Letter of Commendation


Londesborough Rectory,
Market Weigton.
I cannot allow Henry Johnson and Ellen Johnson his wife to leave England 
without of a word of recommendation from me to any Clergyman or Employer who 
may read this letter.  Ellen Johnson has been well known to me for twenty 
two years. having resided in my house seven years and her husband has been 
known  to me for upwards of fifteen years.  They are an exemplary couple, 
industrious, persevering, honest, religious, and thoroughly respected by all 
who know them.  They have struggled on patiently and bravely against many 
difficulties here, and deserve to prosper anywhere.  I much regret that they 
should have to leave their native land but our colonies are enriched by such 
accessions of worth and goodness from the Mother Country.  Their children 
have been well brought up, and will doubtless become useful inhabitants of 
I must add that Henry and Ellen Johnson are Communicant of the Church of 
England and much attached to their Church.  I trust wherever they may settle 
they will be met and cheered and strengthened by its ministrations.  I 
heartily commend them to any brother clergyman.
Henry and Ellen Johnson are in the prime of life and I trust they will be 
spared for many years of profitable work.  Earnestly praying that they may 
be preserved and prospered by Almighty God.  I remain Their sincere Friend 
and Well Wishes.
                                Richard Wilton, M.A.
Rector of Londesborough E. Yorkshire
Domestic Chaplain at Lord Londesborough.
Signed  by      Richard Wilton.

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