The Bad News

Times are Changing

Half of all Jobs will Disappear by 2030

The world of work is going to turn upside down as 2 billion jobs -Half of all the employment on the planet today – will be gone by 2030. Dr Fery

Robots will become  your Competitors and co-workers

There are already general purpose robots which cost little more than a year of minimum wage salary.

Contract workers Filling New Jobs in a Shifting Economy

If you are feeling the effects I suggest you start by catching the short video below.  It may be an eye opener for you

Hope you watched the video,   the video below by Elizabeth Warren provides a different perspective on the current problems.

So are you being impacted by the way the world and the economy is changing.  If not then you are fortunate and I guess you don’t need the good news.  Otherwise – Check out the Good News


The Bad News — 4 Comments

  1. Dr Frey was not as pessimistic as this appears – but he did predict the demise of many industries that we know today with the transition of the job market to immerging industries. Industries depending technologies yet to be uncovered or on technologies in their infancy.

    Industries that will go away (with some news jobs created):

    The power industry (micro grids)
    Automobile transportation (going driverless)
    Education (OpenCourseware replacing teachers)
    Manufacturing (3D printers and bots taking over)

    • Thanks Mary – Not too many options – it can be overwhelming. Its interesting that the options offered can be chosen country by country.

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