Further Update

Hi – I have taken an opportunity to do some serious housekeeping on my Sheffield & Family History web site. The site has grown like Topsy over more years than I care to think about, and had become a mares nest. There are parts of the site I don’t understand (off hand) and don’t know which parts are vital and is some is redundant.

So thinking to the future maintenance etc – when I may not be able to do it and have to either leave the site to fend for itself or pass to someone else, I’ve taken on the task of cleaning it up.

In the first instance to adopt WordPress as a suitable platform, migrating the data from the old web site into the new structure (this is not complete, some of the deeper data, is still on the old site, but all the navigation and top level has now been moved over. I have also converted some of the major holdings into PDF form, from HTML, and now store them on Google docs. This provides greater security and access control, than on the old web site. Let me know what you think about the changes.

The old web site will remain as a legacy site, but will not be maintained and there is no certainty how long this will remain available, as its existence, together with external links into the body of the site, can lead to confusion.

Site Update

Hi  Just a quick note to advise that I have updated the Sheffield & Family History web site.  Specifically I have changed the (WordPress) Theme to one which is clearer and easer on the eyes.

Still have some tweeking to do, I guess a work in progress. Ideally I would like to get all the info into one place, on this blog and not scattered across my web site host.  Not a simple job with so much date, maybe a 1000+ photos to organise.  But one keeps plugging away.


Google Street View

I’m finding that Google Street View is a fantastic way to provide background materiel to my Family History. Just to be able to revisit old haunts at the drop of a hat is great. Even though when it comes to Sheffield, it seems many of the old family homes etc have been demolished. But some places of interest are still there.

Was looking at Murray Road, Banner Cross. Dad a lock up garage there after WW2. Its still there but rather the worse of wear.

Dad had two garages (the two green doors at the end of the entry).  One for the car, the other for storage and as a workshop (also for my M/C).

The upper story was the local ARP post during WW2 (Dad’s  post) then became Mr Mosby’s TV/Radio repair workshop, a magic cave for a boy interested in Radio.

Back into Family History


Quick update.  I have finally updated my Family History software, so I can again access my data base.  Have done some updating and and also updated my WorldConnect data, first time for a couple of years.

To celebrate I have revamped my Web site



Welcome to Sheffield & Family History


Welcome to the new look, Sheffield & Family History site. Hope that you like it.

This site covers a miscellany of material, from my own personal family interests, to family history research data, Sheffield history (especially relating to the Cutlery industry) and a major archive covering the migration of the Johnson family from Yorkshire and their settlement on Gracemere, Queensland, including a major period photo archive. Also on the site is probably the most significant collection of information regarding the Nether Edge Grammar School, readily available.

I would appreciate your comments (reply) as you navigate the site. Also please leave a comment if you have any problem with the site, broken links etc. If you like any of the articles please consider “liking” them on Facebook or sharing on Stumbled Upon or just voting for them on +1. It helps me reach more people with this information.

Enjoy – if you would like to be advised of new posts, please subscribe, see tabs above.

Eric July 2011

PS if you can, please consider the adverts and my personal promotion, some commercial interest will help to keep this site on-line.