Henry Johnson

    Henry Johnson was a native of Landsboro in Yorkshire, having been born to William and Martha (nee Teasdale) at Nunburnholme, Yorkshire, March 1851, he was the youngest of six brothers and the first of them to die .

     Henry married Ellen Marrison, the daughter of Thomas and Eliza, at Londsbrough, Yorkshire on the 6th Jan 1872. Ellen worked and lived at the Londesborough Rectory, Market Weighton, England working as a nurse for seven years before her marriage in 1872.

     Henry was a Porter at Londesborough for about six months before his marriage to Ellen MARRISON. However, the rest of his life in England was spent in agriculture work. Henry left England with a glowing letter of commendation for a future employer.

    In June 1887 Henry and his family left Yorkshire, on the Dacca, for Australia, to settle in Queensland, He arrived at Rockhampton, with wife and children 30 July 1887. See account of their trip to Australia

     Shortly after arriving at Rockhampton Henry commenced farming and dairying in a small way at Maudsley Hill, Gracemere. "Owing to his indomitable pluck, energy, and determination, he obtained a fairly well-to-do position for himself and family. His early reverses would have disheartened many men."

     The 1896 flood destroyed his crops and inflicted other serious damage to his property.
The tick fever thinned his herd, and a fire shortly afterwards destroyed his house and machinery. A few years afterwards another and larger fire destroyed £1500 worth of property, which was totally uninsured. After each reverse Henry, with the assistance of his family, made a fresh start, and eventually landed themselves in this position at his death.

    While taking a well-earned holiday, in 1907, at the Sandhills Henry's fatal illness was contracted. He had been suffering from asthma for about six years and returned from the Sandhills, where he had been spending a few weeks finding the sea air did not agree with him. On Wednesday, the 9th Jan, becoming worse, medical aid was called in, but lung complications and a stroke of paralysis intervening, he was too weakened to pull round, and passed quietly away, at Maudsley Hill, Gracemere, at 6 o¹clock on Monday morning.

    Henry was a member of the United Protestant Church and State School committees. He leaves a widow and grown-up family of six sons and one daughter, for whom much sympathy is felt. Henry Johnson Obit

     Henry's funeral took place ?? Jan 1907 and was largely attended, 32 buggies and about 20 horsemen following the hearse. The coffin, which was covered with wreaths and floral tributes, was carried from the house to the hearse and from it to the grave by the six sons of the deceased.
The service at the grave was conducted by the Rev. A. D. Shaw and the Rev, J. Stokoe, a friend of the deceased gentleman, and was very impressive.

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