow and made an affair for my mosquito net, fixed up a cabin trunk and helped Cecil to yoke up his team etc. It was very warm again, surely rain will come.
28-3-: A sharp storm came along before breakfast. I finished the trunk of Glovers and saw to the horses and cut a bit of wood for the stove. Cecil finished ploughing and took his plow home.
29-3-: Shot a wallaby with one in the pouch off the back of the verandah before breakfast, had shot at a big buck too but it was too far off. Planted a lot of tomatoes and covered them with the aid of the children. Went up and saw what was want ed to repair Mc Donalds sulky.
30-3-: Marks hound came after our wallaby so I sent a charge of no 8 after it, which made it drop the lump, and off home instantly. I took the 4 older children across to Cecils where they got melon and a look around.
31-3-: I hoed each side of 2 rows of pines. I cut out 4 rows of cotton, saw to Dobbins needs. Put in a couple of hours preparing for Mc Donalds job. Put some arsenate of lead on tomato plants. Vermin has cleaned up my beetroot and c arrots again. It seems impossible for me to raise any yet, I never was so pestered with grubs.
1-4--: I put out 40 tomato plants, cut grass for Dobbin and went to town and paid B.T. For plowshare 16/6d. Went to Denhams and ordered lead and oil etc for painting Cecils house. When I came home I planted another 100 tomato plants I bought 1/3d of marbles for the kids
2-4--: I put out some tomato plants, sowed a packet of rhubarb seed and sawed wood also put in a couple of posts for the fence and cut grass for Dobbin. After tea I print ed post cards for the twins. We had a terrific storm come along while I was printing photos.
3-4--: I went across and put the day in at work connected with the painting of Cecils house, it was much cooler today than it has been lately.
4-4--: Put out more tomatoes and sowed some pea seed, it was quite cool last night. I sunk 7 postholes and took up 2 posts. I now want 2 more posts besides the gateway ones, I made a strainer to run Cecils paint through , also went up and fixed the fence round the hill and put Dobbin in for the weekend.
5-4--: I went across and worked at the painting during the morning and about an hour after dinner. I then went and fixed up Mrs Macs sulky shaft and had a look at more work she requires.
6-4--: Cecil came across and after I had a shave I went with him down to Arthurs. Afternoon I went down to Charleys and had a yarn with Arthur Huff. Charley gave me the address to forward pine suckers to.
7-4--: I made a window and put in the end of my workshop, this took me all the morning and afternoon I started to mend my cart harness. It was drizzling rain throughout the day.
8-4--: Finished fixing my harness, which took, pretty well the morning. Afternoon I hoed a lot of grass etc to have a piece of ground for Herb and Ken to have a garden. I also planted a row of Ripley and sowed a few cucumber seeds along by the top of the mango trees.
10-4-: I went across and put in a day painting. I finished the walls last coat and gave the French lights a coat. It was very warm in the sun.
11-4-: I went around picked over 20 lbs of beans before breakfast. I spent most of the rest of the day at the fowl shelter and filled up 60 spaces where tomatoes had missed.
12-4-: I went over and painted all day came home and gave Dobbin a drink and picked beans for a Sunday.
13-4-: Cecil and I went down and saw Arthur, I went to church and listened to Rev Bentley.
14-4-: I went round and started to pick beans about 8 oclock and picked 20 1/2 Kerosene tins by 3.30 in the afternoon. I then went over to Cecils and saw about Frank coming with me tomorrow and came home.
15-4-: I was up at 6 and lighted the fire and went round and bagged beans. I was just ready to go off when Frank came and Cecil and us went along together.
16-4-: I went round and picked 5 tins of beans came and had lunch and went over and worked at painting till 3 oclock.
17-4-: I ploughed a bit more land up near the well. I shall be able to put out more tomatoes should it rain.
29-4-: I went off early and took Churchwards bridle in and got 1 p r of stirrup leathers. Went and gave Bushes 6/- refund on melons also went to a sale and bought an acetylene lamp, mattock trowel and transplanting for butchers knives etc all for 16/6d.
30-4-: I went round and remade a couple of beds and sowed carrots and beet and a few tomato seeds. Pumped the tank full and brought the small tank round to the other well and hauled 5 or 6 drums of water. Afternoon I went round and hoed out a lot of burr and brought round 50 tomato plants and the children watered them where others had missed.
1-5--: I went round and watered my beds and sowed some rhubarb seed. The children and I were most of the day putting out tomato plants. It came up like rain in fact it drizzled a little but practically none fell.
2-5--: I fixed up hinges for Mrs Macs gate and hoed a row of pines. Cut grass for Dobbin and put out over 100 tomato plants. It is very peculiar weather just now, rain seems off. My place is as usual chock full of grass and weeds, it seems hopeless with regard to gett ing the pines clean. I am afraid I must procure help.
3-5--: I went up to Mrs Macs with the gate and tools and worked until 12.30. Came home and had dinner and went round and picked beans, had a shave and bath and took beans worth 1/- to Glovers. I gave them 6 lb for the bob. Yarned with Phil for over an hour and came home for tea.
4-5--: I went down and saw Georgie K. Sing.
5-5--: I picked beans, cut grass for Dobbin, went across to Cecils and got a piece of 3x3 timber. Most of the rest of the day I worked at making the gate for Landerers killing pen.
6-5--: I worked at the sliding gate about 3 hours and then went to town and bought myself 2 pairs of boots and Lily a pair of stockings for 6/-. I got a hat 18/- and bought a pair of shoes for Lily to try on they were about 13/-. I got about 160 bolts and nuts from D. Daly for 5/- and a pair of pincers 1/6d and globe for the acetylene lamp for 1/-.
7-5--: I went round and sowed some beet seed and cut burrs. Went up and refixed Macs sulky shaft. Did a bit more to the sliding gate, hoed a row of pines and took the bellows out of position to see about mending them.
8-5--: I fixed the bellows and put them back in place. Put the finishing touches to the sliding gate, went round and watered my seed beds and hoed pines.
9-5--: I hoed grass up near the well, finished the row of pines I was hoeing yesterday. Went across to Cecils and got my mattock handle. After dinner I hoed more grass and sprayed a lot more with poison. Put a new valve in my spraying machine it now goes pretty good.
10-5-: I went up with the sliding gate and took out the old one and put the new one in position. I got home just nicely for dinner I mended a meat saw in payment for 4 lb of suet. Afternoon I went and got a load of wood and pi cked beans and pumped water. I was fairly tired by 4 and gave it best.
11-5-: Stayed at home reading books. Cecil came over and brought his daughter.
12-5-: I manured 4 more rows of tomatoes, which makes 5 done. I also fixed my disc harrow and the rest of the day I spent hoeing grass up near the well where I want to plow for more tomatoes.
13-5-: It rained a couple of wee showers in the night but very little wet came out of them. I went round and sowed some more rhubarb seed. I then came and gave the new row of smooth leaves some fertiliser and hoed the weeds along the row. Afternoon I went up and finished my job up at Mc Donalds. A few showers came across during the day but didnt amount to much.
14-5-: I worked at clearing the strip of land on top of the tomatoes.
15-5-: I ploughed the strip of land.
16-5-: I ran the disc over the piece at the back of the fowl run and started to plough it too. I also got a post up for my workshop.
17-5-: I finished the piece of land where the young orange trees are and worked a bit at my workshop. I have 3 posts in position and the 4th hole sunk.
18-5-: Picked beans and tomatoes and dug a few sweet potatoes for dinner. Afternoon I went across and had a yarn with Cecil, the sun was warm.
19-5-: I did an hours hoeing after lighting the fire and then had breakfast. After this meal I went round and watered the young plants and got Dobbin and brought home and started discing the piece of land in front of the house. I hoed a row of Ripley s and got the 4th post up for the workshop.
20-5-: I hoed a bit, went round and pumped and watered the beds. Put out 2 dozen rhubarb plants and finished discing the piece of land in front of the house.
21-5-: I cut grass amongst a few rows of pines up the hill. Afternoon I started to plough the land in front of the house. It was very hot this afternoon.
22-5-: I fixed the fire put the kettle on and went round and watered my beds also dug a few sweet potatoes and picked tomatoes. After breakfast I went up and cut grass out of 4 rows of pines and sharpened 2 handsaws. Afternoon I ploughed.
23-5-: I cut grass amongst 4 more rows of pines, righted a corner post of my workshop, ploughed all the afternoon. Went round before breakfast and watered the beds.
24-5-: I pulled 4 rows of weeds, fi nished ploughing the land I started yesterday afternoon. Snigged an old post round from the old place Thursday morning. A cold wind blew all day very boisterous. Afternoon I put in 5 blocks for the floor of mine workshop.
25-5-: I minded Dobbin on grass and read English History.
26-5-: I went round and watered the beds after lighting the fire and after having breakfast. I went up and cut grass out of 2 rows of pines, I fixed up the little plow that was broken last week and finished ploughing the land I w as at last week. Snigged the pole around from the old place and split it and halved for plates for my workshop.
27-5-: I did as usual and after breakfast I fixed up the disc harrow, cut 2 rows of rubbish, did a little to my workshop, hoed along a row of Ripleys at the back of the house. A few clouds were about.
28-5-: I hoed amongst the tomatoes and did a little to my workshop. Put soles on Beryls shoes and watered the beds.
29-5-: I hoed tomatoes, picked ripe beans for seed, pumped water, and refilled my misses in the rhubarb bed. Awful windy weather today blew everything.
30-5-: I hoed 6 rows of tomatoes, put a plate in position in my workshop. Picked a kerosene tin of ripe beans for seed. Cut grass off a patch of land along the mangoes trees in preparation for ploughing.
31-5-: I pulled grass from amongst the pines near the hay shed afternoon I did a bit to my workshop.
1-6--: I went over and had a look at Cecil.
2-6--: I hoed 3 rows of tomatoes and burned some grass. Before breakfast I cut out places to check in joists for the floor of my workshop. I also pulled out the rest of my French beans and ploughed the ground they had occupied.
3-6--: I hoed weeds and grubbed a good deal, took out a Morton Bay Ash stump, did a nice bit to towards the erection of my workshop and finished ploughing round at the front. Pretty hot again today.
4-6--: I went round and dug ground missed by the plow, watered the beds and came round for lunch. After this I fixed the plow rear angel of the handles. Afternoon I ploughed a nice piece near the mango trees.
5-6--: I hauled 13 drums of water out of my well and put in the little tomatoes ready for watering my plants. After dinner I went to town and bought various seeds and did other bits of jobs.
6-6--: I sowed carrots and radish seed etc. Went to town and got groceries and timber for the floor of my workshop.
7-6--: Frost down at the chows this morning. Frank came and helped me to pull down the old shed round at the old place. We also pumped water. Afternoon I watered the beds and put out young rhubarb plants also leveled the posts of my workshop.
8-6--: Read Joseph Hockings book. The sword of the Lord. Pretty good.
9-6--: I lit the fire and went round and took down some fencing round the front, brought the 4 x 2 rails for top plates of my workshop. I disced the piece of land and planted shallots and a few other jobs.
10-6-: It came on to rain and continued off and on throughout the day. I went round with the horse and cart and brought round material from the old shed. I managed to get the rafters and ridge tree in position.
11-6-: I put out all the tomato plants available and went across to Cecil and got some sweet potato cuttings, brought them home and planted them. It was a grand rain and now I think it will be cold again.
12-6-: I put out 40 more tomato plants thus completing the piece. I also put in a few more sweet spuds and sowed 2 rows of beans and did a little to the workshop. It rained again today.
13-6-: I lighted the fire and went round and planted out some beet. After breakfast I sowed pea and bean seed. I then put the iron the roof of my workshop. Peas, Davis seed 8 rows then carried on with Boltons seed and the last 2 rows I mixed the seed and finished the piece in beans of my own saving.
14-6-: I put the capping on the roof of my new workshop and laid the floor, also dug out 2 old posts of the old shed round the front and sowed all the beet seed I had. It hasnt turned cold yet after the rain.
15-6-: Took things easy. Cecil brought Sylvia in for a while and we had a look at my tomatoes.
16-6-: I did a little to my workshop and picked peas and tomatoes also ploughed a few turns along my beans which makes it possible to put in some more rows, also ploughed the piece near the well and it is now in good order. My word I am tired.
17-6-: I dug out the grass where I ploughed yesterday along the beans and sowed 3 more rows. Afternoon I ploughed a piece left by Cecil when he ploughed the cotton out. Also went round and carted timber from the old shed.
18-6-: I boarded the back of my workshop by lunchtime and then went and sowed French beans above the mango trees.
19-6-: I cleared all the stuff off my workbench in readiness for its removal into my new workshop. Got over 300 Ripley suckers ready for planting and hoed along some Ripley rows above the house.
20-6-: I worked at my workshop about 2 hours. Hoed a few rows of pines and pulled about 200 suckers. Also hoed the rubbish near the hay shed. The weather is again fairly warm, like rain.
21-6-: I worked at the workshop at the workshop till past 2 when I ceased, feeling tired enough for anything. I had several trips round for iron etc.
22-6-: Cecil came over and I went across and had a look round his place after dinner. Conditions seem favourable for rain.
23-6-: I picked a couple of dozen pines and got Dobbin and took the disc round and ran it over the piece of ground, I then brought it back and started to disc pines. I managed to make a set of steps and put them in position.
24-6-: I finished digging near the hay shed and smashed the lumps up, pruned the 6 orange trees at the back of the fowl run. Made a door and hung in suspension at my shop. The weather is very warm for this season of the year, no sign of frost.
25-6-: I did about 2 hours at my workshop and then went up and grubbed out young trees amongst the pines up near my boundary. Afternoon I went and hoed 2 rows of pines.
26-6-: I hoed 4 rows of pines, saw to Dobbin, hung a door at my workshop and nailed iron on the wall of same.
1-7--: I was off colour somewhat to day. Went up for meat and push hoed 2 rows of pines near the hay shed. The sun was very hot today just like summer.
2-7--: I hoed 2 rows of pines, went across to Cecil and got my haircut. Went round and got 40 tomato plants and put out in places where some had died. Sun was hot today.
3-7--: I went to town on the bike got 14/- for the saws from Daly. Went across and saw Cunninghams pear allotment, it is a pity it wasnt dealt with at the proper time. I bought myself a flannel shirt and 3/- tomato seeds.
4-7--: I hoed a row of pines and then went and carried down the Ripley suckers to a place, which I could cart them. After dinner I carted the suckers and planted over 150.
5-7--: I planted a row of Ripleys. I was very off colour somehow. I cut wood also did various jobs in the workshop. Rainy appearance.
6-7--: I stayed home all day and read books of culture.
8-7--: Carried on with the digging of trees and weeds out also saw to our plants.
9-7--: I lighted the fire and planted about 70 suckers before breakfast. I went round to the garden after breakfast and sowed cucumber seeds, also parsley in a box. I also got a lot of suckers ready to take to the place of planting.
10-7-: Was a showery day and I didnt get much work don e. I just picked a few pines and tomatoes, hoed a fair amount of grass and spent a good deal of time fixing the picture lantern. I had it going good tonight and Frank Morrell came down to see about going to Kabra Saturday night.
11-7-: Still raining and look likely to keep on for any length of time. Morning I saw to the packing of the outfit in view of going to Kabra tomorrow and also sowed watermelons. Quite summary weather lately, bother.
12-7-: I planted pine suckers, hoed grass, cut wood for tomorrow and other jobs. Afternoon I went to Kabra with the picture outfit and added a bit to Frank Morrells entertainment. Taking things all through I suppose it must be termed a successful affair but we made plenty mistakes.
13-7-: I feel a bit seedy after my night out.
14-7-: I arose and lighted the fire and planted nearly a row of suckers, had breakfast and mixed spraying material and sprayed the citrus trees and after lunch I hoed pines. Afternoon I hoed peas and went up to Gracemere, I put up an affair fo r the butchers to hang his scales on. Came home and cut out washers for the wheels of my spring cart.
15-7-: Lit the fire. Planted a number of suckers and then got Dobbin and gave him a drink and hoed a row of pines. Afternoon I cultivated the peas and beans and hoed a little.
16-7-: About the same as yesterday.
17-7-: I hoed a row of pines and the rest of the day I spent at the fence across the hill, bored holes in the posts and run a good lot of wire.
18-7-: I lit the fire and run a nice bit of wire before breakfast. I got the fence as far completed as to be able to put Dobbin in it. I am not very well at all, just try to do a bit of work.
19-7-: Hoed peas. I have a nasty cold in the head and chest and achy joints, in fact feel no good. It has clouded up again.
20-7-: I was off colour and rested at home.
21-7-: I lighted the fire and went round and sprayed the beet and also hoed amongst the peas and beans. A sharp storm came upon us in the evening.
22-7-: I am spending the day inside, as I am under a nervy turn, toothache etc. It is an awful boisterous day and I feel too crook to be out in it.
23-7-: I went to town and did various kinds of business including getting orders for tomatoes.
24-7-: I went across and saw Cecil and the rest of the day I did very little as I was chased home by rain, which continued off and on throughout the day. I felt crook this morning but after a good tea felt very much better.
25-7-: I looked for pines and gathered about 2 dozen but some were crow picked. I also picked a tin of tomatoes and got flour tins ready for Frank to take to town. He also took a tin home with him, which he intends for Gracemere trade. I am crook with some special kind of complaint of the cold species and in consequence I dont get much toil done. A few storms came long today.
26-7-: I went round and got about 40 tomato plants and filled up spaces where some had died. I also planted a few pine suckers and finished an affair for a passion fruit to climb on Afternoon I made a sort of spanner fo r the pump and went up to Morrells with George Fosters slides.
27-7-: I went across and had a look at Cecil for a while. Harry and his young lady were there also.
28-7-: I picked a couple of tins of tomatoes and hoed grass amongst the young ones. I was knocked out come knock off time.
29-7-: I lighted the fire and got Dobbin, gave Cecil the tomatoes and some pines. The rest of the day I was hoeing amongst the tomatoes and pines. I am crook with cold yet.
30-7-: I lit the fire as usual and dug a bit with a pick. I put out a dozen Walkers recruit tomato plants also hoed amongst tomatoes and picked pines and tomatoes.
31-7-: I hoed a row of pines, fixed up tomatoes and pines and beetroot for town also got Dobbin and started discing in front of the house. It grinds the land up splendidly.
1-8--: I finished discing the piece and went round and hoed cucumbers and also came and hoed 2 rows of smooth leaves. It was quite cool this morning but I think all hope of frost has gone.
2-8--: I hoed amongst the smooth leaves near the house finished all there was left from yesterday.
3-8--: I stayed at home and read stories.
4-8--: I put the spading attachments in place of the discs and run over the land below the house. It minced it up all right.
5-8--: I hoed pines all day and after the children came home from school we filled the smooth leaf pines up with tomatoes.
6-8--: I hoed pines up the garden and came down and fixed up a sort of harrow out of a couple of chow harrows.
7-8--: I harrowed the land and made 6 rows for sweet spuds. Picked tomatoes and hoed a little grass.
8-8--: I hoed amongst pineapples and beans also went across and saw Cecil.
9-8--: I hoed amongst pines and picked some fruit also got a barrow load of wood to see over Sunday. I tried to prepare some old º plate negatives for making lantern slides. After tea I went up to George Press about lantern slides.
10-8-: I picked peas and shelled them for dinner, read rest of the day. Mother called in and saw us also Annie and Laura. I seem to have a nasty cold again.
15-8-: I painted another coat of cement on the tank and hoed grass below the house. After tea Beryl, Herby, Ken and I went up to church and showed pictures with our lantern. Got over £1/ 6/- collection from a fairly full house. Closed abo ut 9.30.
16-8-: Arose pretty tired after my night out, lit the fire, split wood and went down to the creek and got my pumpkin. George Press brought my box of slides down as he went to work. I painted the sides of the tank with cement paint and cemented th e bottom with strong cement and sand I also did the bottom with boiled tar and sand, soled my working boots with granite.
17-8-: I went up and listened to Salvationist Morgan there were a good lot of folk in the building too
18-8-: I lighted the fire, took sand round and threw down into the tank. After breakfast I sprayed grass with poison and picked 10 kerosene tins of tomatoes, also went up and hoed amongst pines.
19-8-: I got off early with 10 tins of tomatoes and had them sold by 10. I got home for dinner and had a go at mending my bike and went up and saw Mrs Mac about some work she wants me to do for her.
20-8-: I hoed cucumbers and watered some. Picked 2 baskets of French beans and 6 tins of tomatoes. I had a nasty trip over the hill after the horse and a buster to finish up with.
21-8-: I went in with tomatoes and French beans. Went pretty well all over the town before I sold out and got home about 2. I was too tired to do much after coming back.
22-8-: I watered and mulched cucumbers and pumped the tank full. Afternoon I went up to Mrs Mc Donalds fixing up shelves in her kitchen.
23-8-: Went up and worked half a day at Mc Donalds. Afternoon I cut out a picture frame, cut firewood, fixed a side of the workshop.
24-8-: I just stayed quietly at home.
25-8-: I was up at daybreak and went straight at pea picking, by 11 oclock I had got all my stuff picked and then went and got Dobbin, I fixed the back part of my workshop roof. Afternoon I went up to Mc Donalds.
26-8-: I went off early with my stuff and got home early for dinner after which I went up and finished the fowl house up at Mc Donalds.
27-8-: I put in the day at Mrs Macs. Fixed the stove and pipe also put up shelves and reduced a table. Cut a sapling and took up for fowl roosts.
28-8-: I picked peas, beans and tomatoes, went up to Mc Donalds and got my sawing stool and brought Glovers hanging safe and fixed, I had to go to Cecils for the wire cloth.
29-8-: I went off early with my stuff and came back early for dinner. Put out some tomatoes and finished Glovers safe.
30-8-: I went in on my bike and banked and bought various things. C, Daly paid me 18/- for cartridges and owes me 6 for 2 boxes.
31-8-: Went across and had a look at Cecil. Came home for dinner and lied down all the afternoon, felt none too good somehow. I wish it would rain and freshen things up a bit.
1-9--: I picked peas and beans and tomatoes and pumped water and hoed amongst the cucumbers and also watered a few tomato plants, which I put out Saturday.
2-9--: I went in with my stuff and brought out my order from Denhams. Got home by dinner time feeling very tired I took out cross cut saw to C. Daly who reckons he can get 15/ - for it 2/ 6d of which is to be his for selling. Afternoon I went round and fixed the engine and pump ready to start watering the cucumbers tomorrow.
3-9--: I was pumping all day. I managed to get the cucumber patch watered. I had a mishap with the engine and also the pump jack but never the less I am satisfied with my days performance.
4-9--: I picked peas, beans and tomatoes, put together an affair to be for a hen coop and put what sulphur I had on by me on the cucumbers. They are looking A.1.
5-9--: Went with my stuff and was at an auction sale.
6-9--: I hoed cucumbers and pumped water.
7-9--: I went and took Wests 3/6d for the rooster and also up and saw C. Thorsen about the shed at the cemetery. Afternoon I went down and had a yarn to Charley and Ada Johnson.
8-9--: I sowed carrot seed and picked tomatoes and peas and beans also saw to Dobbin and pulled a bag of thistles for him. The weather has turned quite wintry received 2 letters 1 from Herby Oppermann and 1 from the Army bloke.
9-9--: Went in with stuff and got home about 11. Had dinner and went through Wests and down the railway line for a load of wood. I picked up 35x4 inch bolts a 1 1/2 inch chisel of stuff A.1.
10-9-: I irrigated the cucumbers this morning and afternoon I went up the hill and cut 5 posts for the new fowl run also made a door to put on the well top, to safe guard the children.
11-9-: I picked tomatoes and beans and peas got some beet and went across the road to see C. H. Thorsen also up to Mrs Price who sent for me.
12-9-: We had an early storm, which put me back in getting off with my stuff, however I got rid of it and back for dinner. I pulled down some of the old fence.
13-9-: I went across and got 2 setting of eggs from Wests and Cecil went round and sowed carrots and pulled down more fence. Afternoon I made a gate for Mrs Price of Gracemere.
15-9-: I went to town and got medicine, spent a good deal of time with T. Jones my word it was hot.
16-9-: I went over the tomatoes and hoed cucumbers also cut down 4 bolts and put in the gate for Prices and made a claw bar for Thorsen.
17-9-: I irrigated the cucumbers and picked more tomatoes also carried 5 posts down and got them up for the fowl run. Charley Thorsen came and got a kerosene tin of nails I reckon to give him them and 5/- for his posts for the shelter shed at the cemetery.
18-9-: Went in with tomatoes etc. Got some half made tubs from Daly and also brought home a bit of timber.
19-9-: I took pickets and the gate up to Mrs Price and worked till dinner. Afternoon I sharpened my hand saw and worked for C. Thorsen.
20-9-: I worked with C. Thorsen all day, he let his boys take the posts up to the cemetery for the shed I am to make.
21-9-: I went and had a yarn with Harry Holden. Afternoon I went down to Arthurs and Charleys.
22-9-: I went round about 5 this morning and out in 2 hours irrigating cucumbers. After breakfast I went and put in about 9 hours for C. Thorsen. After I knocked off I went and hauled up a drum of water for Dobbbin. Letter posted to Martha this morning.
23-9-: I arose early and went round and finished irrigating cucumbers I also put in a day with Charley Thorsen. It was very like rain this morning but seems to have passed off again. I am working about 11 hours per day, which makes me very tired.
24-9-: I picked 5 tins of tomatoes and 15 cucumbers also beet and made a handle to put in Thorsens hammer. Afternoon I worked with C. Thorsen, it was an awful hot day, surely it must soon rain.
25-9-: I got off early with tomatoes etc and back for dinner. Afternoon I worked for Thorsen until dusk.
26-9-: I went round and watered the cucumbers also knocked out a panel of fence and gathered up material for the shed job at the cemetery. Sent in 3 dozen cucumbers by George Foster and got 6/- for them.
27-9-: I went up and worked at Mrs Prices till dinner and picked 4 tins of tomatoes and then went up to the school fete and spent 13/6d on various articles.
28-9-: I went with Charley to Dalma to Grants place where Charleys cattle are. We got back to his place by 1.30 and I had new potatoes for dinner came home with a crook headache and rested
29-9-: Picked 15 dozen cucumbers and went to town and got orders, bought drapery. Afternoon worked for C. Thorsen.
30-9-: Went off early to town and got back about 10.30, sharpened my handsaw and rested. Afternoon went down and worked at my job for Charley Thorse n. I went down at 1. 30 and worked right up to dark and was tired. The ambulance brought Granddad Thorsen out, he is in a very bad way and just on the verge of 90 years of age. Mother went to the city and had some pimply affairs taken off her face. It is funny weather just now, very cool this morning and rather hot this afternoon. No sign of rain about now.
31-9-: Put in the day with Charley Thorsen, cut out rafters etc. It was quite cold in the early morning but by cripes it got warm enough by 11 oclock.
2-10-: I worked at Thorsens finished the roof except the facias at the Gracemere end and helped to put down some floor.
3-10-: I was up at daybreak and went and picked cucumbers and got Dobbin went to town and got back by 10. Irrigated till dinner and then went down to Thorsens.
4-10-: I went round and finished the watering of the cucumbers. Put in a jolly big day for Charley Thorsen too. I was awfully tired and knocked off about 6.30, had tea and then hauled up water for Dobbin. It was a very hot day.
5-10-: I picked 4 tins of tomatoes and had a bath and shave went over to Vineys and with him to church Rev Bentley. Came home with Arthur in motor. We had a fine lump of a rain which has made things wet.
6-10-: Grandfather Thorsen died 9.30 last night . I went round and picked cucumbers. Put my remaining fertiliser on tomatoes and cut firewood. I also cut out the sides of a pair of steps for Charley L. Went up with our Charley to the funeral. Came back and had a fine old chase across the hill after Dobbin and came a nice cropper by falling over a vine. I felt no good after that and had tea and fed the horse and this finished the day. It was very hot most of the afternoon and now it is close inside.
7-10-: I went off very early with my stuff and got it all placed by 8 o clock. Bought 1/2 ton of fertiliser for the tomatoes and brought out 4 bags 3 more to follow. Afternoon I worked for C.Thorsen, cut facing and stops and put in the 2 windows in Grannys room, George helped me most of the afternoon.
8-10-: I sowed pumpkins, water melons, marrows etc, puttied the panes in my shed window and put in, hoed the fertiliser in that I strewed along the row of tomatoes, finished making the steps for C. Thorsen and wheeled them down in the barrow.
9-10-: Put the morning in at Prices. Afternoon picked tomatoes and cucumbers, very hot it was too
10-10: Ran in with my bit of stuff and back by 10.30, had lunch and went round for a bundle of thistles for Dobbin. Afternoon I went up to Prices and worked at the steps etc.
11-10: Spent the day at Prices, fixed the steps at the back of the house, put in a gatepost, also did a panel of the fence.
12-10: Rested at home.
13-10: Worked at Mrs Prices and got the job finished and very glad I am too, it was a hot job.
14-10: I went to town to Mc Brides sale and bought various things. Bought a no 2 mincer for Harry and Alice. My word it was close.
15-10: Picked cucumbers and tomatoes and fixed 4 tins for town got Dobbin, also attended Harrys wedding ceremony and was present at the festive board afterwards.
16-10: Took in my stuff and brought out the things I got at the sale on Tuesday. Got home for dinner and went round and got a couple of old posts for firewood.
17-10: I watered the cucumbers etc. Put up a window shade at the back of my workshop. Went across to Cecil and got a little tar to make stuff to paint a frame to hold the net of a bed we are getting into usable order.
18-10: I went to town and got sheets etc for Jack Barnes bed, came home and had dinner and went up to Morrells and stayed with Frank for a good while. Jack came and will be starting work Monday.
19-10: Went for a walk with Arthur, stayed home the rest of the day.
20-10: Started building the shed at the cemetery. Had Jensy Thorsen and got the posts up and the 2 rails round.
21-10: We went up and put up the top plates and 2 rafters also got the walls up except some small pieces at the top where the iron was short. We only worked half a day and came home and picked tomatoes.
22-10: I went up and finished the shed at the cemetery except for a few bolts to go in the iron. Afternoon I worked at home.
23-10: I went off with my stuff about 6 oclock got it placed and went to Dan Dalys and got my hinges etc also bought a hat 12/6d and brought out a fruit cut ter on approval. Went to Williams and got my other 3 bags of fertiliser, got home about 11. Afternoon I gave Viney his pear poison and a tin of fertiliser also lent him a spray pump. I hoed with Jack among pumpkins and pines we also put down 3 post hol es for the fowl run, I was tired by tea time. My cucumber venture is pretty well a failure. I cant get rid of them to advantage at all.
24-10: I made a long bench under the house, cleared up my workshop, mended a chain, put handles in 3 chisels for Charl ey Thorsen, hoed a little and propped up the peach tree, making a clean track to the workshop. Jack was hoeing pines near the hay shed.
25-10: Mrs Price paid me and Glover. I went up to the cemetery and Vineys. After I came home I sharpened hand saw and picked tomatoes. Jack went and got his trunk and I stayed at Charleys until he came and then we brought a bit of wood home.
26-10: Went and saw Viney and went to church with him.
27-10: I went out to where Thorsens are working on the road and cut trees for my fowl run.
28-10: Jack and I put in 6 of the posts I got yesterday. I also sowed fertiliser on tomatoes and hoed among them. Prior to having tea we sunk holes for the fowl run.
29-10: I went to town and brought Jack a pair of tools a new tube for my bike 1/ - for a puncture etc. Afternoon I picked a few tomatoes and helped to hoe.
30-10: Went in with tomatoes. Paid Daly for his fruit chopper and got other articles.
31-10: Jack and I put 2 posts up for the fowl run before breakfast. After that meal he went hoeing and I knocked the old stable about a bit and got some timber out of it and made the frame for a wire mattress. Afternoon I worked at the fowl run. We have 2 more posts to put in. The weather is very hot these days and things look well for storms.
1-11-: Jack and I worked at the fowl run till dinner, running wire and weaving with the wire. Afternoon we did turning and wood chopping.
2-11-: I went up and listened to Rev Bentley.
3-11-: Jack and I worked all day at the fowl run. Got on very well too. Two sides are now practically finished and I fancy tomorrow will about see the job out. I picked a kerosene tin of tomatoes.
4-11-: We put in another day at the fowl run. Hung the gate, which I had to make, put up a shelter and various other little things towards completing the affair Cecil sold for me a tin of tomatoes.
5-11-: We finished the fowl run by lunch. Jack then went hoeing pines and I gathered tomatoes. I got 5 tins of good ones. Afternoon I finished the wire mattress I was making, rain came and stopped me from further work. I got grass for Dobbin.
6-11-: I went in with tomatoes etc. Got an order from Denhams. Afternoon Jack and I went across and got sweet spud cuttings. I planted them whilst I did other jobs.
7-11-: We hoed pines and went and put some screw bolts in the cemetery shelter, got a load of wood.
8-11-: Did hoeing etc.
9-11-: Took Jack to see Holdens farm and stayed home during the afternoon. Gracemere Cemetery Trust November 9th. Erecting Shed £8.
10-11: I caught the 6 oclock train to Boongary and put in the day working at Jones hay shed, Came home by the night train. Very warm weather.
11-11: I again spent the day at Jones.
12-11: Similar as yesterday.
13-11: Same as usual for the week.
14-11: Finished the job and got paid and came home.
15-11: Went up to the station for my box of tools and case of Texas insects, which I distributed among pear on Cecils old place. I also wrote to the Secretary of the Cemetery Trust in strong terms. Took Thorsens hammer back.
16-11: Jack and I went across early to Viney and got our paper signed and then went to church. Fosters had their little girl dedicated by the Rev Currel Baptist.
17-11: I went around to the cochineal insects and got the horse, ploughed amongst the pumpkins and hoed pines. George Thorsen brought my book on carpentry back just after tea.
18-11: Ploughed amongst pumpkins.
19-11: I went off to town early and did bits of business. Bought various articles at Francis sale. A fine lot of cheap timber.
20-11: I took tomatoes in.
21-11: I paid for my harness and bought a lathe £1.
22-11: I worked at a chicken enclosure.
23-11: Went to church and listened to the man in Whytes place.
24-11: I went in for the lathe. Afternoon I fixed up a box for the fowls to come out from Kings in, also started to making the room.
25-11: Carried on with the room, had to go and help lift out Cecils piano, it has a lovely tone. Cost £40 and £1/5/- to be brought out.
26-11: Up early lit the fire took out a window and also took down a door then waited for breakfast. Last night very cool for the season.
27-11: I went to town with tomatoes and eggs. Brought out 14 hens and rooster £2/9/- total cost. After I got home and had a drink I went up and fixed the latch on Prices gate. Afternoon I worked at the kitchen and other bits of jobs.
28-11: Carried on with my work at the house. Mended Barnes boiler and got some old timber from there.
29-11: Put in another day at the kitchen.
30-11: Jack and I stayed from church. Played the phonograph.
1-12-: I carried on with my work improving the downstairs part of the house. It was very cloudy but no rain fell for us.
2-12-: Put in another window and sill also Scotia and other finishing work. Big storm passed over and gave us a licking much lightening and thunder, wrote to Milne.
3-12-: Jack and I pulled grass from amongst the tomatoes. After dinner we went to town and bought him a suit etc.
4-12-: I mixed Foesceline and painted the storeroom also put up shelves. Afternoon I pulled down an old fowl house and put up another shelter in the new fowl run. I managed to cut myself with the adze this made it awkward for me to finish the day, as I would have liked. It has seemed like rain pretty well all day but we get nothing.
6-12-: I went round the fowl run with small gauge wire trying to block up places where fowls get out. My day was spoilt through having to mind the 3 youngest children. The other 3 having gone up to the school treats.
7-12-: I heard this morning that we have another daughter. Harry and Alice took Beryl in to see it.
8-12-: I fixed wire mesh over the chicken enclosure and looked after the youngsters. I also had to renew the beam of the plow Jack is using.
9-12-: I worked a bit about the house couldnt go far away account of the children.
10-12: Went in and saw Lily and the boy.
11-12: Went round the fowl run seeing places where the beggars get out still. Also cleaned the door for my wardrobe.
12-12: Did very little. Down at Arthurs almost all the morning. It keeps coming like rain but just fails to do it.
13-12: I made a new cabinet for our closet. Afternoon Jack and I went down and helped Arthur with some young horses.
14-12: Took things easy at home.
15-12: I put the cabinet in the closet and fixed the vent pipe, Jack planted tomatoes etc, also rosellas.
16-12: We hoed a bit of ground back of hay shed and put out more tomatoes.
17-12: We ploughed above the roses. It did very well considering. Also did various other jobs about the place.
18-12: We ploughed a piece above the mangoes. It was rough work but satisfactory with all. Yesterday we had hoed the grass off it and killed 12 blue tongue lizards and a snake.
19-12: We dug amongst the orange trees in the old fowl run. Cleared a piece above my workshop. Charley Thorsen came to see about road material. Drizzling rain most of the day.
20-12: We cleared away grass and dug between the smooth leaf pines, also dug out posts and snigged logs for firewood.
21-12: Read books and lazed about all day.
22-12: Started hoeing the tomatoes.
23-12: Went to town with 4 dozen pines bought guns etc for the children.
24-12: Hoed tomatoes.
25-12: Played cricket most of the day. It was very warm too.
26-12: Arthurs family came up to the plum tree with the car and we had dinner there, played cricket and fooled around till about 4 oclock. Very hot day again.
27-12: Jack got wire off the old fence up the hill. I made an axe handle and put in my little axe. Afternoon we went round and fixed the fence, picked mangoes and burned rubbish, I also dug 4 p ostholes. Awful day what with smoke and heat. Both Jack and I were very stiff and sore from our 2 days exertions at cricket etc.
28-12: Read books all day. I was rather crook myself. Lately I have had a little bowel trouble.
29-12: I was off colour made and placed in position a door in the storeroom. Also picked pines and burned off grass. My word it is warm weather.
30-12: Went round with pines etc. My word it was hot and I got an awful headache.
31-12: Put out a few tomatoes and hoed grass etc. The weather was rather warm.

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