ScotlandsPeople index update

ScotlandsPeople index update

From ScotlandsPeople ( birth, marriage and death indexes for 2014 are now available to search on ScotlandsPeople.You can now view the updated indexes for statutory records until the end of 2014, and in addition to this, images for births until 1914, marriages until 1939 and deaths until 1964. You can also purchase an Extract, a fully certified copy of a birth, marriage or death certificate, for 12GBP. For more information on purchasing an official Extract, plSee all stories on this topic

RootsMagic Software and Windows 10

  I recently wrote about Legacy Family Tree and Windows 10, and now here’s the word from the publishers of RootsMagic, and what they say about Windows 10 … “Will RootsMagic run on Windows 10?” The short answer is “Yes”. Microsoft made early versions of Windows 10 available to developers and to the public to make […]See all stories on this topic

Trove’s Historical Newspaper Collection Keeps Growing

The National Library of Australia is pleased to announce that the following historical newspapers, digitised by the National Library through the Australian Newspaper Plan program, have been recently added to Digitised newspapers collection on Trove. Many of these newspapers are currently being added to Trove and further issues will become available shortly.   New South […]See all stories on this topic

Important RootsMagic Update ( Released

The following is an announcement from RootsMagic who have just released an important update for RootsMagic 7 users, taking it to version RootsMagic and FamilySearch Family Tree If you use RootsMagic to work with FamilySearch Family Tree, you must install this update to continue working with it after July 30, 2015.  FamilySearch will be […]See all stories on this topic

Deceased Online adds Camberwell Old and Camberwell New Cemeteries

From Deceased Online ( records from Camberwell Old and Camberwell New Cemeteries, South East London Servicing a large area of South East London for the last 160 years the Camberwell Cemeteries in the London Borough of Southwark, are now available to search through Deceased Online.For a long time there was extensive poverty in this area and as a result there are large numbers of common or paupers graves in the cemeteries. These graves are largely unmarked and this iSee all stories on this topic

A Social Entrepreneur is a change agent combining the business and non-profit worlds to bring social change.

A key to the ultimate success of social entrepreneurship is the creation of an innovative new technology for helping with an existing global problem. As the lack of proper nutrition has become epidemic in both industrialized and developing countries, the supplementation of essential nutrients has become a critical strategy for protecting health.

Until recently, synthetically made vitamins and inorganic minerals have provided the only source for standardized levels of these essential nutrients. Synthetic vitamins are made from coal tar or petroleum; and due to their low cost they are the primary choice of manufacturers of both nutritional supplements and enriched foods. Inorganic minerals, either mined or by-products of a chemical process, also provide an inexpensive source for supplementation, but do not have the solubility of minerals found in food.

Mannatech has created a solution with the PhytoBlend powder.

Based on Real Food Technology solutions, PhytoBlend powder can help provide children with their daily nutritional needs and, most importantly, help combat the devastating effects of malnutrition. Since PhytoBlend powder is synthetic free and contains nutrients from natural plant sources, children can now get standardized and nutritionally effective amounts of vitamins and minerals from Real Food Technology solutions in a way that has never been possible before. Its powder form makes it flexible in use, providing a practical and easy way to make any meal nutritious. The ready-to-use powder complex can be added to virtually any meal, and with a serving size of 0.75 grams (0.23 teaspoons), children will hardly realize they are eating a nutritious meal. Now every child can get the nutrient support they deserve.

Take a minute to check out the amazing information I have sent you and let’s all be part of the solution. Please let me know your thoughts.

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