Slideshow: Johnson photos of Rural Queensland in the early 1900s

A true life Story of a Yorkshire family’s migration to a new life, in the country at Gracemere, Queensland

This is the life of Harry Elmar Johnson born in Nunburnholme, Yorkshire, England.His father Henry and mother Ellen (nee Marrison) give a written report of their journey to Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia on the ship “Dacca” in 1887. Henry also tells of the trials of settling into a new country with his young family. He died in 1907 at the age of 55 years

Harry Elmar Johnson (known as Elmar) wrote for years about his daily life in this new country and he was a avid photographer, leaving many glass plates, prints and negatives, for the current generation.

Elmar’s diaries make great reading as it tells of the hard life these people experienced. He tells of the style of life in those early years from 1907 until 1952.

Below are a selection of Johnson photos, which illustrate that life. This is just a taster there are more and better photoes in the archive – but……

Just sit back, relax and enjoy


Connie Johnson – 2002



Slideshow: Johnson photos of Rural Queensland in the early 1900s — 2 Comments

  1. Dear Mr Youle, I was delighted to recently stumble across your website while looking for an image of the homestead of my Campbell forebears, Teignafeud/Tenafete at One Tree Hill. The written memoirs you have made available for download are extremely interesting and useful with regards my ancestors, about whose life in OTH I knew little. John Campbell was my great-great-great grandfather. If you or anyone is interested in sharing info about the Campbell family from this area, my email is Thank you, thank you, thank you for putting this info up! Bridget, Adelaide SA

  2. We have a mutual friend or in my case relation in Melvin Stafford. His Grandmother Jemima Marrison was my Great Grandmother. She was a cook working for a London family, the husband of which worked on the construction of the rail systems in and around Sheffield. I understand that you have done extensive family research taking the Marrison family back to Guido as I have myself.
    I have a large gap in my information about Jemima Marrison being unable to find her between 1871 and 1901. Are you able to help ?

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