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1919 front cover

    8th January I felt pretty funky re pines. They are advertised in the Morning Bulletin for 1/- per dozen and they are going in by the cartload. Every other fruit and foodstuff except mangoes are a very good price and it is awful for pines to be so cheap as they are such a splendid fruit. The bridge carpenters of Gracemere are no doubt making things hot, as they have their sure pay to look forward to and thus can afford to sell pines at a low rate as what ever they make from them is an extra source of income. It seems very unfair to me, but it is like everything else these times. It seems of no use looking for a fair thing now days. Selfishness has to have its fling. There is going to be fearful time for us, all right. Europe is as unsettled as she could be. During the year I sent 42 1/2 dozen pines to Roma. Sent pines and suckers to the Dawson Valley, also sent pines 140 miles past Longreach. Also sent to Longreach. Beginning of the year I was paid a sovereign for pines, the first I have had for years. 26th January My word it is hot these days and dry as a bone. An awful lot of pines are being spoilt daily. I have been having them covered again and ag a in but the wind keeps blowing the grass off. Just when pines would be fetching a good price they will be off. It is hard to lose a lot of the crop like this. They are going to waste by 100s and there seems to be no remedy. Today is a fair scorcher and goo dness knows when a drop of rain is coming. 28th February Rose Lawson came out to tell us Granny (Lilys and Roses mother) had taken a bad turn. I got Joe to come out and take Lily in, but she was too late to see her mother alive. Cost £ 1/4/- for the car hire. Granny was buried next day. 24th March was the best rain for a mighty long time. 31st May I went to Brisbane with Cecil stayed 2 nights at the Peoples Palace, didn t like the place. I then went and stayed at a friends place Herb Oppermanns place. I also stayed with brother Ted at his house and was also at his shop. I also took photos of Cleveland Jetty. Cecil was staying at his barracks in the army. 10th June arrived back by train at Gracemere. In June had a big fog to be nearly dinner before it cleared. 14th June Rocky was full of flu. 2nd July first frost for the season July very windy weather. August awfully dry. 5th August Tommy Jones accepted Cecils offer of £ 8 an acre for his paddock. 20th August fixed up about Jones paddock. In August I helped Art hur with his dip. October I retimbered my well by myself an example of a day at the well. I got 7 sets of timber in. I think it takes me about 5 times down the well to put in one. So I have been down the well today over 30 times. I lower down 4 tins of fi l ling at a time and then come up and fish for the handle of the tins to haul up. It is hard work by oneself. 5th November I finished the well job. During the year I made a small paddock for the horse. In December it was awfully dry, having to cut down tree s with Arthur for his cattle and mixing and chaffing feed for Charleys cows. I am sure that this is the worst season I have ever had for pines, it is so very dry and the sun has burned them terribly. I put spouting on the verandah and replaced a rusty shee t of iron on the roof. From June 1st 1918 to June 30th 1919 I paid in wages £32

Memo 20th August 1919 I fixed up agreement with Jones for the property for Cecil.

Sample page

1-1--: George Lawson came out and helped pick pines. Harry Williams was with us and carried things down. George drove Lily and children over to their place for the day. I rode the bike over. We spent a nice time and got back in nice time.
2-1--: I went round with pines sold out on Depot Hill and went round and got another drink of Grannys hop beer. We are home again before 1 oclock.
3-1--: We picked pines and I then went to town and bought a pair of boots for 23/6d. Original price was 27/6d.
4-1--: We took 27 dozen pines in and although it is a bit of a hassle, I sold out all right. I dont know how things are going at the railway pine people seem inclined to bring down the price to bedrock.
5-1--: I spent a lazy day at home except going for milk.
6-1--: I dug a bit out of the floor of the cart shed as the top of the cover catches when drawing the cart out. Williams picked the pines today, I took things a bit easy. I put facias round the shed. Harry picked 30 dozen pines and carried them down to the s hed himself.
7-1--: Last night I gave Harry Williams 13/6d being the balance of his wages for last week. We were in with pines and sold out well although an awful lot of carts are around with them.
8-1--: Gathered pines and did a few jobs besides. The weat her is hot and windy it is just about impossible to keep them covered from the sun that burnt them awful. Williams do not turn up after dinner nor did he send word over as to the why or where fore.
9-1--: I was up at 4.30 and caught and put the harness on Bob and loaded the cart with pines. Harry Williams ran after me and caught me just over the bridge. I sold out by about 12 oclock. My word it was hot today.
10-1-: The lad and I picked pines and I then went for milk. Afternoon I took a case of pines to the station, they are to go to Barcaldine for Sam Hoy. We have the cart loaded up ready for morning. It is windy tonight, but rain keeps off as yet.
11-1-: We were pretty well last to town with our pines and sold out all right I had to sell a lot at 1/6d dozen account of Smith and others selling them under what I was last week.
12-1-: Went and listened to Rev Griffiths he was pretty interesting too.
13-1-: We picked 20 dozen pines off each place. I also got hold of a few dozen mangoes. The weather is awfully hot and must bring up rain before long surely.
14-1-: In with pines, walked all the way in. Sold out by 11.20. Smiths passed up near Nelsons as we walked Bob all the way home, we did not get here till nearly 1.30.
15-1-: I was off to town pretty soon after breakfast. Paid Skyring bill and banked £20. Bought pen working too.
16-1-: We went in with 40 dozen pines and had such a sale that we sold about 35 dozen of them on the hill. My word it was hot but there was no sun, which was a very fortunate thing. It s eems surprising to me how they go. The town is full of them too. I could have sold dozens more to day.
17-1-: We picked 40 dozen pines off my place and 2 1/2 dozen extra to go to Roma. It has been very windy this afternoon and a few storms seemed to fly around but we got none of the rain.
18-1-: Went in with pines and sold out and I got a lot of orders too.
19-1-: I stayed home to day so far as church was concerned.
20-1-: We gathered nearly 70 dozen pines, cased 6 cases up and took them to the station/ I was not feeling very well at all somehow. Things are anyhow.
21-1-: Went in with 50 dozen pines and sold out by 12 oclock. Harry gave notice, just after we came home.
22-1-: I picked pines. Lily went to see Granny at the hospital. I am not feeling too good lately and have done nothing but pick pines. This evening we will have to load up. It is trying weather we are having just now and it must surely rain soon.
23-1-: Went in with pines and sold out very well. The weather is hot and dry with plenty of wind.
24-1-: We picked our pines and went to town and got a few things from Foulkes sale. And also went round and saw Mrs Wooler about her boy but he would not come to work. I got a cover on the front wheel of my bike and went round Port Curtis Road to see about a lad for work. I heard of one I may probably get.
25-1-: We were off early with pines and sold out all but orders by 11 and we had 48 dozen. I got the first sovereign I have had for 4 years, the Captain of the Bunning only paid me with it for pines.
26-1-: I stayed at home and rested.
27-1-: Williams and I picked pines. My word it was hot all right. We picked 50 dozen and loaded the cart ready for morning.
28-1-: Went and sold our pines. Sold out by about 11 oclock and then went to Foulkes for the things I bought last Friday. I was home again fairly early. I paid Harry what I owed him in Mrs Leans shop and we had a drink. I am now alone.
29-1-: I picked 60 dozen pines and cased 19 1/2 dozen and took to the station, came back and loaded the cart ready for to morrow. It was not so hot today, but for a while it was fairly severe all right. Sold 5/- worth pines this afternoon.
30-1-: I was up and off with the pines early and could have sold a lot more. Marks have advertised that they are off. I thought I would have had plenty for some time yet, but the sun has played havoc with them, during the last week or so and I am afraid I will soon be cut out also.
31-1-: I was up early and picked pines. I went to the city after and banked cash. Also went and spent a few hours with Pete, had lunch and dinner over there and came home.
1-2--: I went in with pines and had a very good day and was home and horse out and fed by 2.15.
2-2--: I picked pines at the top of the hill and carried them down as I was afraid crows would get them.
3-2--: I gathered nearly 60 dozen pines and 50 suckers. Also got a barrow load of wood and looked after Bob, as to water etc. It came up a bit like rain and I fancy we are not far off a bit of wet weather.
4-2--: I went in with pines and sold out very well indeed. Got home, horse out and had a bit of scran by 3 oclock.
5-2--: I picked pines and fixed the fence round at Cecils place to try and keep Barnes cows out. I shot a fine snake down there.
6-2--: I was off early with pines and did very well. Got a nice little order for pines to go to the Dawson Valley, also some suckers. We had a nice storm last night. But after the sun had been out for a while you could not tell we had any.
7-2--: I was up early and picked and cased pines. I had to take them to the station, I brought cases back. I only got 4 cases for the five I sent to Blair Athol and not one of these are my own.
8-2--: I went in with 40 dozen pines sold out well. I felt very crook and am pretty glad the season is about over. The weather is something awful for heat and no rain comes.
9-2--: I just cut a bit of wood and looked after old Bob. It was a pretty warm day.
10-2-: I spent a busy day picking fruit. My word it was warm and I made myself rather tired too. The rain keeps off although some seems to fall all round us.
11-2-: I went in with pines they went all right and considering the kind they were I must be very satisfied with the days taking.
12-2-: I picked pines. Cased 4 cases and took to the station. Storms went all round us. I suppose we will get some rain before long.
13-2-: I was off with pines as early as I could get and sold out all right, although I had a lot of sun burnt ones and indeed I had very few up to much.
14-2-: I sawed a bit of wood and then went to town and banked a little money also paid Williams Limited and paid Mr Lutton for 2 flood photos he is framing 6/10d
15-2-: I pulled a lot of weeds and carted a load of firewood from Burns paddock. It was rather on the warm side, but no amount of rain favours us.
16-2-: Stayed home.
17-2-: I pulled weeds out from amongst the pines, also did a little hoeing.
18-2-: I hoed a little and drove to the family to Harriss sale. Went round to Lawsons and heard that Granny had gone back to hospital.
19-2-: I hoed a row of pines and drew water out of the well for Bob, had 8 shots at a big snake down the well, but never hit it properly. It has come on to rain and seems like plenty of rain. My word it has been dry for a long time now, it is high time some wet weather came along.
20-2-: Creek came down during the night. It is fairly high I went round and shot the snake in the well. I have not felt very well lately . I worked a bit at the shed. Weeds are beginning to thrive now. It seems as though the drought has broken for good.
21-2-: I worked a bit at the shed and went to town and banked a bit of money. After I came home I got Bob and took a dozen pines down to the dairy for Arthur Huff and brought a load of wood back.
22-2-: I knocked out 30 rows of pines amongst the smooth leaves and hoed 2 rows of the smooth leaves. Took pines down to Arthurs for Ruscoes.
23-2-: Went down and had a look at Mother, she is at Arthurs.
24-2-: I knocked out several rows of pines and then went to Hollands sale and bought bike and other things. Also went to Kirbys and got £1/17/8d worth of remnants.
25-2-: I picked pines and finished knocking out the suckers amongst the smooth leaves. Afternoon I went in with the pines and got some groceries and brought home the things I got yesterday at the sale.
26-2-: I hoed smooth leaves near the house and fixed the chair I got yesterday. A man from Emerald called and got 8/- worth of pine. My word the creek does stink, the rotten burr is the trouble.
27-2-: I hoed 4 rows of smooth leaf pines and afternoon I started to plow a piece of ground. The creek stinks awful and the days are very warm. I went down to see Mother after tea.
28-2-: I ploughed. Rose Lawson came out to tell us that Granny had taken a bad turn. I got Joe to come out and take Lily in but she was too late to see her Mother alive cost £1/4/- for car hire.
1-3--: It rained all day. I took Mother a couple of smooth leaf pines and came back and got ready and rode the bike to Lawsons. It went to the cemetery and saw Grannys remains interred. It was a crook trip as the roads were so rough and I got splashed pretty well too. Sent a letter to Cecil.
2-3--: Stayed at home.
3-3--: I ploughed a bit and pulled weeds out from amongst the pines. The weather is awfully hot and I fancy we will get rain. I planted 4 rows of peas.
4-3--: I harrowed the ground and weeded 2 rows of Ripley pines. My word it was hot today. I cant get a shift on with work at all.
5-3--: I did not do much as it was so awfully hot. I pulled the weeds out of a row of Ripleys and did a bit towards a bench for the black smiths shop.
6-3--: I just worked in the shed.
7-3--: I weeded Ripleys and run the cultivator over the piece of ground I have ploughed, also went to the station and got cases.
8-3--: I was up early and loaded the cart with soil to take to Dunlops. Got ground for Arthur and myself. It was very warm, I picked and took them to Ruscoes.
9-3--: I read a book and took things easy.
10-3-: I planted 2 rows of sweet spuds, also dug between 2 rows of Smooth leaf pines.
11-3-: I dug between smooth leaves and pulled suckers off pines I knocked out a couple of weeks ago.
12-3-: I dug 5 rows of smooth leaves and cut wood etc.
13-3-: I went to a sale and bought cabinet and camera outfit was 9/6d and 3/- and sundry things I got also.
14-3-: I dug between 3 rows of pines and went to town and got the things, also a few groceries and the buggy wheel from Nelsons.
15-3-: Drove Lily to town to do shopping. It was pretty warm sitting in the buggy and I got a fine headache.
16-3-: Went to church Rev Heatons Farewell.
17-3-: Dug between pines and fixed Bates walking stick also fixed up the cabinet I got the other day. It will be a nice piece of furniture when it is finished.
18-3-: I went to a sale and got a suite for our dining room and other little things. I also got measured for a pair of pants £1/15/-. It does seem a stiff price but I think they will be all right for wear.
19-3-: I trimmed suckers ready for planting.
20-3-: I got an early start and carted suckers to a place near where I am going to plant. Went for milk. In the afternoon I planted 200 suckers.
21-3-: I planted 100 suckers and then went to town and got my trousers and paid for them. I went to Lowes sale of jewellery but got nothing. The weather was awfully warm. I hope it will rain soon.
22-3-: I finished planting the suckers round the hill. Afternoon I went down and helped to brand calves and fixed the frame of Claras go-cart hood. Things are getting pretty dry again. Lily cleaned the armchair of the suite I got Thursday and it looks fine.
23-3-: Went and listened to Rev Griffiths.
24-3-: I dressed pineapple suckers and made a light conductor for enlarging my photos. The weather is rather warm throughout the day, but cool during the early hours of the morning.
25-3-: I did some hoeing and also started to rebuild the old go-cart down in the shed, also had to fix chair legs etc.
26-3-: I did more hoeing and a bit more to the go-cart also went up for cases and got the rest of the cut up wood from Burns paddock.
27-3-: I did a fair lot of hoeing and went for milk, did a bit more to the go cart and carried over 200 suckers up to the place where I intend planting them. Lily has been busy fixing up the dining room suite and has finished all but one chair.
28-3-: I planted pines, went for milk. Had early dinner and rode the bike to town and got a piece of glass for the cabinet and some sand paper. Also called and saw Mrs King and got some plates from her.
29-3-: I planted more pines and went for pork and milk. I fixed the shelf for the cabinet and cut out a piece of 3 ply to screw on to the back and also trimmed 50 suckers ready for planting.
30-3-: Took Eddie a cheque. Also called at Charleys and got some pork brawn.
31-3-: Planted 50 suckers, went for milk and hoed pines.
1-4--: Hoed pines.
2-4--: I again hoed pines. The days are dry and windy and it seems marvellous how the rain keeps off. It is raining in several places, but we seem to be in for very little.
3-4--: Hoed pines and put a rail in at the end of the shed near footing. Also kept fires going at stumps. Rose came and had a look at us.
4-4--: I hoed pines again and put in another rail and nailed palings on, also sawed a bit of wood and went down for milk again I went down and got a few things Clara brought out for us.
5-4--: I finished a bit of hoeing and did a bit to the shed. Afternoon I went and got timber picked out and put in a stack, 300 feet. Went and separated and churned 7 lots of butter. Beryl went too.
6-4--: Went to church, Bibbys Farewell.
7-4--: Hoed pines.
8-4--: Hoed pines and put a piece of iron bark up in the shed to strengthen a post.
9-4--: Again I hoed pines. Took the wheels off my old odd job cart. I am going to build it up again with springs under it.
10-4-: I hoed pines. Went for milk as usual. Mother and Laura called and had a look at us.
11-4-: I hoed pines and went for milk and turned the separator. There seems to be a bit of a change in the weather. It is very hot today.
12-4-: I hoed some pines and then put the spring on the axle. I did a bit more towards making the cart, it was very warm today. Things are looking dicky for winter, I wish it would rain.
13-4-: Went to church Rev Short.
14-4-: Finished hoeing the narrow rows of pines and cut out the bottom frame of the new cart I am making.
15-4-: I hoed a row of pines running down to the lane and then went for milk. Afternoon I went and got bolts etc.
16-4-: I pretty well knocked the old cart to pieces and put the bolt in the frame. Also hoed another row of pines.
17-4-: I painted the wheels and springs of the cart with Plymel and hoed a row and a half of pines.
18-4-: Quiet day.
19-4-: I hoed pines etc.
20-4-: Did not go to church.
21-4-: Bit of a picnic over at Newmans.
22-4-: I hoed a couple of rows of pines
23-4-: I hoed a row of pines and then went for milk and fixed the spout so that if we should be favoured by rain our tank may get filled.
24-4-: Splendid rain all through the night and kept going pretty well throughout the day. I was kept in the house nearly all the time. Best rain for a mighty long time.
25-4-: It drizzled th rough the night I fancy that altogether we had pretty well 4 inches of rain since it started. I split a nice lot of wood and picked 43 smooth leaf suckers, dug a place and planted them, also grubbed out a sapling up in Bobs paddock.
26-4-: I planted smooth leaf suckers in spaces of the 3 rows near the W. C, knocked out some near the roses and grubbed out saplings up the garden.
27-4-: Went and listened to Griffiths.
28-4-: Got Bob and put in a good day with the plow amongst the pines. It was splendid rain we had and will benefit the pines very much. It is to be hoped that more comes along before things get as dry as they were a week ago.
29-4-: Ploughed amongst the pines and got suckers ready for filling spaces where pines had died out.
30-4-: Again I ploughed amongst pines finished all but 9 rows of the lot below the track.
1-5--: I went to town and got some timber and groceries. I put in a big day and both Bob and I were tired.
2-5--: I got suckers and filled a lot of spaces also went to town on the bike and did a little business. After I got home I pulled suckers. After tea I made some enlargements. Influenza very crook in Brisbane.
3-5--: I filled up the rest of the spaces. It came on to rain. Afternoon I put in 4 rows of sweet potatoes. It did not rain much before night after all.
4-5--: I did not go to church, now 8 oclock evening and raining.
5-5--: I put out a row of young mandarin trees down to the gate, also pruned a few trees. It rained pretty well all the afternoon fairly heavy too. It is no doubt and looks as if it could keep going for some time. Splendid Labor Day.
6-5--: I put in a couple of hours during the morning and all the afternoon at the grubbing.
7-5--: I grubbed trees all day. The job is beginning to get a bit irksome.
8-5--: Grubbed out trees all day, I dont get very big days in as I have to go for milk and do other bits of jobs. 3 days work. I put in grubbing the breadth along the fence.
9-5--: I was up grubbing for about 1 hour. It is raining again and seems as though it could keep on. I went up and cut a couple of heaps of wood.
10-5-: I worked at clearing a bit of land up above the old iron bark stump. I also took the part of the press to Dick Bunnage. It did not rain to day, although it seemed like it a bit.
11-5-: Went and listened to Mrs Baker she did very well.
12-5-: It has been showering all through the day. I put in over 100 smooth leaf suckers and cut a bit of wood. Also started fixing up the gocart I got at a sale recently. My word it rained this afternoon, came down bonsor. Some hope of the creek coming down now.
13-5-: I hoed and mowed grass and other rubbish near the roses. Also pulled all the spear grass from amongst the pines on the bit of land George Thompson and I dug during the flood time and cut a few more tops up for firewood.
14-5-: I was hoeing grass and cleaning up the roses. It is very wet for hoeing. I shifted the R.A. Victoria Rose from near the steps. I cut the rest of the tops off the trees I grubbed out and sawed a bit for firewood. My back was too crook to work much.
15-5-: I cut weeds from amongst the pines below the stable. Mother got word that Cecil was at Lytton.
16-5-: I finished cutting the weeds amongst the pines I started yesterday.
17-5-: I went down for milk and pork. After that I had a bit of lunch and rode the bike to town and got a few things. Afternoon I went up to Presss and got 5 mounts and some negatives. I ordered paper at Lynn Studio.
18-5-: Went to church and listened to Rev Short.
19-5-: I got up about 12.30 and went possum shooting I had 26 shots and only got 1 possum to skin, the rifle was corroded and would not shoot straight.
20-5-: I hoed a bit and dug around the roses, also snigged the trees off the land I grubbed. Cecil came home, paid 15/- for a motorcar to bring him out. I drove him to see Mother and also to Bunnages. In the rain coming home it was wet.
21-5-: It rained pretty well all day. I just went for milk and Cecil and I knocked about the house. Arthur came up and took him home with him. I have had a headache all day.
22-5-: I made a pair of shafts for the new cart I am building and put out cosmos plants. It rained during the day off and on. I went to C.E. expecting Cecil would be there but he didnt turn up.
23-5-: I cut rubbish with the hook amongst the pines near the steps. I also turned 4 legs a bit for a stool I am going to make.
24-5-: I went over to Beals and Cecil and Mother were over too and spent a nice time. Roads were a bit rough for the bike.
25-5-: Went to church and heard the new Minister in Heatons place Rev A. Taylor.
26-5-: I took Cecil around to 2 places. Afternoon I hoed cobbler pegs. It was a bit cloudy and I thought it might rain very shortly.
27-5-: I cut weeds with a hook away up at the top end of the garden. Afternoon I run the plow through the pines be low the stable. I also put the finish on the stool legs I have turned. Went for milk as usual and got a couple of logs down to the sawhorse.
28-5-: I sawed wood and mowed grass during the morning. Cut weeds amongst the pines at the top end of the garden du ring the afternoon. Took the family up to a meeting of welcome to soldiers who have come home safely from the war. We thought it was going to be a welcome to Cecil but we had evidently made a mistake.
29-5-: I did a bit of hoeing and cut more grass with the hook among the pines. Also took a couple of snapshots of my place and Cecils.
30-5-: I worked about the place getting firewood ready for Lily so that I could go to Brisbane with Cecil.
31-5-: I rode the bike to the city and left it at Kingels and went to Brisbane with Cecil.
1-6--: Spent a nice time at Thompsons and slept at the Peoples Palace, don't like the place.
2-6--: Cecil and I got up and had breakfast and then went out to Rosalie and hunted Opperman up. He and his wife had been sick with the flu and took Cecil to the ferry and slept at Peoples Palace.
3-6--: I caught tram to Rosalie and took my things to Herbs place. Knocked about with Herb. Slept at Oppermans.
4-6--: I went out to Teds and cheered him up a bit. The beggar kept me awake until after 1 oclock.
5-6--: I got the black smith to make me a set of hinges and fixed and hung a gate for Ted. It kept me going fairly well all day. Ted said I made a good job of it so I suppose it is all right.
Cleaveland Jetty6-6--: It rained a bit during the early morning. I stayed about the shop and house and afternoon Teddy Nevil and I walked right round to the Cleveland Jetty and I took some photos.
7-6--: I caught a train back to Brisbane did a bit of shopping and went out to Herbs.
8-6--: Cecil came to Herbs and took me out to Alderley again.
9-6--: I walked miles about Brisbane doing various shopping and went out to Herbs and took more photos, caught the 20 to 10 train for Rocky.
10-6-: Landed at Stanley Street just after 4 and came home on the Mt Morgan train. Influenza has been very bad and is so yet. Joe Cavell gone and several others I knew
11-6-: I went down and saw Arthur and Charley, also dressed the suckers. I also had to go to Morrells for my camera and kit bag.
12-6-: I went for milk, cleaned my rifle and cut the surplus leaves off the suckers carried 180 of them up the hill and planted them. Also put out several tomato plants I now have the patch filled with tomatoes feel tired too.
13-6-: I cleaned a place to plant the rest of the smooth leaf suckers and carried them up and planted them.
14-6-: I went to town by train and got my enlargement paper 2 packets cost 11/ - I also got my bike and rode it home. Rocky is full of flu. I went down to the chows and got some vegetables.
15-6-: Put in a quiet day. Had a look at Charley and the rest of them.
16-6-: I worked a little at the cart and dug ballast for the man to cart down to Arthurs cow yards. It was very warm to day and big fog hung over things till nearly dinnertime. Went down for milk.
17-6-: I dug all the stuff Mr Watson carted. I also went for milk as usual. I was out after possums last night but saw none to shoot at and came home pretty tired in the feet etc.
18-6-: I dug a fair lot of ballast and hoed a row of tomatoes and pines, went for milk. It was not so hot today. Arthurs man went very slow at it. He is quite willing for me to do most of the work.
19-6-: I hoed 3 rows of smooth leaf pines went for milk and dug a bit of material for Arthurs man to cart. The weather seems inclined towards being cold now.
20-6-: I hoed among the pines and cut a lot of roses and looked for some pines. It was pretty cold this morning. I hugged the bedclothes, you bet. We are getting a fair bit of excavating done which makes more room near the house. I dug a fair bit of ballast too.
21-6-: Hoed 2 rows of pines went for milk, dug a bit of ballast and put the shafts of the cart together and fixed them to the cart. I then cut a bit of firewood and knocked off for the day. It was not quite so cold this morning as was the case yesterday.
22-6-: I went for milk and then came and had a shave and went down to see Mother at the dairy.
23-6-: I hoed 3 rows of pines and tomatoes. Then I went down for the drop of milk and the rest of the day I worked at the cart I am building on the old iron wheels. It seems as though it is going to be a bit warmer again. It is cloudy now.
24-6-: I worked at the cart, went up to Williams and got a 25 lb of flour. I came back and went for milk and worked at the cart. I got on very well and dug a bit of ballast for Arthurs man as well.
25-6-: I did a bit of ironwork for the cart. Went for milk as usual and covered 80 pines and got a barrow load of wood from up the top end of the place. The crows were at the pines and I had a shot at them when they went I got sever al pines that they had freshly picked.
26-6-: I hoed a side of a row of Ripleys and went for milk. I did not work at the cart today. I set fire to 11 stumps up at the top end of my place. Went for milk as per usual and cut a bunch of roses for a party who called got 1/- for them also sold 1/- worth of pines to same lady.
27-6-: I set 2 more stumps on fire and kept the fires going, hoed along the side of a row of Ripleys and helped Arthurs man to load his dray he took 6 good loads down today. Beryl and I went and picked peas.
28-6-: I hoed a row of smooth leaf pines near the W.C. and looked after the stumps that I am burning I also went for milk as usual too. There was a very big fog on till nearly dinnertime and after it cleared it was very hot.
29-6-: Stayed at home and lazed about.
30-6-: I was up be times and went up and put 2 plugs of gelignite into the stump I let her go, it shot the old thing up all right. I set it afire after breakfast and it has been going well all day. I looked after the other stumps and lighted 3 more, also did some weeding and digging ballast for Watson.
1-7--: I looked to my fires went for milk and hoed pines also dug a bit of ballast for Arthurs man to cart. Cold change in the weather not far from frost this morning.
2-7--: First frost I have heard about this season. I hoed pines and continued my stump burning, fixed paint up for Lily to paint the cart, I run a few barrow loads of stuff down to the lime tree too. Bit of a cold wind blows these days my word, eh what.
3-7--: I finished weeding the Ripleys and had 4 trips to the stumps. I went for milk and dug some filling material for Arthur.
4-7--: I set fire to a stump, dug a quantity of ballast and also did some hoeing. I also sawed a few blocks for firewood.
5-7--: I worked at the cart a bit and other things.
6-7--: Went to the peace service at Gracemere.
7-7--: I put the tip on my cart and fastened the irons on the tail board, wrote a little letter to Cecil and got Frank Morrell to post it.
8-7--: I fixed up the tailboard of the cart and mixed some blue paint to paint the body with. I also did some weeding and helped Arthurs man with material for his road. The cart only requires to be painted now and an affair making to enable me to put a bigger load on.
9-7--: I hoed weeds and dug a bit of stuff near the steps. I had to go round my fence up the lane in the afternoon as Barnes horses were in my place.
10-7-: I sawed wood and hoed pines also went and got my tea etc from the station and got flour and sugar from Mrs Williams who brought it down for me. I sold a bunch of roses and 12 pines to Mrs Sealy and Laurie. Lily painted a bit at cart.
11-7-: Hoed a bit and worked at the cart.
12-7-: I worked at the cart all day. There is a front board to put in and it is about finished except painting.
13-7-: Went down for milk and then down and had a look at Charley. It was hot today.
14-7-: I made the front board for the cart and fixed a stop for the tip. Also turned 4 spindles for my stool. Finished small cart.
15-7-: I finished my stool up to the point where Lily starts, also put fresh fires to a couple of my stumps that went out last time and was at the job.
16-7-: I hoed pines near the well, sawed a few blocks of wood, and went for milk and put arsenic and caustic soda in a gum sapling. Durin g the evening I pruned a rose tree, my word I cut a lot of growth out of it. I also mixed a tin of spray and sprayed 2 lemon trees that I didnt get done with the rest. I feel tired tonight.
17-7-: I went on with the hoeing near the well, also grubbed out a few big lantana bushes among the pines.
18-7-: I finished the patch of pines I was hoeing, went round and put a new sapling in the fence round at Cecils place. I put a bit of a fake up to hold the creeping rose firm and poked about at other jobs and the day closed with supper. Horrible windy weather.
19-7-: I worked at fixing the windows of the dining room.
20-7-: I went over to Eddie with the guinea for the church subscription.
21-7-: I didnt hurt the work much today. I just went for milk and came back and took photos of the children. I had a very crook headache throughout the day. Big procession in the city today in honour of peace.
22-7-: I hoed pines, got wood and milk etc. I had a bit of a crook headache again. My word old sol gave it out hot today. After tea I printed a few photos of Ken and they are very good. I have very good negatives. I feel on the sick side of things myself.
23-7-: I hoed a row of pines. Eddie came over and borrowed my scythe.
24-7-: I went down to Charleys and got an old tyre and 3 bits of iron. I felt pretty crook.
25-7-: I went for milk and got a 5x5 piece for a house block. I sharpened picks and made irons for the cart. Jim Stewart called and gave me 5/- for pines.
26-7-: I dug some ballast, went for milk and then rode the old bike to town and bought several things. Frank Morrell came and took a splinter out of Kennys toe.
27-7-: I just went for milk and knocked around at home all day.
28-7-: I put a couple of irons on the cart got firewood and dug ballast near the house. Awful windy weather.
29-7-: I made a stocking darner for mother also other bits of jobs. Spent pretty well the afternoon getting old Bob from Charleys.
30-7-: I went up and got some meat and after breakfast I went and got a couple of loads of wood. Afternoon I ran the disc over a piece of land near the well. My word the sun was hot as fire this afternoon it was better than the wind of the last couple of days though.
31-7-: I turned 2 pairs of rests for pictures and helped Lily to hang her Mothers photo, dug so me ballast and ran the disc over the piece of land again. It was very hot again today. After I got the horse out I pretty well dug the hole out to put the house block up. Their old fellow is not much on work lately.
1-8--: I went in and got groceries for Charley, Arthur and myself. I was off pretty early and still did not get home till it was almost 5 oclock. I put in a pretty fair day at it.
2-8--: I finished the hole for the house blocks, went for milk and sharpened 3 saws. Afternoon I put the block up and fixed a feed box for Bob. Weather has again turned cool. Cecil came up from Brisbane.
3-8--: Cecil went over to Eddies and back after dinner and to town to see friends.
4-8--: I dug mettle, went for milk and picked a few pines and afternoon Cecil and I took a walk over Jones paddock and looked at things pretty well. After tea we went down and brought back a couple of whistlers with us.
5-8--: I went for milk. I had to put a couple of things on the cart to hang the traces on. I finished morning by digging ballast. After dinner I carted 3 loads manure from the dairy. Tommy Jones has accepted Cecils offer of £ 8 per acre for his paddock. By gum there is some pear on it.
6-8--: I was early away for manure, got one load and when down for the end I saw the cart was a bit broke so had to chuck it. Cecil and I fixed it after dinner so it is again ready for work.
7-8--: I carted 5 loads of manure. The sun was very hot. There was no frost this morning I think. I have got a bit of a cold somehow, hope it doesnt develop into something worse.
8-8--: 5 more loads of manure today. I dont feel very good on it or I think I could score 6 loads today.
9-8--: Carted 2 loads of manure during the morning. Afternoon played draughts with Cecil he can wallop me all right. I feel too off to go to the welcome. Carted 17 loads of manure in my new cart this week up to today put it on piece of land near my well.
10-8-: Went for milk and looked after Bob.
11-8-: I went for milk and poked around at different jobs during the morning. Afternoon Cecil and I went up and made a start at hoeing pines right at the farther end of the garden. After tea I made enlargements with the camera wouldnt work.
12-8-: Hoed pines etc.
13-8-: Hoed more pines. Cut out a frame for Kennys photo but so far it is not too good.
14-8-: Carried Cecils port down to Arthurs for him. I put the frame together for Kennys enlargement and hoed 4 rows of pines. I was rather tired at the finish.
15-8-: I hoed some pines and went for milk and did a bit towards framing Kennys enlargement. The weather is awfully dry.
16-8-: I finished hoeing the piece that Cecil and I started during the week, went to the dairy for pork. After dinner I went up to the church and put the seat up. Felt pretty tired when I got back home. None of them turned up.
17-8-: Went and listened to Rev Whyte. Saw Tommy Jones and arranged to meet him at the post office at 10 oclock Tuesday morning.
18-8-: I hoed 1 1/2 rows of pines that run down to the lane. My back aches crook at the job.
19-8-: I did 1 1/2 rows of weeding. My back gets a great ache on at the job.
20-8-: Went in and fixed up about Jones paddock, also ran over and saw Pete Beal for awhile. By gum buying property is not much chop for much expenses.
21-8-: I weeded pines also put Kennys photo in the frame and got it hung.
22-8-: I did pretty well at the hoeing and cut a bit of firewood also did a bit of turning. It was cool in the early morning but got hot during the day.
23-8-: I hoed pines. Took Evas photo. I grubbed out lantana after dinner. After supper I printed photos I had good fortune with them this time, done some of Kennys, Eva, Violet King and they are all right.
24-8-: Went for a walk with Arthur down the old farm way.
25-8-: It tried to rain today but did not succeed very well. I did a little turning and dug stuff out from under the back of the verandah.
26-8-: I hoed over 1 1/2 rows of pines during the morning and afternoon I helped Arthur with the dip.
27-8-: Hoed the same amount as I did yesterday and afternoon I helped Arthur with the dip again.
28-8-: I hoed a fair lot of weeds among the pines, went for milk etc. I also put the windlass on my well again, got 30 gallons of water up. It was pretty warm again today and all our family are very dry in the mouth.
29-8-: I hoed 2 rows of pines and fixed up a roller for the windlass round at Cecils. The sun made things pretty warm.
30-8-: I hoed a row, took Violets photo and afternoon I put the windlass up round the hill and got timber from Arthur.
31-8-: Went for milk and gave Bob a drink.
1-9--: I hoed a row of pines and made a bit of a start at another one. I had to go for milk too. Then I rode the bike to town, paid my rates and lodge and bought nails and other things and got home about knocked out.
2-9--: I started to take the weatherboards of the kitchen outer walls and put them on horizontally. Also took Bob for water and hoed a row of pines. My word it was rather warm from dinner till about 4 o clock. One would almost expect storms. Went and had a look at Arthurs dip.
3-9--: I worked at the weatherboard wall during the morning and afternoon I hoed a row of pines.
4-9--: I worked at the wall during the morning. Afternoon I hoed another row of pines. It was very hot at times through the day, but fairly windy now and then too.
5-9--: I worked at the wall and got on fairly well, knocked up a bit of a retouching disk and printed a few photos. I took 12 pines down for Mrs Ruscoe when I took Bob to water. It is pretty crook weather now windy and yet hot.
6-9--: I put the window up again and also a few small pieces of weatherboards. Afternoon I had a go at retouching a negative. It was windy today and it is awfully dry, rain would be very welcome.
7-9--: Went for milk, watered Bob, wrote 2 letters and knocked around home.
8-9--: I worked at Arthurs dip all day, my word it was toil too. I feel as tired as I desire.
9-9--: Did some hoeing, took Bob for a drink and went to town and bought sundry stuff at Mc Farlanes sale. I fancy I did pretty well if I landed them home in good condition. After I got b ack I did some more hoeing and put pines in a case to go 140 miles past Longreach.
10-9-: I got off pretty early and took some water in for George Crawford and brought out my stuff, then had dinner and took a case of pines to the station, came back and too k some of the cedar moulding to pieces and other things. I fixed up that came from the sale.
11-9-: I put up the tool rack I got from the sale and put a lot of stuff in it, also finished the row of pines I have been chipping at since Tuesday. Tom Crilly came and looked us up. He looked very fit.
12-9-: I started to make window shades and hoed a bit among pines.
13-9-: I got the shades up in a sort of way and fixed the stovepipe firmly to the house. Afternoon I turned a top and 4 handles, went for milk and cut a bit of wood.
14-9-: Stayed at home.
15-9-: I wrote to Cecil and sent a cheque to Denhams, also answered a letter from Many Peaks and took a rifle barrel to the station and sent by post. Also started to alter the wall near the tank up stairs. I finishe d the last row of pines that I have been hoeing for some time. Picked couple dozen pines also.
16-9-: I chased around after flowers for Mrs Williams and put a couple of boards on before breakfast, kept on at the job until dinner. After dinner I took Bob for water, went for milk and did some hoeing and several other bits of jobs.
17-9-: I finished digging pear and lantana along the front, made a door for the workshop and other bits of jobs.
18-9-: I gathered the pear out of Bobs paddock put it in a heap and sprayed it. I also made a start at soldering the spouting for the verandah. It came up like rain, but it holds off awful.
19-9-: I soldered more spouting yesterday I made my first angle and another today. Also took the rusty sheeting of iron off the roof a nd replaced it with 2 short pieces I then took the door near the forge down and took the iron off it and put better on.
20-9-: I worked hard at putting the spouting up, I got it all the way round and did it fairly well when one thinks of the material I had to work. Arthur came up and got 3 dozen of the bolts I got at the sale last Tuesday week.
21-9-: I rested quietly.
22-9-: I finished my spouting job and also went down and got a 6x1 board and rabbited it to put it up at the back corner of the house also hoed along the bottom row of pines near my fowl gate.
23-9-: I hoed a row of pines and went up the hill and got a couple of posts for the fowl run. I felt very off colour today and had to lie down for a good while before dinner.
24-9-: I hoed pines and put the posts in. Afternoon I went over to Jones paddock and went right round the fence and saw how much wire it required to fix it up.
25-9-: I hoed pines and did other bits of jobs. Made another top too.
26-9-: I hoed a bit and went down to Arthurs and lengthened the thread on my 3/4 bolt so as it will act as an arbor for the Carborundum wheel and also brought some K wire up with me. Did some hoeing and went and got some wire netting.
27-9-: I did some hoeing and a bit to the fixing of the fowl run. Afternoon I went down the road around to Arthurs and Charleys and over to Eddies.
28-9-: Had Watson here for dinner and tea, he went to Mt Morgan by evening train. Went for a walk over to Cecils paddock.
29-9-: I hoed a row of pines. Got the fowl run gate shifted and other jobs.
Got a letter from Grand Father nice breezy letter.
30-9-: Hoed a row and finished the alteration to fowl run. Paid our tea bill and did a few other bits of jobs.
1-10-: Hoed pines etc. Very hot in the middle of the day.
2-10-: I finished hoeing a row that I started yesterday. Afternoon I dug the rest of the drain at the back of my shed. I had to take the wife to the city also and that settled the day. We left Beryl and Herby at Arthurs place while we were away.
3-10-: I hoed 1 1/2 rows, sawed a log of wood and did other bits of jobs etc. My word it was windy today blow a bloke to pieces.
4-10-: Hoed a bit and worked in my shed a little. I got a headache and felt none too well at all during the afternoon.
5-10-: Went for a walk round the chows gardens.
6-10-: I knocked the bench out of my shed and took the other one down and put it in its place. Also hoed along a row of pines. Awfully dry weather.
7-10-: Went to town and got back for dinner bought fasteners for the dining room windows and also secured 2 coils of wire at Denhams.
8-10-: I made a photo frame out of some of the cedar and put the seat and wheels and chain off the bike I bought at Hollands sale on to the old Rover frame I got off Tennants. I had tea and rode it over to Eddies. The bike runs very easy.
9-10-: I did a few bits of jobs and had dinner and went to the city and bought various things. 2 coils of wire for Cecils fence over the line and stuff for Arthur. There was a bit of a storm while I was coming home but we did not ge t much rain out of it.
10-10: Lily and I fixed up the 3 photos that required doing. I put a fastener on my shop door and a few other bits of jobs, but taking things all through did not get through much work.
11-10: I sharpened chisels etc and also carted my well timber from Arthurs.
12-10: Went to church and listened to the Rev Taylor of Campbell Street.
13-10: Picked 12 pines and took down to go to Mrs Ruscoe also set fire to an old stump and did a few bits of jobs.
14-10: I saw to my fires and cut down the double iron bark tree up where Ted Read and I cleared pear, I stacked the tops on to the pear and cut several saplings and put on too also rooted out a lot of young pear.
15-10: I made a rocker and put on a chair also did various other things to the sai d chair and made it strong. Also fixed up a revolving seat ready to upholster, turned a grip and put on a brace. A fine storm came along towards evening, which made things nice and wet.
16-10: I scattered the manure over the ground and ploughed it in. Also did a bit with the vine hoe. A young fellow came and asked for a job and I let him start I dont know how hell pan out he only has the clothes he stands up in.
17-10: Dick and I were putting out tomatoes. I went up and posted Crillys P.S.C. too and broug ht back 7 lb of corned beef. Got tomato plants almost over the whole patch and I also went and got vegetables from Georgie and pumpkins from Yuen Hop. I am afraid the lad I have here is not going to be much good to me.
18-10: I gave the chap 10/-. Georgie gave him a lift to town too, couldn t see ourselves to leave him in possession while we were at the picnic. Took family to the picnic and had a sort of day. Beryl and Herby say they enjoyed it and Lily too I suppose it was all right.
19-10: Went to church and listened to the Rev Griffiths.
20-10: I worked about the place during the morning and afternoon the chap and I went and started doing Cecils fence.
21-10: Did pretty well same as yesterday. It was very warm over at the fence this afternoon and the bloke is such a mug that it makes the work come all the heavier on me.
22-10: I made an axe handle and also a chisel handle and got the bloke to turn the grinding stone and I sharpened 2 chisels and 2 axes. He filled up the tomato patch putting fresh plants in the places where they had died. Afternoon we went to Cecils place once again it has wires right round it. It wants straining in places. Several trees had fallen across the fence, I am tired.
23-10: I grubbed saplings and lantana out along the fence this s ide of the gate. Afternoon bloke and I went and cut out a poisoned pear and strained wires also run some cattle out and shut the gate. It will be a rotten job to do all the pear. If I had a good mate it would not be so bad paid Mc Donald by cheque today.
24-10: The bloke got up some time after I called him, and after giving a few chops with the axe mooched off to the tomato patch and walked round. I am quite sure that I never met a more lazy bit of humanity anywhere. He s an absolutely waster. During the afternoon I made him give the tomato plants another watering and started to put a staging down the well for me to work on while retimbering.
25-10: Worked all morning at fixing the staging and I think it is very satisfactory. Tom came over and is taking his furniture home. We got a bit of a storm this afternoon.
26-10: Went to church Rev Large.
27-10: I had a bit of a go at my axe handle after helping Tom with his furniture and then put the ladder down the well and knock some trimming off the sides.
28-10: I went down the well for a while and then put Bob to the little cart and went to dairy for tar and timber. Helped to lift a couple of gateposts for Arthur.
29-10: I worked at the well again today. I fixed the heavy pieces and got 2 sets of timber in and I have made it smaller than I intended but I think it will be all right.
30-10: I cut 9 sets of timber and carted them up to the well and got them tarred, I knocked off just after 4 oclock and felt very tired indeed. It was so awfully hot today. Fairly takes the stuffing out of a chap. It was much like rain but seems to blow away.
31-10: I worked at the well. I got 7 sets of timber in. I think it takes me about 5 times down the well to put in 1 set so I have been down the well today over 30 times. I lower down 4 tins of filling at a time then come up and fish for the handle of the tins and haul up.
1-11-: I put 2 sets of timber in and had to put an awful lot of filling down to go behind. It has been a very tiring week for me but I have got on with the job A.1. I went fishing afternoon and got no fish got a fine big turtle.
2-11-: Adj Baker I went up and had a listen to.
3-11-: I got the platform up out of the well. I was glad to be able to get it up by myself. I then took down the windlass and began to take out the old timber and recut to go in again. I cut and tarred 6 sets during the afternoon.
4-11-: I cut and tarred another 6 sets of timber during the morning. Afternoon I put in 8 sets and came about 2ft 6 ins off the top.
5-11-: I put in 5 more sets of timber and threw a lot of soil round the top of the well, I also dug the post out that belonged to my old shed.
6-11-: I finished the well job and hauled up the first drum of water since commencing. I then watered 2 rows of tomatoes.
7-11-: I worked a little at getting rails up ready for the walls above the kitchen. After tea I went with Harry to the Yeppen and put the net in. I feel run down doing the well rather too much of a job for me on my own.
8-11-: I rode my bike to the Yeppen and took out the net ready for Harry, there were only a bony brim in. We had all the trouble for nothing. I came and had breakfast and then went down and hung the net out to dry.
9-11-: Cecil and Mr Johnson and I went over to Cecils paddock for a walk.
10-11: I went round some rows of pines and then got ready and rode bike to the city. Paid my debts and got a few little things and then went to the station and saw Cecil and his friend off to Brisbane. I am feeling pretty crook since I finished my well, it was a bit too much for me alone.
11-11: I am not up to work at all. I just do a bit of dodging about. Afternoon I went down and got my crow bar done and a couple of angles for my cart, helped to make some gate stops. The weather is very unhealthy for anyone now.
12-11: I spent most of the morning cutting posts out of old rails etc to fence off another bit of grass for the horse. Shot a flying fox with 1 cartridge. Cecil brought me for the 22 rifle.
13-11: I sunk postholes for Bobs new bit of a paddock. I have felt very off since I finished the retimbering of the well.
14-11: I put the posts in, not a big job and yet at the finish I was as tired as anything. If we only were to be fortunate enough to get a good rain I would no doubt feel pretty right.
15-11: I cut a bit of firewood and bored holes for wiring the fence. It was pretty hot and I cant get a work up at all. Went over to Eddies and bought a few potatoes and pumpkins.
16-11: I did not go to church Arthur cut my hair.
17-11: I took wire off the old fence up the garden and run them on the new fence. I have it pretty well fixed now.
18-11: I put a handle in a drum for the well and hoed a few rows of pines. Had to weigh out 40 lb of arsenic for Arthur, there are only 4 lb left now.
19-11: I did some hoeing and afternoon Arthur came up and we cleaned the stuff out of the well.
20-11: I hoed a little and put catches on some windows, also some pieces over the windows. It was an awfully hot day. Spent about 2 hours drilling a hole in a door for Arthurs suction gas engine.
21-11: I drilled a hole in the head of a little vine hoe and most of the rest of the day was lying down. I felt crook.
22-11: I did very little I am out of sorts altogether somehow.
23-11: Didnt go to hear Griffiths today.
24-11: I hoed a few rows of pines.
25-11: Hoed pines and had a go at fixing my bike. It was very warm again today, one would think a storm could come out of it.
26-11: I hoed a row and spent the rest of the day making an affair to drill holes in iron. When it was almost finished I found the brace I was using would not stand the business.
27-11: Hoed amongst the pines, there was a nice breeze today. I am trying to make barrow wheels out of tops of white lead pots.
28-11: I hoed pines and fixed up some shoes for Lily. Also cut firewood.
29-11: I started to make heaps of the pear round near Holdens that Ted Read and I was working at. Drove Lily over to Lauras and got pumpkins etc.
30-11: Went to church no minister.
1-12-: I went and dug out pear roots and made it so that I can tickle it up with fire. Lily found a fox I shot last night with my rifle and one on of the cartridges Cecil brought me from Brisbane.
2-12-: I spent the day making wheelbarrows for a couple of the young ones for Xmas. The weather is very queer, rain has fallen fairly well at some southern places but not here and things are awfully dry.
3-12-: I did a bit of weed pulling amongst the smooth leaf suckers I got from Bondoola. Also had to go to the station for groceries etc. Very like rain during the morning but afternoon a high wind came and cleared the air considerably. Things are no good at all.
4-12-: I did weeding and made a bit of a squat down for the children with a nice hole in it.
5-12-: I made a start at a wheelbarrow, had to take the old one to pieces which was a hard job.
6-12-: I worked at the barrow it is not a mucher as I have not suitable timber for the body however Ill make it so as it will do until I get a bit of stuff shifted with it.
7-12-: Went down with Arthur to get cow feed at the chows, went to church.
8-12-: I went and hoed 7 rows of pines, mixed some poison and applied it to several saplings. Drove the family to town where a bit of shopping was done for the lot of us. Lily got herself a pair of shoes 25/-.
9-12-: I hoed and sawed logs up for the house fire. Made a lantern slide after tea.
10-12: I finished cutting weeds among the smooth leaf and tomatoes. Awfully dry nothing but horrid storms.
11-12: I made a clamp for holding the lantern plates so that they can be bound easier. Also mended my ratchet brace.
12-12: I put seats in chairs and also went burning scrub with Arthur. This awful weather is drying the life out of us all.
13-12: I was at chairs again.
14-12: Helped Arthur to get weeds.
15-12: I went round with Arthur cutting trees down for the cattle and also cut some logs for firewood. Afternoon I went down and mixed feed for Charleys cows.
16-12: I went intending to have a look at Perrons sale but found it had been burnt down during the early hours of the morning. Went and had a look at Pete and then back to Hempenstalls sale but did not bid for anything. Sales not much good just now.
17-12: I fixed a couple of more chairs.
18-12: I got a load of wood. Carted some chaff down from the station for Charley. Awful dry weather.
19-12: I cut the wood up ready for the stove. It was very peculiar today, I fancy something queer may happen.
20-12: I went up to the garden and cut wood in lengths and carted it down in my little cart. Also went and carted rubbish away from Arthurs house.
21-12: Went and helped Arthur to get weeds for the cows. Went to church and heard Rev Taylor preach.
22-12: I cut firewood and other bits of jobs. I am sure that this is the worst season I have ever had for pines, it is so very dry and the sun has burned them terribly.
23-12: I sawed up wood and covered some pines from the sun. Afternoon I went to town and got some marbles and other toys for the children. Met Mother and Cecil at the station. Mother seems very sick and Cecil doesnt look very well either.
24-12: Cecil and I went up and saw the old school house sold, it went for £65. Pretty stiff we went down to Morrells for a while after.
25-12: I knocked about home all the morning and afternoon I was down at Arthurs and then over to Eddies place. Mother seems better than when she came home.
26-12: I took the family over to Newmans for the day Eddie and I and Cecil and young Henry Newman played marbles. I have seen Beard, Smith, Mark and Zimitat in with pines. I have none ready so far.
27-12: I did a few little jobs.
28-12: Went to church and listened to Kewpie.
29-12: Went down and got a bit of troughing on my bike, brought Cecil home with me and we had a go at fixing his chaff cutter. Afternoon put Bob in my little cart and took 3 bags of chaff down to Charleys and brought a bit of wood back.
30-12: Cecil and I rode bikes over to Toms and spent the day, called in at Pete Beals on the way home. My word it was hot. There should be a lot of rain I fancy.
31-12: I cut grass about the tracks and cut up into chaff for Bob. After tea we went down to Arthurs and showed pictures. My word it was close, one would think there would be rain coming.

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