Cecil Ramsbottom (1931 – 1935)

Memories of Nether Edge Grammar School
Cecil Ramsbottom

My entry in 1931 was the first to have a full complement of 90 boys, and W. Richings the headmaster, put us in classes 1a, 1b & 1c, according to age. under Messrs. Bell, Holdsworth and Chambers. Other staff were Simpson, Lawrence, Robinson, Potts, Cooke, Platt, Stephenson, C.H.C.Biltcliffe, later Sheffield City Organist, H Wray, Art & Woodwork and a few more. Miss Dear was the Secretary, who at morning break sold items of uniform from the stock room, and on Friday afternoons brought round the detention book to read out names of those required to sit an hours paper of mathematics. Classes finished at 3.35 p.m, and originally the first and second years stayed until 4.30 p.m. (except Fridays) under the supervision of a prefect to do ‘prep’.

Mr Phipps, a veteran of the 1914-18 war took gym classes and taught boxing (the only school in Sheffield to do this).

All the senior staff were Oxford or Cambridge graduates, and they contributed to its excellent reputation.

My best subjects were mathematics and physics, and I am a Chartered Electrical Engineer who retired from the now Wolverhampton University in 1981.

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