RootsMagic Software and Windows 10

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RootsMagic Software and Windows 10

  I recently wrote about Legacy Family Tree and Windows 10, and now here’s the word from the publishers of RootsMagic, and what they say about Windows 10 … “Will RootsMagic run on Windows 10?” The short answer is “Yes”. Microsoft made early versions of Windows 10 available to developers and to the public to make […]See all stories on this topic

9 August 2016, Australia’s Next Census

Where will you be on Tuesday, 9 August 2016? The Australian Government wants to know, as that is census night. Australia has a long and proud history of Census taking. Since the first national census in 1911, census data has played an important role in charting Australia’s history and shaping its future. Held roughly every […]See all stories on this topic

New Australian TV Show Reunites Long-Lost Relatives

Australian family history buffs are going to get their genealogy fix when a new tv program goes to air. Apart from the Australian edition of Who Do You Think You Are? and the various UK and US family history related shows that we get … there is new Australian TV documentary series coming that aims […]See all stories on this topic

Railway accident reports 1900-1910 catalogued on Discovery

The National Archives ( in England has catalogued Board of Trade Sub-Inspector’s Accident Reports for railway accidents from 1900-1910.A blog post by Chris Heather, one of the participants in the cataloguing effort, is available at and provides a useful case study on what might be found within such a report.To access Discovery, visit dSee all stories on this topic

Trove Digitises More Historical Australian Newspapers

Australia’s best free genealogical and historical resource, Trove continues to grow with more historical newspapers being digitised!! The National Library of Australia are pleased to announce that the following newspapers have been recently added to Trove: New South Wales Chaser (The) (Glebe, NSW: 1999-2005) Enterprise (The) (Katoomba, NSW: 1913) Record of the Blue Mountains (The) […]See all stories on this topic

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