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1923 front cover

    The weather was awful and extremely hot early in the year and during the heat it was withering every thing before it. By 11.30 in the morning you felt nearly roasted. In February I started picking my early patch of cotton it was tiring work going about the hill after it and getting so little. In March grasshoppers were eating all the leaves off the cotton plants. At one t i me I took 500 pounds of cotton into the Rockhampton Ginnery. In April I poisoned prickly pear for Mr Cunningham at 15/- a day. During the year I put in several sanitary cabinets and closets. I also worked in several wells including deepening my own and c ementing a supply tank for my water scheme to be able to irrigate. 6th July I had to go up to Gracemere and get the night officer up and ring up the Ambulance to take Lily in. They were so long coming that the birth occurred on the floor of the nurses house. I worked in the morning and after dinner I rode the bike in and saw Lily and the daughter (Iris). Lily came home on 19th July. Before this in June Lily the family and myself all had a bad case of illness by putting us in bed too ill to be able to do anything else about it. Violet Johnson was an excellent help in coming up to help us out. August 27th Ernie Johnson got a fire on the hill and burned most of his pines and a fair quantity of mine as well. I was till 9 o clock putting it out with Harry Holden said. Georgie Thorsen came and gave me a hand as well. September 17th Ernie had another fire into my place this morning. He seems to think it is quite all right for the fire to get into my place and for me to be very concerned in the putting o f it out. In September I dug a new piece of ground with a pick and got a kerosene tin full of nut grass out of it. October 18th I shot a flying fox last night up the mulberry tree and by gum it had a young one with it hanging on to a teat and would not let go. I killed it and put it on to an ants nest. October 27th. This is the driest time since 1902 the big drought. At one time we also went for telegraph poles and after an agonising amount of trouble we landed home only with 4 blocks. I drew a bla n k for my afternoon, I went with Barnes and his brother. During the year we also tried carting granite blocks to sell but it was poor pay and very hard work. November 16th I am writing this at 6 a.m. and it is warm enough to melt ones spirits. 30th September the engineer of the city council and men came out and took measurements and levels also bored holes in the bed of the creek, all in connection with the new bridge they propose building.

Sample page

5-1--: Hoed another 4 rows of cotton. Cecil came over and picked mangoes. Frankie came over with Dobbin too. I am not fit for work before me at all. Goodness knows how things are going to pan out.
6-1--: Did much as usual. Tried cultivating cotton with Dobbin but it wouldnt work good, tried to plough but no better result.
7-1--: Had no sleep last night so lazed about all day except go for milk.
8-1--: Hoed a bit of cotton, put a handle in an axe, sawed a little wood etc.
9-1--: I helped Cecil off with his stuff. Did in the rest of the morning cultivating cotton. Whilst at dinner rain came on and fell in torrents roused every thing.
10-1-: Raining all the morning. Seemed to take up in the afternoon. I did very little, went for milk, hoed round a couple of mango trees and chopped down several saplings up the hill to dry sufficient for fire wood. The place is awful for weeds and grass.
11-1-: Cant hear anything of old Bob. It seems very funny indeed the way he has disappeared after having him all these years. I went up to the garden and pulled cobbler pegs etc out of a row
11-1-: Can t hear anything of old Bob. It seems very funny indeed the way he has disappeared after having him all these years. I went up the garden and pulled cobbler pegs etc out of a row of pines. Rain came on again and pretty well wet me.
12-1-: I pulled cobbler pegs out of 3 rows of pines, went for milk. Arthur came back with me and looked at my cotton. He says it is splendid and that I shall have a lot to pick, I hope so.
13-1-: Pulled more cobbler pegs out of the pine rows. It was a fine day but I fancy more rain will come along before very long I expect.
14-1-: Just went for milk also went over and had a look at Cecils place.
15-1-: I cultivated cotton also went and reaped the burrs amongst the cotton round near the well. My word weeds do grow now.
16-1-: I hoed along 4 rows of cotton where I cultivated yesterday. After we came upstairs a snake crept along the lattice and went down stairs. I shot it.
17-1-: Hoed 4 rows of cotton. Harry came up and went through my bees, found the queen, the swarm is getting pretty strong.
18-1-: Hoed rows of cotton. My word it was a hot day, fairly burned my nose. We must get more rain soon. Cecil brought out his disc plow £20.
19-1-: Hoed nearly 4 rows of cotton in front of the house I have cotton bolls opening on the first I planted.
20-1-: I hoed a row of cotton also made boxes to plant mango seeds in. I have now a dozen ready, as I was crook with bowel trouble I was not too good for work.
21-1-: Saw to Dobbin, went for milk had a look at Arthurs cotton. Mosquitoes very bad to night.
22-1-: I hoed 3 rows of cotton and picked a few pines, also fixed a stand for the boxes that are to have the mango seeds planted in them.
23-1-: Did more hoeing along cotton rows. Lily went to the city with Cecil and as I had to see a bit to the children it stopped me somewhat. I had a crook day of it although Beryl did very well throughout the day.
24-1-: I hoed along a few more rows of cotton. My word things are in a mess, no hope of slaying all the weeds. Too crook weather for toil.
25-1-: I had a nervy turn and was quite below the working point. I put up a bit of shelf to hold my shaving tackle and mounted a mirror.
26-1-: Crook today and did very little. The weather is awfully hot just now and drying all before it.
27-1-: Spent a long time sneaking on crows and when I did manage to get near the gun wouldnt go off, didnt do much else today.
28-1-: Went after crows also down for milk, read a book. The weather is hot now and dry and things are failing.
29-1-: I picked a few pines, mixed pear poison and took it over to Cecil, came home and picked more pines. The heat is withering up all before it, it is awful.
30-1-: Hoed a row of pines up near Ernies came in at 11.30 nearly roasted too hot to go out all day.
31-1-: Hoed a row of pines up the top end. Took rest of the day easy as it was altogether too hot for man or beast to be out in and belt away at weeds or any thing else.
1-2--: Another row hoed and other little things done. My word it is awful weather quite a heat wave operating.
2-2--: Hoed a row just in time to run in out of the storm.
3-2--: I hoed pines up near Holdens.
4-2--: Went over to Cecils and we both went and looked up Viney.
5-2--: Picked a few dozen pines, some thieves had stolen a good few, I also hoed more pines.
6-2--: I hoed more pines and did a few other bits of jobs.
7-2--: I finished hoeing the pines up near Holdens and also hoed another row of young ones. Went for milk and saw to Dobbin too.
8-2--: I hoed pines etc, things are getting rather dry again.
9-2--: Hoed another row of pines and picked a little cotton.
10-2-: The children and I picked the rest of the cotton.
11-2-: I just went for milk and knocked around a bit throughout the day.
12-2-: Picked pines and cotton and hoed a row of pines.
13-2-: Caught a train to the city on business at the bank and various other places. Got a good order from Denhams. Came home with Cecil in the cart.
14-2-: Picked a few baskets of cotton and hoed more weeds from amongst the pines. The weather is keeping very dry and things are getting crook.
15-2-: Carried on with the hoeing and also picked a bit of cotton.
16-2-: Same old job, hoeing and cotton picking.
17-2-: I finished hoeing the pines I was at and picked more cotton.
18-2-: Took things quietly through the day. Read a book etc.
19-2-: Picked a bit of cotton and hoed a couple of rows of pines. I was put back somewhat by Lily going to the city.
20-2-: Picked cotton and hoed more pines. Cecil went in with his last lot of stuff, had a stiff day.
21-2-: I hoed pines and picked cotton, awfully dry days these are. Letter posted to Martha, Constable came for returns. Arthur bought a lathe etc for Harry.
22-2-: Spent almost all day picking cotton, I did a little hoeing. Cecil was over and Frank came and took Dobbin.
23-2-: I hoed amongst the pineapples seems very strange weather rain fails to come and things are wilting.
24-2-: I hoed 4 rows of pines, cut firewood etc. It was rather warm today but rain fails to come every time.
25-2-: Went to church and heard Griffiths give his farewell sermon.
26-2-: I went up and hoed 2 rows of pines also picked cotton.
27-2-: Picked cotton and did a little towards getting my bike going.
28-2-: Just picked cotton. The weather is so awfully hot it fair knocks one out.
1-3--: The children and I picked a tank of cotton, it was an awful hot day especially for the month of March.
2-3--: I went up and hoed a row of pines. Had a fair go at a bit of painting. Got wood down the hill for Lily, I also went down for the milk. Some one got a storm today.
3-3--: I hoed 2 rows of pines went down for meat. Spent a lot of time fixing my bike but am afraid to no purpose, fails to hold wind, storm over Cecils way.
4-3--: I took things quietly at home read book, The Rose of Judah also went for milk. Things are too awfully dry these times.
5-3--: Picked 50 lb of cotton. My word it is tiring work going about the hill after the stuff and getting so little.
6-3--: Picked another 50 lb of cotton I now have 350 lb or so in stock. Grasshoppers have eaten all the leaves off the plants.
7-3--: I picked cotton. Went down and got a pony and rode down Arthurs place to see what the bush fire was up to also put the spring in my bike cover.
8-3--: Picked cotton. There is now 400 lb in the room and a start in the tank for another 50 lb.
9-3--: Picked a little cotton, did a bit of painting, mixed a little more paint. Went and picked all the pines I could find and burned rubbish back of the house.
10-3-: The children helped me to pick over the cotton up the hill and we also watered orange trees.
11-3-: Just went for the milk.
12-3-: Went over and helped Cecil let off a shot in his well also mixed some pear poison. After dinner I picked cotton.
13-3-: I pulled grass from amongst the smooth leaf pines.
14-3-: Pulled more grass and weeds also picked some cotton, weather awful hot for March.
15-3-: I picked cotton over, the lot in front of the house also rode bike down to Arthurs for bags.
16-3-: Picked cotton and filled 2 bags and sewed them up also got firewood.
17-3-: The children and I bagged cotton 7 bags. I also painted and after dinner I rode bike out to George Fosters and looked round.
18-3-: Went and listened to Rev Taylor give his farewell sermon to his Gracemere friends very nice too.
19-3-: I dug out 4 rows of pines up near Ernies also did various other little jobs about the place, went down for milk etc.
20-3-: I hoed 2 rows of pines and pulled the good suckers off and threw the rubbish in to the rows I am leaving also did a little painting.
21-3-: I hoed 2 more rows of pines, went over to Cecils and got my hair cut also injected couple of pears. Picked a little cotton.
22-3-: I hoed a row and picked cotton. Went up to the meeting to nominate Committeemen.
23-3-: Worked with Hamelswayne at the forge. Bought beast from George Norton for 30/- worth of suckers.
24-3-: Picked cotton and sawed a tree up, chopped wood etc.
25-3-: Went and listened to Mr Morgan. Press family back from Melbourne.
26-3-: Went up and wheeled all the suckers down out of the rows, picked a bit of cotton, Dobbin back.
27-3-: Took the plow and ploughed between the pines I knocked the rows out of. Started to run between the cotton also.
28-3-: I put in a good day ploughing amongst the cotton. The days are awfully windy and appearance seem rainy but fail to mature.
29-3-: Ploughed amongst the cotton sawed and split wood etc.
30-3-: Made a kite and flew for the children. Went down and helped Arthur to kill a vealer carried 35 lb up here.
31-3-: Got 2 loads of firewood, went through Wests and down along the line nearly to the 3 mile bridge. After I came home I went down and got the cement and sand and a bit of timber and took up to Hamelswaynes to do the tank.
1-4--: Went to C, E. Meeting it was fairly good too.
2-4--: Worked at a tank stand for Claras cottage. Afternoon I did very little of any thing.
3-4--: Put tap in the tank, cemented the bottom roughly and painted the inside and the outside.
4-4--: Gave the bottom of the tank another coat of cement and painted the bottom with my tar paint. Picked cotton all over the shop.
5-4--: Went down to Arthurs at 7 and after a jolly rough day got back home at 7 in the evening. Dobbin was round in Ernies pines so I had to go straight and get him. After I had had tea I went across to Claras tenants and got a ball bearing for Arthur came home and got a little sleep.
6-4--: Went out in the sulky pretty early and managed to arrive with the granite blocks as far onward as the overhead bridge. Got home at 3.
7-4--: I had to bung up a gap in the horse yard. Made a wash dish also drew out the plow share and painted the plow, cut firewood and went round the hill hunting up survey pegs etc.
8-4--: Went to church and listened to Rev Murray give a very good discourse.
9-4--: Went off very early and got as far as the weir with our granite by about 9 o’clock came home and had a good go at making gate hinges for West. Went afternoon and got out of the weir and as far as Charleys.
10-4-: Went down to Arthurs for breakfast and we went off to town with the stone, came home about 4.
11-4-: Finished Wests hinges and went over and inspected Cunninghams prickly pear, arranged to poison same at 15/- per day and cost of poison.
12-4-: Spent the day killing our beast. George Foster came and gave us a wee bit of a hand, it was in very nice condition but had fallen away since I had seen it, weighed over 400 lb.
13-4-: I had to take Cecils trace over, got a rod of iron I had in Cecils shed brought it home and made it up and put in Billy Wests cart also did a bit of ploughing.
14-4-: I ploughed amongst pines till nearly dinner and then cut out a pair of soles for Lilys shoes. Afternoon I went and mixed a drum of poison and went over to Dineys and inspected his tank and bought cotton.
15-4-: I went round and had a yarn with Holdens. Harry says he is going to try and sell out and go for a trip to England.
16-4-: I ploughed amongst pines and it made me jolly tired. Went down to Arthurs and got his saw and took over to Cecil.
17-4-: I painted the back wall of my hay shed also finished ploughing amongst the pines I started last week. Heard Clara has a son.
18-4-: I went over and helped Cecil during the morning clearing pear and after dinner came home and cut wood and got several things ready for tomorrow. Frank and I will be clearing pear.
19-4-: Went off with the cotton and deposited it at the ginnery. Then went round and had a good half day at Ceils pear, Frank and I and Ken were the trio.
20-4-: Repacked the Kirby injector and ground a new point on the blade. Set fire to a stump up the hill, went over to Vineys and back and sharpened tools for his job tomorrow.
21-4-: Yoked Dobbin and off up to Vineys and fixed the top of their tank. I bought some posts off him and a piece of iron bark to make a roller for my well windlass.
25-4-: Went and worked with Cecil during the morning. Afternoon I came and worked about the place.
26-4-: Just went to town with Cecil and Grace had lunch at Walls place. Bought best book 15/ 11d trousers 6/11d. Splendid rain today.
27-4-: I ploughed amongst cotton at back of fowl run. My word Dobbin makes me very tired, I also cleaned the manure out of his yard. Soled Lilys shoes and put handle in the axe.
28-4-: Started banking pines up the top of the garden. Pulled grass at the back of the house too.
29-4-: Went to church and heard Rev Williams hold forth, sang with the choir but was too crook to do much good.
30-4-: I spent the day banking pines. My word it was hot I felt a good deal better today. Went up and had a pretty good practice. Received cotton cheque.
1-5--: Very big fog this morning. Banked pines took the barrow down to Arthurs and got forequarter of meat. It has turned out a nasty day.
2-5--: Banked pines. Went up to a progress meeting and had a fairly lively time too got home about 4 oclock.
3-5--: Went with Arthur for a granite block, got as far as the weir where we got stuck as usual.
4-5--: Arthur and I went in with the granite block its a crook game with too small pay attached to it.
5-5--: I ploughed up the rows of pines I had previously banked also ran the plow round 2 lots of young pines.
6-5--: Went to church A Nelson was the preacher and did very well indeed.
7-5--: I dug with the vine hoe between pines up near Holdens. Went up to choir practice.
8-5--: Hoed pines after finishing the last row with the vine hoe.
9-5--: I hoed 4 rows before dinner this finished the lot of pines I was at. Afternoon I started to hoe along the pine rows that I ploughed between a few weeks ago.
10-5-: I hoed pines near the hay shed. George Foster came to see me about an engine.
11-5-: Frank and I went over and had another go at Mr Cunninghams pear, sprayed it all over by just before 2 oclock.
12-5-: Hoed half row of pines, cut wood, saw to Dobbins needs, took pines down to Ruscoes etc.
13-5-: Harry and I went in and had a look at the election figures, got back nicely for dinner. Went up to church and listened to Rev Whyte, home for tea.
14-5-: Went round early and Holden, Ken and I went to the weir for sand. Spent the day cementing a tank and didnt get it quite completed.
15-5-: Spent until after 11 at the tank came home and cut a nice bit of firewood before dinner. Afternoon went and ploughed at Arthurs.
16-5-: Hoed pines, went and settled with Holdens and brought the tank back with horse and his cart.
17-5-: I hoed pines and a few other jobs.
18-5-: Went round to Cecils and helped kill a calf also hoed 2 rows of pines, cut wood too.
19-5-: Went in for Fosters engine and pump also got the rest of my posts from Vineys and paid them except 1/- I was short.
20-5-: Went and saw George Lavell pumped water for Annie, went to church.
21-5-: Up nice and early getting ready to go out to Fosters to fix pumping plant, got the engine bed done and set the engine on it. Very hot day.
22-5-: Worked at the forge during the morning at ironwork for Foster. Went out after dinner and worked right till dark but failed to get the pump fixed.
23-5-: Went out early and worked till 12.15 at George Fosters irrigation scheme also went to see what was required for the earth closet at 4 houses.
24-5-: I had to go over to Cecils for a 1/4 of veal and took the shin down to Arthurs. Rest of the day was spent mostly hoeing pines. Went down to the chinamans and brought home the 2 plows and cultivator.
25-5-: Hoed a row of pines helped Cecil load up suckers also made a roller for Fosters job. Went out and spent the afternoon didnt get much done.
26-5-: Went out to Fosters and toiled all day like billy o and failed to get the engine to run.
27-5-: Church Miss Mc Corkindale and also Morgan Congregationalist.
28-5-: Worked up at Mrs Mc Donalds. Raised earth closet and made a door and excavated round another.
29-5-: I went over to Fosters at 6 and worked at his engine till 8 then came on to Mc Donalds W. C. job. I have now finished 3 ready for cabinet.
30-5-: Spent the day renewing a closet in the Mc Donald estate opposite the School of Arts in a very crook condition. Price came and said I was to do the job.
31-5-: Another day same as yesterday. This structure is in a very bad state but is on the mend now.
1-6--: Finished the fourth W. C. and worked a little at the house to which it belongs also inspected Prices job. When I came home for dinner 8 of Ernies cattle were in my place and I drove them round and had a few words with father and son.
2-6--: I went and got quotes for various things in connection with sanitary cabinets and fixings. Went and saw the plot of pear over the river and also went and saw Pete Beal.
3-6--: Went to church and listened to Rev Pope, he gave a very good address. Indications are pointing to rain but may not mature.
4-6--: Raining splendidly came on in the night.
5-6--: Frank and I went to town and got timber for the sanitary conveniences. Cases 3/-, 2/6d and 4/-.
6-6--: I started before breakfast and cut out pieces for a frame of a closet cabinet. I got 2 well on the way to completion and more pieces of frame cut also had to bake bread and ge t dinner ready for myself and Herb and Ken. Cold snap has come along at last. Everyone seems to be wheezy and sneezy too. Lily went to town and bought me a cap and did various bits of shopping for the family.
7-6--: I ran in to town on the bike thought there was a sale but it was a mistake so I came back and worked at the closet cabinets.
8-6--: Went in to the sale. I was working at the cabinets very early before breakfast and went in about 9.30. All I bought was 12 tar brushes.
9-6--: Went to town and bought a lot of cartridges etc. Also out to Fosters and Williams seeing about a job.
10-6-: Pretty crook didnt go out.
11-6-: I went to town and bought various things 50-- 25 lb bags of flour and 4d per bag also various other things.
12-6-: Again at the sale and bought wire, cement, paint and nails with Rawlings.
13-6-: I went in and Marcus Rawlings and I finished clearing up the nails and I got my lot home. I also went down and got my cartridges in the wheelbarrow.
14-6-: I went and made a start at Williams closet, got the ground plates laid and the studs up. I was crook all day but managed to hang on.
15-6-: In bed almost all day coughing terribly throughout the night.
16-6-: I lay about all day but did not cough much during the night, had a little rest.
17-6-: Very little cough last night but all the same I feel pretty dopey on it Lily is not too fresh today.
18-6-: Lily had to stay in bed and I with Beryls help got breakfast ready I felt awful trying to see to things. However Violet came up and half our troubles seemed gone . She soon straightened things up a bit, Harry went in and went to the Doctor for us.
19-6-: I was crook again. Cecil came and brought various stuff to cure us with. I am putting in a rotten time of it Violet came up again and helped us through wonderfully.
20-6-: Crawling around another day, only for the awful wind I think I would very soon be pretty well. There is no doubt it is sticking to me rather fondly. Violet came up yet again and bogged in like the girl she is.
21-6-: I spent another off day Lily is not too bright either.
22-6-: Still crook most of our family are coughing around the place.
23-6-: Cecil brought us a bit of firewood, I was just wondering how I was going to do.
24-6-: Spent a quiet day.
25-6-: I poked around a bit Ted went home.
26-6-: I started to work again at the cabinets. I am still crook in the chest.
27-6-: Awful wind blew last night and continued throughout this day, very searching it was and found me out all right.
28-6-: I went and called at Mrs Williams and also went down to Prices and arranged to go up tomorrow and fix their closet.
29-6-: I went up and Price and I fixed their W. C. I have yet to install the cabinet. I feel no good again my bones ache like any thing.
30-6-: I went to town and paid the lodge and got paid for Jim Barnes cartridges also paid the insurance.
1-7--: Just went for milk and up to see Williams. Borrowed from Arthur a cheque A, 101238 made out to Denhams.
2-7--: Did a little in the shed and other bits of things.
3-7--: Went down to Charleys and got my stuff.
4-7--: Went to town and did various bits of business.
5-7--: Put the day in at Williams W.C.
6-7--: I had to go up to Gracemere get the night officer up and ring up the Ambulance to take Lil in. They were so long coming that the birth occurred on the floor of the nurses house. I went up and worked all the morning at Williams and after dinner rode the bike in and saw Lily with a new daughter also went to Burns and Twiggs and ordered 18 pans.
7-7--: Went up and finis hed my job at Williams and came home for dinner. Afternoon I went up and put the cabinet in the closet at the house opposite the school of arts. I also hung the gate and fixed the lock of the back door and put a bit of a button on to hold the kitchen do or.
8-7--: Went up and fixed up with Williams and saw Zimitats. Went over to Newmans. Arthurs for dinner and then went over to Cecils.
9-7--: Spent the day cutting out and gathering up material for Alf Botos closet..
10-7-: I went to town and did my work f or Williams re Werners shop also saw Hartley about fertiliser for pines, went and saw Lily and bought a brazing lamp saw a 25; 20 rifle. Took medicine up for Gracie Press also went round and saw Frank Morrell who has the flu.
11-7-: I worked at A. Botos W.C. during the morning made the door, cut out the roof etc. Afternoon I worked at the cabinets I have 2 pretty well ready to go out.
12-7-: I was up early and finished Prices cabinet. W. West lent me a horse and I went down to Arthurs and gathered up the closet material for Botos dike also left the cabinet at Prices and a pan at the house opposite the school of arts. Afternoon I put in Prices cabinet.
13-7-: I worked at Botos W.C. Went to Cecils for dinner, I managed to make myself pretty tired come evening
14-7-: I made a rod and put in Wests plow. Went to town and banked £3 bought a pair of working boots and 2 pair of socks also calliper and a compass and also a mouth organ. Went down and fixed things up with Charley and got a cheque.
15-7-: I went in and saw Lily and the nurses son-in-law who showed me how to light the lamp I bought from him.
16-7-: I arose very early and went across to Wests swamp and shot 4 ducks, which I took over to Cecils and then went and worked at Botos closet. I had dinner at Cecils and went back to my job I got it completed except for the air pipe, I also knocked out the old closet and came home and took a dozen pines down for Harry to take in to Ruscoes.
17-7-: I had a go at the form for Mrs Price. After breakfast went up and put in the vent pipe at Botos place. Afternoon I made the form for Mrs Price got the 200 suckers ready to go to Gogango.
18-7-: I finished the 3 cabinets for Mc Donalds and tarred a few pans I got a backache by knock off time.
19-7-: I was up at 6 a nd lighted the fire and went down to see Clara and then over to Wests. After having breakfast I went to town and paid the nurse also went down town and banked Charleys cheque. I paid for the lamp and rifle also bought 50 cartridges at B and T for a tria l shoot. Came home for dinner and painted some pans also got Harry West to drop the form at Prices place for me and I fixed up the old form and came home. I also had to go over to Cecils for vent pipe caps nurse Preece drove Lily home for me but forgot the lamps and rifle
21-7-: I made Wests cabinet and cut him a shaft out for his cart, also cut a bit of wood. I shot 5 ducks this morning which makes a total of about 12 for the week, they make very good eating too.
22-7-: I got on to making Holdens cabinet before breakfast and had it nearly finished by dinnertime. Afternoon I went and cut down a tree to make a leg of the tripod to raise the pump out of the well.
24-7-: I went round and put the tripod ready to rear also cut a lot of cotton plants out.
25-7-: Harry came up and helped me to rear the legs. I cut into my foot with the reaping hook. Harry West came and worked with me at a fence I am running across the hill through Cecils old pines.
26-7-: Harry West and I continued the fence, we got the rest of the posts in and run wire down to the old fowl run.
27-7-: Harry and I finished the fence and cut the burr and cotton that was left near the engine. The other Harry also came and worked a bit at the engine. Harry West hoed round the rose trees.
28-7-:\tab I put in Wests cabinet and pruned roses also put a bottom in the cooling tank and afternoon I went and finished Harry Holdens job and got paid too.
29-7-: Went over and saw mother, came back and had dinner and went up to church.
30-7-: Harry West and I planted tomatoes and started hoeing the pines down near Holdens lane.
31-7-: Harry and I finished hoeing the rows we were at. I rode the bike to town after dinner and did some shopping. Harry started to clean the pines on Cecils old place.
1-8--: Helped H. West to hoe and then went to town for groceries, came back and had dinner and rode the bike back to town and bought a parcel of drapery.
2-8--: I helped Harry West to hoe till dinner and afternoon I went up with the material and worked at fixing Mrs Mc Donalds gate. I didnt quite get it finished, it was in a pretty crook state of disrepair.
3-8--: I went up and finished Mrs Mc Donalds gate, charged her £4/10/- for her jobs and received £2 on account. Afternoon I went round and soldered the cooling etc.
4-8--: Harry West and I went and got a couple of loads of wood. Afternoon Harry came and cut wood while I worked at the bike he has bought from me.
5-8--: Went to church and heard Rev Bentley.
6-8--: H. W. and I were fencing round the front.
7-8--: I worked round the hill at the cooling tank etc. Also ground 6 chisels Harry went up and hoed near Harry Holdens. Cecil brought a 1000-gallon tank out for me, it seems a very good one for cementing.
8-8--: I went to town and paid B.T. also ordered fertiliser and bought different things.
9-8--: Harry West and I run wire along the creek bank and Harry came to his hoeing I also went up and hoed 2 rows.
10-8-: I got the pump out of the well took the foot valve down and Arthur fixed it up. Harry West hoed a good lot I got 7 ducks this morning 2 shots.
11-8-: I hoed the piece of ground near the engine during the morning and after dinner I went and fixed Vineys closet job.
12-8-: Went to church and listened to Rev Pope, he was very good.
13-8-: I worked round near the creek most of the day. Went and helped Burrows to get his piano upstairs and down and had a look at George Kong Sing well.
14-8-: Billy West and I worked down at the well. It is a crook job all right the main trouble being too much water in the way for work to be done very satisfactorily.
15-8-: I worked at the pump Harry helped me and we managed to get it all to pieces.
16-8-: Mr West and I worked at Kong Sings well. It is pretty safe now and will be ready for the pump by tomorrow. Kenneth went down with me after dinner.
17-8-: Billy West and I worked at the chinamans well and finished so as far as possible until the engine and pump is put in. I was very sick in my inside all the afternoon and had neither dinner nor tea. Felt very unlike work.
18-8-: I went to town and bought an egg slice and steamer for the saucepan, also did various little jobs. I am feeling very off colour.
19-8-: Went to church Mr T. Watson occupied the pulpit and held forth to some purpose.
20-8-: I went down and with Arthur and Harrys help got my pump put together. Afternoon I helped them with the boring plant at their well. Fred and I walked up to choir practice.
21-8-: I half soled my boots and did a bit to the setting down of my pumping plant.
22-8-: I put a plank ready for the pump to be bolted to. Went over to Newmans after tea and bought some pipes from Eddie.
23-8-: Ken and I went over and got the pipes. I cant get on with the job at all so have asked Cecil to come over tomorrow and help me to put the pump in.
24-8-: Mr Thomson and Cecil came and we put the pump down the well.
25-8-: I fastened the pump down the well and went up to Zimitats and got paid for my work and out to Fosters and he also paid me I then came back and over to Eddie Newman.
26-8-: Went for a walk with Harry. Took things easy reading all the afternoon. The weather seems warming.
27-8-: I was up nice and early lit the fire, sawed firewood and fixed a couple of straps for the pump rod. Rode bike to town and banked £12 bought carrot and other seeds, small soldering iron and 3 drills, came home for dinner. Ernie got a fire on the hill and burned most of his pines and a fair quantity of mine as well. I was till 9 oclock putting it out with Harry Holdens aid. George Thorsen came and gave me a hand too.
28-8-: I put a bottom in the old tank round at the pump and worked at fixing the pump more firmly. Had to go up to the station for fertiliser too. After tea I went up to Morrells.
29-8-: I worked at fixing the pump went over to Cecils and stayed yarning to Cecils pa in law till 9.
30-8-: Harry W came and helped me with the fence near the bridge. We got on fairly well. The engineer of the city council and men came out and took measurements and levels also bored in the bed of the creek all in connec tion with the new bridge they propose building.
31-8-: Harry West came and cleared pear and forked rubbish out of the pines. I ploughed the land over and fixed the engine, had a bit of a run out of it too.
1-9--: I went up to Morrells and got the cabinet and took to town and knocked out the affair in the closet and installed the cabinet, also put the back steps up. They were lying in a heap. Came home before 12 and had dinner and off up to the Young Peoples Picnic. I am charging 18/- for the job and ma king a bolt to run through the stringers of the steps to hold them together.
2-9--: Just stayed about at home and read etc.
3-9--: I went to town and bought pliers a 3/4 bit and piping from Elwings also a clock 8/- watch 6/- and ordered a spray pump to be r eady for Cecil to bring out tomorrow. Went to choir practice and also Mrs Prices who gave me 10/- and owes me 7/- for the forms I made and fixed up for her.
4-9--: I worked round at the engine. Got it fixed but could not get it to run until Harry came.
5-9--: I sowed carrot, beet, peas, pumpkins, rock melon, and bean and watermelon seeds. The engine went off with out any trouble too. I felt quite done up by evening.
6-9--: I went round and put a different chain on the magneto and pumped and watered the garden about 9.30. I went and put in the rest of the day at Kong Sings place putting in a pump bed etc with Arthur.
7-9--: I went round and pumped and watered my young plants and seeds. Went down to Kong Sings 7.30 and put in a fairly strenuous day.
8-9-- I went down and worked with Arthur until 1. After dinner I cut grass for Daly Bros who came out for it, They also took 2 boxes of cartridges 3/- per box and 1/- for a handle.
9-9--: I went down to Sings and got my tools. The pump raised a big stream of water all right.
10-9-: I worked round the hill at the garden. Sowed Rosella and cucumber seeds etc. Watered rows for melons too.
11-9-: I watered the seed beds went down and get pipes from Arthur and brought up and fixed at the pump, irrigated several rows for melons. Felt pretty tired by knock off time too.
12-9-: Before breakfast I went round and pumped out the well. After breakfast I rode the bike to town and bought a grease cup for the engine and also got razor, hair clippers and records from Dalys.
13-9-: I went round the hill and worked a little at the engine shed. Also went and got a bit of 3x1 made a start at a pair of cultivator handles. Afternoon Harry and I went down to Georgie Kong Sings and worked at his well.
14-9-: Harry and I went down to the chinamans and put a piece of my pipe in and set his engine going. Cecil came and helped me to clean out my well this morning. Afternoon I went down to the chinamans job again. Just got the engine running nicely when Harry came I had to come home to 2 boys at my pines.
15-9-: I went up for sausages and sawed wood before breakfast. After the morning meal I went round and sowed French beans and watered the seed beds also pumped the tank full of fresh clean water, came round and had lunch and went in an d fixed the back steps at Morrells house in town. Afternoon I went down to Kong Sings and put in a pretty crook half day. The sand comes in as quickly as it taken out and broken timber is all over the bottom of the well and absolutely precludes all hope of renewing the sides until we can pump more water out.
16-9-: I went up to church and listened Rev Williams hold forth on prohibition. He couldnt quite master his text based on the 1st miracle Jesus performed example making water into wine of the best quality.
17-9-: I went round after lighting the fire and watered my plants. Rest of the day I spent down at Kong Sings working at his well. Went up to choir practice too.
18-9-: I pumped and watered the garden. Ernie had another fire in to my place this morning. He seems to think it is quite all right for the fire to get into my place and for me to be very concerned in the putting of it out. Afternoon I went down and worked at Kong Sings, broke the foot valve so was settled until we get another one put on. We had 5 foot of sand at the foot end of the pipe. It is an awful job. After tea I went down to the shed and took a nipple out of a foot valve I am letting Georgie have instead of going to town for a new one. I am very tired of the whole job absol utely.
19-9-: I lighted the fire and cut firewood had breakfast watered the garden went down to Arthurs and cut timber ready for George Kongs well. After dinner I went down and started his engine and put the foot valve on and worked till dark.
20-9-: I wen t round and watered my few things. Spent the day at Kong Sings. Had an awful time with the engine and pump in fact the whole job. Had to pack the pump and take off the pipe and take a piece of pipe and put a shorter one on. A chow let the hand saw fal l down on my head.
21-9-: I did about the same assorted jobs as yesterday. Had a lot trouble with the engine and also with the timber down the well.
22-9-: I went up to the butchers and saw Mrs Mac about a job. Watered all my young plants and filled up the misses in the watermelons. Afternoon I went down to Kong Sings and made the pump go worked awhile and as Georgie wasn t home and the engine got out of control I came home, had a shave and went and got measurements for Macs job and also called at Prices for 7/- which I got.
23-9-: Went to church afternoon and even Fred Presncil and I were the only males in the choir, however the verdict was that the piece went well.
24-9-: I worked round the hill all day, dug a piece of new ground with the pick and got a kerosene tin of nut grass out of it.
25-9-: I worked at my own place. I worked a little in my workshop and watered all my garden, changed pipes at my pump picked ground etc.
26-9-: I spent the day at Kong Sings well, got on fairly good too Harry was with me and had various troubles with the engine.
27-9-: I watered my garden and went up and gave the church closet a coat of paint. Afternoon I went down to Kong Sings and worked at his well. I got on fairly well but the engine goes in any way except a satisfactory manner.
28-9-: I finished the church closet and watered my garden. My word the closet did absorb paint.
29-9-: I went to town and bought caustic soda etc at Denhams also lattice for Mrs Macs job and got home before dinner. I took Dick Bunnages wire round and went to the weir for sand and came home and watered the garden.
30-9-: Went over and had a look at Eddies potatoes also called at Charleys and had a bit of a yarn with him for a while. Didnt go to church. Kong Sing came up and asked me if I would go down and finish his well.
1-10-: I watered my few things. Afternoon I went down to Arthurs intending to go to K Sings well but Harry did not get a go on until 3 oclock and I came home again.
2-10-: I worked at Macs blinds and my garden.
3-10-: I went to town and saw the doctor and paid my lodge, bought a razor home 3/-. Went down to Kong Sing and brought home my tools I feel pretty crook taking things all round
4-10-: I watered my melons etc, pumped a good lot of water too. I also cut out a shape for a yoke and my cultivator handles.
5-10-: I worked most of the day at Mrs Mac Donalds blinds. They are ready to be taken up and put in position.
6-10-: I went round and watered a few beds, then went over with 2 panels of glass for Cecil put 1 in the French lights and left one. Went and voted for prohibition.
7-10-: I went down and stayed with Arthur etc till dinner. Afternoon I lazed about at home.
8-10-: I saw to my garden etc.
9-10-: I pumped and did a little to my cultivator handles. Cecil and Frank came over and helped me with my well.
10-10: I watered most of my plants.
11-10: Planted about 80 tomato plants.
12-10: I made a start at getting the water up to the grapes. Put a post 3 ft in the ground to brace the pipe. Burned prickly pear etc.
13-10: I watered the garden, put a piece of timber across to fasten the pipe to put the piping up high enough to gravitate water to the tank I propose putting up, dug another hole ready for a post, cut fire wood etc.
14-10: Went to church and listened to Rev Bentley who is fairly good.
15-10: I pumped water and watered all my plants except the pumpkins and marrows. The engine went bung on me and Harry got me some packing which I applied and she went again very well, I did most that is necessary for my t ank foundation and got the posts to the hole intended for it and few other bits of jobs.
16-10: I carried on with my garden, made my tank foundations nearly complete.
17-10: Watered melons etc. Cleared up a bit of a place and put out a few more tomatoes.
18-10: Went up to the butchers and got a leg of beef before breakfast. N.B. Shot a flying fox last night up the mulberry tree and by gum it had a young one with it hanging on to a teat and would not let go. I killed it and put the 2 on to an ants nest.
19-10: I pronged round the melons and watered carrots etc, made a couple of rough up ladders for use in connection with cementing the tank for my water scheme.
20-10: I watered the plants, put out 10 more tomato plants, sowed a little patch of Lucerne and finished the rough bottom of the tank.
21-10: I went up to church Rev Pope was in the pulpit and gave a vigorous address.
22-10: I went round and watered the pumpkins, marrows and melons except 3 rows, which were done on Saturday. Went down to K. Sings and got my money for the work done at his well.
23-10: I wheeled a goodly number of barrow loads of ashes and mulched my melons. Sowed beet seed and various other things I did today.
24-10: I watered the garden etc.
25-10: I was sick and lying about all day.
26-10: I went to town and did various bits of business.
27-10: Watered my plants etc in the garden. This is the driest time since 1902 the big drought.
28-10: Took things quietly at home.
29-10: I watered my young plants and went with Barnes cutting Telegraph poles on the railway line.
30-10: I watered my garden and went down and got old Jerry from Charley. Barnes and his brother and I went for poles. After an agonising amount of trouble we landed home with only 4 blocks. I drew a blank for my afternoon.
31-10: I pumped etc, went to town and back for dinner. Afternoon I went over to Cecils and we went along and looked for telegraph poles.
1-11-: I pumped water and watered most of the plants. Afternoon I got Dobbin and went for poles I snigged 2 into Wests paddock and brought another home. It was pretty hot work too and an awful long way to go nearly to the long bridge Kenny went with me too.
2-11-: Cecil came and helped me till about 10 with my well. Afternoon I went and helped him to cut old telegraph poles, I got home about 6 oclock. It is hot and dry these times my word.
3-11-: I put out more tomato plants and watered the melons. Things looked somewhat rainy but overfilled the promise. I picked 2 squash for tea tomorrow. I gave Cecil the 1st yesterday and they ate it for dinner.
4-11-: 8 Weeks ago I started the garden and I have squash ready for table, carrots big enough for soup and stews, beet as large as breakfast cups melons on cucumbers too beans and peas just coming.
10-11: The children and I went and put out the rest of the tomato plants and sowed the remainder of the long bean seeds. Terrific storm again last evening. I hear it smashed various houses, a bit of it blew some of the roof off Ernies hay shed. Mrs Mc Donald sent for me to go up and see about some effects of the storm. Picked squash, Rhubarb, carrots and beans. Frogs are singing a song, creek just managed to come down, it was a very severe storm. Harry 21 today and carting pear off the hill all day.
11-11: Took an overcoat back to Charley and had a yarn. Got 2 books, which I brought home and read before I went to bed.
12-11: I went round and got the plow from the shed and ploughed amongst a few rows of pines. Afternoon I went over and got Cecil and we burned the grass on the hillside and fixed up the piping of the pump and pumped water. Picked a little beans and bunch of carrots, very hot like more storms. I put 2 kerosene tins of manure at pines.
13-11: I dragged 4 bags of fertiliser up the garden and made a start at applying it to the pines. I did half an acre and a few other rows.
14-11: I finished the bags of manure I had up the hill. Also mixed pear poisons and dressed a patch of tomatoes with manure. I feel quite done up with the heat.
15-11: I dug among the melons with a vine hoe. Had a go at spraying some pear too, the machine does not seem to go right somehow. My melons etc are drooping again. I pumped the well on to beans etc.
16-11: Very close weather is the order for today. I am writing this at 6 a.m. and it is warm enough to melt ones spirits. I pumped awhile and then the chain came off the magneto so I was settled, however I came home and made 2 little upright rollers and now I reckon the chain will stay on.
17-11: I went round and pumped the well o ut on to the melons also went down the well and got out 6 drums of metal. I had to climb up every time to haul up. After dinner I soldered a couple of pieces of pipe in 2 tins, over to enable me to irrigate more easily and not lose much water by leakage . I also mulched a patch of tomatoes with hay out of my shed. A big storm went past us this afternoon, at one time it looked as if we were in for a few bucket fulls.
18-11: Nearly all our family were off colour. I went across to Cecils and got some cooling powders. The weather at this time of the year is always favourable to the creation of illness.
19-11: I went round and emptied the well on to the melons before breakfast. Kept going as I could through the day, got most of the melons watered. I also g ot 3 drums of metal out of the well before dinner and took some wire up the hill and run it out with the intent of making a stop to Dobbins roaming habit. Cecil came over after dinner and we worked at the well till pretty late.
20-11: I was pumping water and at other bits of garden work all the morning. Afternoon Cecil came across again and we got nearly 20 drums out. The total after the shot we put in is now 50 drums good.
21-11: I tried to take the piston out of the pump and mended the belt, which has now got a very bad habit of breaking at critical times. I have to prime the pump every time too which makes things very awkward.
22-11: I pumped water all the morning. After dinner I went over to Cecil and got my haircut. I also whipped off Frankies and Cecils. After I came home I was not up to much for work, however I tried and cut down a few saplings to make a stack to pile at pear.
23-11: I sharpened 2 saws and cut wood etc during the morning. Afternoon I went around and hoed a bit, pumped on to the squash and filled the tank. Very crook in bowels.
24-11: I got a sort of fence across the hill from above Ernies tank and Dobbin is now eating his way around.
25-11: Went to church.
26-11: Went the city and did business. Afternoon I irrigated melons etc.
27-11: I irrigated melons and went down the line and brought home a pole. My word it was hot, seems a possibility of us having a storm.
28-11: I finished watering the melons and went up and finished my little job at Mc Donalds. After tea I went round and pumped water and watered tomatoes.
29-11: I worked amongst my plants and went across to see Cecil about windows. Winkle died of snakebite.
5-12-: I irrigated and cleaned the window, cut out the facing. Ken brought round our first melon not quite ripe but ate very well.
6-12-: I took the material up and took out the shop window and brought it home. I had to walk up afternoon as my bike is off colour. I managed to get the other window in but have to be gone over with putty. It was a very hot day sure ly rain must come. Watson stuck up at the front of Barnes house today.
7-12-: I hoed among tomatoes and pumped water. I feel very off it is so awfully hot.
8-12-: I worked in the garden all the morning and afternoon. Cecil came over and we went at the cementing of the tank, which I am going to use for supply tank. I got a way up, and we knocked off as it was getting a bit late and I can easily finish the job myself.
9-12-: Went to church Mr Pocock was in the pulpit and did well.
10-12: I went round and pumped the well out on to the melons and sifted sand and took a bag of cement round. Afternoon I went and worked at Cecils, mixed putty and helped saw logs. Had a good storm today.
11-12: I put out a few tomatoes and hoed pines also did a bit to my cultivator, cut a log in halves and put the 2 posts in for the grape vine. Cut out a couple of bags for the children to start school with in 1924.
12-12: I went up and hoed 2 rows of pines then rode the bike to town and did shopping. Had lunch in town and ca me home and did a few jobs. Went up to the church after tea. Supposed to be a concert but only 2 folk other than regular attenders were there. However the total amount of receipts in connection with the affair were somewhat over £ 1 so I suppose it is all right. I came home feeling pretty tired.
13-12: I did hoeing etc.
14-12: I finished cementing up the sides of my tank. Also hoed 2 rows of pines. Afternoon I went and put in the panes in Mrs Macs window.
15-12: I went across to the line and cut 2 poles through and rolled them to the fence ready for the snigging chain to go on. Pumped 3 times on to my garden and roughly cut out a couple of pieces for Landerers block.
16-12: Went to church.
17-12: Pumped on to my melons. Afternoon I went up and put the pane in Mrs Macs window, came home and pumped again. Awful hot weather prevails now but so far rain fails to come.
18-12: Pumped on to the melons, also sharpened Arthurs cross cut saw and sent up the stand for Landerers butchers block. Afternoon I went up and fixed the block. My word it was warm work.
19-12: Took some cucumbers to town and ordered a ham and got 12 melons ordered pumped water.
20-12: I pumped, picked a few melons etc.
21-12: I was lying down all the morning. Afternoon I did very little.
22-12: Went in with melons.
23-12: I took things quietly at home.
24-12: I went round before breakfast and picked melons, shot a water hen on the hill. Took the melons in and got 24/- for day and 1/6d for 2 rock melons.
25-12: Xmas passed off quietly today I went down and called in at Charleys and over to Newmans and had a look at Mother and the rest of them.
26-12: Picked melons and repacked the piston gland of the pump.
27-12: I gathered up more melons and went down and snigged 2 of the butt ends of my 2 remaining poles.
28-12: I did a bit around the place and went over to Cecils and carried over some pines had a storm.
29-12: I went in with melons and got back for dinner.
30-12: Went up to church, memorial to Mrs Viney.
31-12: I picked 5 dozen melons had breakfast and went in on the bike and got orders, came home and had dinner and took them in and came home for tea.

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