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1918 front cover

    Started the year by watching Arthurs crowd letting off fireworks, Lily and I took the children down to watch. 10th January rain started and it worked up to be the year of the big flood. 22nd Charley and Ted and their families had to shift out of their homes because of the flood. Ted and family went to Mothers while Charley went to Arthurs place. 23rd I went with Ted and Charley to the farm with water just under our arms a lot of the way down. We got pigs up on the hay. We also shifted the furniture to a place for greater safety, it is still raining strong and the floods are a great deal higher than it was 1896, if fact I never remember such a time in my life. 26th Jack Nelson, Barney and I went in the boat to Nelsons for clothing. Things were in an awful mess, clothes and furniture had been floating round the rooms. 1 room had over 12 dead fowls in it, which we let go. A big dead horse was in the stockyard. Clarrie Nelson was to have been married last Monday but weather conditions put a stop to that. 29th The water has risen terribly during the day, the bridge over the creek is almost completely submerged. The water is almost up to Thorsens only 50 or 60 yards below our house and still rising. 30th The water has absolutely submerged the bridge and flooded my engine. 31st This morning the water is now under Wests house. 3rd February altogether to day we got about 150 dozen pines to town by boat. We fed the pigs in the hay about 12 dozen crook pines. 4th We got to town by boat about 136 dozen pines. 5th Ted had 6 dozen pines I had 12 dozen pines and I got some off Beard and Tommy Hoare to make up to 70 dozen. In all we managed to get 100 dozen pines loaded into Billy Franks boat for town. I took 4 photos of their boat being loaded. 14th The flood is going down nicely and before long folks should be able to go home. 1st March We pulled the boat down to the farm and helped Ted with some of his stuff on to the cart. 2nd I rowed the boat down past the farm, I was supposed to be fishing but got neither bite nor shot, so helped Ted with his stuff instead. 9th I went fishing and caught 52 fish. 18th Ted came back from a business trip to Brisbane. He secured the business and is to take possession in a week. Teds house was sold for £50 stove included. In May the crows were eating my pines. I made a horse paddock. 25th June Lily gave birth to a son Kenneth after having problems for a couple of months before hand. Lilys mother was our baby sitter and housekeeper during this ti me. This year I made and put up lattice and blinds around my house I also finished the dining room. I bought a dining table £3/5/ -and settee15/-. 6th September I bought a Magic Lantern, I also started enlarging photos. 12th October heard that Cecil was wounded. 16th Word arrived to say that Cecil had been wounded in the right shoulder. 18th I ordered from Lynn a backdrop for a screen for portraiture work cost me 35/-. 30th November Took the family for a picnic to the Black bridge to show jubilation at Armistice. There must have been over 400 people on the ground. Boxing Day a terrible storm took one side of the roof off Thorsens house and Arthurs hay shed and where Williams live, it blew sheets of iron right to my place. I went and took photos of the wreck of our Church and Jim Stewarts house. So what a year.

Sample page

1-1--:I picked pines on Cecils place and went for milk. After tea we went and saw Arthurs crowd letting off fireworks. Got home nearly 11 oclock.
2-1--:I picked more pines and got things ready for town tomorrow. There are a good few pines sunburnt al ready this season. The heat is much more intense this year than was the case last summer season. I had an early tea so as to get a good start printing post cards.
3-1--:I went in with pines. I had a stiff time as Hoge and others had been on my run. I was o n the go from 5 in the morning till 6 in the evening to get through the job.
4-1--: I gathered pines for tomorrow. Lily fell over a large stone and cut a gash across her knee that caused me to send for the Ambulance. She had to have 4 stitches put in Claud e Press ordered 1st aid he was a great help and he also put my name on my pine cart.
5-1--: I went in with fruit. I sold out all right but had trouble with Roberts over pines had a row. Never, more shall I sell anything to these measly people.
6-1-- :I just went and turned the separator for Arthur and got milk, came home and rested.
7-1--: I picked 20 dozen pines and various other stuff.
8-1--: I went in with the fruit, sold out by 10.50 had a smart little chap with me. Brought out George Thompson to work for me. It has rained a fair lot since we got home.
9-1--: George Thompson and I picked 36 dozen pines off Cecils place and I also got him to pick pretty well all the mangoes.
10-1-: It rained all last night and has continued throughout the day with very little stop. It was too wet for us to go in, but Hoges and Marks carts went in with a good load.
11-1-: Wet day, George and I dug ground and put out passion fruit also weeded pines.
12-1-: We got off pretty early and sold our pines. Could have sold a good lot more.
13-1-: I stayed home and rested most of the day.
14-1-: George and I gathered 57 dozen pines and covered almost all that was left on those plants we picked off. We also went and caught a few fish.
15-1-: We took 40 dozen pines in and sold out by 1.20. My word it was a hot day.
16-1-: We picked pines and covered a lot from the sun. It was not quite so hot as yesterday but warm enough to bring up storms that went right around us.
17-1-: George and I went in with pines and sold out well. We went round to Lawsons and had a cup of tea and got home nicely. By gum we had an accident Bob went clean through the harness, the hames strap breaking while our load was on and letting cartload of pines go to the ground.
18-1-: I went to town on bike and got pr of pants 4/4d per pr. I also picked pines for tomorrow and banked some money. Took 2 cases of pines to Gracemere to go out west.
19-1-: We went to town with pines sold out all right. Gave George 16/ - first payment wages.
20-1-: I went and helped to separate, came home and rested afternoon .It commenced raining during afternoon.
21-1-: It rained all night without ceasing. We did nothing but get wood and a few other small jobs.
22-1-: It has rained without stop ever since it commenced. George and I went down and got the boat, which was away down Charleys paddock. In the afternoon Charley and family and Ted and his family had to shift out on account of the flood rising so rapidly. Ted and his family went to mothers and Charleys and family to Arthurs.
23-1-: Ted, Charley and I walked down to the farm through water all the way to a depth of several feet, the water was just under our arms. We shifted the furniture and pigs up on the hay for greater safety. We put the furniture in the best position we could. It is st ill raining strong and the flood is a great deal higher than it was in 1896 in fact I never remember such a time in my life.
24-1-: The water has gone down a lot it looks as much like rain as ever and is blowing well too. I took a photo of the flood this morning, I couldn t get it at its highest as it went down while rain was still falling. 2 boats came out from town and landed down the road a bit below Arthurs yards, one was a motor and came out for some railway men and others. The other was a 6-oared boat with H. L. Hartley in command and Syd Hadkins at the tiller. It was a relief boat and has been all round seeing what they could do. They told us Arthur Huff had lost all his cattle. The sun came out just before sundown the first time since Sunday. Today i s Thursday.
25-1-: I fixed up the boat and Crilly and I went down the creek to Teds and brought home 150 lb of flour and tin of biscuits. We had a pretty hard pull before we got home. After that we went back to the dairy and pulled a dead horse off the fenc e and took it down the lane when it got stuck on the fence again. We then went into Nelsons paddock and tried to save a couple of horses, which had been in the water ever since the flood came down. We could not get them out however as they would not go in the deep water and night was coming on so we came home, just landed at dusk. My word there was a stiff current running.
26-1-: George and I dug a nice bit of land in a gully where I intend to put some papaws. During the morning we had a few showers in fact the weather is not settled at all. Afternoon Jack Nelson, Barney and I went in the boat to Nelsons after clothing etc. Things were in an awful mess, clothes and furniture had been floating round the rooms, and one room had over 12 dead fowls in it, which we let go. A big dead horse was in the stockyard. It seems that Carrie Nelson was to have been married last Monday but weather conditions put a stop to it. The entire wedding presents were in the front room that is well out of flood mark. We had some of t he drink, which was intended for the feast. It took 3 hours solid rowing to go there and back. We expect the flood will be quite high again before long as there is still a great deal of water out west a bit.
27-1-: Our folk got milk in by train. George and I rode our bikes out back of Gracemere and walked through Conaghans paddock to Forwards lagoon. We came across a safe washed up by flood with an enamel dish and good spoon in it. When we got back we found the water was again on the rise. The return train just managed to get through.
28-1-: The flood has risen very considerably during the night and trains cannot run. It has also set in to rain as bad as ever. George and I dug more land and planted rosellas to about the number of 40. It then came on to rain a nd kept going pretty strong all day in fact I think it rained heavier than before. The water is rising rapidly. Afternoon George and I went down and got the boat and rowed about Arthurs farm down through Teds place and up the creek, I shot 3 ducks with 3 shots and rowed home up the creek. My word it was a stiff pull.
29-1-: The water is again just about as high as it was last Wednesday. Charley ordered a boat yesterday. It is to be hoped it soon comes out. It rained a good deal last night. I was reading most of the morning although I took a couple of photos. I also made rowlock chocks and put on the boat. The water has risen terribly during the day and now the bridge over the creek is almost completely submerged. The water is almost up to Thorsens and only 5 0 or 60 yards below our house and still rising. To day is Tuesday.
30-1-: First thing after breakfast I took the boat over to Arthurs. Arthur rowed over to this side and I rowed back, I was rowing all the morning after things for Arthur. Afternoon I went up on top of the tank stand and took a few photos. When I got away from there I rowed West, Crilly and Charley after a bally bullock, which had swam from some place up the water, and I saw it come from H Hickeys over Arts fence. We couldnt save it as it wa s so wild and I pulled back to Arts house and came home. The photos came out splendid but became full of pinholes due to grit in the hypo so I think however. They were splendid photos and I am afraid will be of no use whatever. The water has absolutely submerged the bridge and flooded my engine. I removed the magneto that contained water. I wish I had got it away sooner, but had not thought it would be in danger of being flooded. I think all Arthurs kerosene has flowed away. There will be awful loss for some poor folk, my word.
31-1-: The water has risen a lot during the night. A motorboat came over pretty late and is drawn up between my place and mothers. The water is all under Wests place this morning. I put in some stiff work with the dingy.
1-2--: I rowe d over to Arthurs and back and took Ted to his place and helped him to fix up a lot of his effects in a safer position. We were away over 6 hours doing this work and feeding the pigs. Had hard work getting back as we got in to a stiff current.
2-2--: I got Ted to help me put screws in the boat. I also made pitch and made the boat less leaky. A motorboat came out and helped me get 30 dozen pines which we put on the boat at 2/ - per dozen. After dinner Ted and I again went to the farm, took 8 dozen pines to the pigs and brought some more things away. I then took Barnes over to feed his fowls and came back and pulled away the carcass of a defunct horse.
3-2--: Ted and a crowd with myself were busy from 7 till 1.20 picking pines and packing them in boats. Aftern oon we went with about 12 dozen crook pines for the pigs. Just after I had tea another boat called for 16 dozen which we had to gather in the dusk. Altogether to day we got about 150 dozen off.
4-2--: Ted and our motor boat friend picked 136 dozen pines and got away to town by 1 oclock. We are about cut out now and feel very knocked up. It has been so awfully hot.
5-2--: Ted picked 6 dozen pines off Cecils and I got 12 dozen off mine which Hallett and party took. I got some off Beard and Tommy Hoare to mak e the load up to 70 dozen. I then rode my bike out to Smith and had a look at their pines. After that I came home and Billy Franks had managed to get me a box of prize plates and I took 4 photos of their boat being loaded up with about 100 dozen pines. After this Ted and I went to the farm and fed the pigs. We brought back a case of kerosene. We have absolutely sold our pine crop now and I feel much more contented on this account.
6-2--: Flood.
7-2--: Flood.
8-2--: Flood.
9-2--: Flood.
10-2-: Flood.
11-2-: Arthur, Harry Crilly and Claude Press pulled the boat over to the other side of Yeppen and I went to the city and over to Beals.
12-2-: I poked about at Beals. We reared up a fallen Fig tree
13-2-: Mr .Beal and Bob with myself dug out a broken Wattle, and I came home. Came over in Railway boat and train to Gracemere. The day was rather warm. I gave the captain of boat 3/ - for the trip over.
14-2-: George and I pulled weeds out of a good number of pineapple rows. It was fairly warm but not so bad as yesterday. The flood is going down nicely and before very long folk should be able to get back to their homes.
15-2-: I helped to pull the dinghy to town in good time for Arthur to get to court in time for Jury. We pulled right up to the side street past Conrads little houses and spent a rummy time in town. Got home about 7.30. We had the boat on top of a post of Nelsons fence. Big gang at work on wash away between Morriss and bridge. I fancy train cant get through this week.
16-2-: We finished pulling weeds out of the narrow rows of pines. George also cut wood and other little jobs. We put the boat in the creek and inspected the engine. Ted was bitten by a snake but I think it wasnt very venomous. Claude and Tom went in and brought Arthur home in the boat. They got home about 8.
17-2-: I only went for milk and after tea rode the bike past the eight-mile gardens. It looks awful now the flood has gone down. Things are in an awful mess.
18-2-: I cut the rubbish out of the pines near the gate. I then rode my bike up to Press s and got 1 tin of honey. It has come on to rain again and seems to look quite promising for a good lot to come. Crilly got the cart over the Yeppen crossing this afternoon. George and I put the net in the creek after tea.
19-2-: I went to town for post cards but could not get any. I got 20 dozen lemons ordered. George and I cut rubbish amongst the pines with reaping hooks. Granny went away by train. We had the net in the creek but got only got bony brim.
20-2-: George and I cut rubbish and then I went in to the city with Ted and Martha I took 40 dozen lemons and got groceries. My word it was hot. I hear it is said that we are going to have a great deal more rain. I hope it doesn t come too strong.
21-2-: George and I cut weeds in the pine rows. W e did 8 rows that run down to Holdens. My word it was hot. One would think it must be going to rain a lot again. I am behind with work among the pines and a crop coming on too. I shall have to shake things up.
22-2-: George and I cut rubbish out of 9 rows of pines. My word it was a hot day. It fairly knocks a chap out of time. Some one was saying we were to have more water next month than we got last. If true we must be in for a time, eh what.
23-2-: We finished cutting weeds amongst the pine rows running down to the lane. The day was a very hot one. I rested during the afternoon and after tea I printed 28 post cards. The water in the tank was very warm. It rained a little too.
24-2-: I was reading most of the day. It rained a fair bit during the night.
25-2-: George and I cut weeds in the pine rows. The rain has made things quite wet again. We went fishing about 4 oclock and I caught 7 fish and George caught 2. We had them for tea. They were nice but too few.
26-2-: We were up at daybreak and went to catch fish for breakfast. We stayed till after 7 and did not get enough for a meal. We cut more weeds and also got firewood. I went to church committee meeting. Settled many momentous questions oh yes.
27-2-: George and I pulled cobbler pegs until rain made us cease. It looks quite bad again for wet.
28-2-: George and I cut weeds amongst pines all day. My word I was tired when we knocked off. Lily went to town after goods of sorts. The weather is very unsettled so are politics. There is no doubt that we live in awful times.
1-3--: We cut rubbish all around the house. Came on to rain fairly sharp 1 oclock. We hoed behind the hose. After this we pulled the boat down to the farm and helped Ted with some of his stuff on to the cart. I shot 5 birds with as many shots, got home rather tired. It is again like a lot of rain, my word.
2-3--: George and I pulled weeds from amongst the pines at the top of the hill. Afternoon we fixed the picket fence round at the front. I rowed the boat down past the farm. I was supposed to be fishing and shooting but got neither bite nor shot, helped Ted with his things.
3-3--: I went and had a yarn with Harry Newman. Creek is high once again. The wind seems to be driving the rain away and a very good job too, if it does.
4-3--: The dawn of day was bright, it was also fairly cool till about 3 o clock, when it warmed up very considerably. My lad turned up after breakfast with the intention of working out a weeks notice but I told him I would dispense with it so he went home again.
5-3--: I did a bit of hoeing and went for milk. After dinner I rode the bike to town and took Billy Franks his post cards and got the cash also, a critic with a picture of the pines in the boat in it. My word it was a hot day.
6-3--: I hoed among the pines I have done nothing to for about 3 years. After dinner I went down and got the boat, picked up a few cases and cut some rods for handles came home and did some more hoeing. The weather is abominably hot just like another heat wave.
7-3--: I picked a few pines fixed up cases and got 4 cases up to the station to go out west. The day was pretty warm but not so bad as yesterday. I also hoed a row of pines. Went to the butchers and also down for milk. Mosquitoes are something awful.
8-3--: I hoed 3 rows of pines. Cut a couple of lantanas out and a few other little jobs.
9-3--: I hoed a row of pines. Went for milk and cut a bit of firewood. Afternoon I went fishing and caught 52 fish, my word they did bite good for awhile. It has come on to rain again and at time of writing this it is coming down.
10-3-: I just went for milk and stayed home the rest of the day reading.
11-3- I picked a few pines and then went to town and had a yarn with Mc Bean. Came home and planted a few bean seeds and tried to get the engine to go but could not manage it.
12-3-: I cut rubbish, got milk and took pines and lemons to town. After I came back I went to the burial of the remains of Mrs Fisher. I also posted a book of views to Herb. The weather is very unsettled and seems as if it could rain a bit without much effort.
13-3-: I cut rubbish with the hook and hoed round 3 rows of rosellas. I also turned the bottom section of my fishing rod. I had to go for milk as usual and sawed a log for firewood, also picked some pines. Beryl spent a good part of t he day with me, about the first time she has seemed to want to cobber up with me.
14-3-: I gathered all the pines I could and got cases. Sent 5 cases to H. Jensen Barcaldine. I also put Bob to the plow and went round to the engine and commenced to turn ove r a bit of ground to put a few seeds in. My word I do get knocked up these days.
15-3-: I plowed a bit of ground round at the creek. Went for milk, did a bit towards the completion of my rod. I also put in a few pumpkin seeds and eschallot bulbs, also some squash seed. I fished a little also caught 35 fish one a very fine one and several medium ones. They were very nice for tea. Wrote a letter to Cecil.
16-3-: Teddy helped me put in pea and bean seeds. After this I went for milk and pork and did other thin gs. Afternoon went and cast my vote and after tea went to the city and saw the numbers go up and was sorry but not surprised to see labour going in with a big majority.
17-3-: I went for milk and rest of day I was at home resting.
18-3-: I was crook all day. Some complaint has caught me and is giving me a twisting all right. Ted came home from Brisbane and told me he had secured a business he went to see about and is going to take possession in a week next Thursday.
19-3-: I was laid up with influenza. My word I felt no good at all. I seem to perspire and the wind gives me a bit of a chill. It is horrible weather what with cyclones and other things.
20-3-: I poked about at various jobs. I also went to the station and made inquiries re a case of pines, which had gone astray in getting to Longreach instead of Blackall. I found out all about them and in consequence of what I learned wrote to the traffic manager, Rockhampton.
21-3-: I laid a floor in the W.C. and cut a bit of firewood. I was also at the top of th e hill. I had to go for milk and get sugar and kerosene from Martha. After tea I printed a packet of post cards. I am feeling pretty well all right again after my illness, although I still have an ample cold.
22-3-: I hoed along this side of the Ripleys an d also hoed a row of them. I went for milk and picked pines and took them to town, it seems like fine weather just now although it is rather warm. This was the first day of this week that I could work up to much at all.
23-3-: I hoed a row of Ripleys and went for milk also mended the handle of the broom. I cut a quantity of firewood and went and had a yarn with Dick Bunnage. I got my bead plane but am short of an iron. Dug sweet spuds for Nelly.
24-3-: I just went for milk and rested about the house, except for going down to the dairy to see Crilly. It has been very windy.
25-3-: I hoed 2 rows of Ripleys and got milk also fixed up things with Ted and took flour down to Arthurs and signed insurance paper. Brought part of plow back with me.
26-3-: I hoed 2 rows of Ripleys and went for milk, also cut some wood and did a fair bit towards fixing a small plow up. The sun made things a bit warm all right today. Sent Arthur a cheque for house insurance £2/12/-.
27-3-: I finished the Ripleys, went for milk, made a cas e for Pages pines, gathered pines and sawed a log of wood, also sharpened the cross cut. My word it was on the hot side all right today. The worst of it is, it is so cool in the early morning, it makes for colds and other ailments, for which we have to do se ourselves continually.
28-3-: I carted Teds and Crillys things up to the station. Also a case of pines for Page. When I got back I went for milk and had a look at the paper Arthur has just sold Teds old house for £50 stove included.
29-3-: I did not work. I just went for milk and read a book. I took photos of Lawsons baby and Constable Hayes in the evening. I dont know how they will print of course but hope they turn out well.
30-3-: I ploughed 6 rows of pines and took some pines to town. I am feeling no good somehow the cold wont jump off my chest. Printed photos of the Bobby and Lawsons baby, but they are not up to anything much.
31-3-: Just went for milk and looked after Bob. The crookness of my chest is still in evidence.
1-4--: I ploughed 8 rows of pines and went for milk and after that I put Bob to the cart and went for the organ. Afternoon I put handles on the plow I am fixing up. I didnt quite get it finished but pretty near.
2-4--: I worked a bit at fixing the plow and dug along one side of a row of Ripleys. Went for milk as usual and fixed the legs of a Japanese table also nearly fixed a chair. Afternoon I ploughed a few rows of pines. Got a cheque from Page.
3-4--: I worked in the garden and at other jobs about the place. It has came up a bit like rain, but I am afraid we will not get much.
4-4--: I dug round 3 sides of rows of Ripleys and went for milk. I then came and got tidy and went to town. Went round to Vespermans sale but did not bid for anything. Everything went pretty high. After I got home I picked several dozen pines.
5-4--: I picked more pines dug along the side of a row of Ripleys, went for milk. Afternoon I took the pines to town. The road in is awful and it took me all my time to get home in decent time for the evening meal. Fruit is awfully dear just now.
6-4--: I dug round a row of Ripleys, went for milk, put half soles on Lilys shoes, did a bit of toil towards making up my card table and afternoon I snigged logs down for firewood. It was very hot today, my word.
7-4--: I went up to church first time since Xmas I think. We had no minister so Morrell was in the pulpit.
8-4--: I dug round 2 rows of Ripleys, went for milk. Put a brand on a calf for Harry and brought a copper up that Arthur bought at Mt Chalmers. It is pretty old looking but it is fairly good I think.
9-4--: I finished digging around the Ripleys. Just had to knock off and kill a snake in Beryls cot. I had to go and help Harry to separate. I also hoed along the roses. It is getting a bit cool in the early morning now but gets quite hot in the day.
10-4-: I hoed amongst the pines also helped separate. I was up on the top of the hill too pulling cobbler pegs. The weather has cooled very considerably since Sundays storm and one can feel the first touch of coming winter.
11-4-: I picked a few dozen pines and helped separate, also hoed pines down below the house. The weather now is just pleasant although it is a trifle too windy. Beryl comes and watches me hoe she can t stand being in the house long somehow.
12-4-: I did a bit of hoeing and then went and helped Harry separate. After that we went and took the net out and got nearly 7 dozen nice barras. Afternoon I went in with my pines. I took 9 fish to Mrs Franks and asked her to send some to Peter Beal.
13-4-: I helped separate and picked pines and took to Lim Kee. I also took Charleys lino to Elwings for him. I felt pretty well done up by the time I got back home.
14-4-: I went to church and listened to Rev Whyte, he was fairly good.
15-4-: I did some hoeing and went for milk. It was very warm considering the time of year.
16-4-: I got up early and went and got 18 fish out of the net, left 8 with Clara took 4 to Lawsons and went on and watched the sale of Teds effects. Put in a pretty tiring day.
17-4-: I hoed a bit along a row of pines and picked over 20 dozen pines. After tea I went and put the net in, and my word it was a job on my own.
18-4-: I got up pretty early and went and took fish out of the net. There were 17 barra in and some bonies. After breakfast I fixed up the p ines for town and did a bit of hoeing. I also went to town with the fruit and brought some of the stuff from Elwings.
19-4-: Hoed among the pines and fixed a chair ready to be recarpeted. Also got milk and went and saw Charley about the phaeton.
20-4-: I went and brought stuff out from the sale. I also sawed some firewood. It rained a little when I was in town, but I got home without getting wet.
21-4-: I went and turned the separator and got milk. Granny and Rose came out. Went to church. The day was very peculiar and inclined to be stormy.
22-4-: It was showery throughout the day and set in for the night as though it could rain a good deal. I did bits of jobs about the house and cut down a tree also cut the tops of it up for firewood. Arthur and I pulled net in just before tea.
23-4-: I got 13 nice fish out of the net they were very enjoyable indeed. I tried to fix the fence round at Cecils place so that the cows could not get in, they were all round our house last night and I am just about full of it. It has not rained much yet, but I put out the rest of my tomato plants.
24-4-: I got 7 barras and some bonies out of the net. It came on to rain a bit heavier this morning and I want to be at the saddlers sale. However I went and my word things went high saddle £10/10/- each and buggy harness went as high as £ 9/10/-. Other things were equally high in price, all I got so far is a whip 2/ -and a bit of a wetting with an awful trip in and out with the bike. It is now raining pretty hard and things are getting pretty wet.
25-4-: I went for milk and took fish out of the net. There was a fine cod and 1 barra with several bonies in it, and also a small fish that seemed to me to be like a sea fish. The creek has risen and I took the net out and left it on the stern of the boat. It has rained throughout the day.
26-4-: Went to town and bought at Jecars sale a set of buggy harness £7 Blankets at church 39/6d pr. and boots 12/6d. The day was fine and pretty warm.
27-4-: I took Mrs Highall 3 dozen pines and brought our Phaeton home also the purchases I made yesterday. I find my harness is only a ponies set that is a disappointment. However a chap cant be on the right side all the time. I think I can t lose much on it anyhow.
28-4-: Went to church and listened to Rev Short.
29-4-: I sowed seeds of various kinds and went on the bike to town, and tried to make a deal with my new set of harness for a larger one but failed. I however saw my shoppy pine folks and made things right for the week.
30-4-: I was up early and got 11 barras out of the net. After breakfast I put together a bed and mended parts also went for milk and hoed grass on the top of the hill.
1-5--: I got up sharp and went round to the net whilst breakfast was getting ready, 6 barras were caught. I went over almost all Cecils pines to day, also pruned the roses and cut wood, oiled some of my harness too. I had fish 3 times to day and enjoyed it with each meal.
2-5--: I picked pines and went for milk also rode bike to Gracemere and got 10/6d from Railway Dept for a c ase of pines that went astray. Hoge took some pines in today the first for quite awhile. My rosellas are looking quite well better than I had expected them and I have almost 200 bushes.
3-5--: I got milk and fixed up the pines for town, also sawed a bit of wood. I got no fish this morning first time since we ve had the net in. We had an early dinner and I went to the city with the fruit. I ordered a set of harness and got the loan of a bit of old stuff to see us to the time when the new set is ready.
4-5--: I went and took wires out of a fence and picked some beans, dug sweet spuds for dinner, went for milk and cut 3 trees down. Afternoon I cut a track across the creek for the net, which was some job and put the net in. I am trying a new spot.
5-5--: I went to church and listened to Rev Bibby hold forth, he was very windy and seemed to go a long way without covering much ground.
6-5--: I hoed nearly 2 rows of pines went for the paper and milk also cut a bit of wood. We had a couple of showers during the day and taking it all through the weather is very unsettled.
7-5--: I went to the butcher and got 4 lbs of suet also the paper from the station. I did a little smith work during the day also hoeing.
8-5--: I split posts and hoed a little, showers fell often through the day. These showers are keeping things damp and makes it no use hoeing. I put the net in near Ernies house.
9-5--: I got 4 barra in the net. I started putting the fence up. I sold 17 dozen pines at the place also got 3/- per dozen and the party helped to pick them. I put the net in a new place this evening.
10-5-: 5 barra caught in net. I snigged posts down and put in. Also put a strainer up and strutted them for wiring. I have the net in near the bridge to night and saw the corks bobbing 15 minutes after setting it. Arthur and family have gone to lantern lecture up at the church. I hope they enjoy it.
11-5-: 3 mullet and 5 barras in the net. I went to the top of the hill and picked beans. Crows are commencing to eat my pines. I run wire along my new line of fence. It seems as if it could rain again at any time.
12-5-: Didnt go to church. Took Lily in to Mrs Aitken. Showery throughout.
13-5-: I put 5 posts and a gatepost up strutted each, had ready for wiring. Also went for milk as usual and cut a bi t of wood. It has been quite stormy although we did not get much rain, it keeps things damp and puts a pretty effective stop to my hoeing pineapples.
14-5-: I went and got a couple of pieces of wire and run from the gateway to the road, my horse paddock is now complete. After I had got milk I went to the city and called and saw Lily nothing has occurred yet . I also run down town and got some split links and told Humphries little things about the set of harness.
15-5-: I hoed along a row of pines, went for milk. Went to the top of the hill and picked beans also took Winnie Lawsons portrait. My word it is a job taking these kids photos.
16-5-: I hoed a row of pines and went for milk, cut firewood. I also picked pines for tomorrow. I also put the net in. I also printed some photos of Winnie Lawson.
17-5-: I got a fairly early start and took the pines in. I got 9 barra out of the net, took 4 to Arthur 4 to Mrs Highall and kept 1.
18-5-: I was hoeing peas round at the front today. I also went for milk and cut wood . Arthur put front shoes on Bob for me. Rose came out and got her photo of Winnie. I have put the net in, as I would like some fish to take with us tomorrow for Grand Father.
19-5-: 5 barras in the net. Granny and the family got a pretty early start and went over to Frenchmans Creek. Lawsons turned up later on and we knocked around together. I took 6 photos, questionable quality.
20-5-: Saturday and Sunday were cold mornings, this morning being Monday was warmer. I lighted the fire about 6.40 this morning. The latest since Lily went to town. I finished hoeing the peas, went to the city, banked £ 14 called and saw Lily on my way home. I also called at Charleys and got a pair of wheels on an axle. I am going to try to improve my disc harrow.
21-5-: I hoed the t omatoes at the back of the house, also did three parts or so of those up the gully that George Thompson dug. I hoed a row of pines too and went for milk as usual. Rose brought Lily out this morning. After tea I printed photos of Winnie and Gracie. Lily was a very helpful mate.
22-5-: I was up at 6 oclock and went to the net. I got 3 nice barras although turtles had been at 2 of them, they had also eaten a nice garr and a few fish. I hoed a row of pines in the fore part of the day. I went up to the top of t he hill and picked a basket of beans.
23-5-: I hoed a row and a half of pines and picked 15 dozen pines. I also got milk and cut firewood. It is very warm during the day, but gets cool enough throughout the night. Granny went and got her pension and Rose drove her out again.
24-5-: I was up at 6 and went straight to the hoeing, finished a side of a row. After breakfast I went for milk and took the pines to town. I got no orders for next week, but to take 10 dozen to Mrs Highall today fortnight. After I came home I hoed another row of pines.
25-5-: I was not up very early. I hoed a row of pines went for milk and then by bike to town and got some post card paper. Bought buggy lamps from the pawnshop for 12/6d.
26-5-: I got up at 5 to 8 and had breakfast, then let Bob into the paddock, went for milk. Clara came up for awhile. Mother called in also and Lawsons. I sent a note to Tommy Jones re tools.
27-5-: I got up and lighted the fire and split blocks while breakfast was being got ready. After breakfast I hoed p ines. I hoed 3 rows today and feel pretty tired on it. My word it was hot out in the sun today. Just like summer weather. Benson went in with a load of pines and went home at dusk.
28-5-: I lighted the fire. Today I finished hoeing the piece of pines I hav e been working at for some time. The crows were eating pines a few yards off me so I got the gun and had a shot at one but never got it. It was another hot day and the wind has changed southeast,
29-5-: I took the woodwork out of the disc harrow and put a hard wood centrepiece in, also mounted a pair of wheels for the front. I am making it altogether different to what it was before.
30-5-: I fixed the wheels to the disc and also tried amongst the pines. It will work well but when I sit on the seat it rises up at the front and I will have to shift the seat further forward.
31-5-: I ploughed with the plow I got up from Arthurs, it works all right. Afternoon I worked with the vine hoe among the pines and also went to town and bought Harry a gun.
1-6--: I did a bit with the vine hoe and then went for milk, came home and got my gun and went round the creek but got no ducks although there were a good few about, I couldn t get near them. Arthur shot 5 scrub turkeys down in the scrub and sent us 1. Its many a year since there was any down there.
2-6--: Tom came over. Afternoon we went and had a yarn with Harry Newman. Had scrub turkey for dinner.
3-6--: Tom and I got up pretty early and took 6 fish out of the net and I shot a black duck. We then had breakfast and Tom went home and I got the milk. I dug with the vine hoe amongst the pines.
4-6--: I was up early and went round to the net. I only got a jew and a bony. I dug a row of pines and nearly half of another with the vine hoe. I also sawed a log of wood and split a block off it. The days are very warm just now, perspiration runs down my face when working.
5-6--: I finished the row of pines I was working at yesterday afternoon and dug another one also I then went up to the top of the hill and had a shot at a crow but failed to get it. I brought a bag of pines down with me. I had some wood also did other little jobs.
6-6--: I vine hoed 3 rows of pines running down to Holdens lane. Went to the top of the hill and got beans and pines. Jack Humphries brought out my set of buggy harness and I paid him fore it. Lily gave it 2 coats of oil and I put it together again. It was very warm in the sun again today. Things are getting dry.
7-6--: I took pines to the city and worked amongst the pines. I got just under 1/ 5d per dozen from Mrs Highall. My word they are going cheap just now. Thorsen must be getting something under 1/ - per dozen as Hawson is setting his at that price. Earth tremor.
8-6--: I was up early and went to the net. I only got 1 fish although there had been about a dozen in altogether but turtles had eaten them. Ploughed amongst pines and burnt grass in front of the house.
9-6--: Spent the day at home Lily and I took the children up to the gardens for a walk. It seems as if it could get cooler for awhile.
10-6-: T illy came and had a look at us. I hoed pines. Mrs .Williams came out and got a dozen pines and ordered rosellas too. I sold a dozen pines to folk from North Rockhampton yesterday. Jim Stewart went down and took the roof off Teds old house and took the old buggy home. It was windy this afternoon.
11-6-: I had to get up and drive Lily in just after 12 oclock. I hoed pines today. I felt no good for work. My word it was pretty cold driving to town and back. Eddie Crilly came and had a yarn I never thought of seeing him.
12-6-: I just went for milk and sold Eddie Crilly 2/6d worth of pines and then went and saw Lily. She had not got over her trouble, which is a crook affair. I got back and sold 2/- worth of pines to Tom Menzies. I also fixed the catch of my gate and split wood for Granny.
13-6-: I hoed 2 rows of pines and went for milk. I also went in and saw Lily. By gum it is a mess up all right. Poor Granny is messed up completely. Rose and Daisy and everyone else are worried out of their customary calm. The m ornings are rather cold but during the day in the sun it is hot.
14-6-: I hoed a row of pines, picked 21 dozen and got a load of wood with the little cart. I also picked 24lb of rosellas 12lb before breakfast. It is rather cold early in the mornings but it gets awfully warm during the day.
15-6-: Went in with pines and considering all things I did very well with them. By jove it makes a chap tired all right and the days are just like summer time. Benson has been in with big loads every day this week.
16-6-: Big fog this morning and a very warm day. I went to the city and saw Lily. Also went and listened to the band and saw the place where 2 houses were washed away.
17-6-: I hoed a row of pines and picked 13 dozen before dinner. Afternoon I picked more pines and hoed another row. I also picked rosellas for Mrs Morrell. Frank helped pick a few pines while he was down for his.
18-6-: I went in with fruit and sold out just before 2 oclock. They went very well considering and I was satisfied.
19-6-: I hoed a row of pines, went for milk and picked 15 dozen before dinner. Afternoon I hoed another row and then went to town and pruned Lees grapes and also went round and saw Lily drove back and brought Lily out home.
20-6-: I was up early and took pines to town, sold out all but 6 on the hill. I was home again about 1 o clock. I did not work, as I was rather tired after jumping up and down the cart so often. I however went round after tea and baled out the boat and put the net in.
21-6-: I got 2 eels and 2 mullet with a jew in the net. I hoed a row of pines, picked rosellas and pines. It was very warm to day one would think it was going to come on to rain. There has been some rain down south.
22-6-: I was up early and off with the pines. I needed 5 or 6dozen more to get round. I was sold out at 11.30 and got home just after 1 o clock. After dinner I went to the station and got the tea. After that I took the gun down to the creek and got a couple of black ducks. I got them both with 1 shot.
23-6-: I got milk and also went to town and called at a customers I should have called at yesterday. Ernie and Mrs Press came out to see Ted and found him gone and his house also. They had tea with Arthur and Harry drove them in.
24-6-: I picked pines and rosellas and hoed amongst pins and also manured a row of Ripleys. After tea I drove Lily to town.
25-6-: I went with pines and sold out pretty well. However I spent such a lot of time talking that I was not home until after 4 oclock. Rose was out during my absence and told Granny that Lil had got a son , I hope it is true as I am tired of the business.
26-6-: I picked about 20 dozen pines, went for milk and then got ready and went to town. I got my photo taken and I also saw my new son and bought 2 pairs of pants for £1/3/6d. I then ca me home and wheeled the pines down to the loading place and gave Bob a drink.
27-6-: I went in with pines. I saw frost whilst going along the road. I sold out rather well I finished at 1.40 and went to Denhams for flour and bran, also took pines to Mrs Ready and got home and horse out and in the paddock at 4 oclock.
28-6-: I picked pines and went for milk and hoed amongst pines. Also cut a little firewood. Trooper Crilly came and said good-bye, he is shortly leaving for the front. My word it is pretty cold these mornings. No sign of frost up here yet.
29-6-: I was up and off with pines. I did pretty well and got a few orders for next Saturday. I felt a bit sick after I had got home somehow bones etc.
30-6-: I was pretty unwell and could not take Granny to see Lily.
1-7--: I felt none too good, but I picked rosselas and 15 dozen pines and then had a shave and went to town and saw Lily and the young one. Guy Fawkes to make a scarecrow, the crows are eating my profits.
2-7--: I was in with pines and sold out quite easily. Brought out a man to work. Bennett sent him he is a quite at low water mark and I will see how he shapes. I got 4d each for all my best pines. The cold snap has put a lot of folk a bit off them for awhile.
3-7--: I was up and lighted the fire. The chap and I cut a bit of wood. After breakfast we went up to the hoeing and I think the fellow did a fair days toil. I pruned Cecils grapes and sharpened the saw and also made a hoe handle. The weather seemed a bit milder this morning.
4-7--: I hoed a little and marked out 12 places for Harry to dig holes for rose trees. Greased the axles of the phaeton and got ready for taking Granny to town.
5-7--: I picked 21 dozen pines and a few peas, went for milk and did a bit of hoeing. Harry and I also made an iron stay for the back of the pine cart. It was cloudy this afternoon and seems as though it could easily rain.
6-7--: Went in with pines, sold the best at 5d each. I was done by about 1 o'clock. My word the sun was hot. 5 lots of folks came for pines.
7-7--: I went over and spent a few hours with Tom and Daisy.
8-7--: Harry and I did a good lot of hoeing in the fore part of the day. After dinner I went and paid Mrs Aitkin and put a little in the bank. Registered Kenneth came home pretty tired.
9-7--: My word it was cold this morning, I wasnt anxious to arise from my little cot at all. I hoed a bit and run the horse hoe among a few rows of pines. An awful wind did blow during the day; Ernie took a nice few pines in.
10-7-: I hoed a row, went for milk. Picked 16 dozen pines and run the horse hoe through the rest of the pines running to the lane. Harry got 5/- from me and went to Gracemere immediately after dinner. Nice frost this morning.
11-7-: Biggest frost this morning. I was away with pines. Sold out by 12 o clock and was at the Bowling Green by 12.30. Got Roses and custard apples. I also got a cask from Williams and a bit of timber from Wilson and Hart. After I got home Harry and I carted a load of water and baled the boat out. A couple of ladies in a sul ky called for pines.
12-7-: We got an early start and got out the roses. I picked all the rosellas and peas also pines. Harry put out the rose and custard apple trees. I feel quite tired enough for anything to night. Very cold mornings.
13-7-: I went with pines and sold out by 1 oclock. The sun was very hot and I got back home very tired indeed. Tom Menzies came out and got pines again as usual. We put the net in down near the engine.
14-7-: 23 Jew, eel, and 2 dozen bonies in the net. My word the wind blew awful through the day.
15-7-: Awful windy weather and cold at that prevails. It came on yesterday and is here still. We all hate it. I went to a sale and bought books and photo frames, came back and picked pines. I also hoed 2 rows of pines.
16-7-: Up bright and early. My word it was cold. Young told me it was the biggest frost of the season. It caught tomatoes right at the back of our house. Pines sold very well considering it was such a cold morning.
17-7-: I hoed 5 rows of pines, went for milk. Snigged logs down the hill. Harry and I also put the net in. He is a queer man no mistake. I watered the young rose trees too. It was warmer again this morning. The frost seems to have caught several of my pines although the plants seem all right. Frost cut tomat oes down right below our house. It has never got so far before to my knowledge.
18-7-: Man went to town for the day. I went to the net and took out 1 barra. Came back and sawed wood. After breakfast I hoed 2 rows of pines and hung the net out to dry, went t o Gracemere to see about cases, came back and hoed more pines. Took 5 dozen pines up to the station and cased for chap at Marmor, came home and carted cask of water, went down and got rafters.
19-7-: I was up pretty early and cut several blocks, after lighting the fire and after breakfast I hoed 4 rows of pines and then came in and had a shave and bath as I promised to drive Lily to town today.
20-7-: Got 4 barra in the net. I hoed a row and also went and brought rafters from Teds old hay shed. Tom Menzies and I went over to the bower scrub after turkeys but failed to see any. Tom shot a duck but could not get it out. The wind was too cold to go into the water.
21-7-: went for a walk with Arthur. Also put the net inside. Arthurs engine shed down the creek. I stayed home and read about Gordon.
22-7-: I started to alter my cart shed. Harry Smale hoed all day. After tea we went and set the net. The sun was pretty hot part of the day.
23-7-: I went and got 5 barras and a dose of bonies out of the net as I was on my way home, and I saw young Ernie driving some of his fathers cows out of the garden. They had destroyed my peas absolutely. I made a claim £ 1/10/- for it and he sent it round by Lily. Harry Smale went today. I gave him £1/13/2. I got a good day in at my shed. This makes 2 days.
24-7-: I was up and away to D.Arcys sale. My word things went dear. I spent 8/-. The things I wanted went too high altogether. I got a lamp 5/- and a couple of glass bowls 3/-.
25-7-: I was up and away with the pines. I didnt quite sell out, but I could have done if I had liked to go farther. I got my enlargement and 6 post cards. Sykes is going to finish the rest and let me have the negatives next week.
26-7-: I picked pines, knocked the old cart shed down and did a bit more to the big shed. I also put my enlargement in a frame. I got a fine lot of Cape Gooseberries for Lily to make jam or tarts.
27-7-: I was up and away with pines. The wind came up in the night and blew so hard I could not get a wink of sleep. I sold out well in fact I was short of orders. I got Lily a sleep meter so that she can see the time down stairs.
28-7-: I went down to the dairy and saw mother. Granny was out for a while.
29-7-: I lighted the fire. I got the rest of the roof off the old shed and got rafter and purlins ready for the iron to go on again before dinner.
30-7-: I was up lighted the fire and got the load in the cart. After breakfast I was off with my pines and sold out before 1 oclock. Got home about 2.15.
31-7-: I went to town and put £16 in the bank. Also did other business. I came home for dinner. Mr Roscoe was out and I insured the baby. The wind blows strong and cold and I feel none too wel l and did not much during the afternoon.
1-8--: I felt none too well to day but I did a bit to the shed and dug holes to make a place to stack material out of the road, carted a cask of water and did a bit of work in the house.
2-8--: I worked at clearing things up a bit where the little shed was. It was very like rain and I think it will rain shortly. Arthur shifted Bobs shoes this afternoon.
3-8--: Cut a bit of wood and started the shafts for the pine cart and went to town and bought mother a bit of a present.
4-8--: I took things easy at home. The weather was windy. I wrote to father in law and read a book.
5-8--: I took the shafts out of the cart and put the new ones in. I had to make one and finish the other and got them in by 11 o clock. We had a small shower, I cut a bit of wood, started a queen chair and knocked the body of the old buggy to pieces.
6-8--: I went up to Williams and got a tin of Klepalo also to Press and got some carnations and to the butcher and ordered meat. I then came home and did a little towards putting a row of stones along the roses.
7-8--: I picked 40 dozen pines and also some stones for the rose border.
8-8--: I was in with pines. It was cold in the early morning but pretty hot during the rest of the day.
9-8--: I did a bit to the go-cart and also a little work down near the steps. The sun is making things rather hot.
10-8-: Went with pines. Sold out about 1 oclock.
11-8-: I felt tired and stayed home and read the life of W. E. Gladstone great Statesman.
12-8-: I did a bit towards clearing things in front of the house besides picking pines. Also did a bit to the go-cart and put the wheels on Beryls little cart. Also made a pasteboard for Lily and had eggs for tea from our new hens.
13-8-: I was off early with pines. They did not go so well as I expected. I got home about 3 and put a couple of screws in the pasteboard and also did a little to the go-cart.
14-8-: I worked at the go-cart most of the day, but I dug along some rose trees and did a few other small jobs. Mrs Ward and Mim came down and saw me in the evening. I printed some photos. I did one of Crilly and it came out good.
15-8-: I finished the go-cart and carted 4 barrels of water from the creek, watered the roses and started to dig amongst them. Also gave my cart shafts a coat of paint. Most of the rose trees are growing splendid, I should soon have some flowers from them.
16-8-: I got Lily some water from mothers and did a little work then had a shave and went to town and paid insurance. Went to a sale and bought some odds and ends.
17-8-: I planted some tomato plants and did a bit of hoeing also gave the shafts another coat of paint.
18-8-: I went to church. Aubrey James was there first time I have seen him since he came back.
19-8-: I wheeled stones in the barrow to a convenient place to load them in to the little cart. Also banked some pines. I also made a pastry board for Clara.
20-8-: I banked pines most of the day. I picked pines off nearly half of Cecils but did not carry them down but left them in the rows.
21-8-: I carted the pines around and also took 2 loads of manure from the stable and brought 3 stones down to the roses, also put 2 bolts in the shafts of cart.
22-8-: Went in with pines and brought out the go-cart and timber. Harry Smale turned up just before I got off to town.
23-8-: I picked pines on Cecils place also finished the front of the dining room, made ready to hang the door, snigged logs down the hill too. A shower came along. Smale started work again this morning.
24-8-: I was in with pines and did not have sufficient to go round, Mrs Menzies came and got some and Arthur Huff was out and got 2 dozen also.
25-8-: Went to church. Hallett preached and was fairly good.

26-8-: I went pretty well all over the pines for 16 dozen took till 10 oclock. I made a vignette for portraiture.

27-8-: Man was not working. I went to town with pines. Sold out early had a lot of shopping to do and was home and had dinner by 2 oclock.
28-8-: I put the row of stones along the roses and worked at the dining room.
29-8-: I went down and finished the job of getting Charleys iron off for him, came home and did a bit and then had a bath and went to town. After tea I went up to the social gathering to say farewell to Claude and Poor old Joe Clanfield.
30-8-: I carted water from the creek. Afternoon I banked a row of pines.
31-8-: I banked a row of pines and cut a bit of wood and then went to Charleys and counted the droppers went right down to the farm and gathered up all I could find.
1-9--: Went to church. Supply for Whyte, fairly good too.
2-9--: I went and took wire off the part of Charleys old fence that was washed away by the flood. Afternoon I made 2 brackets for Ada and picked the different lengths of iron out into separate lots. Brought Victor up ready for morning. It was warm to day.
3-9--: I got a start at 7 and went and loaded 89 sheets of iron and took to Burns and Twiggs. Brought out groceries for Charley and a bag of sugar and 50 flour for us.
4-9-: Took another load of iron to town, brought home stuff from Denham Bros. Bloke went to town for the day.
5-9--: I banked a row of pines and let in 2 pieces of 3x2 start for doing the verandah in our man left us to day. He had been in the wars, nose skinned and a black eye he told us a sort of yarn.
6-9--: I was up and off with pines. I got the trays from Foulkes and also brought out the Magic lantern. Lily is pleased with it. After tea I worked the machine for over an hour. Beryl was all right until a man was swallowing rats, this broke her up and she off to her mother.
7-9--: I banked a row of pines and worked at the affair to go round the verandah. Also split wood and fixed up the small lantern to enable me to try it tonight. Seems like dry weather again also.
8-9--: Went to church. Claude and Joe were up on leave and in uniform, it suits Joe but Claude doesnt look so well.
9-9--: Banked pines, took the cover off pine cart and tried to convert it into a background. Also made a vignette. Half a day for Charley.
10-9-: I was up and got off down to the dairy, gathered up the remainder of Charleys galvanised iron and took it in paid £1 for 8 yards of calico to make a screen for the lantern. I cut down 2 trees for firewood and did a little banking. Seems as if it cant rain here any more.
11-9-: I banked pines. Clara held an evening had a nice lot of folk there. Claude and I worked the lantern and showed a good collection of pictures. Presss buggy got the shafts broken.
12-9-: Banked pines again today. It came up like rain but I am afraid we wont get much.
13-9-: I banked 2 rows of pines. I then cut firewood for Lily. I feel out of sorts lately not up to much work. Storms are going round.
14-9-: Banked the last row of pines I was at. Went to town and got a cheque book and lantern plates. After tea I made some slides of Cecil and Tom Crilly etc. I got on fairly well considering it was my first attempt at the job.
15-9-: Went to church Bibby preached. I was down at Wards the lady of the house was sick. I was at Morrells after church for a while.
16-9-: I went early after breakfast and cleared post of Charleys fence. Afternoon I took Beryls and Herbs photos but got indifferent results, as they would not pose nicely. It made Lily and I crotchety and that about all we got out of it except the expense. Fenced half a day.
17-9-: Put the morning in at the fence. Afternoon I made a frame for a screen to act as a background for portrait taking . After tea I got the lantern and tried enlarging and am very satisfied with the result of my effort in this direction. I am satisfied that I shall turn out some decent ones.
18-9-: I put finishing touches to my screen stand and also put shelves up to h old a lot of my tools etc. I then went and got the cocoa from the station and took Frank Morrells negatives home. Afternoon I went and put 11 posts in for Charley. It was pleasant working not too hot. Fence half day.
19-9-: I put 12 posts in the morning and 9 in the afternoon. I had 2 shots at fish after I came home but failed to get any. There are some fine garr fish at the bridge they seem very shy and will not come to the surface. Fence all day.
20-9-: I put 12 posts in the fore part of the day. Afternoo n I went and cleared the posts that Nelsons had thrown out of their place and put 3 of them in when my shovel broke. I then went to the dairy and picked out 3 or 4 rails for struts and took the wheels off the childrens sulky. Fence all day.
21-9-: I carted water and watered the young rose trees etc, used 4 plates in taking Beryls photos. Dust on the films seems to have spoilt them somewhat but I may get a good one out of the lot. During the evening I made a move at enlarging.
22-9-: Went to church Rev Short was in the pulpit and had a small congregation.
23-9-: I cleaned out the room in which I do my photos and made a bed to hold the lantern for enlarging. Afternoon I worked at the fence. Night I printed photos of Beryl and tried to make an enlargement but o wing to the light flickering they were failures. Fence half a day.
24-9-: I went round my pines before 9 oclock. I felt none too good on it as I had bad rest last night. Beryl was with me at fence. The man and I worked at the fence during the afternoon. I t was pleasant weather but things seemed to go slow as far as work was concerned.
25-9-: I went in with pines and bought some groceries etc. The wind was blowing awful and put dust in my eyes.
26-9-: Put most of the morning in trying to fix the wheels of the childrens sulky. Afternoon I went down to the fence and put in a couple of strainers. Came back to the dairy and cut a small tree to make a roller for the fence. Half as day at fence.
27-9-: I went down with Bob and the cart and drove Ada and children and luggage to the station. After I got back I made a strainer for the fence. Afternoon Bob and I put a bit of toil into the fence. Got home pretty late for tea too.
28-9-: I was up and off to town with 92 sheets of iron for Arthur and brought out bran and Pollard for him. I charged 7/- for the trip. I feel pretty crook.
29-9-: I was crook and stayed at home. Suffered from bad headache all day. First day from church for some time.
30-9-: I put in a good mornings work at the fence and afternoon. Bird and I worked at it.
1-10-: We both put in a good days toil at the fence and managed to finish it.
2-10-: I put 4 glasses in casement frames before dinner. Afternoon I went down with Harry and caught 10 barras and dozens of bony brim. I managed to cut my foot in the creek on something or other.
3-10-: This morning I was putting in the glass in the rest of the casement frames. I puttied in 7 by 11.40. Put a window in the room down stairs broken pane worse luck. Mother and Laura were over and had dinner with us. The weather is pretty warm just now.
4-10-: During the morning I took things easy and afternoon I rode the bike to town and paid Williams also bought photo tints and paper. The day has been a rather warm one and makes one expect rain at any time.
5-10-: I worked about the house at various jobs. The weather is awfully close and should rain very soon. I have my first good enlargement framed and it looks well.
6-10-: I went and cleaned out Charleys bails and calf pen. Didnt go to church as I felt indifferent.
7-10-: Lighted fire and then started to fix the towel roller for Clara. I nearly finished it before breakfast. After breakfast I went round and started the engine. I got it going inside half an hour.
8-10-: I put the board on the wall to enable me to enlarge. I made blisters on my left hand trying to start the engine . I got it going well and then the belt got wet and would not grip so I had to stop the thing. I shot 3 snakes down the well. I also cut out pieces of timber to make it easier to put the lattice together.
9-10-: I took in pines and brought home 1500 feet lattice and 100 stops. Also brought Harry Williams out to inspect Wests cottage.
10-10: I carted water from Cecils well and watered the young rose trees. Also filled the little tank for fowl water e tc. Afternoon I put 3 pieces of lattice together. My idea simplifies the process considerably. According to the price they charge for it made up in the city Ive made good wages.
11-10: I was making lattice all day. Put 6 sets together.
12-10: I primed and made 2 sets lattice. I have now 10 sets made. I also cut out some lengths for blinds. We heard today that Cecil has been wounded, our family are somewhat on the sick list.
13-10: I took Mrs Dunn some roses. Also had a look at Arthur. What with bush fires and the sun this has been about the most uncomfortable day of the season so far.
14-10: I painted lattice all day. My word it is a crook job and bush fires are making it very hot.
15-10: I painted lattice till 10 then went down to Arthurs to see if I could get an enema for Beryl who has not had a motion for 4 days. Afternoon I drove the family to the doctor and got medicine for them.
16-10: We painted lattice and put 4 sets in at the front corner. The children told us this morning that word came for mother yesterday that Cecil was shot in the right shoulder.
17-10: I got 4 more sets of lattice in. My word it was hot work. The weather is very dry and seems like being so, for some time.
18-10: I put the rest of the lattice in which makes 10 sets so far. After dinner I went to the city and saw Lynn about a background. I am getting one for 35/-. He also put me in the way of making dishes. I got Figsen for Beryl while I was in.
19-10: I carted water and watered the rose trees. Also snigged logs down the hill. I then painted laths for making lattice. The days are very smoky. Arthur has lost Royal Silver and had to cart logs to burn his carcass up. Hard luck.
20-10: I went to church and heard Rev Short. Wards for tea and had a singsong.
21-10: I made lattice and worked at the house a bit. My word it is hot these days.
22-10: I went to the top of the hill and got some pines. Took pines to 2 customers and went and got lattice stops and 3x2. Also got my background and 3 plywood for making dishes and 8 pair of hinges for the dining room windows. Gave Brown 5/- for a box of plates. Think it a bit high all the same.
23-10: I put 2 pieces of lattice in and prepared rails ready to put up. Also went over to Newmans and got sweet spuds. The weather is windy and very hot too.
24-10: I made 2 sets of lattice and put some rails in. The weather has been windy but hot also.
25-10: I made 2 dishes for enlarging photos. Also altered the place where the gate is at the back corner of the house.
26-10: I gave my 2 dishes a coat of Plymel and then carted a couple of casks of water from the well also 2 loads of wood that Bert gathered out of the creek for the boiler fire. Bert goes today. Tom came out to see us.
27-10: Tom and I went for milk. Afternoon we all went and saw Harry. Came home before dark.
28-10: I put windows up in the dining room. The day was so hot I could hardly work. I got half of them up.
29-10: I put the rest of the windows up for the dining room also got a few pines and put a couple of pieces of 3x2 in at the back corner of the house. It was not quite so warm today but every bit as hot as we required it. These are awful times we are living in.
30-10: I put the rest of the rails up at the back of the house and also put pickets up at the front corner of the new verandah. Aft ernoon I went down to Arthurs and stayed with him awhile trying to get the pump fixed. I came home with an iron plate and made links for the blind making.
31-10: I finished the job with the pickets below the verandah. I went up to the top end and felled a tree for firewood. My word it was hot work. Mrs Capper and Seaton came out and left 5/- behind them for pines and papaws. Mrs W.Mark was the cause of a funeral today. Trouble between Buxton and Mark is on too.
1-11-: I made a couple of blinds and put them up at the back of the house. My word the weather is hot. The war seems to be dying out. Turkey looking for peace and Austria pretty well settled. Things are getting hot for Germany. Well she looked for fight and got it.
2-11-: Turkey has surrended to the Allies. I put the stop in the dining room. All the windows require now is bolts or something else to fasten them. I carted water as usual this morning and cut some blocks this afternoon.
3-11-: I did not go to church. Granny was out here for breakfast. It was much cooler today.
4-11-: I went down and got wire from near the old chows humpy. I put the 5 blinds together but am short of 8 pieces of lattice to finish. I did very well as I had to prepare all the links. Wha for you talkie.
5-11-: I made 5 blinds for the back of the house and mixed paint for Lily to paint the blinds but I not got a suitable tint yet. I didnt do much besides the above as I had a crook headache part of the day.
6-11-: I put small pieces of 3x2 above the louvre openings and picked a few pines.
7-11-: I got off early to town and bought 100 feet of lattice and groceries. I was at a sale at Dobsons Studio and bought a Palm stand and a couple of screens, I also got the price of beaver board to ceil the dining room it would cost me £500 and I fancy I can do it cheaper with timber and just as nice.
8-11-: I finished the blinds. Made a large piece of lattice and put up. Lily has been painting the blinds, my own idea the blinds. We got one hung and it looks well.
9-11-: I painted blinds. Afternoon Lily helped me to hang them.
10-11: Went and listened to Whyte preach. He is no admirer of the R.Cs.
11-11: I put the blinds up at the back of the house and went to Gracemere for the tea. Afternoon I went to the dairy and got droppers and called i n at Arthurs and got 3x1. After I got back I did a bit more work at the back of the house, split a bit of wood and this ended the day.
12-11: My word last was a noise came floating on the breeze from Rocky. I think the Germans must have signed the Armistice. Whistles and bells and hooters etc were all going. Made a louvre by 9.30.
13-11: I put in 2 louvers today it doesnt take long the way I make them and they dont look too bad at all. The wood being so awfully dry and brittle makes it a bit awkward to work but the verandah will look all right.
14-11: I got a couple more louvres in. I am not feeling too spry these times, no appetite and cant get hold of anything to coax one. Flying foxes are getting all the peaches, the brutes.
15-11: Started just after 7 to make another louvre. I have 2 to get in today and that will be 8 finished. Violet came up and I took a couple of photos of her. I did not do the developing too good, and more over I did not get in a good place to take the photo wrong time of the day.
16-11: I picked some pines and got a barrow load of wood and 3 loads of water. I had to water my young rose trees. I took things easy after this work, had a drink and piece of cake at the dairy.
17-11: I went and had a yarn with Harry Newman.
18-11: Put in 3 sets of louvers at the top of lattice by 11.30. Nice hailstorm yesterday.
19-11: I had to go for more 3x1 and I put some sets of louvres in. Had a shower in the night.
20-11: I worked at the house. Also fixed a piece of spouting so as the water would run into the back tank.
21-11: I put 4 sets of louvres in.
22-11: I put 6 sets of louvres in today. I could have done more but felt none too well on it. We have had a small drop of rain this week but could do with a nice lot more. Pines have felt the heat lat ely, but I think we will have some fair fruit.
23-11: I got louvres in round the top of the verandah. I also went and fixed the fence near Cecils well. Tom and Daisy came and spent the night with us. They will go to Harrys tomorrow.
24-11: I went to church and listened to Rev Short.
25-11: I took down the rails round the stairs opening and put new rail and post up. The weather is pretty warm and rain should fall soon.
26-11: I spent the biggest part of the day in the city. Bought dining table and settee also box of sundries. Made arrangements with Mrs Williams to help them move into Wests cottage on Monday.
27-11: Put in the day with Dick Bunnage at the chinamans well.
28-11: Put the morning in at the well. Afternoon I went and brought out my dining table and settee. Table £3/5/0 Settee 15/- It was very hot during the journey and the road awfully rough.
29-11: Put in the day at the chows well, got a start with the timbering. My word it was hot too. Working in the water is crook as it is on the filthy side.
30-11: Took family to picnic held at the black bridge to show our jubilation at armistice. There must have been over 400 people on the ground. A bit of a row at the concert Steve Schirmer hitting Stewart, and John Armstrong stoushing him.
1-12-: Went and listened to Bibby he was very good.
2-12-: I went down and told the chows I wasnt going to work at the well any more. After an early dinner I went in and helped affect Williams to shift.
3-12-: I made a gate for the top of the stairs. Also a little other work about the house. It was again awfully hot but not much sign of rain.
4-12-: I got an early start to the city for our Xmas order and timber. I had a big load of sugar for us also flour and some for Arthur 2 hams and other groceries. Also 250 super feet an d grooved 6x5 timber for ceiling the dining room. Although I had a big load of stuff and the timber I managed to take Arthurs stuff right to the house. I was on the go for 10 hours solid and it was boiling hot too. A nice breeze has sprung up now after te a and has made things more pleasant.
5-12-: I ceiled the dining room the job didnt go too good as I had a crook head and it was fairly hot.
6-12-: I worked the room again putting Scotia etc round.
7-12-: I finished the ceiling and afternoon carted 6 loads of water from the well 4 for me and 2 for Williams. After tea I went and brought the fishing net home.
8-12-: I went and saw Pete Beal had a nice time a bit of a singsong at Morrells.
9-12-: Worked at the dining room during the morning and afternoon Williams 2 lads and I went down and cut firewood in Charleys paddock.
10-12: Again I worked at the dining room, painted the ceiling. Afternoon we went down and cut more wood. George Thompson came up in the donkey cart and got the net. We got 29 nice barras in the net in 10 minutes.
11-12: Gave thee ceiling another coat of paint and afternoon went and cut wood and brought up for Mrs Williams.
12-12: I made stain and stained the dining room. It was good stain and went on well.
13-12: I gave the walls of the dining room 2 coats of varnish and it looks very well indeed. It should really have another coat but will do very well as it is.
14-12: I was making a centrepiece for the dining room. Afternoon I went down to get my money from the chow for fixing his well but failed to spar up.
15-12: Went to church and listened to Rev Short.
16-12: I finished the centrepiece for the dining room and Lily helped to lay the lino, the dining room is about finished now but needs fasteners for the windows.
17-12: I worked at the house doing various jobs. Painted the front and end of dining room, 1 coat of paint outside. Very big storm came along in the evening and took one of my windows. It was very nice storm however and put some water in our tanks.
18-12: I did some tiddly winks at the house and got the post shifted for the clothesline. Another fine storm came on this evening and filled our back tank. These rains have put a little better look on things for Xmas.
19-12: I got a drain dug to take water away from the house. I also got the tailboard fixed to my cart and started to put the new wall to my shed. I was fairly tired by the time I had finished my days work.
20-12: I went in on the bike and got 2 shirts and 2 pair of pants. Also got orders for several lots of pines. It was very hot. Afternoon I picked pines and did other bits of jobs.
21-12: I got off early with pines. I did not have a very good lot and taking things all through did very well I suppose. I did not get satisfaction at Bryants so did not trouble them any more. Roby Williams went with me and held the horse.
22-12: I did not go to church.
23-12: I worked at the cart shed. The day was a rather warm one. Harry Williams was here for half day and during the afternoon I went and did it by myself.
24-11: I fixed up a case of pines for Barcaldine and went over to Eddies for potatoes. I sent the pines to the station by Harry Williams and then we went down and got a load of wood each out of Charleys paddock.
25-12: My family and I lazed about all day. It was fairly warm weather and windy too. I was reading nearly all day and it made me feel lazy to a degree.
26-12: I read another book and put cover on my bike, the one I removed was very thin indeed. A terrific storm came along this afternoon and took one side of the roof off Thorsens house and Arthurs hay shed and where Williams live, it blew sheets of iron right to my place.
27-12: I went to town and got a cart cover, came home and went up and took photos of the wreck of our Church and Jim Stewarts house. Afternoon I put the cover on the cart and picked pines. After tea I developed the negatives.
28-12: I went in with pines and sold out well enough.
29-12: I was at the School of Arts. Rev Walker was preacher.
30-12: I picked pines and went up and took photos George Lawson came and got the wheels and axle. Harry Williams turned up this morning at 8 and I let him start without saying anything about the way he treated me last Friday about helping me to pick pineapples.
31-12: Harry Williams and I got off to the city with pines. Paid 6/- for slippers on Bob.

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