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1921 front cover

    Early this year a man came and asked for a job so I employed him for £ 2 per week tucker included. 12th March Maggie Lodwick has gone home and Mother has gone to the dairy. Cecil is boarding with us while his house is being built. Mothers old house is now deserted forever. 27th June Mother moved into her new home on a different property. 29th March we started to demolish the old home and use the timber for other purposes. We used quite a lot on Cecils house. 13th August Cecil brought home his wife Grace to his home he and I are building for him. 14th October we had a sharp hailstorm first I can remember Arthurs hay shed again came to grief from being sent away down towards Charleys place. Barnes shed and dunny went also. During the year I was losing a lot of pines because crows were putting hol es in my best ones I tried shooting them but found they were hard to get close enough to. Grubs also attacked my tomatoes I found the vermin hard to control. I was sick a lot during the year and I dont know why, I know that I can t stand the heat at all. I worked 57 days for Cecil for the year most of this was in helping to build his house. Cecil and Charley got hundreds of pineapple suckers off me during the year. Wages I paid during last insurance year £ 11/10/-. 11th December I took Lily in to stay at Fosters while she was waiting to have another baby. Eva came to look after the children while Lily was away. At Xmas Eva, children and myself went and had Xmas dinner with Arthurs lot. Lily had a son the day before. It cost me £ 3/3/- for the nurse Fosters £2 Eva £2. The expenses for looking after and attending Lily. The orange trees I bought during the year were by name Joppa, Jappa, Siletta, Queen, Velencia, and another I cant think of the name.

Sample page

1-1--: I went over and worked at the house floor a bit and knocked up a workbench. Also went over afternoon and bolted up the corners of the verandah roof. Cecil was there with his chap.
2-1--: Stayed at home
3-1--: Picked pines just after breakfast and then spent the day at the house.
4-1--: At the house all day.
5-1--: I worked at the house during the morning and after dinner I fixed up things for tomorrow and sawed some firewood.
6-1--: I went in with pines, Depot Hill. I spent a lot of time tal king and consequently was a long time selling out. It was a hot and nasty day and I got home with a nice headache. I had to go to Denhams and also got some cases for Claude and nails for Cecils house. Pines are pretty
Well in excess of the demand this time.
7-1--: I was at the house got a nice bit of the outer wall on and a few boards on the partitions, nailed the frame of the second tank stand. We had a sharp storm pass over and if there had been a tank up we would have had a supply of water over there.
8-1--: Spent the morning at Cecils house. Afternoon I came home and poked round my own place at various jobs.
9-1--: Poked around at home.
10-1-: Cecils lad and I picked pines and covered a lot from the sun. The lad cut my corn crop. I got Frank Morrell 100 suckers and 6 pines.
11-1-: Up at 4.30 and in with pines sold out just after 10 of course. I had only 14 dozen but considering the loads that have been going in and me not having been round for 10 months I think they went off very well about 2/6d per dozen too.
12-1-: Just picked 20 dozen pines. It was so awfully hot that I could hardly do anything at all.
13-1-: In with pines and did not have sufficient for Depot Hill, had to beg of people not to take too many so as I would be able to get farther on my run.
14-1-: Rained pretty well last night, creek has been coming down this morning. I have done a little hoeing and fed Bob. It has rained a few times during the day and is very close. I am sorry to say that a goodly percentage of my pines got burnt a few days ago.
15-1-: I weeded pines and afternoon I made a tank stand and helped Cecil to try and fix one of the tanks from the Mount. Our tank fell and bust entirely.
16-1-: Just went for milk.
17-1-: Gathered pines and pulled grass from among some, also took a handle off an old saw and put on one Billy West gave me.
18-1-: In with pines. Came home with a bonsor headache.
19-1-: Picked pines and weeded 4 rows of Ripleys. The rain cleared away for a while. It is fine now and a nice breeze is blowing.
20-1-: In with pines and sold out well. The roads are in a bad way. Some of the folk told me that Smith or Mark had said this was their last trip round their way.
21-1-: I pulled the grass out of a row of Ripleys etc. Cecil helped me to do some hoeing during the afternoon.
22-1-: I hoed during the morning Cecil came round and helped me with the hoeing and we finished the piece. Mr and Mrs G. Foster came out and showed us their new baby.
23-1-: Stayed at home.
24-1-: Picked pines and hoed Cecil was hoeing for me again.
25-1-: In with pines. Sold out raised price to 4d each for the best
26-1-: I picked pines and went in on the bike and ordered tea, paid for coffee got 8/ 9d for a debt. Kennedy left 5/- and the insurance book at Fosters for George to pay. Came home and pulled more pines.
27-1-: In with pines sold out all right. Bought vice 32/6d from Mrs Wells.
28-1-: I went in and paid Denhams what I owed them and banked £24 got some shaving soap and a razor strop. Priced vices and found that th ey are 2/6d per lb so we got a snap yesterday. Afternoon I went over and helped Cecil a bit brought home a couple of trestles.
29-1-: I marked out the stringers for Cecils steps and got them on a fair way to being finished. The weather is very funny, windy and stormy with but little rain, but I have a feeling somehow that we are in for a lot of rain.
30-1-: Stayed home. Shot 2 crows with 1 shot.
31-1-: Finished cutting the grooves in the stringers for Cecils stairs. Picked over 40 dozen pines several dozen of which were sun burnt badly. We have had very little rain so far.
1-2--: In with pines they are still going cheap I took the vice in and sold it to Williams Ltd for £2/ 10/- Bert Clark he would put a credit through to my account to that amount I got from Hanson.
2-2--: I picked a few dozen pines shot a crow, a black crow. Afternoon I was over helping Cecil to push trees out with the jack.
3-2--: Town with pines and I did very well. I feel too crook however for this game just now. I was home before 3 o clock and considering I had to go a long way after I had done my usual Thursday run I did very well.
4-2--: I put a block in to fix the new vice to also started to hoe a patch of smooth leaf pines. It was an awfully hot day and I have been off colour lately so work didnt go down too well.
5-2--: I finished the few pines I was chipping, a man came along and asked for a job. I told him he could start Monday his total cost to me to be £2 per week had to give him tucker I went for sand.
6-2--: I just went for milk and lazed about the home.
7-2--: I sifted half my sand, picked pines. The chap came and made a start, I dont think he does such good work as Smale did but may improve.
8-2--: Cecil came and helped me to cement a tank. I didnt quite get up to the top all round. When I do another I shall go about it a bit different way.
9-2--: I worked at the tank till lunchtime and then picked a few pines. Cecil helped me a bit and went for sand. When he came back we went to Arthurs for timber for the step s and afternoon we went and put up the stringers for the stairs. I had to load the cart after supper.
10-2-: I went in with pines and sold out well but was a bit late home as I talked too much and Bob gets slower every time. He wont mind when the job is I fancy.
11-2-: Worked over at the house. Got the steps finished and then put a few joists across.
12-2-: I painted 2 coats of cement on the tank and gave it a coat of ply Mel too. Too tired to go down to Charleys after I finished. It blows like rain again now. Gave George 10/-.
13-2-: Spent quiet day at home.
14-2-: Cecil and I went up and worked at the house we almost got a partition in between the rooms on this side of the structure. We had very crook timber or would have finished the wall except the door.
15-2-: I turned a round for Cecil to make down pipe with, picked about 15 dozen pines. Cecil put a top on the tank and worked at the other bits of jobs till dinner, afternoon we were over at the house.
16-2-: Over at the house ceiled 1 room and put 7 boards on the next one. I gathered a few dozen pines before breakfast and had to pull 60 suckers after tea. I have not been feeling too well lately.
17-2-: In with pines sold out early and went to the sale of naval stores bought a cracked saucepan 2/-
18-2-: Spent the day over at the house. Finished putting the ceiling in room and also the middle partition and put pieces above all the joists in the ceiling.
19-2-: I cut firewood and fixed my new vice also helped the man a little under the house. Cecil fixed the down pipe for the tank I cemented. It has now come on to rain in real earnest.
20-2-: Didnt rain much today but through the last night it gave us a nice drop.
21-2-: Put out tomato plants before going to work with Cecil. Lily signals me home about 4 oclock to shoot snakes.
22-2-: Spent the day over at Cecils clearing pear off the land for Arthur to plow. My word I was tired by time I got home.
23-2-: I was up working at the house put up the Scotia in 2 rooms sawed down the side of the French light openings also put in a window. My man went today.
24-2-: I went over to the house and got a saw and a piece of wood to rip up for bead came home and fixed up the saw and ripped 8 pieces. Afternoon I got a bit of firewood and hoed a few pines.
25-2-: In at Roseliegh sale bought French lights, timber, lead etc got back with an awful headache.
26-2-: All day after the stuff I bought yesterday at the sale. I had no dinner and got home very tired with a fine headache.
27-2-: Put in a quiet day.
28-2-: Ripped up some strips for fixing up the ceiling and went up and finished round 1 room and also nearly put the skirting round the room, came home and ripped some more strips and took the back door of mothers house door down.
1-3--: I put skirting and Scotia round the rooms. The 2 rooms are now about ready for painting. Arthur and Cecil were busy with the plow, the land has been ploughed once and Arthur has started to turn it over again.
2-3--: I went in and settled with Foulkes & Co for the stuff I boug ht last Friday. I have slightly overdrawn my account at the bank in doing so. I got some painting material bought at Denhams ready for Cecil to bring out tomorrow the weather is fairly warm again now just now.
3-3--: I cleaned all the paint brushes during the morning, and afternoon I went over to the house and hung the door between the 2 rooms, cleaned out 1 room and Maggie Lodwick was over and scrubbed the 2 rooms out.
4-3--: I went over and put the stops at the door and mixed paint. I painted the 2 ceilings. First coat I did, the 2 of them afternoon except a little bit I had done this morning. It was hot today.
5-3--: I was over painting and puttying ceilings, bored holes in the gate posts for Cecil and came home at 3. 30 picked a few pines and got a bit of wood also a big sweet potato.
6-3--: Stayed at home nearly all day.
7-3--: Over at the house gave the 2 ceilings a coat each before dinner. Mixed green paint and painted half the walls of 1 room.
8-3--: I was painting all day. It is funny weather I dont remember ever having such weather without a lot of rain.
9-3--: Cecil went to town with my cart and Oscar, brought out stuff for Arthur. I painted and puttied the walls of a room mixed paint and painted the Scotia and skirting board.
10-3-: Raining pretty constant throughout the day. I got wood and cowpea, pumpkins and tomatoes put out, mango trees into boxes and pulled grass from the pines.
11-3-: Over painting. Managed to get over and back dry but it was raining throughout the day.
12-3-: Up painting during the morning. Afternoon I got firewood etc. It is still raining Maggie Lodwick has gone home and Mother to the dairy. The house is now deserted forever. Cecil boarded with us.
13-3-: Went and had a look at Arthur.
14-3-: Before breakfast I was up and pulled all the cow pea except 4 rows up off the patch Cecil sowed, and after breakfast I carted it and went to town on the bike and did various bits of business.
15-3-: I was over at Cecils during the morning. Afternoon I ploughed a piece of land over for pines.
16-3-: Helped Cecil to put a load of stuff on my cart and then walked over and did a little painting. Came home for dinner and carried the suckers down to the shed and carted 4 loads and layed out in rows up the garden.
17-3-: Hoed a patch of pines Cecil and I.
18-3-: We hoed the pines up the hill towards the top and also the 2000 near the fence. I planted a few suckers.
19-3-: I planted some suckers and went in and did various bits of business got home for dinner. Planted some suckers and helped Cecil a little with his furniture. Mr Drain was also in a bit of trouble, which caused us to delay a bit for tea.
20-3-: Inclined to rain but none falls so far.
21-3-: I planted about 70 suckers before breakfast and spent the day carting Cecils furniture. Poor old Bob was tired and thirsty by the time we had finished.
22-3-: I planted suckers got all in except a few.
23-3-: I got about 700 suckers and carted and layed them out.
24-3-: I planted 600 suckers. It was fairly warm. I would not be surprised if we get a quantity of rain also it is dry enough just now and windy.
25-3-: I went for milk and read History of Ireland. Claude and Nelly came up just before tea for a while.
26-3-: I went and finished planting a row of pines and cut several rows of rubbish among the smooth leaves also fixed the mosquito frame of the cot. The weather is rather warm again.
27-3-: Read.
28-3-: Had a couple of young ladies to see us.
29-3-: Pulling down the old house.
30-2-: Worked at pulling down again. I have not felt too good this week somehow.
31-3-: Continued pulling down the old home. It is just beginning to appear a bit of a wreck.
1-4--: Went over and put down the rest of the floor of the house upstairs and started to put the frame of the partition in.
2-4--: Finished the partition and stacked the pine in a tidy manner.
3-4--: Mooned around at home.
4-4--: Pulling down the old home. Herb got a grass seed in his tonsil and I had to get Doctor to get it out.
5-4--: Worked at pulling down and also started to fix mothers phaeton. Rain is threatening but not much falls.
6-4--: I worked a bit at the phaeton and carted 2 loads of timber up to the house. My word it was warm today.
7-4--: Took the roof off the old home and otherwise made it look more of a wreck than ever. The weather was very warm and I was knocked up by evening.
8-4--: Pulling down the house. I felt knocked out just now. The heat is something abnormal for the time of the year.
9-4--: Pulling nails out during the morning and afternoon we put the phaeton shafts together and I sprayed my tool etc.
10-4-: Pretty warm today wish it would rain. Lazed about home.
11-4-: Up early and gathered a couple of dozen pines, took in and brought out groceries
12-4-: Cecil and I ceiled another room today.
13-4-: I ripped pieces to run round the Scotia and turned a bit of a fancy affair for the duchess chest and also sharpened my plane and spoke shave.
14-4-: I gave the finishing touches to the room it is now pretty well ready for painting, I also helped Cecil to put in 3 round posts.
15-4-: I gave the last touches to the room we ceiled on Tuesday. Afternoon I gathered 9 dozen pines and some pumpkins and pie melons.
16-4-: Town with pines and went up and helped Cecil after I came home.
17-4-: Read a book on the Indian Mutiny. Very good called in times of Peril.
18-4-: Painted the ceiling a coat and helped Cecil to run the wire for his dividing fence.
19-4-: Puttied up and gave the ceiling another coat, painted the patches on the walls that had never seen paint. Braced the roof and put in a frame for a manhole.
20-4-: Gave the ceiling its 3rd and last coat and painted the walls. Also put up the frame for the stove recess.
21-4-: I picked 6 dozen pines before breakfast. Spent the day painting and at the stove recess since 2.30. Dry weather prevails.
22-4-: I gave the 4 walls of the room a coat of paint in 5 hours with a sash tool. Also put 2 sets of rails round the stove recess. Painted 4 walls of room in 5 hours with sash tool.
23-4-: I went and painted the Scotia and skirting board also put a frame in the stove recess for a shutter. Afternoon I sharpened my axe and disc, did up the axe head I found and got wood picked pines, sawed the ends off slabs and dug ground.
24-4-: Read books and newspapers.
25-4-: I went over to the house and painted the Scotia and skirting board also put a corner in for the kitchen and a frame for a window in the stove recess. I was home during the afternoon put some slabs up at the back of the kitchen.
26-4-: I went in with pines. Storm Flanelette which Lily says will last about 3 months. Afternoon I went over to the house.
27-4-: Worked over at the house. Put the frame round the stairs, an angle and joists. Cecil put the floor joists underneath for the kitchen. The weather is pretty dry in fact it seems favourable for drought.
28-4-: I put 5 joists in and a stud also nearly finished the floor of the verandah room upstairs. About 2 G.Kong Sing came over with a message from Arthur for us to go and help him to put a tube down the well, which we did, late for tea.
29-4-: I finished the floor I was at when the chow came for us, put in the 2 window frames and studs for the weather boards. A big storm passed away round from us, we got the tail end as usual.
30-4-: In with pines did very well. Put the shafts on the phaeton and got some firewood for Lily.
1-5--: Took things quietly at home.
2-5--: Worked over at the house laid down almost half of the floor of kitchen and dining room, but did not nail the boards, also put in another angle of the verandah and some joists. I have a bit of a cold.
3-5--: I went to town and got nails etc for the jobs also went to a sale and got a suit length for 27/ 6d flannel to make shirts, also bought piping etc. Cecil hoed pines for me this morning.
4-5--: Worked at the house helped to lay some of the ground floor and put a doorway and window frame up also put a number of weather boards up.
5-5--: Worked at the house again. I have a bit of a cold and feel none too good whatever. Ice cream cart out yesterday and today and coming tomorrow.
6-5--: I worked at the weather boarding and helped Cecil to cement the floor of the stove recess. All our family are rather off with colds etc. Cecil dipped Major for fleas.
7-5--: Worked at the house this morning finished weather boarding the walls above kitchen. Afternoon a Mr Lamb came out and we walked over to Beards and took a photo of Holdens and Ernies pines seemed nice chap. Cecil was in town.
8-5--: Got hat from Clara for Lily 7/6d. Rested at home.
9-5--: Cecil helped me to pick pines during the morning and we went over to the house and put in the afternoon. Things are getting awfully dry. The remains of Mrs Bella Dingle were laid away today.
10-5-: Went in with pines. Did fairly well, but it took me a long days work before I got back home.
11-5-: Cecil and I went over and put in a day laying some of the verandah. I put in 5 joists as well as keeping him going nailing boards. The day was a very hot one for the time of year. I have felt off all day.
12-5-: Laying the verandah joists and flooring. Put in the newel posts and started fixing the dunny seat. Cloudy today but I see no immediate prospect of rain.
13-5-: Worked at the house I put the boards up round the stairs and also cut a few pieces to finish the corner of the verandah at the back. I also let the piece of iron in for the angle bearer to rest on.
14-5-: In with pines etc. I put in a long day. Some of the folk were off pines, all things being considered I did fairly well.
15-5-: Went and helped pull horse out of a hole for Georgie Hop.
16-5-: Over at the house. Put a bearer across front left hand corner and studs up for a pair of French lights also hung a door and put the frame for a partition between the kitchen and front room.
17-5-: I fixed a couple of rails so that Cecil could finish the kitchen partition. I then hung a door and put about 12 joists for the verandah also put in the angle joists. Pretty tired by knock off time.
18-5-: Put in 3 windows and hung the 3rd kitchen door came home at 3 and picked 10 dozen pines.
19-5-: In with pines. Did very well considering all things.
20-5-: Had a day laying verandah boards. Cecil went and put out tomato plants at 3.30. We had a splendid storm. My word it did come down for a while.
21-5-: Over at the house during the morning. Put another angular bearer and the joists on to same, came home after dinner and sowed 12 rows of peas and some tomato plants also picked 16 dozen lemons.
22-5-: Went for milk and saw to Bob.
23-5-: Picked 12 dozen pines. Put a day in at the verandah. It was very warm and I was tired by the time night came along.
24-5-: Town with pines. Several people seem off pines just now.
25-5-: I worked at the verandah all day, Cecil was all morning impounding a beast. He helped me afternoon. All the boards are down now but a fair amount of nailing has to be done.
26-5-: Went to town and fixed up Steeds account saw Pete, banked 21 quid and did a few other bits of things. It is still pretty warm during the day but inclined to be cold in the early morning.
27-5-: I went over and hung 2 pairs of French lights. They are going up all right.
28-5-: I was in with pines etc. Did all right got back just after 1 o'clock.
29-5-: Put in rather a quiet day.
30-5-: I hung a pair of French lights. Started to erect a wardrobe in a front bedroom and put up a frame for a wall at the back of the house upstairs.
31-5-: I worked at the wardrobe and putting framework up for Cecil to board in.
1-6--: I worked at the wardrobe most of the morning. Came home after dinner and picked pines etc.
2-6--: In with pines and got stuff from Denhams Bros. I did fairly well.
3-6--: I gave Cecil a start at the pantry had a final go at cleaning the old varnish etc off the wardrobe hung 3 doors and fixed up a lot of business at 2 pairs of lights.
4-6--: I went over and put in a door head and stud for Cecil to wall up, also mixed some paint and stain and gave parts of the wardrobe paint and some stain came home for dinner and picked pines.
5-6--: Never went out.
6-6--: Did a bit of painting and gave a coat of varnish to the wardrobe also put stops round 3 French lights openings. Afternoon I hung 2 pairs of lights and gave one panel of the wardrobe a second coat of varnish.
7-6--: In with pines sold out very well got home before 2 and had my dinner at Arthurs.
8-6--: Worked over at the house. Got on pretty good.
9-6--: Worked over at the house and ceiled part of the kitchen.
10-6-: Raining nicely throughout the day. I cased in a block and did various bits of fixing in the neighbourhood of the steps, also mixed paint for Cecil to paint the stove recess.
11-6-: Planted 22 grapes rooted, also a few beans. Went and tried to get some fish but did no good. Harry and I went down again and got a few. It was a fine rain all right. The creek being full to the banks.
12-6-: Home pretty well all day.
13-6-: I dug between the Ripleys and put some sweet spud cuttings amongst them. I also put out some grapes and sowed passion fruit seeds, hoed sufficient land up the garden for 200 suckers. Creek came down again today.
14-6-: I put in over 200 suckers. Took out the dividing fence of Bobs paddock and helped Billy West to get a start ploughing.
15-6-: Cecil and I have been putting posts in for another paddock for Bob.
16-6-: I put in 4 posts for the new horse paddock. I also picked over most of the pines and dug between the patch of pines on the side of the hill. Billy West ploughed all day but lost a fair bit of time this morning.
17-6-: I dug between pines and put in 4 custard apples, also picked a few more pines.
18-6-: In with pines. Paid W. West £2/10/-.
19-6-: Knocked about home.
20-6-: Cecil and I dug and hoed amongst pines.
21-6-: Cecil and I were up at the house.
22-6-: I worked up at the house, Cecil hoed amongst the pines.
23-6-: I put in a big day painting, Cecil was hoeing amongst my pines.
24-6-: I was up painting the kitchen etc, Cecil took mother to the show. Very funny weather prevails just now. No good for health purposes.
25-6-: Cecil and I went over and finished painting the kitchen etc. Rain is still hanging about.
26-6-: Lazed about home.
27-6-: I worked at home hoed pines pulled suckers put out 100 tomatoes. Mother went into her new home this morning.
28-6-: Pulled grass and worked in the shed a bit, made a couple of prong hoes and fixed my Carborundum that I pulled yesterday afternoon.
29-6-: I picked pines and suckers, cleaned paint brushers etc.
30-6-: I got a late start for town with pines 9 oclock, but I did very well though but on account of the rough roads and having to go to Denhams I was late home.
1-7--: I made a tank stand, put out some tomato plants, cut the bottom off the tank that fell down hoed around 6 mango trees, also walked over to Cecils.
2-7--: Dug a strip the Wests plow missed, went up the hill and cleared passion fruit vines also hoed round the Lisbon lemon and pruned it.
3-7--: Knocked about home
4-7--: I went up and worked at the house gave the pantry 2 coats of paint and did various other little jobs. We are having rainy weather.
5-7--: I planted 10 banana suckers, went to town on business came home about 2. I run some wire for my new horse paddock.
6-7--: I went over and finished painting the pantry and put up shelves.
7-7--: I run wires for Bobs new paddock. Dug some ground missed by Wests plow. I also picked some pines and sowed another bed of carrots.
8-7--: I dug a good lot of the missed ground and run more wires put Bob in just previous to dinner.
9-7--: Went in with pines did all right, brought home the pup. Roads are rough and Bob is getting too old for the game.
10-7-: I took things pretty quietly today.
11-7-: I took out posts of Bobs old fence also spent a good deal of time tarring the dining room floor. It is a nuisance the wet soaking through like it does.
12-7-: I hoed 2 rows for trees and then went to town and bought 6 orange trees and a Loquat brought them home and planted them.
13-7-: I hoed a fine patch of land and gathered pines. I felt jolly tired by the time I had finished too.
14-7-: I went in with stuff. I bought 6 fowls and got home with them.
15-7-: I watered the trees I bought on Tuesday and then I finished hoeing the land between the 2 plots of pines near Holdens.
16-7-: I sowed the colossal tomato seeds and then rode the bike to town and pruned Lees grapes, got over 60 cuttings and home for dinner.
17-7-: Went with Arthur round his estate.
18-7-: I got suckers ready for planting during the morning. After dinner I carted 5 or 6 lots up and laid them out ready to plant.
19-7-: Planted about 700 suckers I am suffering from a cold or could put in 1000 a day.
20-7-: I went up and planted a few suckers but as rain came on I had to come off. Worked as bit as boarding the kitchen.
21-7-: I planted a couple of 100 suckers and a few other jobs.
22-7-: I went over and put the morning in at the house. Afternoon I pulled 500 suckers and dressed their butts ready for planting.
23-7-: Drove the family over to see Mother, worked half a day. Had to go and record our votes. After we came home I went down for tar, got wood and pulled grass from the smooth leaf suckers.
24-7-: As usual.
25-7-: I carted 500 suckers up to their place. Started to disc the land West ploughed also finished the room floor.
26-7-: Went on with the disc.
27-7-: I did half a days discing and put in all the suckers but 50.
28-7-: I planted 50 suckers hoed among the bottom of the row of pines up near the gate. Finished going over the land West ploughed for me also mended the phaeton.
29-7-: Went to town and paid my account at Denhams. I was at Elwings sale too. \par 30-7-: I hoed pines etc.
31-7-: Knocked about home.
1-8--: I finished hoeing some smooth leaf pines. Frost has caught chows pumpkins I have not seen any sign of it on my place anywhere.
2-8--: Cecil and I hoed pines on my place all day.
3-8--: During the morning Cecil and I finished hoeing 1300 pines up near the gate. After dinner I started to do a bit of ploughing and Cecil hoed a bit at another patch of pines.
4-8--: I finished ploughing the piece of land and went up and worked at the house after dinner.
5-8--: Spent the day up at the house. Ceiling a room. Cutting out Cecils hoe days hoeing for me.
6-8--: I disced the piece of land put in a row of melons and got some firewood. Went up afternoon and finished ceiling the room.
7-8--: Went and had an hour or 2 with Pete Beal.
8-8--: Went down to Charleys with Cecil and drove the phaeton home. Spent the day at the house.
9-8--: Spent the morning at the dining room of Cecils came home for dinner. Afternoon I pulled 200 suckers and knocked out the last post of the back kitchen wall and started putting it in again.
10-8-: During the morning I put slabs on the kitchen wall and afternoon I went up and worked at the house.
11-8-: Morning I went and took some photos at the Beals. Brought some Scotia home on my bike and then went over and put it up and painted the remainder of the afternoon.
12-8-: I was painting and puttying all day. Went over till breakfast Charley and Ada were up and Ada did a nice lot of painting. I reckon it will be a pretty nice room.
13-8-: I went up and painted the room all over the ceiling also gave the Scotia 1 coat came home soon after dinner. Cecil brought his wife home and Harry and I took Eva and Violet up and had a cup of tea with them.
14-8-: Went to church and Vineys. Had tea with Mr and Mrs R. C. Johnson at their residence.
15-8-: I hoed 6 rows of pines. After tea I printed 6 post cards of Edna Duffil and some I dont think much to the latter photos.
16-8-: I hoed 2 rows of pines and picked 300 suckers.
17-8-: I got 800 suckers ready to plant, pulled same too. I came in at 11.30 so I can easily get 1600 per day. Afternoon I got another 800 suckers. By gum my hands are sore.
18-8-: I pulled 100 suckers run out 15 rows with the plow also laid out 1500 suckers. Took Vineys photo of Birdwood up to them and went to Endeavour. I was fairly knocked out too.
19-8-: I started at 8 and planted 4 rows of pines about 450. Afternoon I planted 3 rows. Lost an hour talking to a party at the gate.
20-8-: I planted 5 rows today. I did a bit of turning during the afternoon. Making tops for the youngsters and teaching George Press how to turn, tried making enlargements at night no good.
21-8-: I took a walk up to church and listened to Rev Hubert Robertson.
22-8-: I went up and worked at the house got along fairly well too.
23-8-: Another day at the house. Started putting the nosing and cover board round the verandah.
24-8-: I carted a few 100 suckers and laid them out watered a few melons etc. Afternoon I went and hoed a couple of rows of pines. My word the sun sent down some heat this afternoon, made my head ache plentifully my word.
25-8-: Up at the house all day finished the nosing and cover board etc.
26-8-: I planted the last of the 2000 suckers on the first section of the land West ploughed and afternoon I dug between a row of pines up near the gate. I was very tired but ripped 3 pickets after I came down. Sharpened my circular saw.
27-8-: I worked about the kitchen made a bit of an affair to stand the flour tins on and cut out cleats to cover the joins of the slats in the kitchen wall George Foster and wife were out for a while.
28-8-: I put the day in at home.
29-8-: I picked peas, put out tomato plants sowed pea seed, cowpea and sunflower seed also put out a row of beetroot plants. The rain has made the land nice and wet, it is in splendid condition for planting.
30-8-: I finished picking the rest of my peas also finished the 7 rows of sweet spuds got 200 cuttings from Arthur. I sowed a row of sunflowers. It has now come on to rain again.
31-8-: I went over and put up a pair of French lights. Knocked down scaffolding at back of house painted stops etc.
1-9--: Morning I fixed the copper in a sort of way. Afternoon I went and had a go at pear above the pines at the top end near Ernies. Got on very well too.
2-9--: I grubbed out pear and trees up near Holdens. After tea I went up to Morrells and then to a meeting J, C, Petersen gave a fine speech to a large audience and accorded him a unanimous vote of confidence at finish.
3-9--: I planted a nice lot of pumpkins and some pie melons also went and grubbed out some lantana and pear and went down to Arthurs and got some cow cane to plant.
4-9--: Went to church and listened to Rev Rofe.
5-9--: I went over to Cecils and started to ceil the last room upstairs. There are 5 more boards to go up I also fixed up a top for the sewing machine, left for home at 5.30.
6-9--: I sawed strips for the kitchen wall and also firewood. Afternoon went up Cecils house and fixed sewing machine and did several other jobs came home for tea.
7-9--: I worked about the place. Ripped some boards to make stops for the French lights of Cecils back room.
8-9--: I put a bench up in the kitchen for Lily to wash up etc in also made dinner and looked after Ken and Herby whilst Lily was in town.
9-9--: I did some more ripping for the kitchen wall. I also got 1050 suckers ready to cart to the planting place. Very unsettled weather prevails now.
10-9-: I went to town on the bike and did some business then went over to Beals and had a yarn or two, took 4 photos and came home. Wrote for patent.
11-9-: Went and listened to Rev Taylor also walked home with Viney had 2 cups of tea.
12-9-: I lightened the soil round tomatoes, gathered a basket of tomatoes but a good lot of them were grubby, also put some fork sticks in as a start for an affair for them to climb over. Afternoon I worked at the house of Cecils.
13-9-: I went up and finished ceiling the last room upstairs put scotia up o.k. My word it was warm all right. Cecil was in town with peas and Cecil also bought a wardrobe and other things.
14-9-: I made a frame for the manhole and handle for the chisel Cecil broke, also cut out brackets for a brass handrail for the steps.
15-9-: I put in a good day at the house hung 2 pairs of French lights, planed stops and skirting and put the skirting along the bottom of the dining room floor. Rain seems to have gone for a time. I pulled 500 suckers before breakfast time.
16-9-: I picked another 500 suckers before breakfast. Hoed the pines before dinner. Afternoon I carted all my suckers and laid them out in rows ready to start planting. The weather has taken up nicely, I printed several photos after tea.
17-9-: I felt crook somehow I put in a row of pines and worked a little at axe handles. Also put Willie and Sydney at carrying suckers down. I lazed about the rest of the day.
18-9-: Went and helped Cecil to skin a cow.
19-9-: I planted suckers, cut a block for a tank stand, picked 4 dozen pines and some tomatoes. I am crook in my inside and weak for work.
20-9-: Planted pines again today.
21-9-: I went in to a sale and spent the day, bought a few things from Denhams too and had a haircut. There was not much at the sale, but what I got was cheap.
22-9-: I put in another post for a tank stand and planted suckers also saw that Charleys lads carried the suckers down the hill. Spent a bit of time with Alec Black getting my cart ready.
23-9-: I hoed a row for the last few suckers and raked the weeds off and lazed out the suckers. The rest of the day spent hoeing etc. Frank was here also and Grace spent the most of the time with Lily.
24-9-: I planted a row of pines took Ellens photo and Erics before dinner and Cecil and Grace. It was not a very nice day for the job.
25-9-: Went over to Petes called and saw Fosters on the way and had a cup of tea.
26-9-: I got Bob and ploughed between the last planting pines and hoed a row of tomatoes before breakfast. I printed some photos after tea also went down for milk.
27-9-: I shifted the seat on the disc harrow picked some tomatoes hoed a row of tomatoes. Afternoon I ran the disc through the new pines and took off the discs and put the spades on.
28-9-: I finished hoeing the tomatoes before breakfast, put the re st of the blocks on the tank stand. Went down to Burns and cut down 4 trees out of which I got 100 forks for the tomatoes. I also pulled 500 suckers for Charley went for milk and put Bob in the paddock over the way.
29-9-: Went in and bought photo material and went to a sale also went and yapped to Joe Jefferys re road metal.
30-9-: I did a little to my tank stand and went down to the dairy and put glass in a French light, got my forks brought up for my tomatoes and put a few of them up too. Helped the boys to get off with suckers up to Charleys place.
1-10-: Put in the rest of my forks for tomatoes. Picked 400 suckers for Charley. After tea I printed about 4 dozen photos.
2-10-: Walked over to Cecils before church had a look at Charleys and Cecils plowing. The weather has had a funny turn.
3-10-: I picked 1400 suckers for Charley, tinted 18 photos went down and cut a lot of saplings for my tomatoes. After tea I printed the rest of Beals photos. Had very good fortune with them too. Wrote to Turri & Co re pear poison.
4-10-: I picked 1300 suckers during the morning and afternoon I went and cut saplings for the tomatoes.
5-10-: Cecil and I and Frank worked up my garden near Holdens.
6-10-: Cecil and I worked at the hoeing half the morning then fixed the phaeton the rest of the forenoon. Afternoon I commenced cutting the cobbler pegs etc amongst the pines running down to Holdens lane.
7-10-: I finished cutting the weeds among the pines got a few ripe pines too. I went down and saw a horse that Charley got at a sale.
8-10-: Cecil and I hoed during the morning amongst the pines up near Holdens. I picked 200 suckers.
9-10-: Drove the family over to Cecils and walked over to church with Cecil a very poor congregation listened to Rev Rofe.
10-10: Cecil hoed pines for me and I worked up at his house. It was warm up there worse for Cecil out in the sun. A storm went round us, all we got was a goodly amount of wind.
11-10: I ran in on the bike and picked out timber for Bill Wests dray, got home for dinner. Afternoon I hoed 2 rows of pines with Cecil and helped Billy West cart my saplings up from Charleys for my tomatoes.
12-10: I was painting. Gave the room ceiling included a first coat. Sharpened one of the saws and did other bits of jobs. The weather is very unsettled it could rain by all indications.
13-10: I gave the ceiling 2 coats of paint also did some puttying to the walls and mixed paint and putty for tomorrow. Bery and Georgie called after tea. I screwed up a couple of nuts and put a bolt in his sulky.
14-10: I was up painting the room a sharp storm passed over during the afternoon and the days first hail I remember fell. Arthurs hay shed again came to grief from being sent away down towards Charleys place, Barnes shed and dunny went also.
15-10: I painted the 4 walls and Scotia of the room by 3 oclock came home and put out tomato plants.
16-10: Took the photos to Beals. They expressed themselves as very pleased with them and paid me £2/10/6d and 1/- for gloves.
17-10: I hoed my sweet spuds, went and saw a chap treating the pear with his atomiser. Worked at the shafts for Wests dray and went down for milk after tea.
18-10: I went over to Cecils and got some 3x3 for Wests dray. Picked 717 suckers and afternoon worked at the dray. Billy came an d we took the rest of the timberwork off down to the axle bed. I also had to go up to the butcher before breakfast, funny weather.
19-10: I hoed my melons and picked 850 suckers also mixed pear poison, hoed more than half of the peas, and before breakfast I put 5 rows of saplings on my tomato rows.
20-10: I put up 2 rows of saplings for tomatoes and finished hoeing the peas and hoed round a few pumpkins, then went to town and bought tools etc at Elwings did very well, came home for dinner.
21-10: I hoed pumpkins and did something towards the rebuilding of Wests dray also picked 600 suckers. It was fairly warm at times during the day.
22-10: Hoed 2 rows of pumpkins and picked 300 suckers.
23-10: Went to church Miss Griffiths sang splendid solo.
24-10: I hoed pumpkins picked suckers, went to town and got pair of working boots. Worked at the dray awhile too.
25-10: Hoed pumpkins and ploughed between a few rows of same, worked a little at the dray.
26-10: Picked 1000 suckers, finished ploughing amongst the pumpkins and started to plough the corner.
27-10: Picked 1050 suckers went down for saplings and put them up for the tomatoes, worked a little at the dray, ploughed some land etc.
28-10: I cut saplings and brought down for the tomatoes put them across and tied them with binder twine. Afternoon I put in ploughing.
29-10: Finished ploughing the corner cut some wood and went for milk and afternoon worked at the dray.
30-10: Went to church Rev Robertson preached a good sermon.
31-10: I hoed 4 rows of pines and went down and fixed 4 bolts for the dray. I ran the spading harrow over the new lot of pines and bolted the bearers on to the axle bed of the dray.
1-11-: Worked at the dray for an hour before breakfast and again after lunch, hoed 2 rows of pines, mixed pear eradicator and injected a good lot of pear. Picked 500 suckers.
2-11-: I was pea picking at 5.30. After breakfast I went up and hoed a row of pines and dug 600 out for Charley. Afternoon I went up and hoed along the outside of pines and had a fire at 2 heaps of pear. Worked at dray from 3 oclock.
3-11-: Picked 300 suckers before breakfast. Worked at the dray all day. Finished the shafts ready for the ironwork. My word it was hot.
4-11-: I got the tank on the stand at the shed ready for cementing, sifted sand and pulled some suckers for Cecil. He put a tap in the tank. The weather is hot and things are getting dry again. Gave the spouting a coat of Ply Mel.
5-11-: Went over to Wests at 7 and over to Cecil for a hammer, got coat on the line and then we came and put in the day making ironwork for the dray I was tired by the time we knocked off.
6-11-: Felt too crook to go out.
7-11-: I picked 100 suckers and worked at the dray all day. I had neuralgia pains running round my top story all last night and also today.
8-11-: Put in the morning at the dray fixed the tip etc. Afternoon I mixed some cement and put in the bottom of the tank and picked some of my peas. I felt better and more like work today.
9-11-: I worked at the tank picked peas and went for sand.
10-11: Picked a couple of dozen pines and sifted sand and hoed 2 rows of pines. Afternoon I worked at the tank cementing.
11-11: I picked and stripped 800 suckers for Cecil during the morning. Afternoon I gave the tank a coat of tar and resin thinner with drialine, I think it will be all right now weather is dry again.
12-11: I put spouting up and ran water into the tank also finished the tank stand at the back of the house, helped Cecil to bring the tank round took the sand out of my cart cut a bit of wood etc.
13-11: Gave a hand to separate and read a nice storybook quietly during the greater part of the day.
14-11: Picked my peas and took for Clara to take and sell for me, fixed up a socket for a tap for the tank at the back of the house. Rest of day I was lazing about, had no sleep last night toothache all day today too.
15-11: I went over to Cecils and got some blue colour tins to mix paint for Wests dray also picked tomatoes and worked a bit at the dray. I feel too weak to do much in the way of work. Charley came and took my cultivator.
16-11: Worked at the dray all day got on very slow as bolts have to be found to thread and other messing around to be done.
17-11: Worked at the dray.
18-11: Picked peas and tomatoes and took down for Clara to sell for me, afternoon I worked at the dray.
19-11: Felt a bit better today. Just mixed paint and sawed a bit of wood during the morning. Afternoon I went for some tops of trees to make a place for the tomatoes to climb over.
20-11: Stayed at home.
21-11: Sand papered the tank for the tap to go in. Went over and had a look at Cecil. Worked at Wests dray. West was working at the dray with me.
22-11: Worked at the dray all day, West was with me we pretty near finished the job.
23-11: I put a cement bottom in the tank for upstairs Frank helped me. Afternoon I painted 1 wheel and 1 side of Wests dray.
24-11: Finished the tank, which took the morning afternoon I was finishing the painting of the dray.
25-11: I worked at the dray 2 hours. Went over and had a look at Cecil at his well. Afternoon we worked at the forge sharpening drills and making a handle for the windlass.
26-11: Frank came over and helped me to put up a shelter for me to try and shoot crows from. Afternoon I went and helped Cecil to put up a windlass on his well brought back bit of firewood. Billy West came and got his dray.
27-11: I lay under my shelter most of the day but the crows did not come close enough to give me a good shot.
28-11: I went up after crows about 5 but could do no good. I am losing a good number of my best pines . I went to town for flour and sugar and brought stuff out for Arthur too. Had a bit of drizzling rain but did not get much.
29-11: Splendid rain fell last night I have been after crows and picked a few pines etc planted out tomato and rosella plants.
30-11: I was up at 4 and went up amongst the pines waiting for crows but none came near me. The day was an awfully hot one and I cant work up to much at all. I have put out 100 rosella plants, went and took West his account re dray, he said he was satisfied as to price and the job. Clara had my cart and took in a load of melons and 1 dozen pines and a few tomatoes of mine.
1-12-: I ploughed rows for cowpea etc also hoed a few pines.
2-12-: I had no sleep last night and feel off as a result. I made spring clips for the new cart I am making, had the 4 just about finished and had to spoil the last one to fool the job. Mrs Dunns remains laid away today.
3-12-: I did a little towards making the cart and covered the cow pea seed I planted, hoed a row of pines and not much else except pick a couple of tins of tomatoes.
4-12-: I took things quietly and stayed home and read a book.
5-12-: Hoed a row of pines and did a bit to my spring cart. I am too crook to do much work. The weather is simply awful parching up everything before it.
6-12-: I did little work of any kind as I am so crook. The heat is awful to, knocks one out absolutely.
7-12-: I went to town and saw the doctor got some medicine also went to the bank and put through Billy Wests cheque for my work etc re dray rebuilding. Went to B. G. Torheds and had lunch and dinner also 4 oclock Lily is going into their place to get through her trouble.
8-12-: I felt a little better today and hoed 4 rows of pines. It was awfully hot again but not much smoke pines are going in by the load and none are mine I have got very much behind somehow.
9-12-: I hoed pines went over and had a look at Cecil stayed dinner too. Came back and hoed more pines. I have been crook lately but Parrys medicine is doing me some good I think.
10-12: I hoed pines there is 1 row still unfinished. I had been so drowsy since dinner.
11-12: Took Lily in to Fosters to stay till her trouble is over.
12-12: Picked pines hoed the last row of pines, which constitute my last lot, gathered tomatoes.
13-12: Up at 4 and off with my pines. First trip of the season didnt have a refusal from any of my customers.
14-12: Picked pines and tomatoes. My pines are suffering severely from vermin putting holes in them and the tomatoes are all being burnt up, things are from my point of view only very middling.
15-12: I was up before 4 and off to town with pines beat everyone in easy and sold out very well considering all things, home having dinner before 2.
16-12: Did practically no work. I feel as weak as a rat, I went to pick a few pines for tomorrow but could not get enough to make it worth while my going in, especially those I want for Tuesday and Thursday night.
17-12: I went and worked for Cecil at the well, put a good shot in and we worked out 33 drums of stuff.
18-12: I was pretty crook and stayed about the house all day, had to mind the children whilst Eva went to church.
19-12: I picked pines and gathered tomatoes. Eva took the children Ken excepted down to her place for the afternoon.
20-12: Went in with my bit of stuff and sold out by 10 oclock, went to Denhams and was away with my flour by 11.15. It was very muggy today seems a chance of rain coming along.
21-12: Picked pines and worked at the cart a little.
22-12: In with pines and sold out on Depot Hill, I had a few refusals.
23-12: I worked at making a bit of yard to put Bob in of a night during the morning and afternoon. I went and put in a window in Vineys kitchen I charged 7/- for the job and had 2 periods of refreshments during the time I was there.
24-12: I did a little towards making a yard for Bob of a night. Took a piece of pork in to Lily. The weather is very strange and comes up like rain and off again.
25-12: Spent our Xmas with Mr and Mrs A, M. Johnson.
26-12: I picked a few pines and did little else it was raining off and on throughout the day.
27-12: It seemed to be too wet for me to go in with pines I went up and picked a barrow load and went up to the butchers and ordered meat also called at Vineys and round and saw Cecil, had a word or 2 with Thompsons. Planted rosellas and pumpkins.
28-12: Rain, Rain, Rain is the order of things, seems like an early wet season. I have a sore foot and feel off colour besides. I see some pine carts going in but not many like when it is fine.
29-12: Seemed too wet for me to go round with pines. Beard and several others went in. It looks as though I shall miss this week.
30-12: Rained off and on during the morning and started afternoon and rained right throughout the night. I am crook with the nerves. Medicine has done me some little good but it wont last long Im afraid.
31-12: I have just lazed about all day suffering from neuralgia had no sleep last night at all. Harry came and borrowed my cart saddle and Cecil told us that Constable Hayes has been round telling people to move off the low lying land as flood waters are coming down strong. Lily had a son on Xmas eve.

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