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1922 front cover

    Early in the year we had floods. In February I got a pumpkin off my land in front of the house and it weighed 18 pounds. I consider I have nice pumpkins considering the conditions under which they have grown. I sold over £ 6 worth off the pumpkin patch and also had a lot of stuff to eat off it, later over £ 7 from pumpkins etc. 14th February I gave a chow 10 pines for a tin of salmon. I bought a plow from Wests for 12/6d. During the year I built myself a hayshed. In April when Mother was living with Cecil and Grace I turned a wal king stick for her to use. 3rd June a stump I was burning caught grass alight and caused a bush fire and sailed through my pines had an awful go at getting it out. Quite a lot of pines had to be replanted during the year because of the fire. In June I went to a salvage sale of building material and got over 40 sheets of burnt iron 1/ 6d worth. 14th June I went over to Cecil and got 18 lbs of lead to make lead head nails I made 60 today. I made lead head nails for whenever they were needed for the families buildings during the year. I painted the iron with a preserving paint that was of my manufacture, which did a good job. I made a box to put salt meat in. I put an affair together intended for Lily to mix her dough in. I am trying to make a churn affair for Cecil. I turned up a handle for Arthurs whip. 8th August Cecil and I worked at the forge making a draw bar and sharpened tools etc. 21st September I prepared a few glasses to view the eclipse of the sun today. 19th August Cecil and Grace ha d a daughter. 8th September went and got mine and Arthurs cotton seed. 20th November cotton I planted 2 months ago has bolls showing, those plants only 3 weeks has signs of same on them. The entire district is having problems with getting good germination from the seed. 7th December Rain is needed badly for all the cotton. It is that hot that weeds cut up to 2 or 3 hours could be rubbed in to powder. 5th December Harry and I went for a 100-mile ride on his Indian motorbike and sidecar to Yeppoon and back and also other places. During the year I worked at Cecils house and well plus other jobs helping the family. It was another year when I had a lot of sickness.

Sample page

1-1--: I was home all day.
2-1--: I picked pines and did very little else, I have not been well at all for the last couple of months.
3-1--: I went in with pines sold out all right.
4-1--: Cecil and Franky picked pines and I went in and got a couple of teeth out and brought Lily and the baby home.
5-1--: Took the pines in on Depot Hill the go all good oh.
6-1--: Stayed about home too crook to work.
7-1--: Rested again.
8-1--: Stayed.
9-1--: I picked 22 dozen pines put them on the cart ready for tomorrow.
10-1-: I went in with the pines sold out just right.
11-1-: Picked 40 dozen pines for Joe Rossiter 1/6d per dozen sunburnt ones and good ones pick as they come to your hand, also picked 24 dozen for town.
12-1-: In with pines they went well enough too. It is very hot weather boils the fat out of a chap.
13-1-: I picked 11 dozen pines and then went in and banked a little money and registered the baby also paid the nurse. My word it was hot in the sun coming home.
14-1-: I was off with pines before any of the other carts came along and sold out well considering I had not been to a lot of the folk for about a couple of years. My word it is hot weather just now, rain must surely come.

15-1-: Just went for milk and lied down during the day.

16-1-: Picked p ines and hoed round a few rosella plants and saw Charley and Willie and another boy came up and helped me to pull some pines. I gave them nearly 10 dozen specked pines to take home, only 5 carts went in with pines today and there has been 15 going in rec ently crop waning.
17-1-: In with pines and did very well, pretty well all opposition has died down. I had people come to the cart different to what it had been this season. The fruit has risen in price.
18-1-: I gathered up 22 dozen pines before lunch and then went down and cut Bartlems tank blocks and clothes posts back before 10.30.
19-1-: I was off bright and early with my pines and sold out at a slightly enhanced price. I called at Fosters and gave them £2 for Lily being there. I offered them £3 but they would only take £ 2. Very funny weather just now I fancy rain must come.
20-1-: Picked pines etc. I feel rather off yet and cant get much work done besides looking after my pine bit of a crop. Less pines went in today than at any time during the crop.
21-1-: Went in with pines. Got 5d each for some, but they didnt go so well as I had expected owing to some of the chaps selling their tail end of the crop still cheap 8 for 1/ -. Very few carts going in with pines now.
22-1-: I stayed about the place except going for milk and down to see Charley.
23-1-: I picked and covered pines also got some pumpkins and marrows to take to town, my word it has been a hot day. I have been at the water continually drink after drink, Cecil and Frank came and picked about 20 dozen pines off his.
24-1-: Frank and I went in with pines sold out all right. My word it was hot.
25-1-: I took the tank blocks in to Bartlems and fixed up my pines for tomorrow.
26-1-: Frank and I went in with pines and it was an awfully hot day. Things didnt go too good being a holiday it was quiet.
27-1-: I picked some pines and pumpkins also went over for the ladder to Cecils. My word it was hot a chap cant work at all.
28-1-: In with pines just in and out. The weather is simply awful the sun burning all before it. There were about 8 carts in with pines today.
29-1-: Quiet day about home.
30-1-: Picked pines etc.
31-1-: In with pines. Sold out pretty well. Seems as though it could set in for rain in real earnest again.
1-2--: Raining during the night and is doing it still.
2-2--: I was up about 5 and picked 5 dozen pines and Frank brought Oscar round and we off with our pines. Sold out and was at Denham Bros by 12 o clock.
3-2--: Rained throughout the night. Creek very high I went down looking for fish but got none. A few pine carts went in. I have not picked any today as it seems, as it will be too wet to go in tomorrow. It won t take much because a flood now I fancy no sign of its becoming fine.
4-2--: I got wood and went to the butchers and over to Cecils came home and pulled grass out the pines. Went down the creek in the boat and pulled up the stream home.
5-2--: Quiet day at home.
6-2--: Pulled grass out of the smooth leaf pines before breakfast. After breakfast I picked pumpkins and pines got over 40 dozen pines. Frank helped me a couple of hours after dinner. A few storms were about during the day.
7-2--: Frank and I went in with pines and sold out well and was out near the Maitland crossing when the mail went out. Aft er coming home I did a few bits of jobs also pulled the weeds from the 20 rows or so of pumpkins from the seeds that Vineys gave me.
8-2--: I picked a few dozen pines and went for milk and pulled grass out from a row of smooth leaves.
9-2--: Frank and I were in with pines did fairly well but had to let Rossiter to have 13 doz for 1/3d per dozen. The water at the crossing had risen a good lot while we were in town. Very like I shall be unable to cross on Saturday.
10-2-: I hoed around the pumpkins from Vineys seed and picked pines for tomorrow got firewood.
11-2-: I went in with pines and the water at the Yeppen just touched the back of my cart going in. I sold out all right.
12-2-: Went down creek with Arthur and had a look at the estate down the way.
13-2-: Picked pines and fixed and washed 2 cases to send west, also cut grass from amongst pines, got a bit of firewood for Lily. Went for milk and cut grass for Bob. Had to get a bag of pumpkins ready to take in for Crowe to get.
14-2-: In with pines sold out fairly well considering all things had to let go them go fairly cheap and gave a chow 10 for a tin of salmon, sold out before 12 oclock. People don t rush them now that Smith and Marks are still sending them in.
15-2-: Went up the hill and got 3 dozen pines. Went and banked £ 33/10/- and had a yarn with Mc Bean. Went and got an order for a bag of pumpkins also ordered some pipe and bought a razor from the Pawn Shop also carrot and beet root seed. Gathered pumpkins and loaded the cart for tomorrow.
16-2-: Went in with pines and pumpkins and sold out very well. The roads are rough and Bob is on the way to old age that makes us a bit late getting home.
17-2-: I put up a new stovepipe and minded the children whilst Lily went to town with mother. I als o picked pumpkins, pie melons and pines, cut wood etc. The sun was hot today one would think rain would come again. Queer weather we are having lately.
18-2-: In with pines, forgot to call at Crowes for the money for the pumpkins.
19-2-: Went for milk etc. Lazed about home the rest of the day.
20-2-: I picked pumpkins and pie melons and about 40 dozen pines, cut fire wood and went for milk and saw to Bobs wants and loaded the cart for tomorrow also dug a bucket of sweet potatoes. Seems as though it would be a rainy day tomorrow.
21-2-: In with pines sold out easily and had to miss some of my folk not having any to go to them with.
22-2-: I didnt feel like work but cut grass from among the pines, went down to Charleys and ring barked 20 trees also hoed a round the rosellas and went for the milk and got wood for Lily. It was pretty hot out, the rain has cleared off although it seems as though it could rain anytime again.
23-2-: I hoed a tow of pines and I feel very off hoeing, having done nothing but pick and sell pines etc lately. Cecil came over and got the 2 tanks from the old place. The sun sent some sharp rays down on us today. It was hot for the latter part of the day.
24-2-: Very hot today. Cecil and Frank came and helped me to hoe pines. I am very upset in my inside no good at all. Cecil is also crook Frank seems best man of the 3.
25-2-: In with pines people dont seem too keen on them and my word it is hot.
26-2-: Did pretty well as usual on the day.
27-2-: Cecil and Frank came over and helped me to hoe pines, we have now done half the lot we are on. The weather is very hot and like rain.
28-2-: Rained I was out and got wet gathering in pumpkins etc. I also fixed my patent hoe head. At time of writing there is a big storm raging out Cecils way.
1-3--: I ploughed 5 rows of pines went for a load of wood and got the old plow from Wests also went down to Arthurs with a billy can and helped to put a bit of a net in the creek.
2-3--: I went down to the net, but Harry had not put it in rightly so there was no fish. I ploughed 5 or 6 rows of pines and picked my pines over got 10 dozen or so. Cecil and his lad came over and hoed along the pines.
3-3--: I went to the city and called at Mrs Lennons got 6/- that she owed me. I went to a sale at Dawsons and bought a few things including a suit for 25/- also called at Morrells and got an order for a bag of pumpkins and marrows.
4-3--: I took pines etc to Horwell before breakfast got home by 8 oclock. Went over to Cecils for flour and came back and sharpened my cross cut saw. Smiths came out afternoon and knocked around a bit took some pines etc with them.
5-3--: Went for milk and afternoon I took a walk down to the chinamans garden.
6-3--: I ploughed 4 rows of pines and cut a lot of grass and weeds amongst the pines also made a stay for the plow I bought off Wests for 12/6d. Went down for the milk.
7-3--: Cecil and I hoed 4-row s of pines and Cecil got a bit damp he went home at 5 to 3. I went and tried to catch a feed of fish but only got little squirts brought them home for the children.
8-3--: Frank and Cecil came over and we finished hoeing the pines that we have been working at lately. Afternoon Cecil and I went down to Burns and cut down 22 trees for shed posts etc.
9-3--: I ploughed between the last 7 rows of pines that we rowed. Afternoon I picked and shelled cowpea etc. It tried to rain several times during the afternoon.
10-3-: I went in to a sale and bought 28/6d worth of material 3 barrow wheels for 12/- Iron piping etc. 7 drums of tar and sundry specimens of turnery 7 boxes and window sashes 2/6d. Had to ride the bike out and get Bob and the cart and go back for the stuff. Felt rather tired after my day. Bought boots 18/11d.
11-3-: Fixed the scythe etc. Afternoon I was down helping Arthur cut and brand calves.
12-3-: Went to church and to Christian Endeavour meeting in the evening.
13-3-: I mowed grass and cut weeds in pineapple rows. Put some knobs on the newel posts near the stairs.
14-3-: I went to town and sold 11 dozen oranges at 1/- per dozen to Ross who has taken over Santers shop. Went to sale of timber and bought 10 saw stools for 9/- and sold 2 for 4/- to young Laid. The timber went too high for me to have a go at.
15-3-: I mowed hay during the morning, I finished Goliks walking stick and squared out my hay shed and started putting down the holes.
16-3-: I picked 5 1/2 dozen oranges and cleaned them and took them down for Violet to take to town. Also sent down a pie melon. I cut the grass out of 5 rows of smooth leaf pi nes and turned a handle and fixed Lily Bunnages umbrella and also fixed mothers.
17-3-: I went over and put a shot in Cecils well, got 13 drums of material out. Frank was over here till 3.30 but did not work well at all consequently we got very little don e. He took all the afternoon to pick half a bit of cowpea pods. The weather is getting pretty dry again rain would be very welcome.
18-3-: Cecil and I went down and cut our blocks out of the trees down at Charleys, brought back some wood. I turned a handle for Mrs Bunkers umbrella and Beryl, Herb and Ken went with me to the creek fishing I got 2 little ones.
19-3-: Went to church and Vineys for tea.
20-3-: I made a start at turning a knob for Mrs Bunkers umbrella. Cecil came over after breakfast and we sharpened picks and went over and put a shot in the well and also did a bit to getting the railing round the verandah of the house over there.
21-3-: Went over and sent 28 drums of stuff out of the well. Frank Mathews was cutting rubbish from amongst my pines. I picked 11 dozen oranges and cleaned and took down to Clara before I went over to Cecils.
22-3-: Went over and put a shot in the well by 12. Afternoon we put in the first panel of railings at the back corner of the verandah. Then we went and I sent 8 drums of stuff out of the well. Frank spent the day cutting weeds amongst the pines. It was very hot and I was awfully tired by knock off time.
23-3-: I finished Grand ma Bunkers sun shade and helped Frankie to cut the rest of the rubbish from amon gst the lot of pines he was at. Afternoon I shelled the cowpea. There is a good 23 lbs. The weather today has been awfully hot, it takes it out of a chap.
24-3-: I went over and carried on with the job of putting the rails around the verandah. Just abo ut put 3 panels in. If Cecil had not been obliged to come away we would have had the 3 in easily. It we a beastly day with regards to oppressive heat. A storm went around.
25-3-: Went over and put the rails round the verandah. Stayed for dinner and came away at 2 oclock. It is awfully hot weather. We had a sharp storm last night and it seems like another now. Made 125 lead heads this evening all right too.
26-3-: Went to church and listened to Rev Robertson.
27-3-: Went over and continued the railing job. Frank was over here wielding the reaping hook among the grass of my place.
28-3-: I went over to Cecils and we went on with the railings. Frank was over here and did some more weed cutting. I felt rather tired by time teatime was on the go.
29-3-: Finished the railing by 11 but couldnt manage to get the 2 gates up in the afternoon. Frank was over here again.
30-3-: Worked at Cecils during the morning we were at the house and afternoon I went down to the well and sent 10 drums of stuff up. Frank was over here.
31-3-: Finished our jobs at the house for a while and afternoon I went and got a shot off in the well. Frank was over here.
1-4--: I went over and sent up 15 drums of material out of the well. Frank was over here in the morning and I came home with him when he came round for grand ma.
2-4--: Went for milk and also went to church.
3-4--: Worked at the well all day. Went and saw Viney after tea and then had a look in at choir practice. Frank was here.
4-4--: Another day at the well. Frank cutting weeds as usual. Well 25 feet deep.
5-4--: Went and helped Cecil to hoe his pines over. That took the morning. Afternoon we went and brought 8 of my posts up for my hay shed. Frank worked over here again. We got a snake near our front stairs we have killed 6 during the last few weeks.
6-4--: I prepared the 4 posts for my hay shed also made moulds for manufacturing lead headed nails. Cecil went to a sale and Frankie worked over at Cecils.
7-4--: Cecil, Frankie and I made a start at getting my ha y shed up. Charley came along just in time and gave us a hand to lift them up. I hurt my big left foot toe yesterday and it has been feelable all day. I expect and hope it will be better tomorrow.
8-4--: Cecil and Frankie came over and helped me at my shed during the morning and afternoon I fixed 2 of the posts and rammed them. I also made 50 lead head nails. Went up to practice about 3 o clock. Funny weather just now, cold at night and hot days.
9-4--: Went to church.
10-4-: Went and helped Cecil with the well during the morning and afternoon we came over to my place and did a bit towards my shed and pulled cow pea out by the roots for the hay. The days are so hot but the nights are cool and the rain seems far off.
11-4-: I dug 8 holes for shed posts. Put a new handle in an axe and some turning etc. Cecil went to town with my turnout and got our orders from Denhams Bros. He brought me out a side of leather. I have been rather crook with my bowels lately. Weather is still too fine.
12-4-: Cecil helped me all day. Frank wasnt here.
13-4-: Cecil and I carted posts 2 trips for 1 and me for him. I took the dray back and got home for tea. It was an awful hot day.
14-4-: I went down for the milk and brought 2 books, which I read during the day. I saw Cecil and Grace drive off to the C.E. Convention Mother would be I suppose then left alone. Very strange weather prevails now a days hot and cold, windy and calm at long and short intervals.
15-4-: Cecil came over and helped me during the morning. He took over a walking stick I made for mother. Afternoon I half-soled Beryls school boots, mended Clara umbrella and various other things.
16-4-: Went to church and C.E. at night.
17-4-: I dug 2 postholes for my hay shed. Then went with Cecil to cart his posts. It came up like rain but blew away again. It seems to be a great pity for it to be so awfully dry just now, surely rain will come soon.
18-4-: Cecil worked with me at the shed during the morning, afternoon he took Bob and my cart down and killed a beast of Charleys for meat came back pretty late considering the stuff had to be fixed up. Things are keeping jolly dry these times.
19-4-: Cecil and I worked at my shed till dinner. Afternoon we worked over at his well. He sent up 15 drums of material.
20-4-: I bolted the rest of the posts to the plate there is only the short one to fix now. I also sawed the tops off the posts. Afternoon I made 2 trips to Burns paddock for saplings. Took a quarter of pumpkins down for Mrs King.
21-4-: I went and worked at Cecils well all day. Afternoon I put a hole down about 17 inches lit 3 plugs of fracture go off, it made things fly a bit my word.
22-4-: Cecil and I worked at my shed all the morning. He went home for dinner and came back at 3 oclock we worked awhile at the shed again and then pointed 5 or 6 picks. Today we got the 4 main rafters up.
23-4-: Just went for milk and spent the day reading.
24-4-: Worked at the shed. Cecil came over and made bolts and fixed up a digging fork for himself. We put the hips up and 4 rafters also went down to Charleys and got more saplings.
25-4-: We worked at the shed all day.
26-4-: I got the horse and cart ready and had a shave before breakfast and after 7 went over to Stead & Co and got material for purloins for my hay s hed. Also got bag of Pollard for Clara and several items of groceries for ourselves. Got back for dinner and during the afternoon I got 2 sides of the roof ready for the iron.
27-4-: Cecil and I worked at the shed, finished putting the purloins on and got more than half of the iron on. The rain failed to eventuate this time as usual of late.
28-4-: I put some more iron on the roof of my hay shed and also went up to Cecils and got more iron and capping. Afternoon Frank was here painting the iron with preserving paint of my manufacture. It goes on well and dries splendid.
29-4-: I went over and sent up 29 drums of stuff out of Cecils well. After dinner we came over here and finished putting the roof on my hay shed. I used all my lead heads and will have to make more to finish.
30-4-: Read through the day.
1-5--: Worked half a day at Cecils well and then had dinner and came home and Cecil went down and help Charley kill a beast. I put a lead cap on the roof of my shed and made a box to put salt meat in.
2-5--: I worked over at Cecils well all day. Struck water by dinnertime at 29 feet. Afternoon I put a shot in and came home for supper.
3-5--: All day at the well, sent up 7 drums before dinner and afternoon I put a hole down a foot and let off a couple of plugs of gelignite came home at 4. I had a crook headache today. I am not good for well sinking these times.
4-5--: I got things ready to take Lily to town afternoon. It took all the afternoon for the job.
5-5--: All day at the well for 18 drums of stuff. I took 3 drums out when I went over this morning. I expect there will be 5 drums in the morning.
6-5--: I sawed a bit of wood. Did a little towards the making the reins for my cart harness cut out a mount and frame for Arthurs Group photo. Put a few strawberries in the tub and sowed carrot seeds.
7-5--: I read a book a little and otherwise lazed about.
8-5--: Half soled a pair of Lilys shoes and sewed the 5 section of my new cart reins together and put a post in for my new horse yard. Burned rub bish amongst recently planted pines and went through more than half of them with Bob in the spading harrow.
9-5--: I finished putting in the posts for my horse yard and cleared the old posts away from the vicinity of the shed. Finished harrowing the patch of pines and got a pretty good foundation made for a tank stand.
10-5-: I hoed 8 rows of pines etc.
11-5-: Hoed another 8 rows of pines. Went down and got my bacon and also dug 8 rows, brought home a quarter of sweet spuds. Sewed snap ends on my new cart reins Cecil got them for me 1/ 4d the pair.
12-5-: Cecil and I hoed amongst my pines till lunchtime and then we bolted the iron on the roof of my shed. Afternoon I went and ploughed amongst his pines and he went to Newmans and killed a vealer. After tea I put Arthurs group photo in the frame.
13-5-: Spent the day at Cecils well sent up 10 drums and put a shot in. Tom came over and saw us, cold snap has come.
14-5-: Read books and lazed about the hose.
15-5-: Spent the day at Cecils sent 15 drums of stuff out of the well. Had an achy feeling in my head and other bone parts and came home rather early.
16-5-: Went up and finished ploughing between Cecils pines came home for dinner. Hoed 3 rows of pines up near Holdens.
17-5-: I went in to town and got a pair of trousers 6/11d. Got home for dinner and afternoon I hoed 2 more rows of pines also made a start at making a concrete wall near the kitchen.
18-5-: I hoed 5 3/4 rows of pines. Did some cementing and started to make an affair to use in my photo work also sowed a packet of beet seed. Seems a little warmer to night than has been for a day or two.
19-5-: Hoed about 6 rows of pines cut some hay commenced an affair to use in photographing children.
20-5-: Hoed 4 rows of pines and burnt 2 heaps of pear also got the photo affair nearly ready to paint or otherwise touch up.
21-5-: Went to church.
22-5-: Hoed amongst pines.
23-5-: Carried on the hoeing.
24-5-: Hoed amongst pines. Felt none too good made an affair to enable me to take 1/4 plate photos with my half plate camera ran in on the bike and told Bery Foster not to come out tomorrow to have the child photo taken as I would be away.
25-5-: I went to a sale of railway stuff bought cheap of sundry woods etc 13/- 4 troughs 13/- and 10 saws 6/- Wonderfully cheap stuff went today I went and had a cup of tea at George Fosters and also a couple of oranges.
26-5-: I was up very early and got Bob had breakfast and off to the railway yards and got a load of my stuff and took to Fosters, George then went with me and we took 2 more loads to his place and then went back and loaded up and I came home.
27-5-: Hoed 2 rows of pines, knocked the troughing to pieces also the concrete moulds cleared all away and ripped a piece of wood to make 2 axe handles and almost made a handle for George Foster, sharpened a saw for Cecil.
28-5-: Read a book. Felt no good.
29-5-: Hoed 5 rows of pines did some cementing work and also put some plank wall up in the kitchen.
30-5-: Hoed 3 rows of pines went over to Cecils and got well rope and nails he owed me and 9 Fosters plane iron. Fixed axe handle for George and took Frankies photo which I am afraid is no good.
31-5-: I was off pretty early to Fosters and got back home nicely for dinner with a load of material. Afternoon I put boards on the kitchen wall.
1-6--: I worked a little at the kitchen and made a trough to water the horses also hoed 2 rows of pines.
2-6--: I hoed 2 rows of pines worked a little at various jobs also went over and gave my tomahawk and axe a grind at Cecils stone.
3-6--: I hoed along the bottom of the last row of pines up near Holdens I was very early this morning burning grass near the well. A stump caught a light and about 3 o clock a bush fire broke out from the stump and sailed through my pines awful go putting it out.
4-6--: Read a book and rested at home except going for milk etc.
5-6--: I lighted stumps up where the fire was on Saturday. My place looks crook just now but all being well I shall be able to get things put on a better footage now. I have a cold and so have most folk now I fancy.
6-6--: Stump burning and wood carting did 4 trips from the creek during the morning and after dinner I went at the stump outing process.
7-6--: Carried on at the stumps and dug out a good patch of pines that were settled by the fire.
8-6--: Went to a salvage sale of building material got over 40 sheets of burnt iron 1/6d brought it home. Frosty weather now.
9-6--: Dug out old pines and went on with stump burning also got the tank off its old stand. Put Cecils chaff cutting in to the shed.
10-6-: Put the tank up on its new stand looked to the burning of the stumps and dug out pines, straightened a lot of the iron I got Thursday. Went with Harry after tea and got a black duck.
11-6-: Went for milk and read a book.
12-6-: Started to plough near the well and carried on with stump burning and gave about 12 sheets of iron a coat of tar and 1 side for the wall of my shed.
13-6-: Ploughed in the morning and went in to Fosters afternoon for my bit of timber etc.
14-6-: Went over to Cecil and got 18 lb of lead came home and made 60 lead heads, put on 3 sheets of iron, did a bit to my cement job and ploughed some more land.
15-6-: I got the iron on the west of the front side. Fixed a rail for the horse yard, ploughed more land, grubbed out a fig stump and then trees. A warm change has taken place in the weather. Clara and Eric came up and saw us.
16-6-: I burned stumps and ploughed during the afternoon also sharpened a saw that I got in a deal with West, I also made checks for me to put rails for the iron to go on.
17-6-: Saw to the stumps put iron on the walls of the shed. Afternoon I helped Arthur to cut chaff.
18-6-: Went to church and Harry and I went to Campbell Street and heard Tommy Gills wife sing farewell solo.
19-6-: Ploughed a little and fixed up a fork for Arthur also a rod to lead his bull with, took them down for him. I spent a considerable time gathering stones up near the well also burned off some rubbish and dug out pines to enable me to plough.
20-6-: I put a bottom in a box for my bits. Did a little ploughing made a rod for the room heater and made about 160 lead head nails and other bits of job I found, it is a bit rainyfied.
21-6-: I finished ploughing a piece of land I started yesterday. After dinner I went down and got a horse and the dray and carted 2 tons of bran from the station. 33 bags.
22-6-: I got the stones carted from the well and started to clean between the mango and bananas to make the track up to the well. I also put 2 sheets of iron on the h ay shed. I got a porcupine round the hill and brought for the children to see, it seems they live upon ants. Beryl worked well at the stones.
23-6-: I hoed a little along the mango trees. Went to the weir for sand and mixed a batch of concrete. It is funny weather cold and cloudy, but fails to rain.
24-6-: I went down to the chinaman and got 1/- worth of vegetables, cut grass for a track up to the well and Cecil and I went down to the lagoon and had a shot or two, but did no good.
25-6-: Lazed about most of the day, went for milk as usual.
26-6-: I picked up stones and wheeled down in the barrow also fixed the seed drill and did some ploughing and chaff cutting also.
27-6-: Dug out burnt pines cleared up more stones. Ploughed a bit of ground too.
28-6-: I dug out pines and gathered stones off the ground. Finished ploughing up above the well. Plow beam broke just before I finished. Weather is still warm, but rain does not come. Dogs had a wallaby driven right near our house.
29-6-: I went down and got 4 saplings to make rails for my horse yard. After dinner it came on to rain and as I had hurt my hand while down for the sticks I couldnt do much.
30-6-: I was mending my harness most of the morning. It also rained during the night and things are prett y wet. Afternoon I pruned rose trees and spent a bit of time with Arthur. Cecil came over with spirit levels and a few tomato plants also my bike pump he had fixed.
1-7--: Ploughed around roses and among smooth leaf pines above the house also hoed the rest of the mangoes near the well, cut firewood.
2-7--: Went for a walk with Arthur.
3-7--: I dug out a row of pines and went over to Cecils and got pea seed from him 5 lb. Afternoon I helped to cut chaff. Arthur started to plow up here in front of the house.
4-7--: I was up early and drilled in 8 rows of peas and a few cow peas. Dick and I spent the day down at Hops cementing tanks didnt finish the job.
5-7--: Spent the morning finishing the tank off. Afternoon I got the horses and ploughed in front of the house.
6-7--: Took Bob with the little cart and got my bag of cement and 160 cabbage plants also good lot of green stuff for Claras fowls, brought home a bag of potatoes. Afternoon I again ploughed with Arthurs disc plow.
7-7--: Morning I dug out a row of old pines before breakfast. After breakfast I hoed round an old patch of grass and burned it off. Finished ploughing and took the disc home.
8-7--: Rained all day. I went out and sowed some Lucerne between the mango trees also put a new beam in my plow.
9-7--: Went and had a yarn with Viney, looked round his pines.
10-7-: Planted mulberry tree near the gate. Went to town and bought 2 pair of socks, tomato and bean seed, and pair of soles for working boots. Filled in card for my cotton seeds. Go t home for dinner and sowed beans and watermelons, grubbed out fig trees.
11-7-: I dug amongst the roses before breakfast and after breakfast I ploughed a bit along the back of the fowl run and sowed Lucerne I then got 300 suckers ready and sowed a packet of tomato seed, put in 2 passion fruits. Afternoon I started to plow a piece.
12-7-: I dug along the roses before breakfast. Carted 500 suckers up the garden to plant. After dinner I ploughed and grubbed saplings out also planted 40 or 50 suckers.
13-7-: I finished planting the 500 suckers and grubbed out several young trees. Afternoon I got old nag and ploughed what was left of the ground I wanted ploughed. Then took the plow down to my new lot of pines and ran round a row. It will turn up splendid t here now.
14-7-: I sowed a packet of carrot seeds, filled the misses in 12 rows of pines ploughed 9 rows and seems inclined to rain again the weather being warm enough for summer.
15-7-: I layed out sufficient suckers to finish filling the misses in the pines, sowed the rest of my pea seed. Burned off a nice patch of grass. Hoed along Ernies fence to make it safe to burn. Very tired in evening.
16-7-: Went to church Rev Rofe in the pulpit and did very well.
17-7-: I pulled out 2 rows of pines the burnt patch. Finished ploughing between the new ones, went for milk as usual, gave some of my cement wall a coat of finishing.
18-7-: Dug up between smooth leaves near the closet and planted Lucerne seed. Made a start at ploughing right up to my boundary near Harry Holdens. I also put the saplings on one side of my horse yard.
19-7-: I finished ploughing the new piece at the top end of my farm. After dinner I went to the city and got a 1/4 ton of chaff. My word it was hot in the sun this afternoon, but I feel pretty sure it will be very cold in the morning.
20-7-: I took Claras flour down and brought up my bag of oil cake. Carted suckers and worked a bit at my yard also did some hoeing and cementing. Not so cold again now. Cloudy too and may possibly be a shower. My seeds are coming up slowly.
21-7-: Burning a bit of grass before breakfast and after I filled up misses in my pea rows as far as the seed would go. Put another sapling on my horse yard. Cut an iron bark one and carried down. Planted pine suck ers also. Feel a little on the weary side these days.
22-7-: I planted suckers hoed and burnt grass. Cleared away my shelter to hide for crows, spent a bit of time seeing to stumps burning. Afternoon I went over to Bunnages and got carnation plants and seeds from Minnie.
23-7-: Went and had a look at Cecils peas etc also Charleys place up there. It has come on to rain again.
24-7-: I dug a piece between 2 rows of smooth leaves and sowed Lucerne. Pulled about 1000 suckers also a few other small jobs. Went over and got the fracture from Cecil.
25-7-: I blew out about 5 stumps and put the last rail on my yard. Afternoon I carted suckers up to Herbs and Kens farm.
26-7-: I planted 600 suckers and did a few other jobs about the place.
27-7-: Planted 500 suckers making 1100 on the piece of land. Also got out the remains of the stump I blasted and set fire to 2.
28-7-: I cleaned the smooth leaves that I got from Bondoola they are looking very well considering the way they have been neglected and also the dry spells they have experienced since planted. I also hoed a row of Ripleys back of house.
29-7-: I burned grass etc hoed a row of Ripleys. I also got all the old pineapple debris burned, dug between 2 rows of peas. Afternoon I went and got sticks for hoe handles. Got cheque for pines I sent in February last
30-7-: Walked about nearly all day.
31-7-: I pronged among my French beans. Was up early and fixed my vine hoe Georgie gave me also hoed a row of Ripleys and worked some at the gate for the horse yard. I gave the cabbages near the well bone dust and water.
1-8--: I was off early to town, got an order from Denham Bros and went round to Docherty and bought a collar and 5 split links for £1/17/-. They oiled the collar well. Got home for dinner but didnt do much work felt off.
2-8--: Went over to help Cecil lift his pigs in the cart. Hung the gate of my horse yard, hoed among the Ripleys etc.
3-8--: I hoed amongst Ripley pines, tried the plow of old Staceys, pronged amongst a couple of rows of peas. The weather is not very nice just now windy and cold blasts but hot so far as the sun goes.
4-8--: Hoed a row of Ripleys and pronged 2 rows of peas, dug out an old post, half-soled Lilys house shoes.
5-8--: Dug between 2 rows of peas, hoed a row of Rlpleys, took sack of flour down to Arthurs and got some soil out of the creek.
6-8--: Went up to church and heard Rev Griffiths preach.
7-8--: I dug between 2 rows of peas, put soil round the cabbages near the well. Went down and brought Dobbin home had a spell till dinner.
8-8--: Cecil and I worked at the forge making draw bars and sharpening tools. Afternoon I had a go at ploughing with Bob and Dobbin.
9-8--: Made links for plow and went and got wire for fence. Afternoon I had a go at ploughing again, by gum it makes me tired.
10-8-: I finished ploughing the piece of land near the hay shed. Went over the missed places with the mattock and oiled my disc harrow. I took a feeling of crookness afternoon I felt no good at all. Went to bed about 6.
11-6-: I just put in a very quiet day. Claude and wife and Bo came down and we turned a couple of sticks for them.
12-8-: I just saw to my horses and turned Arthur a whip handle, went for milk and cut a little wood for Lily.
13-8-: Stayed at home all day.
14-8-: I did a bit with Dobbin and the plow also used him in the disc. I had to give in about 3, as I felt done.
15-8-: I worked in the shed at various jobs, blocked a hole in the stove too.
16-8-: Making a stepladder for the house, also saw to my horse etc.
17-8-: Gave finishing touches to ladder and cut wood and also started to make a wood bread bowl for the house.
18-8-: I finished discing the piece of land I started to do on Monday.
19-8-: I did various jobs about the place during the morning. Afternoon I went and got coal along the railway and brought home my horse hoe from Charleys place up there. Took Arthur 3 bags of coal.
20-8-: Went for a walk called in at Cecils and had a cup of tea.
21-8-: I went down and got Arthurs spring tooth cultivator and ran over the pieces of land at the front of the house. Afternoon I fixed up my horse hoe and did various other little jobs. Cecil told us he had a daughter about 12 p.m. Saturday last it is now Monday.
22-8-: Cultivated more than half of the pines that have the peas in them. Feel pretty off colour these times. Nice thunderstorm.
23-8-: I finished cultivating the pines and carted old roots etc off the piece I knocked out.
24-8-: Cultivated with the disc along the side of the hill near the well.
25-8-: Hoed pines etc.
26-8-: Hoed pines went to the sale with Harry, he got a F.N.Motor bike and other little oddments, I only spent a 1/- got sundry articles with an aluminum frying pan. Went and painted Hops tank.
27-8-: Went down to Hops for a while. Went and listened to Rev Taylor afternoon.
28-8-: It took me the whole morning to make a pair of handles for Georgie Hops cultivator. Afternoon I hoed amongst the pines up near Holdens. Nice storm came and made things rather damp.
29-8-: I ran the disc over a piece of ground near the shed also ploughed a little, planted out some tomatoes. Took Hop his cultivator handles and got 5/ - for them. The weather is crook for colds and all our family are not too well.
30-8-: I carried suckers down from above the house picked all the suckers that were left in front of the house. Put an affair together intended for Lily to mix her dough in, spent a little time with Harry over his motorbike.
31-8-: Dressed the suckers that were near the house. Banked the 6 rows of beans, looked after my horses etc.
1-9--: Stripped the butts off the rest of the suckers I had picked. Hoed round the grass in front of the house and had a nice fire after tea.
2-9--: Did some hoeing and had another fire near the house, looked at a churn affair I am trying to make for Cecil. We are all crook with cold or something.
3-9--: Stayed at home.
4-9--: Carted some firewood from near Holdens and carted and layed out several loads of suckers. Afternoon I went over and saw Cecil for a while. All my family and self-included have crook colds.
5-9--: I planted 2 rows of suckers and spent the rest of the morning at a coop for hens. Afternoon went to town with Harry for cottonseed. My word it is crook to have a nasty cold just now when I have so much to do.
6-9--: Planted 7 rows of suckers. Put a bit of a stand up and cleared various timbers etc away from near the track. My cold is still gripping me strongly.
7-9--: Planted suckers, dug a hole and put Lilys mango tree in it.
8-9--: I finished cultivating the piece of land and ran the harrow over it, also went up and got mine and Arthurs cotton seed.
9-9--: I am crook and off work Cecil came and brought me a bottle of wine.
10-9-: Went for milk.
11-9-: Went over and got Cecil to cut my hair. Went down after dinner and dug a few sweet potatoes and got my milk. I am cross with a nasty cold, feel the effects all over me.
12-9-: I spent the day with Cecil in town, went to the Doctor and Doctor Talbot for Harry too, got meat and a few groceries I feel pretty crook.
13-9-: I just watered the horses and cut a little wood for Lily, went for milk, cut some mounts and glass for some photos I intend to frame.
14-9-: I picked a few beans and took down for Clara to take in. Went over to Cecils and took measure of a beehive. Afternoon I cut out and put together 8 photo frames. I am still pretty crook, giddy head and shaky nerves.
15-9-: I went down to Arthurs for meat and also milk. Rest of day I was doing a bit to the framing of the photos. My word I am on the crook side with regards my health.
16-9-: I picked a few beans for dinner watered the horses and went over to Cecils and got some glass etc. Afternoon I was busy among the frames, went for milk. I cant work outside as I have still got such a crook chest.
17-9-: Just picked 3 lbs of peas shelled them for dinner. Went for milk.
18-9-: Picked 22 lbs of beans and took a bag of them down for Clara to sell for me, left enough for our dinner, also picked some peas. I ripped out some cedar and made some moulding for a couple of frames for Grace. This is my first attempt at making moulding on my own.
19-9-: I cut out and put together 2 frames with moulding I made yesterday. I then had breakfast and picked 2 rows of peas and then spent the time at framing till Cecil came and I gave him the peas to sell for me. My complaint seems to be going off somewhat.
20-9-: I made some cedar moulding and framed several photos. Had various other jobs about the place also.
21-9-: I prepared a few glasses to view the eclipse of the sun. Pi cked peas and beans for dinner. Got the horse and gave them drinks took some cedar cornice to pieces. Got water out of the tank at the shed and gave the carrots and rhubarb a few tins my word it is becoming very dry.
22-9-: Picked about 12 lbs of peas before breakfast. Peas and beans are much too plentiful just now, it seems very hard just when a few bob are so much needed by us.
23-9-: I went up the garden before breakfast and got a few pines. I planted a row of suckers after breakfast and cleared the piece of ground above the roses of pineapple rubbish, went for milk and sawed some firewood.
24-9-: Went to church Rev Rofe gave his farewell sermon.
25-9-: I planted 3 1/ 2 rows of cotton near the rose trees did some hoeing and picked peas. Sawed a few blocks of firewood.
26-9-: I hoed amongst smooth leaf pines before breakfast. I picked about 12 lbs of beans and went over to Cecils for a bit of a fuse and took it down to Arthur.
27-9-: I went over and helped Cecil to put a shot in the well and came home for dinner. Frank came over afternoon and we chopped out the burrs near the well and burnt them also hoed for a while near our house. The sun comes out pretty strong now a days.
28-9-: Went and helped Cecil at his well during the morning. Afternoon I came home and picked peas. It was very hot and it still keeps so awfully dry. Harry came up to our gate with his Indian motorbike and sidecar . By gum he is set up now.
29-9-: I picked some beans before breakfast. Spent the morning with Arthur blowing out stumps. Afternoon I put the rope on the windlass round the front, hoed a row of pines and various other little jobs. The weather is hot but very dry and dreary.
30-9-: Hoed 3 rows of pines sawed some wood and then went up and helped Frank Morrell with the photo biz at the fete. We did not have long enough run and had a difficulty in obtaining good lighting and other items.
1-10-: Went to church Rev Oren.
2-10-: I cleaned up rubbish and burned it also watered the few cotton plants and went for milk and over to Cecils for flour.
3-10-: I hoed grass at the back of the house. Afternoon I commenced ploughing the land in front of the house with Bob. My word it was warm today surely we will get rain soon.
4-10-: I hoed along rows of pines burned a lot of rubbish. Afternoon I ploughed again Cecil went and got groceries and was short of 2 bags of oatmeal and blue.
5-10-: I hoed and ploughed. Went up to Morrells and had a go at developing the plates I exposed on Saturday. They are not much good our developing solution getting too high in temperature. There would have been some pretty good photos.
6-10-: I hoed weeds etc, felt a bit off today. Keeping so dry, knocks the heart out of a chap.
7-10-: I hoed 4 rows of pines went for milk and down to Hops for my brush. After I came back I helped Cecil to fix the plowshare for my little plow.
8-10-: Read a book today.
9-10-: Hoed 5 rows of pines down towards Holdens lane. My word it is hot these days, expect storms anytime. Took Cecil his blue over and had a yarn.
10-10: Carried on with the hoeing, much better than yesterday.
11-10: Still weeding pines.
12-10: I finished the patch of pines. The weather is hot and dry, frogs croak at evening now and then but things seen droughty same conditions prevail out west. Saw lightening out west from us last night. Some one evidently had a storm.
13-10: I hoed 4 rows of pines up near Holdens. The weather is very unsettled frogs croak as though they expected rain and indications point to the probability of the precious article.
14-10: I spent most of the morning fixing my dark room. Afternoon helped Harry to put a stove in to Claras house and nailed the roof over etc.
15-10: Took Beryl over to Cecils for a walk. Just went for milk and read a book rest of day.
16-10: I did some hoeing and top turning. Jammed together a rocking chair affair for Ellen. Also started to put a wheelbarrow together. Weather is awfully dry and altogether disappointing.
17-10: Hoed amongst the pines turned more tops and finished the barrow. Crook weather dry as a bone. Goodness knows what we are in for this time. Cattle dying all over the place.
18-10: Continued with hoeing, turned a couple of tops, I have made over 12 this season now. My place is in an awful state, red top grass has got it about settled, and nothing can grow for it.
19-10: After lighting the fire I went up to the butcher and got a leg of beef 1/-. First time we have had meat from him for months. I hoed 3 rows of pines saw to Bob and went for milk also worked at a thing for Arthurs motor bike.
20-10: Hoed among the pines etc.
21-10: Finished hoeing the lot of pines I have been at all the week.
22-10: Much as usual on this day.
23-10: Hoed pines and other bits of jobs
24-10: Worked for one of Arthurs chinamen at his pump. My word it was warm work and a crook affair to do too.
25-10: Another day at the chows pumping outfit, Got wet through and had to come home about 4. We would have just about finished the job if I had been able to stay a bit late. Good storm a bit late.
26-10: Started ploughing the ground is splendidly wet and the seed is going in well. I dont feel up too much this week.
27-10: Carried on with the cotton planting. Finished the piece near the well and started the piece where the peas and beans were.
28-10: Sowing cotton all day and was jolly tired by teatime. I must have over 2 acres planted now. It was a splendid rain and should it be followed up there should be a good crop of cotton.
29-10: Took things easy.
30-10: I had Frank Mathews until 3 oclock we put in about 44 rows of cotton. My word it is a very tiring job.
31-10: I finished planting the piece of land in front of the house. I think I now have a good 4 acres or more planted.
1-11-: Went round and ploughed the land near Cecils well I should get a good crop of cotton off of it.
2-11-: Terribly hot again should get a storm.
3-11-: I went round and disced the piece of land near the well also took the other harrows and ran over it. Afternoon I spent at the fence and did a bit of hoeing where weeds were not quite ploughed out, it was fairly hot part of the day.
4-11-: I made a bee hive and did a little other bits of jobs.
5-11-: Lied down nearly all day.
6-11-: Hoed among the cotton back of the fowl run. My word it was hot in the sun I could not bear out in the middle of the day.
7-11-: Hoed amongst the cotton during the morning. Afternoon went and helped Harry to plant cotton, we put in 38 rows 2 more than Dick and Arthur put in yesterday. Raining splendidly at the time of writing after tea.
8-11-: I planted cotton round near the bridge and filled up a lot of mine where it had missed. It was a splendid rain but a bit severe for me, as it washed a bit.
9-11-: I ploughed during the morning, afternoon Cecil came and helped me to replant. My word these days I feel the heat somewhat crook. My cotton is growing very well up the hill I fancy all my work will be to try and keep it a bit clean.
10-11: Cecil brought Frankie who stayed with us till dinnertime filling up the misses in the cotton rows. Ceci l stayed for dinner and then we finished filling up the piece. My word it was a jolly hot day, I was completely tired out after the job was over.
11-11: Cecil and I took our folk for a wee bit of picnic over near Forwards. Did no good with our fishing but the outing is if was right and I took a couple of Photos as momentous of the occasion. I was a bit crook in my inside.
12-11: I lazed about pretty well all day.
13-11: I hoed amongst the cotton also got things ready for printing photos. After tea we printed several post cards etc. We did not get anything exceptionally good although some of them are not too bad.
14-11: Hoed amongst cotton. Worked a bit at a cultivator I am making. Disced a bit of land amongst the pines. Took Arthurs spring tooth cultivator home.
15-11: I finished hoeing the bit of cotton I was at, did a little bit to the cultivator etc, pronged along several cotton rows at the front of the house.
16-11: I finished the cultivator and did several other bits of jobs.
17-11: I tried the cultivator but it wouldnt work much good so I put Bob to the old one and did between the cotton rows. Afternoon I went down and helped Harry to extract honey.
18-11: Hoed 2 rows of cotton up the hill and it was awfully hot.
19-11: Lazed about.
20-11: Hoed 16 rows of cotton near the well, cotton I planted about 2 months ago has bolls showing and that only planted 3 weeks has signs of same on them. The weather has cleared up now all rain seems to be off.
21-11: Carried on with the cotton hoeing. It was again pretty warm and I knock up much too easily.
22-11: I finished the cotton up the hill and afternoon I went round near the well and did 4 rows. There are an awful lot of burrs but also a fair crop of cotton.
23-11: Went round the hill and worked at the cotton near the well. My word the weather is very warm and burrs are very much in evidence. My word we got thunder and lightening tonight but someone else got the rain.
24-11: I went round and finished round near the well and went down and helped Clara off to town. Cecil came over and I went and helped him to put a shot in his well, I am pretty crook in my bowels somehow.
25-11: I sharpened saws, put new basil on the smoker, got wood etc. I am feeling quite off colour. I sharpened and got ready to put the handle on one of the saws Billy West gave me.
26-11: Pretty much as usual.
27-11: Spent the day filling up cotton in front of the house. Pretty hot day and a few clouds about.
28-11: Hoed amongst cotton etc. I felt too crook to do much of anything.
29-11: Hoed cotton.
30-11: Hoed cotton and various other jobs.
1-12-: Worked about the place till dinner after which I went to town and got groceries and meat.
2-12-: Helped Cecil with his well, Frankie was over here during the morning.
3-12-: 100 Mile motorbike ride. Harry and I went round to Yeppoon and out to Taksum and back. Harry has an Indian motorbike with a sidecar.
4-12-: Worked amongst cotton.
5-12-: Working amongst the cotton again. Took Beryl to the Annual meeting of Sunday schoolers, Beryl got a prize for herself and brought home one for Herby.
6-12-: Worked amongst the cotton again, thinned out and hoed 12 rows.
7-12-: Went on and finished the cotton on the hillside there were 11 rows to be done. Rain is required urgently, cotton has so far as getting it up etc goes been a failure. Very few folk having got it up even fairly well.
8-12-: I hoed 3 rows of pines up the top end of the cotton. The days are so awfully hot that I cant work up too much at all.
9-12-: I hoed a row of pines and made the kiddies a cart. Cecil brought the wheels yesterday, gave 7/ 6d for them. I gave him an old go-cart on condition that he got me some wheels and axle.
10-12: Went for a walk with Arthur. Things are burnt up by the sun.
11-12: Hoed 3 rows of pines up the garden. It is awfully hot but rain that is so much needed will hang off. Tonight I went up with Harry to a meeting at the School of Arts about the Shire Council taking over an acre of the municipality.
12-12: I hoed pines near the house with cotton between. My word it is hot, must be going to get a bit of rain in the pretty near future.
13-12: Hoeing at the same lot as yesterday.
14-12: I went round and hoed the cotton near the bridge. My word it was hot, weeds cut up 2 or 3 hours could be rubbed up to powder. I went over the piece by about 4.15 and was pretty tired my word.
15-12: I did a little hoeing etc. It was far too hot to do very much in the way of work. Surely it must be going to rain. I went over and got Cecil to cut my hair.
16-12: Took Lily up to cast our votes. Afternoon went with Arthur to the funeral of Thomas Moores wife, very small attendance only 4 vehicles besides the mourning coaches. There are 7 seven children left motherless.
17-12: Harry and I went in and saw the figures. Forde is leading by about 2000.
18-12: I cleaned the small patch of pines up near Holdens. After this Herb and Beryl helped me to put in pumpkins and marrow seeds. Big storm passed over about 3 but after tea and into the night we are having a nice storm.
19-12: Raining I did various jobs.
20-12: Filing up misses in cotton.
21-12: Still filling spaces in cotton area.
22-12: Carried on with the cotton.
23-12: Finished filling the cotton up, got firewood and afternoon Harry and I walked over to Forwards lagoon on a quest for wild fowl but had no luck. Came home very tired that was all.
24-12: Was inclined to be wet so kept close to shelter.
25-12: Had nice quiet day, a very nice dinner etc. Went for milk Cecil brought some butter and watermelons over. It was a jolly hot day and the evening brought a heavy storm, which I am afraid, will have washed my cotton seed to pot.
26-12: I went over to Cecil and helped him to start a cowshed also fixed up a beehive.
27-12: I worked a bit amongst my stuff.
28-12: Did various little jobs around the plow. Old Bob was seen near the dairy yesterday.
29-12: I worked at home during the morning, afternoon went to Cecil and helped him to hoe while Frank went and looked for old Bob. He never found him so I wasted my afternoon. (Frank Mathews spent the afternoon looking for Bob.)
30-12: I hoed cotton round near the bridge, my word it was hot, and I reckon we are in for a big wet season.
31-12: Helped Harry to extract honey all day.

In year 1920 Cecil worked for me ............5 days.
I n year 1921 Cecil worked for me .........11 days.
In year 1922 Cecil worked for me ..........11 days.
Frankie worked here 17 days.
I have worked for Cecil 173 days as under.
1920.............. 57 days.
1921..............96 1/2 days.

1922..............20 days

This material has been transcribed by Connie Johnson, of Bundaberg; who has provided the transcription on the condition that any further copying and distribution of the transcription is allowed only for noncommercial purposes, and includes this statement in its entirety.

Any references to, or quotations from, this material should give credit to the original author(s) or editors.

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