Transactions of the Hunter Archaeological Society: Vol III No 2

The Hunter Archaeological Society was founded in 1912 to study and report on the archaeology, history and architecture of South Yorkshire and North Derbyshire in recognition of the work of Joseph Hunter in researching and recording the history of the region.


  • William Addy & Nathaniel Stringer  Stenographers       S.O. Addy  p 95
  • The Sembly Quest   Charles Drury  p 105
  • A Visit to Sheffield in the 18th Century   J.E. Tyler  p112
  • Excavations at Cresswell Crags, Derbyshire, 1924-26  A. Leslie Armstrong p 116
  • Letters and other Papers relating to Church Affairs in Sheffield Rev. C.V. Collier  p 123
  • Thee Court Leat of the Manor of Sheffield   p143
  • The Bay as a Unit of Measurement  James R. Wigfull  p 154
  • Beauchief Abbey    W.H. Bigar  p163
  • Walkley Hall   W.H. Bigar, C. Drury and R.G. Bagshaw  – 165
  • Extracts from a Late Eighteenth Century Diary  John. B Wheat

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