More comprehensive Discovery

More comprehensive Discovery

Regular readers may be aware of our continued efforts to improve Discovery, our catalogue, and make it a more comprehensive service. It currently provides access to more than 32 million…See all stories on this topic

Celebrating 350 years of history

On 7 November 2015 The London Gazette celebrates its 350 year anniversary as the oldest surviving English newspaper, and the oldest continuously published newspaper in the UK. You can find…See all stories on this topic

The Electric Seashore Tramroad: a forgotten carriage on stilts

This summer saw a slew of articles regarding the build of Brighton’s newest tourist attraction: an enormous observation tower called the i360 that will mark the spot where the West…See all stories on this topic

How to escape from an embassy

The counter-intuitive thing about being trapped in an embassy is that everyone involved always wants to get you out. In the case of Julian Assange, rooming in Knightsbridge since June…See all stories on this topic

First World War conscription: An ethical battleground

Just over a year into the First World War it became clear that more than just voluntary recruits would be needed to win, and conscription was considered. This started a…See all stories on this topic

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