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  1. I was in Ken Ramsbottams class all through Abbeydale Grammar. In the second photo I am bang in the middle of the middle row, fifth from the left. However, whilst I do think the first photo is 1R, I am struggling to identify myself! I may be third from right, again middle row. I can’t remember many classmates names, however Elliot, Neil Foweather and Kipling come to mind. I remeber in class that the A surnames sat nearest the door, alphabetically in 3 rows of double desks. Other teachers I recall are Pomfret, Swaine, Mr Massey the Head and Deputy ‘Buzz’ Scorer?

  2. Hi Paul

    Thanks for your comment – I left Nether Edge before the move to Abbeydale so can’t add anything to your comment. I only visited once to see the old headmaster George Wilkinson. Did have Buzz for physics – I had a lot of time for him – one of the best. Eric

    • George William Wilkinson (headteacher) was my grandfather, so always interested in the history. My younger son is named Joseph William after him.

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