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1920 front cover

    Was a hard year for me as I suffered with stomach problems, headaches, piles, and tiredness and found it hard to be able t o work when it the weather was hot. Mother was very sick during the year. I extended my pineapple patch during the year. In May I planted over 2000 pines besides more throughout the year. I sent pines even to Many Peaks.18th February I took out a Vendors Licence. Late February I took a train to Emu Park came back a few days later on a very slow train took just on 4 hours for the trip. In February I bought a machine from Williams Limited, which I call my devil machine or deadly weapon for cutting cobbler pegs and weeds etc. 20th March I saw Bunnages about getting Mary for a while. 27th April Ellen was born at home, a nurse arrived. 8th May the nurse went home. 19th May Mary went home and I was left with my wife and my family. 10th April I cut down a fork stick of which I am going to try and make a tripod for setting my camera on at a correct height on the verandah. In May I made a walking stick. 7th June 2 men came and asked for a job so I paid them £ 6 to clear saplings from a piece of ground. 8 th June I gave permission to Mc Donald to put bullocks in the paddock of Cecils across the line at 10/- per night. 19th July Mr Dawden came and went over my place to find water he says I have the well on a good stream. In July I started work on renovating Vineys house I charged 12/6d per day and had lunch, dinner and afternoon tea. He was entirely satisfied with the job and also the price charged. It took quite some time to finish the job. End of July I made a sled to transport my soil etc with the aid of a horse. 16th August we saw a flying machine, which was on its way from Longreach to Rockhampton. It just looked like a big bird. Next day I was in Rockhampton and I saw the flying machine set off for Brisbane, my word it did go off nice and true. 2 0th August we saw a couple of flying machines hovering over Rocky several times. 27th August I had to go to the Police station to obtain a permit for poison (cyanide). 10th September Grasshoppers are eating holes in all my pineapples, the vermin is awful . 11th November Cecil and I went to Mount Morgan inspecting houses for removal for Cecil. 7th October went to town with Cecil and got some timber for his house building. 11th November made a start at his house. 20th November Cecil and I started demolishing the house for removal at Mount Morgan and it had to be put on rail to transport. The house wasnt quite finished even at the end of this year. This year was also bad for flies

Sample page

1-1--: I went over to Eddies on the bike and put Oscar between the shafts of the phaeton ready for Mother and Laura to come over to see us. They came and mother said she enjoyed herself all right. We have been favoured with a nice storm of two, whi ch will swell my pines very well. I have none ripe yet.
2-1--: Went round the garden. My pines are later this season than they have been since I have been growing them. Mark and Beard, Smith and Zimitat have taken some in but Holden, Ernie and my self are practically with out ripe pines.
3-1--: I took Cecils port up to the station for him and led his bike back it was pretty hard toil too. A big storm came over in the afternoon some hail it made things pretty wet.
4-1--: I did not go to church, it was close and afternoon we got another big storm.
5-1--: Put the cover on my cart and picked a few pines. My pines are filling out bonsor but goodness knows when I am going to have a load ready to take in. Loads and loads are going in now too.
6-1--: I have been removing some Ripley pines to the back of the house. I am picking up the bottom of the rows and replanting I fancy they will get on all right too.
7-1--: I was at the job before breakfast. I planted all the suckers about 500 and went for milk as usual.
8-1--: Before dinner I got things ready for ploughing and afternoon I started and ploughed a nice bit of land I grubbed at the beginning of last year. It turned over better than I had expected.
9-1--: I was off to town before 7 and got orders for pines got back and had dinner went and got milk came back picked some pines off Cecils place and did a bit more ploughing. My word it was hot, must be coming a lot of rain I think.
10-1-: Off early with pines and sold out very well and got more orders. Brought 12 dozen mangoes from Mrs Cameron 6d per dozen and selling 2 for 9d.
11-1-: Got milk from Arthur and Barnes.
12-1-: I was up at 5 and went up the hill looking for crows and pines. I went over almost all of mine and Cecils places gathering the fruit. I am not feeling too good and the weather is so awfully muggy it makes a chap feel worse.
13-1-: I went in with pines and sold out very well. Went and got shoes put on Bob 6/-. Brought out young Ernie Freeman who is going to have a bit of a holiday with us.
14-1-: We gathered pines and hoed among smooth leaf suckers.
15-1-: Went in with pines sold out on Depot Hill and people wanted more off us after we were sold out.
16-1-: Picked pines and also did some hoeing. It is blowing up like rain again. I fancy we will get a quantity before very long.
17-1-: Ernie Freeman and I went in with pines and I had the best day I have had for years. They went off splendid and I had 2 or 3 cups of tea and got a few bob out of mangoes I got from Mrs Cameron.
18-1-: Went to church Shorts brother was in the pulpit.
19-1-: Raining throughout the day. I picked 30 dozen pines and a few dozen mangoes it was a pretty crook job it was so sloppy in the rows. I think it is the wet season that has come on now, it does seem strange after all the dry months before.
20-1-: Raining all night last night and is still going strong. I got an order and a cheque for pines to go to Many Peaks so had to case them and take them to the station, it has been raining all the time too. Several pine carts went to town. I thought it best not to go with all the rain.
21-1-: I picked pines and ploughed a nice piece of land right near Ernies fence. My word it was hot and both Bob and I were very tired.
22-1-: Ernie Freeman and I went in with 40 dozen pines and some mangoes got stuck fast just before getting on the hill but a chap came and gave me timely help and all turned out well. I was pretty late home however.
23-1-: I was up at 5 and took a pick up and dug a bit of a hard track that the plow would not touch. After breakfa st I planted the piece with maize and also sowed some pumpkin and marrow seeds also went to Barnes for milk. Talk about heat it is hot I feel crook with it.
24-1-: I was off early with pines and sold out very well, got 20 dozen mangoes from Mrs Cameron and sold most of them as well. I was back and had the horse out and in the house by 2.30, my word it was hot.
25-1-: Went to church Eddie had to take the service.
26-1-: I was up and picked 25 dozen pines before breakfast, I had 45 dozen in the shed by 8.30.
27-1-: Went in with pines and did all right although I brought back a couple of dozen of Cecils small ones. My word it was hot.
28-1-: I hoed among tomatoes and picked between 50 and 60 dozen pines. Awful hot weather.
29-1-: I was off early with pines sold out very well and was back home by 2.20. My word the weather is very trying indeed.
30-1-: I picked 40 dozen pines by 10 oclock, hoed round marrows and got 3 banana suckers to take to town.
31-1-: I was off early with my pines and sold out and had not enough by about 3 dozen. Didnt get home till 4.30 as I lingered at several places.
1-2--: I stayed at home and took things steady. People came for pines.
2-1--: I picked over 30 dozen pines by 10 oclock cased some and a case of mangoes and took to the station. Seems as if it may come on to rain for tomorrow.
3-2--: I went in very late with pines considering one thing and another sold pretty well. It was not too good of a day and a number of my customers thought I would not be in on account of the wet. Broug ht a nice fish home 10 lb barra. By jove the road was rough.
4-2--: Picked 30 dozen pines and a few mangoes. Also finished ploughing the strip I had left between my work of last rain. I killed 2 snakes and hoed a few weeds too. It seems as if it could be f ine for a while now. We did not have very much rain this time but it has freshened things up again.
5-2--: In with pines and sold out well considering all things. I saw one of Marks carts go home with a good lot of pines on board. Young Danny told me that they are jolly hard to sell. I sold out about 1 oclock and was home before 3 o clock. I picked over 20 dozen after I came home too.
6-2--: Picked 20 dozen pines and went to town, banked cash and saw Mc Bean. Went to a sale and bought a few bits of something.
7-2--: I was up and off with pines and sold out very well and got orders for more than ever. It must have took me nearly 2 hours to get to town but I was home fairly early.
8-2--: Went up the hill before breakfast and managed to shoot a crow they are a pest all right.
9-2--: Picked 35 dozen pines sowed a couple of rows of pumpkins and cased 2 cases of pines took them to the station, hoed a bit among the tomatoes and loaded my cart for morning, knocked off for the day.
10-2-: Went to town with pines and considering that Mark and others are round practically giving them away I did very well. Went and settled up at Elwings and brought the things out.
11-2-: I picked 40 dozen pines and cased 4 dozen and took to the station for Golik. I also picked a nice few tomatoes and fixed the governor of the phonograph loaded the cart for morning and had tea then split a bit of fire wood for the house.
12-2-: Off early with pines. Sold out before 1 and could have sold more as several folk required more.
13-2-: I got ready and rode bike to town and bought just on £12 worth of drapery. Had dinner at Franks and came home and gathered pines.
14-2-: I was off very early with my load and sold £7 of stuff. I didnt get home till pretty late and brought my records and horn out. A couple of sulkies were out for pines when I came home.
15-2-: I just knocked about near home, had the phonograph going it goes pretty good now not much up with it.
16-1-: Picked 18 dozen pines off the rows running down to the lane.
17-2-: Went in with pines and did well considering that I had a goodly number of over ripe and sun burned ones aboard. Very hot day.
18-2-: I went off early to town and took out a vendors licence bought some little things for Lily and more records for the phonograph came home f or dinner, picked pines and tomatoes, cased a case of pines and took to the station on my bike came back and loaded the cart for morning had tea and finished the day by running off a few records.
19-2-: Got a good start with pines and sold out well and was down at Ganters about 12 oclock. I raised the price and did very well indeed.
20-2-: Picked pines and tomatoes. My word it was hot. I felt it awful but had to battle it through.
21-2-: I got a late start with my pines but although I got home pretty well 6 oclock I had a jolly good day. A storm or 2 went round but there was none at our place.
22-2-: Jack and Eddie Freeman came out and had a look at us. My word the weather is queer windy and hot.
23-2-: I picked 60 dozen pines and some tomatoes, cut a bit of wood and loaded my cart ready for morning. I felt quite done up, as it was so awfully hot. I should fancy some rain would come out of this. Planted 6 strawberry plants.
24-2-: Went in with pines and did very well considering the sort they were, got home fairly early and walked Bob nearly all the way out. My word it was hot.
25-2-: I picked pines cased Goliks up and took to the station, oiled my cart and loaded up for morning. I felt pretty crook, I cant stand the hot weather at all.
26-2-: Went in with pines and sold out well, although I had to barrack about the inflated price. Cloudy like rain but I am disappointed that none has come out of it yet.
27-2-: Picked pines and took 1 dozen in to Mrs Ruscoe bought a mincer and head shears at Auction.
28-2-: I went down to Emu Park and had a couple of bathes.
1-3--: Went and had a bath and then poisoned the pear. Took a walk round the shore to Zilzie and had a look at the land out that way. Had another bath and came home by a very slow train just on 4 hours coming up.
2-3--: Tuesday I was awfully tired and sleepy lying down all day.
3-3--: I went in and banked some money and went to Lonengans auction and bought soap and calico. Had a bit of a tiff with Joe Hempenstall hes a pig.
4-3--: Picked a few pines and cut cobbler pegs with my new weapon it is deadly on them. Sent pines to Richards.
5-3--: I went before sunrise to get Bob and found he had a crook looking affair on his napper about 4 inches below his ear. It seems to me to be of a cancerous nature. This blo cked me from getting to town. I took some pines down for Harry to take to Galbraiths.
6-3--: I did not do much work. Felt crook about Bob.
7-3--: Just went and saw mother and brought Oscar back.
8-3--: Went to town with pines and tomatoes, brought out a bit of timber for the wall on the verandah.
9-3--: Made a start at putting in the wall. Had to look to old Bobs sore too. It seems to be coming all right.
10-3-: I worked at the wall. I am not working very hard at it I am feeling awfully tired from the effe cts of pineapple selling. Harry Holden called in this morning and told us that he had been robbed of various articles from his place while away in town Monday. I fixed up Bobs sore again put plenty of pepper to keep flies off.
11-3-: I went on with the wall, made the door and hung it, also put the fanlight in. I got the 2 pie melons and lemons and took down for Harry to take to Mrs Richards. Had to see to Bobs sore.
12-3-: I cut and put in a few small pieces of Scotia and put a bolt on the door looked to Bo bs sore, went for milk gathered a few pines and tomatoes and split some fire wood. Everything in the way of foliage line seems to be feeling dry again. It looks as though it can easily be a bad winter. Cattle are very cheap on account of their being no wet season.
13-3-: Hoed a row of Ripleys and poked about at other bits of jobs.
14-3-: I lazed about. Afternoon I went and saw mother, she is pretty sick.
15-3-: I hoed a couple of rows of pines and sprayed the fruit trees. After tea Willie West helped me to put the net in, there are a lot of fish in the creek, but the net is awfully full of tears, mice must have been in the bag while it was in the dairy at Arthurs.
16-3-: I did a bit of hoeing etc. It was too awfully hot for me to hurt work much. During the night we had a boisterous storm but not much rain favoured us.
17-3-: I hoed a little. Nielson came with my posts. They are not too good a lot, but will have to do. I started to make a door for the press that Barney helped me to bring upstairs yesterday.
18-3-: I pulled weeds out of amongst a patch of pines up the hill round near Holdens. The weather is pretty warm. I worked a little at the press door too and went to Barnes for milk as usual. I have never known mosquitoes to be so bad for ages as they are no w. Got a letter from Cecil and Herb Oppermann today.
19-3-: I picked a few tomatoes and cut a bit of wood then went to town and got a bit of cash in for pines. Came home for dinner.
20-3-: I went and finished weeding the few pines near Holdens. Came back and fixed the door for the press and went round and put a couple of saplings in Cecils fence, got milk and had dinner I hung the door of the press and rode bike over to Bunnages to see about getting Mary for awhile.
21-3-: I was off colour and lazed about at home all day. Mother and Ada called in for a few minutes on their way from church.
22-3-: I finished the press, all it now requires is a lock and staining and varnishing. I also hoed 2 rows of pines and fixed the stovepipe on the stove, cut a bit of wood etc.
23-3-: I was busy mending fence and getting stock out of the place. I hoed a row of pines and did a few other jobs. I cant get a worky feeling at all.
24-3-: I hoed pines and got 70 suckers ready for Morrells, but they didnt turn up for them. I went down and saw Mother and got Clara to send Eric up so that I could take his photo too he is a.brumby.
25-3-: I hoed about 2 rows of pines and cut some firewood, saw to old Bob went for milk and a few other bits of jobs. After tea I made a couple of little prints of Erics photo they are not too good because the young beggar didn t give me a fair chance at all.
26-3-: I hoed a bit and then went for milk and started putting some battens up the stairs to ensure that youngsters dont fall overboard. I also fixe d up other bits of jobs about the house and cut a little firewood. Mr Morrell came and got the suckers I got ready.
27-3-: I hoed pines etc. Afternoon I had to go down and get mother.
28-3-: I was off pretty early to Beals and spent a good long day. Got home in the night.
29-3-: I fixed up the horses and went to town, got some cash in and took Petes photo to Mercers to have a negative made off it also 1 of mother and 1 of me. The 2 are to cost 5/-. Came home and afternoon minded mothers buggy and hoed pines.
30-3-: I spent an hour taking Erics photo today and 1 negative came out splendid but left the glass during washing after fixing, I hoed pines etc.
31-3-: I hoed pines.
1-4--: I spent the morning getting mother off to town and going for milk. Blowing up just like rain today.
2-4--: I spent a quiet day.
3-4--: Hoed a row and dodged around at other things.
4-4--: I went to church and saw the last of Bennett and also up to the C.E.Annual at night. It went off very well.
5-4--: I just knocked around and took things easy. A.E.M. came and brought his family to tea.
6-4--: I hoed pines etc. After tea I printed some photos.
7-4--: Hoed weeds and cut some with the long handled hook.
8-4--: I cut weeds and hoed pines, went for milk etc and got wood for house.
9-4--: Went to town and bought photo stuff got 3/- from Mr Franks came home for dinner and worked at cutting rubbish in 3 rows of pines.
10-4-: I hoed among the roses and minded my camera. After this I went down and cut fork sticks of which I am going to try and make a tripod for setting my camera at the correct height on verandah.
11-4-: Just went for milk and saw to Bob.
12-4-: Did some hoeing and chopped the big iron bark stumps down that was over from the house. I sawed off a length at the butt end for posts.
13-4-: I got 6 posts out of the lengths that I sawed off also hoed more pines.
14-4-: I hoed 2 rows of pines and did a bit of sawing. I also tried the mounting machine but it wouldnt act so I have started to fit up another affair.
15-4-: I hoed pines and sawed for posts, went for milk as usual and looked after Bob.
16-4-: Hoed 4 rows of pines and split 3 posts, went down and got milk and also to Hops for pumpkins. The mornings at get up time are pretty cool but it gets quite warm throughout the day.
17-4-: I split a couple of posts and fire wood, finished hoeing the smooth leaf pines near the house and then rode the bike to town and got some things for my mounting machine. Afternoon I was trying to mount a photo but couldn t get the heat right.
18-4-: Just went for milk and lazed about the house.
19-4-: I hoed weeds and other jobs, came my way and were dealt with in due course.
20-4-: It looks a little like rain I fancy others are having a bit too.
21-4-: Knocked around doing various jobs.
22-4-: Ordinary work was occupying my attention today. Finished dressing the posts Nielson brought, my word they are duffers at the price I paid for them.
23-4-: I finished hoeing along the bottom side of the back where I have lemons and roses growing. Also made a nice start at the top side of track.
24-4-: I went for milk hoed the rest of the roses and got wood for the weekend. Afternoon I went and helped Harry to burn the donkey he had 3 shots before he downed her.
25-4-: Went for milk and saw to Bob. It was nice and coldly, windy throughout the day.
26-4-: I got wood for the washing and went over to Beals to Pete with his photos. Had dinner and got round to Nurse Giles. After much trouble she had managed to secure us a nurse in lieu of herself, as she has to go to Jericho on the morrow.
27-4-: I hoed etc. Had to go in for the nurse. Lily and I had only gone to be about 20 minutes when they called me to get a move on and although we were back pretty sharp all was over when we got home.
28-4-: Got barrow load of wood and went for milk. Had a crook headache after last night goading about.
29-4-: I lighted the fire and went for milk and sawed 3 lengths off logs for posts and looked after Bob.
30-4-: I did much as usual and finished weeding the smooth leaves that I got from Jones & Co. After tea I had to go down for Oscar and did not get back till fairly late.
1-5--: I was down at Arthurs for mother by 8 oclock ready to take her to Beals. Brought some flour etc out with us. I think it just about knocked me up as much as hard work would do.
2-5--: Drove mother to church.
3-5--: I went for milk and snigged trees and logs down the hill for posts and firewood. Got jolly tired before 5 oclock and knocked off.
4-5--: I sawed a log up and went for milk and then went and dug soil to cart and fill a hole in some ground where I am shortly going to plant pines all being well.
5-5--: I fixed old Bob up and dragged the posts I got out the old iron bark stump down the hill. After dinner I rode the bike to town and registered the baby, bought 3 ties and half soles for my boots. Had a yarn with Carswell and came home and took the youngsters photos. The rascals will not keep still except Beryl who is pretty good.
6-5--: I lighted the fire split wood, went for milk, and gave Bob grass and water. Cut a lot of cobbler pegs with that fine weapon I got at Williams Ltd . Also took a photo and after tea developed it and one I took yesterday. Herby will not keep still for me, but Beryl and Ken are not so bad to take.
7-5--: I sharpened tools all the morning and most of the afternoon. It raining nicely throughout the day.
8-5--: I went down for milk and got none, helped Charley with the pig came back and split wood and got Bob ready to drive Nurse home. I got to town all right and went and took a couple of photos of Mrs Duffill and drove her and her husband to the Y. W. C. A. and then went to Stanley Street and got Cecil and brought him home.
9-5--: Cecil and I drove up to church. Press was in the pulpit and also sang a solo.
10-5-: I looked after Bob and pulled suckers, cleared spear grass away from the clothesline and banked 4 small rows of suckers at the back of the house. I also pruned the rose trees a bit. I picked 500 suckers. Cecil went back to Brisbane.
11-5-: I picked another 500 suckers also put a piece of wood in the lathe and started rounding it for a walking stick . I took Bob and the plow up and ploughed half the piece I had in maize and came home and started to strip the butts off the suckers.
12-5-: I stripped the rest of the first 500 suckers and carted them up the hill and planted them. I wasted no time today and my word I was tired by the time I finished and got home for tea. I think they right to grow well up there the soil seems nice and open.
13-5-: I turned a bit at the wood in the lathe. Also carried down and stripped 200 suckers, split a little firewood and went down for milk got Bob feed and water. Mary went in with Frank to see General Birdwood. She has a fine lump 8/- a day off.
14-5-: Carted and stripped more suckers also planted a goodly number of them, took 2 photos and when I developed them they didnt finish off too well. They were both light struck, else I would have had fair negatives.
15-5-: Planted suckers. I have put in 1000 suckers this week. They have gone in very well too. I cut firewood too which I think will last well into next week.
16-5-: Stayed home. My word it was warm for the time of year.
17-5-: Nice rain last night. Picked 1000 suckers before 11 oclock. Afternoon I ploughed the rest of the piece of ground that I am p lanting with pines. Also turned a bit at my walking stick and hoed some grass at the back of the house, creek down.
18-5-: Half soled 2 pair of boots and picked 70 suckers and dug places to put them. Afternoon I drove Lily to town to do a bit of shopping. Quite a cold change tonight. I bought a tin of fixing salts for 2/9d so my negatives should not get spoiled in the process of development etc
19-5-: I carted 1000 suckers during the morning and started planting them in the afternoon Frank came and took Mary home so we are on our own with our family.
20-5-: I finished planting the 1000 suckers the piece now has over 2000 plants on it I am pretty tired having just knocked off the job the wind has risen now like it was a few weeks ago.
21-5-: I planted 70 Ripl eys at the back of the house. Cut the weeds out of 2 rows of pines near the steps. Took 2 views of the house and one of the new patch of pines cleared the grass away from the lime tree and pruned the tree and sawed a bit of wood, worked amongst the strawb erries, developed my photos.
22-5-: I picked 26 smooth leaf suckers and put them up the gully, cut a bit of wood made an axe handle, went for milk and also over to Lauras for sweet spuds. Sand papered the walking stick a little too. Seems as if it could rain again.
23-5-: Just went for milk and looked after Bob. Took the family for a walk up the garden during church time.
24-5-: I spent the morning cutting grass to make a bit of hay. Afternoon I ploughed between 12 rows of pines up near the gate up the lane. Things seem favourable for more rain taking them all through.
25-5-: I went to Gracemere and then to town and after dinner I got Bob and did a bit of ploughing. It came on to rain a bit and knocked me off. Got a dozen new records for phonograph.
26-5-: I cut grass and started to make a pair of handles for my spare plow, Afternoon I ploughed a bit and snigged logs down to make a platform to put a bit of hay on. Got letter from Cecil.
27-5-: I put my stack bottom together and cleared the weeds and grass from around the mulberry tree etc. It was an awfully windy day. I split a couple of old knots of wood that has been left since this time last year.
28-5-: Banked 4 rows of smooth leaf pines put up as couple of forks near the mulberry tree for a sawhorse. After dinner I carted my bit of hay and a little firewood, dug a bit of ground, took a photo of the house, went down for milk, turned a rosewood knob for Miss Bunkers umbrella etc.
29-5-: I banked pines, went for milk etc. Afternoon I blacked the bellows of my 1/2 plate camera and also my boots. Then I took the 1/4 plate down and took 2 photos of the young donkey. I don t think they are up to much either.
30-5-: Went over to the bower with W. Franks and wife in the car a nice run it was going over there.
31-5-: I finished banking the smooth leaf pines near the house, cut a bit of rubbish near the house also. I put a knob on Miss Bunkers parasol, finished an axe handle I was making a while ago. After tea I printed post cards.
1-6--: I hoed pines and went to town and showed Franks his photos also got some more records. After tea I played some of them over and they are good. I then went up to the church, as it was the annual meeting, tea fight or what not. It passed off very well.
2-6--: I hoed round pine rows again. After tea I printed about 18 photos. I have just finished them for to night and as I sit writing these lines things are getting a bit on the cool side.
3-6--: I finished washing the photos that I printed last night and hoed 2 rows of pines. It has again turned towards the cold side of atmosphere, yesterday morning it was quite as warm as summer and now it is cold and windy enough for anything.
4-6--: I hoed 2 rows of pines and went to town on the bike, got 2 flannel shirts and a hat also 3 packets of post cards and groceries. I asked Tommy Boatwright if he would bring the parcel of shirts and hat and he said that he would do so.
5-6--: I sawed wood and hoed pines also had to go down for the milk. Mr and Mrs G Foster came out had a look at us. They had another lively young woman with them and we spent a nice time. G and I had 8 games of draughts and won 4 each.
6-6--: Went to church and listened to Mr Fairfax who gave a nice service.
7-6--: I hoed pines. 2 men came and asked for a job I took them up and showed them the saplings at the top end of the garden and they took on a strip, which they agree to clear for £6 . I have had a lot of running about fixing them up with tucker etc, it has made me fairly tired.
8-6--: Hoed 2 rows of pines also cut firewood and saw to the 2 men Ive put on grubbing it was quite warm today like rain again. I have given permission to A. McDonald to put bullocks in the paddock over the line 10/- per night.
9-6--: I hoed 2 rows of pines and cut a bit of firewood. Also spent a bit of time with the men who are clearing the land. It was a nasty muggy day, one would think it was going to rain.
10-6-: Hoed my 2 rows. Worked very hard at the job so as not to be pushed for time for going for the groceries. However they never came so I w orked hard for nothing. The men seem to be getting on with their work and I fancy will do well out of it. Got a letter from Herb saying that he expects to be here Saturday.
11-6-: I hoed the 2 rows of pines. I had also to go up and get the groceries and ta ke them down to Arthurs also go to Charleys for the stump jack. It was very much like rain and kept me back with my work I was up a couple of times and had a look at the men 2 more rows of pines to hoe at this patch.
12-6-: I drove the phaeton to town and left it at Franks. Knocked around the town and bought several things also got a haircut. Met Herby Oppermann who came by the mail about 1 1/2 hours late. However we got home safely so all was well.
13-6-: Went with Arthur and helped to mend the fence. Afternoon we lazed about at home.
14-6-: I hoed pines. Herb got a pony from Arthur and rode to town to look up old friends.
15-6-: I finished hoeing the plot of pines with the rows running down the lane. Got ready before dinner and after that meal went to town and got some medicine for Beryl and then also got measured for a suit. My bike went flat 3 times while I was doing the trip.
16-6-: I didnt do much work Herby and I went round my place also had a look at Cecils, down to Arthurs and had a look at the paper, then down to Charleys, but as he was not home we came back and had tea.
17-6-: Herby and I went and had a glimpse at the show. It was a very poor affair as far as we could see. Got home pretty late for tea.
18-6-: I went down for milk and came home and got ready and took Herby to the station. I drove him round by the workshop and he could see how things had progressed since he went away. I got some medicine for the children and came home.
19-6-: I just went for milk and put Oscar in the buggy for mother and Clara to go to the show. I took things steady today cut a bit of wood and mended a puncture in my bike.
20-6-: I went for milk. I had a nasty turn last night up 5 times. My word it takes it out of one.
21-6-: I got up and lighted the fire, feel pretty weak, but I hadnt to get out in the night. I hoed 2 rows of pines and lighted all the heaps with pear in them, left by the men who went away last Wednesday. I had such pain in the region of the stomach that I couldnt stick the afternoon through.
22-6-: I hoed 4 rows of pines and set a couple of fires alight. Also went and cut some cuttings off Cecils grapes. I am crook in my inside and it is jolly crook being so busy and not up to the work.
23-6-: Hoed 4 rows of pines put in the grape cuttings and watered them out of the well, also got a barrow load of wood. I am not too good for work. Letter from Cleveland.
24-6-: I hoed 3 rows of pines and poisoned a pear during the morning. Afternoon I hoed 2 more rows and picked a small bag of pumpkins. I am not too frisky for work but much better than at the beginning of the week.
25-6-: Hoed 4 rows of pines during the morning and went down to Arthurs and got the time as our clock had stopped. Afternoon I hoed 2 rows of pines making 6 today. Beryl, Herb and Ken are sick with some kind of cold.
26-6-: I finished the hoeing and burned the grass at the end of the rows I also had to go for milk and afternoon I went over on the bike for sweet potatoes. The weather is cold and sultry but rain still holds off. Some would be acceptable.
27-6-: I was up and went down to Arthurs with my rifle to shoot the killing birds but there were none there so I came home and had breakfast. I then went down for milk and I stayed quietly at home throughout the day.
28-6-: I went and cut the tops off the saplings that the men grubbed out, a stump they had left and some small trees. Afternoon I got Bob and ploughed the tomato patch over and cut a bit of firewood. I felt rather tired by the time I had finished.
29-6-: I worked grass etc out of th e piece I ploughed yesterday afternoon. After dinner I went to town took a bunch of roses to Mrs Morrison who showed me her strawberries. I stayed in town and went to the drawing of the Ambulance Art Union, but came home before it was over. Ordered a suit .
30-6-: I finished digging the grass out of the ground I ploughed on Monday. The weather is very warm considering it is just about middle of winter.
1-7--: I did a bit of hoeing and also burned tops and pear up near Holdens.
2-7--: I did some hoeing and dug round all the stumps on the piece of land that the men grubbed. We had a smart shower this morning but it didnt do much but spoil my rubbish burning.
3-7--: I shot a wallaby off the back verandah when I got up to light the fire. A fine animal carrying a young one. I got wood for Lily and a bit of dodging about. I had a time with my bike fixing pumps and connections. Very much like rain lately but we get none.
4-7--: Went over to Eddie and to church and listened to Ensign Canty.
5-7--: We had a few light showers during the night but it has not made the ground very wet. I spent the day putting the handles on a plow and fixing it up otherwise as well. It seems as if we are in for a cold snap again. The wind is coming from the west and the rain has apparentl y gone.
6-7--: I put the finishing touches to the plow and scraped the meat etc from the wallaby skin. Afternoon I took Bob and the plow up and started ploughing a piece of land. Cool weather again.
7-7--: I made fresh heaps of the pear up on the new piece of ground, also set fire to 3 stumps and finished ploughing the piece of ground I started yesterday, pulled out a stump with Bobs help and snigged 2 trees down on our way home. Talking politics with Harry Holden for a while.
8-7--: I spent the day burning stumps and clearing the saplings off the land. It was quite warm to day I had thought we would have been having frost. Mother and Laura was over, I think our children will soon be better they are not vomiting quite so much as they were.
9-7--: Spent the morning chopping the branches up so as they would go on the cart. Also righted up the fires and planted about 60 tomato plants. Got more medicine for the children and a band for my old felt hat, also went and had my suit tried on.
10-7-: I went up and saw to my stumps and came and dug out 2 rows of old pine roots, went for milk and had a go at burning the rubbish on the manured ground. Did a bit of sewing to a pair of winkers.
11-7-: I went for milk. I have managed to get a cold right in my chest and as a cold wave has come along I am likely to be in a sorry plight.
12-7-: I felt off colour and got a late start and an early knock off. Gave some tomato plants water and burned a few heaps of pear also set fire to 8 stumps. I have a cold in the chest and would n ot be surprised if it turned to whooping cough although I suffered from that complaint when I was a youngster.
13-7-: Looked after the stumps and set fire to 8 more also burned the last heap of pear. My cold is crook and I dont feel like work at all. Arthur told me there was a nice frost down there this morning.
14-7-: I righted the fires and lighted more also filled several holes where trees had been grubbed out. My cold is still on the no good side. We seem to be fairly in the soup one way and another. The weather is warm again was a bit cloudy today.
15-7-: I set fire to the last batch of stumps and filled up most of the remaining holes. My cold seems to be getting better. It was like rain today but it seems to have come in cold and windy again tonight.
16-7-: Saw to the stumps and old Bob. Dug out fine roots, I went to Harry Holdens and got him to witness my name to the vote for lodge I was also down at Arthurs twice. Cold change.
17-7-: I went and saw to the stumps, took the borer down to Arthurs and tried to make it go. I then got off to town and run around seeing several things. Brought out my suit.
18-7-: Went for a walk with Arthur. Stayed home from church Clara, Lesley, Arthur and Eric came up and saw us.
19-7-: Spent the day down at Arthurs. A Mr Dawden came and went over my place finding water he says I have the well on a good stream and he thinks it is not much deeper down than I have got.
20-7-: Fencing for Arthur. The crow bar gave me beans because I have not done firing for some time. It was fairly warm this afternoon.
21-7-: Worked with Dick Bunnage mortising posts for Arthurs fence. We never loafed and only did 13 posts and knocked off late. Children are sicker again.
22-7-: Toiled at fence again. I with Dicks help mortised nearly 3 posts and then Arthur and us put up 18 panels of the fence. Viney stopped me when I was coming up for dinner and asked me to go and ceil a room for him I have written and told him I would.
23-7-: Worked with Arthur at the fence we put up 8 panels this afternoon, this morning we mortised 8 posts. I have caught a nice cold all right goodness knows what it is going to turn to. Clara got me some medicine today, tasted very nice.
24-7-: I carted 3 loads of tops down from up near Holdens. Afternoon I went up and saw the ceiling job of Vineys. My throat is sore with the wind. I went down to Arthurs and saw George Cranston he is looking very much better.
25-7-: Pretty sick did not go to church.
26-7-: Got up early and lighted the fire and went round and cut chaff for a feed for Bob. I went up and put a day in at the ceiling for Viney , he was satisfied that we put in a fair day and did well, I was home fairly late and was well on the way to being tired too. We are having a cold snap again just now.
27-7-: Went and put in another day for Viney. Charged 12/6d per day and had lunch, dinner and afternoon tea with them. He said he was entirely satisfied with the job and also the price charged.
28-7-: I went to town and had a look in at Gregorys sale also called and saw Mrs Ruscoe. Got some medicine and saw Ganter re pines. I seem to have a nice cold on me now.
29-7-: I am off colour still but did a little of one thing or another. I made a start at making a sled on which to transport soil etc with the aid of Bob. I went and poisoned a few white ants round the hill and gathered up brackets and cap moulding for Vineys verandah, also mixed paint and gave them a coat of it. The weather is now fairly mild.
30-7-: I finished my sled and about half filled the wash away and brought back some wood. I gave Beryl and Herby a ride up the hill on the sled and they liked it very much. I knocked off about 4 o clock, as I am rather off colour yet although this last lot of medicine is doing me good.
31-7-: I finished giving the brackets their 2nd coat of paint. Also went down for milk and saw to Bobs requirements. It rained a little several times during the day and I am afraid to go out much as my chest is still crook.
1-8--: Went to church and listened to Canty who held forth fairly well.
2-8--: I took the barrow up and finished filling the wash outs up on the new piece of land, picked 4 dozen pines and hoed 2 rows of pines, also went round and saw to the stove round the hill.
3-8--: I was up and working hard getting off to town with my few pines in the phaeton. I went over to Beals and stayed for dinner. I feel crook and not up to work. I got a sheet of glass for Vineys family and other bits of odds and ends. In fact I put the day in very nicely.
4-8--: I hoed some Ripleys and cut a bit of wood also did s ome painting to the verandah bracket for Viney. During the afternoon a storm came along and after it was over I put out a quantity of tomato plants. Mother and Laura were over doing the finishing touches to the cleaning up of the house round the hill.
5-8--: Went to remnant day at Harris got hold of a pair trousers for 4/ 6d and a coat 2/ 6d also other pieces nice and cheap. Afternoon I sowed pumpkin and sunflower seed and finished painting the brackets for Vineys house. Lily made me a cover for my bike sea t while I was in town.
6-8--: Lighted the fire and started to make the affair for mothers stove. I had it fixed by 10. 30 and got Eddie a couple of peach trees ready for him to plant, I also did some hoeing and cut several saplings down. I have been crook for about a month crook in the chest.
7-8--: I went down for milk and hoed pines also set out 3 mandarin trees. Went in and met Cecil at the station and brought him out. A bit of a cold change is on just now.
8-8--: Went to church Large was in the pulpit and did very well.
9-8--: Cecil and I sharpened our reaping hooks and cleared the track round to their house also cleared other rubbish and cut a bit of chaff. I feel no good for anything at all. I can t shake the cold off it sticks closer than a brother.
10-8-: Hoed pines. Also went with Cecil over Jones paddock and up to Vineys. My word the pear is flourishing nicely and is in plenty.
11-8-: Hoed pines, made putty and burned grass. It was rather warm today.
12-8-: Finished hoeing pines at the back of the house took the cover off my cart and cut a bit of wood.
13-8-: Put brackets up at Vineys and also put panes of glass etc in windows. Went down to Press's for the bellows after I finished Im glad the job is done anyway.
14-8-: Cecil and I carted our hay and got a load of wood out of Burns, which we shared. Afternoon we cut some chaff. The weather is now cold and windy and altogether I no likie. I have also tried to clean a paintbrush but have not finished it yet.
15-8-: Went to church and listened to Mr Fairfax who was not too bad.
16-8-: Picked a few dozen pines and had a go at cleaning paintbrushes. I also had a go with the hoe up at some smooth leaf pines. We saw a flying machine that was on its way from Longreach to Rockhampton. It just looked like a big bird.
17-8-: Went in with pines and brought out the painting material for Vineys paint. I saw the flying machine set off for Brisbane, my word it did go off nice and true.
18-8-: I hoed smooth leaf pines during the morning and went for my boring machine. Afternoon Cecil came and helped me to hoe a patch of pines round near Holdens on a bit of land that Georgie Thompson and I dug during the great flood.
19-8-: Cecil and I went over to his place with the cart, took wire and our dinner and had day fencing. My word the wire we used afternoon made our hands jolly sore and it was awfully hot too. We got the biggest part of the work done, and now I feel tired.
20-8-: I finished hoeing the smooth leaves up the gully. Went down to Arthurs for chaff and also made a bit of a fake for mixing paint with the aid of my boring machine. We saw a couple of flying machines hovering over Rocky several times today.
21-8-: I hoed the smooth leaf pines over the largest patch of same that are at the side of the house. Took 12 pines down to go to Ruscoes. Afternoon I spent mixing paint. It has given me a nice headache too. The days are becoming quite warm.
22-8-: Cecil and I walked up to church press occupied the pulpit and there was a pretty full church.
23-8-: I spent the day up at Vineys. Painting.
24-8-: I walked across to Vineys and did a good days work painting ceilings.
25-8-: I went up to Vineys and finished painting the ceilings of their 2 front rooms. My right arm is pretty well paralysed by using the paintbrush up on the stepladder. They expressed themselves as pleased with the colour of the ceilings and Scotia.
26-8-: I sprayed the fruit trees and watered the strawberry and tomato plants. Then went round and cut chaff, came back and looked over the pines and got 12 for Ruscoes. Afternoon I went with Cecil and run wire along the bottom of his paddock.
27-8-: I went to town early on the bike and was 3 times at the police station trying to get a permit to obtain poison. I have to call on Tuesday. I was also at Dawsons sale and bought several articles including a gun that seems to be a good class.
28-8-: I made an axe handle for Cecil and he helped me to fix a bellows in my workshop. It has been raining throughout the day and should it continue things will soon be wet.
29-8-: Rained nicely throughout the day. Things are now a little wet.
30-8-: I lighted the fire and cleared round a couple of trees and put some bone dust at the butt of one behind the house. Filled in the misses in the pumpkin patch and ploughed a nice sized piece of land up where the men grubbed. Also picked a few dozen pines. Cecil was around during the afternoon planting maize.
31-8-: Went to town with pines. Got the things from Dawsons and did various other things. Came home and had dinner and fixed a boot.
1-9--: I spent a little time mixing paint, but the greater part of the day I was ploughing up near Holdens. Mc Laughlin called just as I was knocking off, wanted 5/- worth of pines, which I gladly supplied.
2-9--: I finished mixing a quantity of paint for Vine y and made a cover for the tin so as it would not spill when they were taking it up to their place. I also worked about the shed etc and got Bob and snigged a lot of logs down the hill. I was getting nice and tired by knock off.
3-9--: Bob and I ploughed between 10 rows of pines. It looked so much like coming on rain that I knocked off.
4-9--: I finished ploughing between the patch of pines. Afternoon I finished fixing the bellows and had go at fixing my old rammer. Also went and brought up the rest of my Lucerne chaff from Arthurs.
5-9--: Went up to Jones and down to Arthurs with Cecil. Afternoon we went to church and listened to Mr Large give his farewell address.
6-9--: I went to town on the bike to see about the cyanide I want but as the police have not furnished their report yet. I did no good. Got 3 lb of cowpea and called at Denhams to see about super etc.
7-9--: I mixed a tin of pear poison and injected pear round my fence, after which I fixed up some shelves etc. in my shed. Afternoon I went with Ce cil and poisoned pear on his place he came round after tea and shot a fox and we had a few games of draughts. More foxes came but we didnt shoot any of them.
8-9--: Cleaned my bench a little and hoed my pumpkins. Had a fire on the hill, which gave Lily, Cecil and myself all we wanted in getting it under. My word it rattled through the pines a treat.
10-9-: Cecil was helping me to plant the Ripleys. I carted 5 loads up and we managed to plant all but about 20 I should fancy there will be about 700. I also got 12 pines for Mrs Ruscoe, grasshoppers are eating holes in all the pines. The vermin is awful.
11-9-: Cecil and I caught the 6 oclock train to Mt Morgan and we walked miles over the township inspecting houses for removal. My word I was tired but we bro ke our journey at Boongary and visited T. J ones and had a good rest, caught a train at 7 and arrived safely home.
12-9-: Went up and heard Mr Shonk speak on prohibition. Cecil and I then went and had a cup of tea with Vineys.
13-9-: I went up to Vineys and did a days painting. I could have just finished giving the front room a coat but for being delayed to a certain extent by Dad Viney, however I got along pretty well.
14-9-: I went in with pines and got an order from Denhams also cyanide from Williams Limited. Bought 4 Augers from Williams Ltd. 2 at 6d each and 2 at 1/- each 3/- for the 4.
15-9-: Spent the day at Vineys painting.
16-9-: I went up and planted the few pine suckers left from last Friday, sawed wood etc. Afternoon Cecil and I pulled suckers near the well. After tea I got out 4 stumps and dug away from others so that they are ready for turning.
17-9-: I carted 7 lots of suckers during the morning whilst Cecil planted over 300 I put in 470 during the afternoon I got wet and had to come home and change or could have easily got 500 in.
18-9-: I planted over 400 suckers. Afternoon I put Bob between the shafts and went up to Vineys and settled affairs. Brought home my various things. Did a thing or two for the old fellow had a cup of tea. Cecil was there also.
19-9-: I walked to church and listened to Mr Fairfax.
20-9-: I planted suckers and lighted a few stumps. I went up and planted over 100 after tea in the moonlight. I took 6 pines to go in to Ruscoes.
21-9-: I went round got some chaff cut and finished putting my suckers in. I then got ready and went to town and paid Denhams and got a price list from Skyrings went over and spent the rest of the day with P. Beal.
22-9: Lighted the fire and mixed pear poison for Cecil. I then rested till breakfast after which I went up and hoed pines.
23-9-: I set a few stumps afire, mixed some paint with which to paint the facias of our house also finished hoeing the patch of pines up near Holdens. I also drew up a letter for Cecil to go to Hempenstall.
24-9-: I was upon the roof painting the pine work for about an hour before breakfast. After I had breakfast I went up to the stumps. I also spent about 3 hours cutting out and assembling a frame for another dark room. This is the 5th dark room I have had.
25-9-: I just saw to my stumps burning and the rest of the day I took in finishing the painting of the pine work up on the roof. Also took my old dark room down that I have had so long in my bedroom and worked at the new one.
26-9-: Went and listened to Rev Taylor.
27-9-: I painted the pine work up on the roof before breakfast. After breakfast I mix pear poison and Cecil and I hoed 8 rows of pines. Afternoon I hoed 3 rows and set fire to a couple of stumps, also did a little to my dark room and mixed a poison drink to s et for animals up the hill. After tea I went and cut chaff.
28-9-: I finished painting facias and hoed 5 rows of pines, lighted my stumps again. I took some pines down to go to Ruscoes also worked awhile at the dark room.
29-9-: I finished hoeing the lot of pines that I ploughed a while ago, also put shelves up in my new darkroom and a window shade. I shifted the poison water farther up the hill so far I have not got any animals.
30-9-: Cecil and I were hoeing all day. I managed to get a piece of Scotia up one corner of the room I am going to do. Things are getting very dry again and some rain would be very acceptable.
1-10-: Cecil and I hoed amongst my pines during the morning and afternoon we took some poison and poisoned some pear over the line. We must have done considerably more than an acre and I know that I was nice and tired after the days work.
2-10-: I finished putting the Scotia up in my room. Also put a coat of paint on the ceiling. Afternoon I took the family over to Bunnages and played all kinds of games, also had the lantern.
3-10-: I walked up to church and heard Morrell speak.
4-10-: Cecil and I were fencing all the morning and afternoon we went to Arthurs and picked out house blocks we got back at 4 oclock and did a bit to the fence till teatime.
5-10-: Cecil and I finished the strain of the fence, but there are still some pieces to put in to hold the middle droppers. It was very hard sinking. Harry got our bran flour 1 white from the station. It is awful dry weather just now I would like to see more rain.
6-10-: Cecil and I finished our fence and cut chaff. I was up on our roof taking measurements and bevels. I also roughed out an axe handle while Cecil cut a bit of wood. I also mixed paint and gave the ceiling another coat.
7-10-: Cecil and I went to the city and got timber for his house. We got on very well taking all things into consideration. I am suffering awfully with pills and I pronounce them no good for ones comfort.
8-10-: I have had piles crook for the last 3 days. I get no proper rest at night for them. I just saw to Bob today and painted the ceiling of my room one coat and a part of it I gave 2 coats also fixed the mice.
9-10-: I gave the ceiling of the room I have been painting a final coat and Cecil and I carted some of the blocks up for his house, Brought back a bit of wood for Arthur and cast our votes on our way home. My piles have been crook all day.
10-10: Went and listened to Ensign Canty he got quite warm on the prohibition question.
11-10: Cecil and I went up and made a start at his house. I was up at 5 o clock getting everything ready to go. My word it was hot. We saw a cloud formation with a lot of smoke under it. After tea we cut chaff and went down to Arthurs.
12-10: I was again up in good time working at Cecil job. We stuck up the 4 corner blocks. My word it is getting hot now a days and this heavy work we are on with doesnt go down too good.
13-10: I got up and had a snack of cocoa and cheese and was up and at work at Vineys before six I put up the ceiling of the dining room and half the bedroom by 5.10.
14-10: I was up at Vineys before 6 and worked till dinner. Afternoon I was at Cecils house. I charged 27/6d for the work I did during the 2 days.
15-10: I was off to the job bright and early. Cecil drove the cart round and I walked across Wests and got a nice start before he arrived.
16-10: The rain spoilt our work a bit over at the house but by hard work we got the plates all in and squared up and the blocks all rammed. It was after 4 when we got home.
17-10: Cecil and I walked up to church and listened to Rev Whyte who arrived from England during the week.
18-10: Cecil and I planted cow pea, maize, Kaffir corn, sunflower and tomatoes, also spent a very considerable time in getting things ready to go to the Mount. I di d some ploughing but it was not very well done, as the rain had not penetrated, as it should.
19-10: Cecil and I caught the 6 train to Mount Morgan. I got the joinery out made a stool and fixed up a table. Took down rails and steps.
20-10: We got the 4 ceilings down before 9 and I think the iron off the main roof before dinner. After that meal I took the iron off the 4 verandahs and started to get off the purloins.
21-10: It was raining, we took out the room under the house and 3 partitions I also got all the rafters etc off the roof. Cecil has nearly all the fence down, also I caught the evening train home account of the wet.
22-10: I took the nail drawer to Arthurs and helped him to mend it. Also put out tomato plants and rosellas. Ploughed a piece of land and planted sorghum and pumpkins also pie melons, rain has cleared off, but we had splendid rain.
23-10: I went up to the Mount in the 6 train and took down some verandah frame and fixed up the last of the windows for coming away. Cecil and I then walked over to the sale and bought several things.
24-10: We lazed about all day, several storms.
25-10: We went and pulled down the engine shed and tanks also carted Parrs iron and some of our timber. Got back to our shanty tired.
26-10: Went over again to the old railings and finished loading our truck. Got back to our house about 2 and took up the floor of the house, I caught the train home.
27-10: Cecil came down and we emptied the truck, took a couple of trips over to the house site and got home pretty late for tea.
28-10: Caught the train to the Mount and went for the house in earnest, worked till 6 oclock.
29-10: Started work at 5 and kept going strong throughout the day. We wiped the house off the slate today and I made a bit of a shelter to sleep in.
30-10: Knocked out the closet and last tank stand. Just managed to get away by the night train. Cecil slept at Bulls. I got home and had a bath and to bed awfully tired.
31-10: Went for milk.
1-11-: Sharpened Vineys saw and spent the morning fixing Arthurs wagon. After dinner we went and carted 4 lots of the house over to the site. It was 7 oclock when I got home for tea and Cecil and Charleys lad were later.
2-11-: I took Bob and my cart up and carted material over to Cecils place. It was awfully hot and seems pretty sure to be more rain. I also got my other tank down and the plank the Irishman gave me.
3-11-: I spent the day helping Cecil to empty the truck it took all our time to do so. My word it was hot it must be going to rain again.
4-11-: Cecil and I took Bob and the cart with tools to build a W.C. It took us nearly all the morning to sap 4 posts. My word it was far too hot for work.
5-11-: I went to town and bought Figson, teething powder and a hammerhead and tape measure, screws, bolts and went to a sale near Fosters and got a nice lot of stuff cheap.
6-11-: Cecil and I worked at his W. C. etc. It was 6 oclock when I got home for tea. A storm came along but it did not stop us working, as there was plenty work fixing up the frame for the seat.
7-11-: Went for milk. It was a very hot day I stayed home and rested a bit.
8-11-: I was up at 4 oclock and got Bob also got some posts ready to take to Fosters. After breakfast I went in and got a good load of my sale stuff, had a cup of tea, came home and let the horse go, Had dinner, took the babys photo, put away my timber plane and the ladder and cut wood.
9-11-: Cecil and I caught the 6 train to the Mount and started pulling down the shed at the railings. We slept at Bulls.
10-11: Was up nice and early had breakfast and went to work. Finished the job and came home.
11-11: Cecil and I went over to his place with Bob and my cart straightened up the blocks and put a lock on the W.C. so as our tools would be safe, also dug 4 holes for blocks for the verandah. Had a bit of a storm after tea.
12-11: Cecil and I made a start at putting verandah blocks up got the 4 up opposite the corner ones of the house. Cecil had to go and cart stuff from a truck after dinner so I cut some blocks and then started to mortise round the frame for studs.
13-11: Finished mortising for the studs and a few other bits of jobs came home for dinner. I cut wood and went down to Charleys and the chinamans.
14-11: Stayed at home.
15-11: Worked at the house. A lad named Tucker came from the Mount and started work.
16-11: We got the remainder of the verandah blocks up except 1 and another Cecil has got in the wrong place, has to be shifted. Rain delayed us a bit or we would have got on better.
17-11: Rain has set in, in real earnest. I stained my bedroom. The lad was digging the drain under the house.
18-11: I worked at the house, Arthur and Cecil got the timber up on the wagon. The boy was with me.
19-11: The lad and I cut studs out Arthur and Cecil went in with the wagon and brought out more timber. Very hot day.
20-11: We cut out the joists floor and put up. We also had to shift timber and poison white ants. The old sun burned my nose it was warm today. The lad went home and reckons to turn up tomorrow night.
21-11: Just went down to Arthurs and Charleys.
22-11: Cecil and I went and put verandah plates up .We got 2 sides fixed and rammed.
23-11: We finished bolting the verandah plates put the blocks upright and got them rammed. I spent the afternoon cutting out the frame.
24-11: I spent the day cutting out the frame of the house. It is not nearly so hot now I have boards layed out on the joists, brought home some wood.
25-11: I went over to work before 7 and it was just 7 in the evening when I got back. I felt rather crook today in the inside. However I got through a lot of work. We stood up the frame but it is not quite fixed.
26-11: I cut out 18 verandah posts. Morrell came over and took the corners off for me, I marked out the mortises round the verandah. Cecil went in and got spouting and capping with other stuff.
27-11: Up at Cecils house, we straightened the frame up and bolted the corners also braced the affair at various points, put up the ceiling joists. Came home about 5 oclock put up the centre partition frame too.
28-11: Read Bindle a great yarn.
29-11: I was up about 4 and cut a bit of wood and put a handle in a hammer of Arthurs. Went over to the house and put in a great day. Cecil was only there in the afternoon. It was hot part of the day and the flies are awful.
30-11: We put the plates in the 2 remaining sides of the verandah and straightened the said plates all round. Also put up the 6 main rafters. Cecil cut out and fitted 2 angles of the spouting, his arm being crook goes against him.
1-12-: Worked at the house. Cut out the hips and put up also all the jack rafters. Cecil helped me a bit and the rest of the time he was at the spouting, my word he is doing it well.
2-12-: I got the main roof ready for iron, my word it was hot today and both Cecil and I am crook. After tea he came round and we made some stays for the corners of the verandah. I have now got my circular saw fixed.
3-12-: I didnt much more than help Cecil to put up the spouting. I felt jolly crook I have been going it a bit too strong.
4-12-: Cecil came round and soldered the sockets into my back lamp, then minded my buddy, came 6 made the sockets on the phaeton so as they would take the lamps, raised the tank stand and sawed wood I was crook Cecil left by train for the south
5-12-: Took the family to see Mr and Mrs G. Foster.
6-12-: I went in and got Nelly a present also paid Carswell 5/- for the faceplate and gave Mc Neil 3/- for a grindstone and 10/- to Churchs for a pair of shoes. Afternoon I was over at the house, cut out some V joists and cover boards.
7-12-: I spent the day at Arthurs after timber for rafters we took 2 planks down from up in the roof and managed to get plenty out of them for the job. Flies are awful now and the heat killing.
8-12-: I was up early and got Bob and took the cart and carted the timber for the rafters from Arthurs, my word the flies give one no rest and the heat is terrific.
9-12-: I went over and cut 22 rafters for the verandah and planed them. Came home and had to see to Bob the flies have made his eyes swell all up and he rubs them and makes them bleed. Kenny has 2 bung eyes and a swollen lip through fly and wasp stings.
10-12: Over at the house put up 17 rafters one of which I had to cut out and plane. Flies are horrible again today.
11-12: I put the rafters up in the front and went round the 4 sides and nailed them at top and bottom. Afternoon I was sharpening tools etc.
12-12: Rested at home.
13-12: I went in and got our Xmas goods. Also was at a sale and bought different articles, some things were very cheap.
14-12: I was at the house my word it was hot again and the flies are going good too. G. Foster came out and took some firewood in and brought out pretty well the rest of my stuff that was at his place. I went to the dairy after tea and got some of the goods I bought yesterda y.
15-12: I was working at the house put the hip and rafters at the 2 front corners and put purloins at the back of the house. The flies were pesty and it was very hot.
16-12: I was over at the house and got purloins round the last 3 sides except 1 piece about 14 feet which I still have to take off the house and plane and put on. The heat and flies are awful.
17-12: I went over and put in the last bit of purloin and went over the roof knocking nails back and nailed the tops of the V rafters also put three 7 ft sheets of iron on the V and saw that the iron is going to be all right. Afternoon I went to Hempenstall sale.
18-12: I went to the sale with W and bought several lines of goods. Some bargains I got, my word it was hot. Things are getting quite parched up. We would like rain.
19-12: Went and helped separate at Arthurs, rested during the remaining part of the day.
20-12: Cecil and I went up to the house and put a nice bit of the roof on. It was not quite so hot but the flies were still pretty bad. We coul d do with some more rain. Beard and several other pine men are taking fruit in and have done so for the last couple of weeks. I have none ripe yet.
21-12: I sorted and straightened 500 springhead nails and mended a broken rafter, Cecil took iron up, we put iron round 2 sides of the verandah and run up the back hip to the top. The way we have to sort out and make up roofing from all over makes it a slow job.
22-12: Putting the roof on Cecils house. We spent an awful lot of time seeking iron. We came home 3.30 and took the iron off my hay and the roof off my fowl shelter. I feel pretty crook.
23-12: Cecil and I went up and put the rest of the roof on, also put up 5 pieces of capping. I hope we dont have too rough weather till some of the filling in is done.
24-12: I put some old iron from the sale near Fosters, on the fowl shelter. I then got ready and went to the city with mother and over to Beals got Beryl a rag doll, Herb a popgun and Ken a trumpet . Afternoon Cecil and I went over and put the ridge capping on the house.
25-12: I worked at making toys for Ken and Herby. Just fed and drank and read the rest of the day. We are all more or less crook.
26-12: Stayed at home and lazed about.
27-12: I was crook and did very little of anything, Cecil made and fixed up several small things. Lot of pines going in but none of mine.
28-12: We went over to the house and I mortised out checks for partitions rails. Cecil had a go at it and was up scribing out the capping. I am very much off colour.
29-12: Spent the day at t he house, I dressed rails for the front of the house and got it boarded except a set of boards at the right hand corner. Cecil was upon the roof and worked at fixing for rails a bit. He also had a fire at a heap of pear.
30-12: Worked at the house I have felt very off lately it seems to be the weather.
31-12: Cecil and I were at the house. Cecil has been mostly at the roof and spouting, but I got them to give me a hand now and again. I have boarded the front and this side and round to the first French light at the back. I had to put the windowsill in today. Cecil gave a lad a job £1 per week. It is getting very dry again.

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