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  1. Hi Eric, Greetings from the west of Australia. I am a volunteer family history researcher at the Joondalup Library here in Western Australia.

    I have been assisting a lady, born in Yorkshire who is a great granddaughter of Gilbert Saunders, a Boer War Veteran. In doing a search this morning I saw a reference to him being in the Pictorial Record – Sheffield at the Front. I note that you have scanned the book, I am an old Veteran myself and I cannot seem to find a way to access any images on line – is this possible?

    Been a reader of family history magazines, your name is not new to me Eric – keep up the great research and work that you do.

    Kindest regards

    Chas Monk

  2. Hello Eric
    I’ve been trying to contact you for years. The main reason is to thank you for putting Morton names and information on line. When I first looked at them, I saw Henry Morton b.1831. I found that it connected with the top of my tree. From then on I found that nearly every one was a relation, this took me all the way back to Dear Old Shepherd Flatt Morton b.1580. And you dumped me at his front door, He hasn’t opened the door yet. I’ve knocked hard as well.
    Anyway, thank you for help, all the best,
    Richard Alan Morton. N.Z.

    • Hi Richard – thanks for your comment. Glad that my data was a help to you. Interesting family the Mortons. Any family that survived through the plague has a story to tell.

  3. Hi Eric
    I have many ancestors from Sheffield via my grandfather who was a silver plater and through his mother I am a first cousin five times removed to William Jeffcock, Sheffield’s first mayor (along with a few thousand others!) Most of my Sheffield ancestors worked in the cutlery trade and I have found many of them in the Hallamshire Cutlers’ records you have shared on Box. The problem I have though is that I cannot carry out a word search using the file and as many of the records include two or three apprentices on the same record listed under the name of the first who may be completely unrelated to the others, there will be relevant entries I simply cannot find. Would it be possible for you to let me have a searchable copy please? I would very much appreciate it if you can.

    I have been researching my family for about thirty years and it is certainly a whole lot easier nowadays – there always seems to be more to find though!

    Best regards

    • Hi Barbara – thanks for your comment. I’m glad that you find the Cutlers records useful, but am sorry I can’t offer a searchable version, I only have the scanned hardcopy to offer.

  4. Hello Eric,
    While I now live in Australia, I was born in Yorkshire. I am trying to track down a fellow who knew my past relatives (we have a letter referring to him). He was a George Ashen who in 1801 lived at #4 Green Lane, Sheffield and was known to William Hoole (of the Green Lane Works). While I know a fair bit about William Hoole (His son Henry Elliott Hoole and Thomas Nicholson took over the works (about 1832)), I cannot find the Ashen name in any of the on-line research I have done. I was wondering if you had come across this name [Ashen] with reference to the books you have on Sheffield from this period – the turn of the 19th century.
    Regards, Ian
    Melbourne, Victoria

    • Hi Ian – I can’t say that I have come across the name, sorry. I see that there was a George Ashen married on the 15 Nov 1796 @ St Peters – but he was living at Ecclesfield at that time.

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