Eric’s Notes

Hi First let me introduce Myself – I’m Eric Youle and nominally “retired” to the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, from South Australia, in 2000.

I grew up in Sheffield before, during and after WW2. Born into a family with a long cutlery tradition, hence the focus of this web site.

My interest in family history research really started after my father died and I became to realise the wealth of family history that died with him. Some of that (and more) has been recovered painfully over the years as I pieced together the family story,  and found lost cousins. Some bits are gone forever, but as a consolation much new material, which the family did not know has been added.

But that’s my story, when I retired in 1994 I had more time to apply to the historical elements and the exploitation of the fledgling internet as a way of publishing and dissemination information. Thus this web site was born and represents many hours of data collection, digitization and publishing, I hope that you will find it of benefit, please let me have your comments along the way.

Eric – Sunshine Coast, QLD, July 2011.


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