Frank Hastings 1935-

Memories of Nether Edge Grammar School
Frank Hastings (1935 to 1941)

First day at school , Tuesday 3/9/1935 start at 0830.

Starting from home my bus was full and I hadn’t learnt to push so I missed it. My father took me on his motor bike(a New Imperial) and dropped me in Barkers Rd.. I was not late. 1st years stayed in the yard and missed the mad crush, then went in 10 minutes later, assembled in the hall and were seperated into forms. I went in 1C, upstairs turn right first room on the right. “Wait for the Form master”, Mr. Chambers(Chammy)

Our room was directly opposite the gates of the hospital, which used to be the Union Workhouse ( hence Union Rd.). My paternal grandfather was born in the Workhouse 29/1/1870. I’m very glad I did not know that at the time.

School Houses. There were 10 at first. 5 Ancient, 5 Modern. Ancient , Egyptians, Romans, Persians Greeks and Medes. Modern Angles, Saxons, Irish, Welsh and Scots. About 1937 they were reduced to 8 to make knock-out comp. easier.

Peter, George,Henry, Arther,William Badger, same year as me had the distinction of appearing twice on the School photgraph. The camera tracked across the assembled school, so Pete stood on the back benches at the starting end i.e.left end. When the camera reached the middle, he dropped off and ran to the other end where his friends were ready to pull him up, in time.

He was a sergeant in the Paras. during the War and was killed in Italy, probably aged about 20.

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