Class Photos

Nether Edge Grammar School: Students

Class Photos

Form 1b 1928 courtesy Frank Fowkes

1933-34 Prefects courtesy Frank Fowkes


Form 4A 1931 courtesy Frank Fowkes

Form 5 1932 courtesy Frank Fowkes


Form 1b, 1946 – Chambers xxx,xxx,xxx,xxx,xxx,xxx,Jenkinson,xxx Youle,Radnansky,xxx,xxx,xxx,xxx,xxx,xxx,Couperland xxx,Shipley,Spencer,xxx,Mr Chambers,xxx,xxx,Beet,xxx xxx,xxx,xxx,xxx,xxx


Form 3A Circa 1949, Form Master Clish

Class 5A 1950 courtesy John Trigg

Circa 1947: Taylor David Albin Scholey is the first student on the left in the first seated row from the front, wearing glasses

Class Photo circa 1950 – Form Master – Simpson


Form 3B – 1953 courtesy Peter Ward

1954 panarama of the whole school – courtesy, Graham Cooper


Science Sixth Form in 1957: Form Master, Mr Scorer(Buzz), is bottom right: Provided by Peter Ward


Class 5B
courtesy Dave Corbett
Class 5P 3b
Courtesy John Metcalf
Second Eleven
courtesy Dave Corbett
Class 2A
courtesy John Green
Class 3A
courtesy Chris Parker
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1959 – Abbeydale
Class 5P 1959Class 5P
Courtesy Ewart North

Form 4C 1959 Courtesy John Metcalf ( I think this photo is of the fifth form for the year 59-60 and was taken in October 1959 Michael Moore.)

Class 5P


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