Nether Edge Grammar School:
Main block Interior:
July 2002

Photos Courtesy Dave Ludlam
main stairs
Location 1
Main staircase. Doors on right are recent fire doors to staff room corridor.
Stained glass in landing windows only just visible.
Location 1A
main stairs
Location 1B
Location 1C
Locations 1A, 1B & 1C
Stair up and down from 1st floor and intermediate landing. More recent fire doors and translucent panel to original rooflight aver 1st floor landing. Old
archway probably was a door to a committee room before it was divided into two classrooms. See "Location "6" below.

Location 2
Bay window to Geography classroom. Note shutters on outside provided by
builder which obscured vision from outside, when I measured up. Internal mesh
screening protected computer equipment, rather than kept pupils in
Location 3
Music room. Polished wood strip floor was original, sink unit is a recent fixture.
Location 4
Old Hall from beside the two small 6th Form rooms. The partition wall on the right
was built recently to form, what I guess, were two dining areas.
Exposed roof trusses were visible in NE days, the brown/white tessellated
mosaic floor is still there. The black border strips are just visible in the bottom, left corner.
Location 5
The area where the Head's dais was sited. The door on the right is off the entrance corridor, and enters the store room.
Location 6
Ceiling plaster work in 1st floor classroom in left hand corner. Originally both this room and the one adjacent were one large area, and were probably entered through the blocked up arch shown at the head of the stair on shot 1A. The dividing wall came with NE School, now the inner classroom is divided up to form two storage, or preparation, areas serving the larger rooms m either side.
Locations 7
1st floor classrooms at top right hand corner. The folding partition divider has been removed, the high plastered ceiling, the door surround and panelled dado are worthy of note. The door on 7, beside the projector screen, is recent and enters one of the storage areas noted in "Location 6" above.
Location 8
Location 9
Front, right hand corner classroom at 1st floor level. Connecting door into
adjacent classroom original, sink unit a later addition.

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