English Electric Early Days



Excellent period photo of English Electric, as I recall it.  The long building in the foreground was the main block. Housing The Electronics Lab, on the top floor. The Maths section, Film Analysis, Drawing Office on the Second Floor?  Ground Floor?

The girder structure on the roof, was the radome aberration correction rig.

The wing on the left running up the road to the airport, had the Accounts department and Executive Offices.

The 3 buildings being the fronting wing were the missile production and assembly workshops -possibly for Thunderbird 1, plus prototype production for Thunderbird 2

The Black buildings at the centre left were I think Napiers. Cont think what the buildings on the right were, possibly included the canteen. Also an environmental testing lab (vacuum, temperature stressing, noise testing).


Started at English Electric Luton, shortly after graduating from Rotherham Tech.    Was only there for a short  initial period.  Jul, 1956 – Sep, 1956..

More or less settling in and doing a little lab work, working on some of the valve units for the Airbourn Trials receiver.  Then I was offered a place on the Trails Team at Defford.  Not sure about this as I had only just settled in – nor if this would be a good career move.  But decided to give it a go and relocated in Sept 1956.

For this short period I was living at one of the Company endorsed hostels 48 Downs Road.   Shared bedroom, coin in the slot heating.  Seperate canteen, canned fruit for desert every day.

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