A. Getting my “hours” up – day trip to RAE  in the Station Devon,  (How many hours and why – to test my response to altitude in unpressurised planes? See Flight Observers Log)


B.  Visit to the Parachute packing section, with explanation that if one accidentally pulled the Rip Cord, requiring repacking – a personal visit to the ladies was required, to explain and request they repack.



C.  “Ditching” training at local swimming pool, use of dingy and repair method when instructor deliberately slashed the dingy inflation walls.

D.  Form 700

E. Running the Big Ends on the Team’s Diesel Van.  Bit unfair this. I was drafted to drive the Van for a week, as the only other drivers were on leave.  How was I (as a new driver, only passed my test the previous week, to be aware that the Van would go through a sump full of oil, in a week?

F.  Buying my first car, a Singer Roadster.  I had planned on getting a Douglas Flat Twin to replace my Royal Enfield M/C, but due to a stuff up this did not happen.  Got the Roaster instead. A bit later I went over to Wales to have a Turbo Charger fitted.

Interesting, but don’t know it made a heap of difference, except in fuel consumption.

G. Joining the RRE Rifle Club for some target practice. Don’t remember much about that. I think the club had an out door range at West Malvern.

H. Involved with the RRE car club?  One weekend, roped in as a judge – remember one of the tests was the ration of slowest to highest speeds over a measured distance – recall having to ride the cars to see that the driver was nor slipping the clutch on the slow section.  Also precision breaking tests.

I.  Can’t really remember what we did of an evening – guess there was TV and I thimk a Table Tennis Table – for recreation. We did (as a team) go walking in the Malvern Hills from time to time and I guess the local Pubs were patronised.

J. Weekends I mostly went home (Sheffield) drove (Royal Enfield and later Singer) of by train, when the weather was bad (not a great trip from memory).  On one such trip my M/C blew up on the way back, Sunday evening (valve gear strip their threads) so had to return to Sheffield and take the train Monday morning, think I help up the scheduled trial 🙁

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