Nether Edge Grammar School History: A compilation


Nether Edge Grammar School History: A compilation — 2 Comments

  1. Hello,

    I attended N.E.G.S.from 1943 and 1950, the last year of the H.S.C. examination. I am now 82 years old and I am still alive and active. I have often wondered about my former classmates of this era and wonder if others are still alive and what their progression has been since leaving this excellent school.

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    • Hi Paul – Thanks for your comment. Always happy to make contact with NEGS Old Boys, you would have been two years ahead of me – otherwise our paths would have crossed. Yes one wonders how ones school friends turned out, but contact only seems possible with a few, I hope that you found my account of the old school interesting. Wonder if you have any recollections photos etc to add to the site.

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