Transactions of the Hunter Archeological Society: Vol I No 1

The Hunter Archaeological Society was founded in 1912 to study and report on the archaeology, history and architecture of South Yorkshire and North Derbyshire in recognition of the work of Joseph Hunter in researching and recording the history of the region.


  • List of Officers  p 7
  • List of Sub-Committees  p 8
  • Editorial  Edmund Curtis  p 9
  • Greetings  R. E. Leader  p 11
  • Joseph Hunter F.S.A.  Charles Drury p12
  • The Customs of Hallamshire  S. O. Addy  p17
  • Sheffield in the Fourteenth Century  Edmund Curtis  p 31
  • Lady’s Bridge Sheffield  Jams R. Wigfull  p 57
  • Ye Racker Way  T. Walter Hall  p 63
  • The House at the Church Gates  R. E. Leader  p 71
  • The Rev. Alfred Gatty  D.D. A Bibliography   W.T. Freemantle  p 81
  • An Old Hallam Nether Rate Book   Thos. Winder p 86
  • The Rev. Reginald Alfred Gatty   Canon Greenwell  P 91
  • Brass Sealing Wax Box  A.D. 1655   Charles Green  p 94
  • The Late Rev. R.A. Gatty’s Collection of Ancient Local Furniture  p 94
  • Archeological Finds in and Around Hallamshire  Thos. Winder  p 101
  • Treasure Trove in Sheffield  S. Gardner Harrison  p 104
  • The Roman Station at Templeborough   Hugh Leader  p 120

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